JWE Abstracts 

Vol.17 No.4 April 1, 2018

Research Articles

The Innovation Model Of Human Resource Management In Chinese Private Enterprises (pp001-007 )
Shufeng Li, Weicai Wang, Shukui Li
How to gain a continuous development in China is the most serious problem facing by most private enterprises. In this paper, a simple discussion was made about the problems of human resources management in the private enterprises. The innovation model of human resource management in the Chinese private enterprises was put forward in this paper to solve specific problems, adopting literature comparison, studying the practical problems, putting forward the relevant suggestions and strategies for the current problems. All measures above are to solve the lack of human resources in private enterprises. The solution gives a reference tor current situation.

The Effect Of Tourism Regional Planning Based On Computer Simulation (pp008-014 )
Xin Lv
The continuous development of the tourism industry has improved the national economic level of our country to a certain extent. However, the development of China's tourism industry is slow and there are many shortcomings because of the backward design concept and design level of tourism regional planning in China. Therefore, the research of effect of tourism regional planning based on computer simulation was put forward. Firstly, the application of 3S technology in computer simulation analysis technology was described; and then, combined with satellite remote sensing image map, the tourism area was planned on the basis of "3S" technology; finally, the change of a practical tourism planning from the form of plane drawings to three-dimensional demonstration was realized.

Improvement Of Security Performance Of Mysql Database Based On Web Platform (pp014-023 )
Peng Hui
In this paper, based on the analysis of the Web-based station base patrol management system, the related problems of MySQL database which was regarded as the background of the system were studied, the contents involved included the security and stability of the internal and external environment of MySQL. In this system, JavaScript, JSP, Java, Servle and other related Web technologies were selected to perform specific operations, the extremely common SQL injection vulnerability attacks at the Web system level were analyzed; before the formal implementation of the system, a variety of methods were adopted to reduce SQL injection attacks and provide a powerful guarantee for the safe and smooth operation of the MySQL database.

Design And Planning Of Ecological Leisure Farm Based On Vr Technology (pp024-031 )
Keyong Shen, Rongqun Hu
VR technology is a virtual three-dimensional space generated by modern computer information technology, and people can interact with this virtual space through specific technical means, which likes doing it in real life, and the action experience is very close to the experience in reality. As a result of this unique and real experience, VR technology has been developed rapidly, and has brought better sense of substitution and real-time than traditional information operation. VR technology has great advantages in farm design and planning. In this paper, VR technology was studied to provide a virtual reality design system for the design and planning of ecological leisure farm.

A Study Of Human Motion Tracking Based On Wireless Sensor Network (pp032-038 )
Haitao zhang, lan liu*
The main difficulty of human motion tracking is how to collect and process information. This paper does research into human motion based on wireless sensor network (WSN) by means of the network system design and algorithm. The current technologies in the fields of the electronic equipment and the computer have entered a high-speed stage. The wireless sensor structure related to human motion is an important application in this area. Standing on the observation of WSN’s critical role, it finds that the original characteristics of biological motion are the construction of efficient management between the various points to complete our targeted biological tracking through the coordination and cooperation among various small nodes.

Construction Of Information Communication And Feedback System Based On The Network Community (pp039-046 )
Xulun Mao
The interrupt often occurs during the process of information communication and transmission in the network community, so the information needs to be managed through a steady system. This paper analyzes the current platform structure of the network community and studies the information communication and feedback forms of the network community, so as to build a corresponding information communication and feedback system matched with the functional requirements of the network community. The hardware settings of system include the parts like the monitoring center, the firewall, the Web server, the scene control station, the environmental data collector, and so on. The software parts consist of the operating system, the database system, the server system, etc. The effective information communication and feedback of the network community can be realized through the combination of hardware and software components, and this paper will provide a reference to similar studies.

The Influence Of The Core Culture On The Management Of Students In The College System Management Mode -- The Application Of Chinese Traditional Culture In The Management Of Students (pp047-051 )
He Li
China's traditional culture with thousands of years of history is broad and profound, which includes philosophy, economy, art, politics, religion, morality, ethics and many other aspects of education. Educational thought has the most significant impact on people. The relationship between culture and education is the function of each other. Education is restricted and influenced by culture, and culture is inherited by education. The long-term planned economy system and the traditional education ideas have caused great influences on many colleges and universities, which has constituted the talent cultivation mode with Chinese characteristics and the traditional mode of education, and the ancient educator's education idea is worth learning especially, which also has extremely important significance for the management of students in colleges and universities in China.

The Evaluation Model And Application Of Brand Competitiveness Of Manufacturing Enterprises (pp052-061 )
Wang Li
Although China has become the world's second largest economy, in various international brands list, the Chinese brand hardly appears. The brand competitiveness of manufacturing industry in our country was mainly studied in this paper. The enterprise competitiveness evaluation model was constructed, and the advantages and disadvantages of the brand in the competitiveness of the manufacturing industry were analyzed, and the improvement measures were taken to realize the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry. First of all, the current situation of the brand competitiveness of manufacturing industry in China was analyzed. The factors that affect the brand competitiveness were explored, and the importance of the competitiveness evaluation model in the development of the brand was proposed; Secondly, the concept of excellent performance mode was introduced, and based on the evaluation index, the evaluation model, the fusion analysis index and the process index were put forward; Finally, the 452 companies in W province was taken as the evaluation object to verify and apply.

The Effectiveness Of Ideological And Political Education Of College Students Based On Internet Era (pp062-069 )
Yingtao Wu
The ideological and political education mode of college students based on the Internet era has certain practical results. In order to promote the application and perfection of this teaching mode in ideological and political education in colleges and universities in our country, on the basis of summarizing the relevant theories, the data survey of the advantages and negative constraints of the application of the model was carried out by means of questionnaire. The results show that this kind of teaching mode has two aspects in a certain sense. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the effectiveness of teaching by improving the teaching mode in the follow-up study. The aim of the study is to provide some theoretical basis and data support for the improvement of follow-up research.

Structural Fire Safety Evacuation Strategy Of Bim (pp070-077 )
Wei Guo
Currently, due to the difficulty to test the structural fire performance when it is under design and construction, it is necessary to carry out fire-fighting verification through the form of simulation. Based on BIM technology, this paper takes a 9-storey commercial building as an example to analyze. It will list problems existing in building construction and fire protection, expect fire safety evacuation, simulate the fire evacuation process effectively through the BIM technology, optimize the program constantly, study the actual evacuation process on negative first floor and high floors emphatically, design the standard size of exit passageway, and simulate the actual evacuation process. The research has shown that the exit passageway can meet the actual need, and provide the theoretical reference for the related research.

The Clinical Study Of Rehabilitation Exercises Of Ankle Fractures After Operation (pp078-083 )
Haixiao Xu
With the progressive improvement of people's living standard and the continuous development of medical treatment technology, increasingly more manpower and material resources have been put into medical field. This paper is an in-depth analysis and research of ankle fractures which occurs the highest incidence in the current medical research, finding law in daily motion of muscle tissue of the ankle joint, and analyzing the specific composition and structure of the human ankle joint to find the reason why ankles sprain and fracture in a scientific way. Finally, there is the professional investigation and summary of the study of clinical exercise rehabilitation towards patients with ankle fractures after operation in this paper.

Study Of The Effect Of Constructing Learning-Centered Organization On The Organization Commitment Of Vocational College Teachers (pp084-09 )
Jing Chen,Xueping Hou,Xuan Liu,Zitong Wei
The adjustment of social demand on intellect structure and the transformation of tertiary vocational education pose new requirements on the teaching ideologies, spiritual culture, and knowledge structure. It is discovered in the study that the professional progress of teachers in vocational colleges can help teacher’s group commitment, professional development and the improvement of teaching qualities. To be adapted to the development of the tertiary vocational education, to enhance the central competitiveness of the vocational colleges, and to improve the teaching quality of the tertiary vocational education, it is necessary to establish the normal learning mechanism in vocational colleges. As a result, a strong learning atmosphere will be formed and the scientific methods for constructing learning-centered tertiary vocational education organizations will be founded.

A Study Of Straw Substrate Bioflocculant’s Making And Its Water Purification Performance (pp093-098 )
Leiming Fu, Tianyu Meng, Tianqi Xiang, Yifei Chen, Chunxia He*
Bioflocculant, a green water purification agent that isefficient, safe, nontoxic and biodegradable, is one of the key research directions in flocculant area. In actual makings and producing, however, there are some problems, namely high cost and narrow range of action, which hinder its mass production. This paper can facilitate the recycling of cheap biomass wastes since it researches into using straw substrate to make bioflocculant as well as bioflocculant’s water purification performance, conducts compounding flocculants experiment between bioflocculant and auxiliaries on raw drinking water and also researches into the amount of used bioflocculant.

Spatial Econometric Analysis Of Institutional Change And Regional Economic Growth In China (pp099-107 )
Dong Guo, Hong Xia Zhang
At present, the occurrence and development of institutional economics have been paid more and more attention and followed up by experts and scholars in related fields at home and abroad. In the course of its development, experts and scholars have agreed that different countries and regions under different political, economic and cultural environment will create a different political environment. In this context, the relationship between the system and the geographical environment of the country and the region was discussed, and the global correlation model and the spatial measurement model were constructed; then from the global perspective, the influence of the institutional change on the regional economic growth was analyzed, and the national geography environment and economic development mode were combined, so as to study the specific factors between the system and the economy and explore the current development of the combination of economy and institution in China..

Research On Marketing Strategy Of Logistics Enterprises Based On New Media Arketing (pp108-115 )
Junde Han
As the marketing mode of traditional logistics enterprises is relatively backward, it is necessary to promote the marketing effect of the logistics enterprises through the new media marketing. This paper analyzes the marketing situation of logistics enterprises in the background of new media marketing. It takes the A company as the research object, using Swot analysis to comprehensively analyze the internal competitiveness and the external challenges of A company, and formulating some strategies such as WeChat propaganda strategy (creating a WeChat public number, enhancing its popularity through WeChat propaganda, setting up its exclusive website to launch marketing, making a reservation to mail through WeChat) and new media talent acquisition strategy. Through these strategies to promote the rising influence of A enterprise. And it can provide theoretical reference for the follow-up research.

Massive Open Online Course Teaching System For Remote English Language Culture Based On Computer Network (pp116-123 )
Xiaoge Jia
The massive open online course teaching system for remote English language culture based on computer network plays an important role in the promotion of English teaching in colleges and universities in China. In this paper, in order to better promote the application of this teaching system in colleges and universities in China, the system was compared with the traditional English teaching system. The results of the survey show that the system can effectively improve students' academic performance and their learning attitude, and improve the teaching efficiency. Through factor analysis and model analysis, it is considered that the advantages of this system are mainly manifested in its effective increase of teaching data resources, so that in the follow-up system improvement, the increase in amount of resources should be fully considered. The purpose of this study is to provide theoretical basis for related studies.

Analysis Of Financial Decision System In Colleges And Universities Based On Php (pp124-133 )
As far as the situation is concerned, the reform of education and the pursuit of new development are issues that must be dealt with well, so the construction of financial informatization in colleges and universities has received more and more attention. The effective collection, collation and analysis of the financial data of colleges and universities by means of new technical methods are the main contents of the current financial work in colleges and universities. In this paper, UML tool was used to discuss the use case model and object model, and the Visio was adopted to design the database. Finally, the design of the system function module was realized. In addition, the development environment was introduced effectively in the aspect of implementation. And in the testing process, the unit testing and script testing were carried out, and the design goal of the system was achieved.

Research On The Innovation Strategy Of Agricultural Mode In Southern Shaanxi Province Based On The Perspective Of Precise Poverty Alleviation (pp134-141 )
Baoguo Yang
The research on the innovation strategy of agricultural model in southern Shaanxi based on precision poverty alleviation is of great significance. In this paper, the research on the innovation strategy of agricultural model in southern Shaanxi based on the perspective of precision poverty alleviation was analyzed. The main contents of poverty alleviation theory and industrial poverty alleviation theory were introduced. At the same time, the main contents and research methods of agricultural industrialization poverty alleviation were expounded. The results were analyzed and explored. The results show that the innovation of the rural cooperative model is conducive to the development of precision poverty alleviation, which provides a favorable research direction for the improvement of the standard of poverty alleviation work in China.

In order to accurately predict roof water inrush disaster in shallow coal seam, the surface catchment’s characteristics, aquifer water yield property, water resisting specialities of aquiclude, combined features of overlying strata and excavation disturbance signatures were chosen and analyzed in five aspects as influencing factors of roof water inrush. By using analytic hierarchy process (AHP) to study the weights of the factors and grey relational analysis (GRA) to calculate the correlation between water inrush factors, this paper established a prediction model for roof water inrush disaster in shallow coal seam making the qualitative and quantitative indexes integration. Combined with specific engineering examples, the roof water inrush points and comprehensive water inrush risks were also predicted in this study, and it revealed that during safety mining the water inflow datas were in conformity with our prediction, which proved the rationality and accuracy of the model, providing a new way and an idea of prediction for roof water inrush disaster in shallow coal seam.

Analysis Of Higher Education Teaching Reform On Modern Educational Technology Environment (pp153-160 )
Qi Zhang
At present, the educational technology of colleges and universities has already encountered bottlenecks, and it is urgent to reform it for cultivating the talents for social demand. This paper analyzes the status quo in this context and from the current situation analysis finds problems that the relevant education departments provide insufficient financial support for modern education technology , those departments can not fully understand modern educational practice, and teacher resources and teaching resources sharing are inadequate. On this basis, this paper targeting these problems puts forward the solutions of enhancing the financial support for modern educational technology reform, improving the practical ability of teachers' team, promoting teaching resources sharing in colleges and universities, making full use of modern education technology for focusing on the program and promoting the development of higher education in the right direction.

Transformation Of Adult Education In The Context Of Lifelong Education (pp161-167 )
Yumin Diao,Wenjun Ouyang
The popularization of lifelong education poses a challenge to the adult education and how to realize the effective transformation of adult education in the information age becomes the key to current adult education development. After an introduction to the concepts of lifelong education and adult education and analysis of relations between these two, the author thinks it is of practical significance to transform adult education in the context of lifelong education. Adult education should attach great importance to adult education research and strengthen the construction of teachers; achieve specialty development rooted in regional economy; adapt to the network situations and value distance education; and focus on applied teaching and flexible ways of running schools.

The Further Promotion Of The Construction Path Of Rural Community In The New Situation (pp168-178 )
Jing Zhang
Rural community construction is a new type of rural management mode, and it is the integration of urban and rural planning integration. In recent years, many provinces and cities in China have been implemented and developed. This paper took Shaanxi Province as an example, through studying the main influencing factors in the construction of rural community, the evaluation indicators of rural community construction were established, the comprehensive level of rural community construction in Shaanxi Province during the period of 2002~2015was calculated and compared, the influence scope and degree of rural community construction on rural reform were analyzed, a certain opinion was put forward. This will provide some reference for the further research of the path of rural community construction

Training Strategy Of Computing Thinking In Computer Teaching (pp179-186 )
Guofeng Xu
Tsien Hsueshen, the famous scientist, proposed the idea of noetic science, while academician Chen Guoliang believed that computational thinking is more ubiquitous in human life. If there is a need for computational thinking to be mastered and used by everyone, it should be quoted in the computer teaching, which is the inevitable trend of future development. In this paper, on the basis of computer teaching, a diversified computer teaching system was constructed and the teaching idea of coordination and harmony was proposed. Students' thinking ability should be cultivated through various ways or methods, so as to strengthen the reform of the curriculum, improve the sharing of information, and promote the complete construction of the training system of calculation thinking.

Construction And Analysis Of College Instructor ' Professional Ability Evaluation System (pp187-194 )
Junsheng Xu, Jing Wu, Yanlan Jiang
The evaluation of College Instructor' professional ability is the evaluation and orientation of the professional ability of College counsellors. Reasonable and effective evaluation measures can be screened for the ability of college Instructor occupation, occupation ability of high level Instructor give full affirmation and recognition, the occupation ability level low Instructor direction and take timely corrective measures to assist, this will be for the high school students' education and management work, college Instructor play a good the promotion and coordination of action. This paper will be to demand national requirements, college Instructor and students' development demands of the three interests as the starting point, from the exploration of College Instructor' occupation ability gradually leads to the scientific connotation of college Instructor occupation ability evaluation system framework of the basic principles, evaluation index design, evaluation methods and strategies. Finally, the article explores the design of a computer evaluation software to achieve the accurate and efficient operation of College Instructor' professional ability under the background of big data.

A Strategy For Jointly Executing Tasks In Mobile Cloud Computing (pp195-202 )
Yaning Yan
The integration of cloud and mobile computing can make users more convenient access to data and services, but because of the open cloud platform and mobile communication network, how to calculate the access and use of data security under the environment of mobile cloud has become an urgent issue With the development of cloud computing and mobile Internet, mobile cloud computing is becoming a new application mode. In mobile cloud computing, the mobility of terminals requires secure data access at any time and at any place, but there are still some problems. The concept of cloud computing from the mobile, discusses the mobile cloud computing architecture and service model, made a more detailed description of application on mobile cloud computing, on this basis, the paper analyzes the main problems existing in the application of cloud computing and mobile solutions, research direction and application prospect on mobile cloud computing the prospects for.

The Application Of Computer Network Teaching System In Chinese Teaching (pp203-210 )
Fang Yang
With the rapid development of modern science and technology, computer network technology has been continuously popularized and applied in Chinese teaching activities, and the teaching contents and forms are moving towards multimedia. In this paper, based on this, the specific practice of computer network teaching system in Chinese classroom teaching was deeply explored. Then the teaching model of network environment was constructed, the basic characteristics of network teaching system were analyzed, and finally the corresponding teaching scheme was put forward. The result shows that the multimedia platform has deepened the students' thinking dimension of knowledge and has promoted their literary accomplishment in the Chinese classroom teaching activities. In addition, in this paper, the specific application of computer technology was summarized, thus having certain reference value for promoting the deepening reform of education in China and popularizing computer network related applications in the classroom.

Application Of Bim Technology In Computer Aided Architectural Design (pp211-219 )
Lan Yang
With the rapid development of information technology and the globalization of the Internet, the ability and speed of human beings to process various kinds of information have been greatly improved. In this paper, "the application of BIM technology in computer aided architectural design" was regarded as the direction of research, the computer-aided building energy-saving design was taken as an example, effective theory, process, method and technical means were provided for the concrete application of BIM technology in building energy efficiency design, and reference was also provided for practical application. The final research shows that with the popularity of green building, in the face of increasingly complex green building design, the use of BIM technology can take energy analysis and other design means throughout the whole life cycle of the building.

Application Of Internet Technology In Financial Teaching (pp220-227 )
Hui Yao
With the good prospects of the rapid development of Internet financial information, the traditional financial teaching has been unable to meet the personalized requirements of students, and the teaching mode of Internet technology has become the hottest topic at present. With the development and construction of the Internet, financial teaching should suit measures to local conditions and keep pace with the times. On the basis of previous research summary, the collision and its advantages and disadvantages of Internet technology and classroom content in financial teaching were analyzed in this paper, and the financial teaching theory was combined with practice. The extension of financial teaching was extended, reasonable suggestions in financial teaching were put forward, and how to apply the Internet technology in the financial teaching practice was further discussed.

Research On The Role Of Computer Network Technology In Economic Development (pp228-235 )
Fan Zhang
In the era of high-speed data transmission, the acceleration of globalization makes human development accelerate into the era of information network. After the industrial revolution, human wisdom invention gradually enrich people's daily life, such as telephone, television and railway. The wisdom are closely related, and jointly promote the social progress. The concept of life and habits of the people in the past has changed. The relationship between computer network technology and modern economy influence of computer network technology in contemporary economy and computer network technology accelerates the development of contemporary economy. Based on the relationship between computer network and economy, this paper analyzes the impact of computer network on the economy and how to use the computer network to promote the development of economy.

The Characteristics Of Computer Network Economy And Its Development Exploration (pp236-243 )
Fan Zhang
With the rapid development of Internet and information technology, more and more economic activities are closely related to the Internet, and the huge impact of the Internet on the economy is becoming more and more prominent. Various new business models established on the Internet reflect the dynamic growth of Internet economy around the world. Through research, the basic characteristics of network economy were summed up in this paper, and the relationship between the network economy development and the information technology development was analyzed. Based on the theoretical research and practice, the process and trend of the network economy development were studied, the development strategy of network economy in our country was put forward, and market mechanism was taken as the leading factor. The unbalanced development model and the technological innovation path based on imitation and innovation were adopted.

Research On Application Of Computer Technology In Mechatronics Process (pp244-252 )
Hui Zhang
At present, mechatronics as one of the key support points of Chinese market economy progress, its operation status and development trend plays an important role for all sectors of society. In today's society, the rapid development of science and technology, especially for the continued development of computer technology, promoted the progress of mechatronics. Based on the analysis of the development trend of mechatronics and the characteristics of the control of computer in industry today, the control and important function of mechanical and electrical integration in computer field of view were discussed in this paper. In addition, computer technology and mechatronics were used as research projects, and whether computer technology could promote the development of mechatronics has been preliminary researched.

Application Of Computer Technology In Chinese Teaching In Universities (pp253-261 )
Ning Zhang
At present, the internet has been involved in a lot of areas and scope, and the computer technology has entered the major colleges and universities in our classroom. In order to lead a new teaching atmosphere, the traditional teaching model has been reformed and innovated. In our country, with the continuous improvement of science and technology, the opportunities of computer technology and college Chinese teaching are gradually increasing. The language teaching should make full use of computer network and multimedia technology to create a good learning atmosphere for students, which is helpful for students to find and analyze problems. The improvement of the ability of computer network and multimedia technology is the future development direction of Chinese education. This paper mainly elaborates the importance of the application of computer technology in college teaching, and the application of multimedia technology in Chinese teaching, and the advantages of computer management. In addition, the objective of this paper is improving the development of Chinese teaching.

A Study On The Effectiveness Of College Students' Mooc Learning Behavior (pp262-270 )
Dandan Zhao
There is the core value of the remarkable of MOOC for college teachers and students. MOOC, a new type of education, provides a new way of thinking for teaching methods. The distinctive features of the class can help the traditional curriculum and change its teaching model. The random sampling method is employed to study the learning behavior of MOOC college students from more than 50 colleges in the country. The main purpose is to explore the development of MOOC in colleges, and the effect of the class on college students. Results suggested that teaching quality can be guaranteed by MOOC, and the learning outcome of college students is favorable, and the satisfaction degree of the students is acceptable. Therefore, the suggestions and measures to help college students to make better use of the resources of MOOC are recommended in this paper.

Analysis Of Response Capability Of Power Demand Side Based On Intelligent Technology (pp271-279 )
Qingjiang Zhao
The rapid growth of power load has brought great pressure to the construction and operation of power grid. The increase of power construction can’t simply rely on dealing with the pressures, but also related issues of power generation, power supply and utilization should be solved. Power demand side management is an important means to solve the contradiction between supply and demand. The development of new technology of smart grid based on intelligent technology has further promoted the development of development of power demand side management. In this paper, the necessity of building DSM system in smart grid was analyzed. Taking demand side management system as the object of study, detailed analysis was made from the aspects of architecture design, main function design and system related technology. Intelligent power demand side management technology focused on information interaction and took the achievement of accurate, real-time, fast and convenient access to user power information needs as the goal. The construction of demand side management system based on intelligent technology was proposed in this paper. Some useful exploration ideas and technical solutions were put forward, so as to help to promote the application of power demand side management and alleviated the current shortage of power supply.

Research On The Value Assessment Of Internet Financial Enterprises Based On Life Cycle (pp280-288 )
Fang Zhou
Enterprise value is the basis of all business activities. In the economic activities of Internet financial enterprises, such as mergers and acquisitions, listing, financing and other economic activities, enterprise value assessment is one of the means to help Internet financial enterprises achieve management objectives, and gradually plays an increasingly important Character. Based on the theoretical analysis, this paper introduces the current enterprise value evaluation method and the enterprise life cycle theory respectively. At the same time, it analyzes the limitations of the current Internet financial enterprise value assessment in the application, and how to choose and apply the enterprise life cycle theory in different Internet financial enterprise life cycle. The method of enterprise value assessment was analyzed to achieve a more accurate and scientific assessment of the value of the business.

To Build A Computer Network Platform To Assist College Sports Teaching Model Research (pp289-297 )
Kunrong Zhu,Haixia Cheng
Physical education teaching in colleges and universities is to teach students of institutions of higher learning sports skills, an important process of traditional sports teaching mode has gradually cannot adapt to the development of The Times, the introduction of modern science and technology teaching is imperative, build appropriate network platform to assist in the sports teaching, is to improve the teaching efficiency, an important approach to cultivate students' consciousness of lifetime sports. Spot investigation, questionnaire investigation, this paper USES the methods of comparative analysis to describe the network education technology in the universities sports teaching the application of the status qua, analysis of network education technology application in university sports teaching mode, advantages and existing problems of teaching, for the role of network teaching in the universities sports teaching make judgments and provide theoretical and practical significance can be made use of.

Application Path Of Network Teaching System For College English Based On Moocs (pp298-307 )
Zhenguo Zhu
Under the background of the continuous development of network information, MOOCs, as a large-scale online courses, has been highly valued and concerned by the educational circles all over the world, and has become a new learning mode which meets the needs of the times. The online English learning was implemented by using online teaching to carry out teaching on the basis of network platform. The high recognition was gained from the students, the results were enhanced effectively, and the teaching efficiency was promoted, and the excellent learning results were achieved. However, the implementation of this teaching model will also be affected by many factors, and how to construct and make good use of MOOCs should be done.

Screening Of Efficient Degrading Bacteria For Organophosphorus Pesticide Wastewater And Construction Of Flora (pp308-316 )
Tiejun Li, Bangqin Ding, Chunxiao Zhou,Quande Li
Based on the culture medium of organophosphorus pesticide wastewater, a strain resource library containing 52 strains with degradation capacity of organophosphorus pesticide wastewater was domesticated and separated from activated sludge from sewage treatment tank of a organophosphorus pesticide production enterprise in Nantong City, and the screening of efficient degrading bacteria of organophosphorus pesticide wastewater was carried out on strain resource database; then 14 strains with 72 h COD removal rate of >60% were obtained, among them, there were 10 strains of bacteria and 4 strains of fungus. Through the morphological observation and 16S r DNA preliminary identification, it can be seen that JSBL1, JSBL5, JSBL11, JSBL12, JSBL15, JSBL18 and JSBL35 strains are Pseudomonas, JSBL17 is Acinetobacter, JSBL47 is Bacillus, and JSBL50 belongs to Paracoccus; JSBL6, JSBL8, JSBL22 and JSBL48 fungal strains belong to Trichosporon, Aspergillus, Trichoderma and Penicillium, respectively. Finally, 5 strains with high degradation rate were selected for combinatorial culture, and 6 groups of bacterial combination of efficient degradation of organophosphorus pesticide wastewater with 72 h COD removal rate >70% were screened.

Evaluation Model Of Fire Safety Management Efficiency In Universities Based On Dea Theory (pp317-322 )
Shijie Wang, Jiaming Ma
Fire safety work is an important part of safety and stability work in universities, and it is not only related to the smooth development of school teaching and scientific research, but also to the life and property safety of the majority of teachers and students. Therefore, it is of great significance to evaluate objectively the fire safety management in universities. But most of the previous evaluation methods are absolute evaluation, which is difficult to achieve objective and effective purpose. In this paper, the evaluation model of fire safety management efficiency based on DEA theory was used to evaluate the effectiveness of fire safety management in different universities under the same input, and the effectiveness of fire safety management in universities was tested through the comparison; then in view of the efficiency of fire safety management in major universities, corresponding suggestions for improvement were put forward.

Research On The Application Of Artificial Intelligence In Urban Landscape Design (pp323-331 )
Jingjing Bao, Jianyong Bian
With the increasing awareness of the environmental protection, people have been paying more and more attention to the landscape design in recent years. As a basic project to improve the quality of life of residents, how to build a harmonious natural atmosphere with the garden construction and artificial intelligence is the key to the urban landscape design. Therefore, in this paper, problems of the artificial intelligence in the landscape design were analyzed, and how to effectively use the artificial intelligence in the landscape design was discussed.

The Design Research On Multimedia Educational Game In College English Teaching (pp332-340 )
Lei Ding
This paper analyzes the objective attitudes of people to educational games and the actual application of educational games, the paper discusses the factors that influence the development of educational games, and further defines the problems that restrict the development of educational games. The theoretical basis of the research, related knowledge and research status at home and abroad, to apply to the school for the purpose of teaching, the nature of educational game analysis, general design method and process of educational games, based on factors restricting its application and development are put forward to improve the educational game design concept and the corresponding educational game design pattern to promote the game better education, and school education, accelerate the pace of teaching into the classroom. We try to construct the teaching mode of teaching game, and design the actual application case of combining education game with teaching. Play a guiding role in the further improvement of educational game design and development. It can help students to get rid of the boring way of learning, promote game learning, improve their enthusiasm and effectiveness, conform to the requirements and objectives of the new curriculum reform, and have an inherent consistency with quality education.

Application Of "Combination Of Teaching And Learning" Model In Receive Technique For Chinese Table Tennis Players (pp341-348 )
Jing Chen
Since the development of table tennis, the quality of receive technique is getting higher and higher. The corresponding methods and means have also changed, and the difficulty of receive technique has also increased correspondingly. In order to better help athletes to improve the ability of receive technique, in this paper, through the use of literatures, surveys, mathematical statistics and other methods, the application of "combination of teaching and learning" model in receive technique for table tennis players was analyzed, and the feasibility of this model was analyzed comprehensively, deeply and objectively, so as to further put forward suggestions and proposals. The final research results show that this method can effectively improve the training effect of athletes in receive technique, and it also takes the cultural achievements of athletes into account, which opens another way for athletes.

Construction Of English Vocabulary Teaching Model In Agricultural Cross-Border Electricity Supplier Activities Based On Computer Virtual Technology (pp349-356 )
Xibo Liu, Yong Zhao
The development of cross-border e-commerce has brought about the development and change of cross-border logistics and other related elements, and has come up with a problem, that is, language problems in cross-border electricity business activities. Computer virtual technology was introduced into English teaching to study the English vocabulary teaching model of cross-border electricity supplier activities in agricultural products, the technology was used to simulate the real activities of cross-border electricity providers, and vocabulary learning motivation model was established to improve students' learning efficiency and ability to use vocabulary. The final experimental results show that the use of computer virtual technology to build English vocabulary teaching model in agricultural cross-border electricity supplier activities can help students to master vocabulary more quickly and express their views more accurately and fluently.

Competitive Sports Training Model Combined With Computer Multimedia Technology (pp357-363 )
Jun Chen, Hai Huang
The information technology based on computer technology is advancing by leaps and bounds; especially multimedia technology has been introduced into human life. Since twenty-first Century, multimedia technology has been widely used in the field of physical training, and it has played a vital role in every society. Therefore, the study of the role of multimedia technology in the training model of competitive sports is particularly important. Through the research of multimedia technology, a multimedia control system for sports training was set up, and the system was applied to physical training. Results show that the system can improve the competitive sports training mode, and can effectively illustrate the important role of multimedia technology in the athletic sports training model.

Localization Algorithm And Error Analysis Of Indoor Radio Interference Sources (pp364-371 )
Taihang Du1, Chundong Jiang 1 ,Yunfei Chen 1,2,Lei Dong 3
With the improvement and progress of wireless communication technology, radio interference affects the normal communication of authorized users and perceived users. In view of this, the localization algorithm and error of indoor radio interference sources were studied and analyzed. The application status of wireless communication technology was introduced, the classification and detection technology of interference source, the localization algorithm and error analysis method of radio interference source were explained in detail, then the indoor radio interference source detection, location and error analysis of separate authorized indoor user community were carried out. It can be seen that the sampling frequency and the threshold of the signal carrier monitoring file play the active role in improving the accuracy of location.

Pre-Competition Psychological Training Of Athletes Combined With Computer Software Technology (pp372-379 )
Hai Huang, Jun Chen
The mental state of athletes before competition has always been the focus of attention and research in sports field, and how to train the athletes' pre-competition psychology has become a difficult point. Therefore, the research of athletes' pre-competition psychological training in combination with computer software technology was put forward in this paper. The CAS model was constructed by using computer software technology, and at the same time, the fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method was added to the sub model. Then the psychological state of athletes was analyzed and trained. The analysis of the data shows that the athletes' pre-competition psychological training combined with computer software technology can effectively improve the athletes' self-control ability, stabilize the mood and set up self-confidence, so that the athletes can play a training level and even play an extraordinary role in the process of competition.

Computer Data Processing Model In Big Data Era (pp380-388 )
Yaolong Kang, Jing’an Zhang
In the context of the explosive growth of computer users in the world today, the data information to be processed becomes extremely massive, changes in demand make computer data processing capabilities begin to shift to big data. In the presence of massive data to be processed, the relevant technical workers pay more and more attention to the management of data security. In order to make the development of computer information processing technology in the big data era understood more clearly and specifically, computational techniques were used to study data processing patterns, so as to provide some help to the technical workers who are engaged in computer data processing.

Optimization Model Based On Karst Foundation Treatment (pp389-396 )
Jianhua Li
Different kinds of problems arise in the types and quantities of various karst foundations with the rapid development of the construction industry in China. Optimizing the model structure of the karst foundation can reduce the rate of karst ground subsidence. Under this background, the optimization model of the karst foundation treatment was studied. In this study, the characteristics of karst development and the forming conditions were introduced as well as karst foundation treatment. Finally, the fuzzy optimization model based on karst foundation treatment was described in detail. The test results show that the application of the optimization model based on karst foundation treatment features realities and rationalities.

The Construction Of The English Intelligent Classroom Based On The Artificial Intelligence (pp397-404 )
Yangming Song, Xiaohong Zhang
The rapid development of the science and technology allows the human intelligence to work better to serve people, as the original industrial machinery and the modern artificial intelligence. On how to better serve the human beings, education, industry, science and technology software and other aspects were deeply studied by researchers. Based on this, with the basic theory and technology of the artificial intelligence and related modern teaching theories, how to use the artificial intelligence to achieve the maximization of teaching effectiveness in English classroom was studied in this paper. From the side, a more objective understanding of the field of the artificial intelligence was obtained, and from this perspective, China's English teaching efficiency can be effectively improved.

Application Of Mathematical Optimization Model In Automobile Product Development Test Under Collision Condition (pp405-412 )
Nan Li ,Rongjun Li,Bowen Zhou
According to the characteristics of the testing and the crashing in Automobile product development projects, a testing time model on the number of residual defects after phase testing and testing time was built, the net profit optimization model associated with product quality, crashing cost and opportunity cost are built. By means of the optimal analysis, we obtained the optimal testing time and analyzed the influence of parameters such as opportunity cost, test cost and testing ability on the optimal solution. Finally, we applied it to the portable electric car charger development project, and found that it substantiates the effectiveness and practicability of the model. The analytical method and model can provide decision support for companies to improve new product development performance. The analytical method and model can provide decision support for companies to improve new product development performance.

Research On The Engineering Quality Management Mechanism Of Civil Engineering Construction Process (pp413-422 )
Yetao Pang, Xiaoman Zheng, Jieke Zheng,Haoyan Wu
Under the background of the rapid development of China's social economy, the process of urbanization has accelerated the development of civil engineering industry. In the implementation process of the construction project, the quality of civil engineering plays an extremely important role. Therefore, research on the engineering quality management mechanism of civil engineering construction process needs to be strengthened. Based on the current situation, the main forming process and the key characteristics of the civil engineering project quality were briefly summarized and analyzed in this paper. In the process of quality control, an organic internal network system and the corresponding operation mechanism of chain customer satisfaction were established. The research and application of quality control method were the focus of this paper. Dynamic construction process quality control model was formed to evaluate the method then. In the combination of theory and model, valuable references and suggestions for future engineering quality management mechanism of civil engineering construction process were hopefully to be provided in this paper.

Research On Tennis Teaching In Colleges And Universities Based On The Competition Teaching Method (pp423-430 )
Huali zhao
In order to improve the quality of tennis teaching in colleges and universities in China, a comparative analysis was made by means of teaching experiments in this paper. The experimental group using the competition teaching method and the control group using traditional sequential teaching method were set up. Teaching hours were from September 1 to December 30th, 2016. There were 30 people in each group, with quite physique and the tennis skill level before the teaching experiment. Through the teaching experiment, it can be seen that the sequential teaching method is better than the competition teaching method in improving students' performance. However, in the ability to control the ball and the level of competition, the competition teaching method is better than the sequential teaching method.

Design And Implementation Of Cloud Platform Based On Openstack (pp431-440 )
Yao chen
At present, the extensive application of cloud computing has greatly improved the efficiency of resource utilization, which has not only obtained by more and more enterprises attention, but also provided users with a convenient, intelligent experience. In this paper, on the basis deeply studying the OPENSTCAK, the comparison research was carried out to the currently more commonly used installation deployment methods. Then, according to combine with the relatively popular automated management configuration tools, the cloud platform management system based on OPENSTCAK was designed and implemented. The experiments show that when individuals or enterprises are using the system, on the basis of constructing the OPENSTCAK cloud platform, the user needs a professional cloud computing knowledge.

The Function Of Computer Music Production Technology In The Development Of Folk Music (pp441-447 )
Jie Shan
The rapid development of computer technology in recent years has led to significant changes in the mode of operation in many industries. The music industry also applies computer technology to music production, which effectively improves the level of music production and makes music production technology play a major role in the field of folk music. In this paper, through the anatomy of computer music production technology, the computer music production software was designed through the computer technology, and the operation of the software was tested, then the feasibility of the software was also tested through the analysis of the test results. It is found that the computer music production technology plays an important promotion function in the development of the folk music.

Data Mining Algorithm Based On Cloud Computing (pp448-456 )
Junlei Dong, Junping Wang
With the rapid development and extensive application of Internet technology, the amount of network data is increasing exponentially. Then, how to effectively obtain effective information in massive data becomes an important issue. Cloud computing stores and calculates the resources for the application system through the Internet, which can solve the huge amount of information and complex algorithm problems in the data mining process. In this paper, the data mining MapReduce algorithm based on cloud computing was introduced. The processing task of the big data was assigned to multiple computers to implement the parallel processing, and the experimental simulation distributed computer framework was set up. The experimental results show that the MapReduce algorithm can complete the task of analyzing and obtaining the data in the case of the lowest cost configuration, and the efficiency of data mining is obviously improved.

Study On The Development Of The Hostel Economy And Characteristic Agricultural Resources In Zhejiang Province (pp457-464 )
Feng Jing, Haining Meng, Jianfei Guo
In recent years, the hostel economy has showed a spurt of growth. Overall, the development of the province's hostel economy has not yet formed. It is difficult to fully reflect the characteristics and differentiation of hostel. How to organically combine the hostel economy with the development and utilization of characteristic agricultural resources is of theoretical value and practical significance for the realization of the province's green development, ecology, enriching people, and scientific. The development experience of hostel economy at home and abroad was summarized in this paper. The history and present situation of hostel economic development in Zhejiang Province were reviewed. It is found that there are a series of problems in some areas, such as the driving income is not strong, the legalization of hostel is difficult to solve, and the project is single and so on. And there are the relevant measures: in the development of hostel economy and characteristic agricultural resources, the development concept and management mode of "Internet +" should be strengthened. In this paper, a new way was put forward for the development of rural economy.

Study On Synthesis And Biological Activity Of Pyridine Derivatives (pp465-472 )
Chunling Li
It is an important research direction in the field of pesticide research to develop efficient, low toxicity and environmental friendly pesticide compounds with novel structure. It is a research hotspot to adapt to the requirement of the development of pyridine derivatives with biological activity. Therefore, the synthesis and biological activity of pyridine derivatives were studied. The basic concepts and basic information were first introduced, and then the synthesis of TETRAMIC ACID derivatives containing pyridine group was studied. At last, the activity of pyridine derivatives was discussed. The results showed that the pyridine group TETRAMIC ACID derivatives are effective and feasible for the herbicidal activity.

Energy Saving And Monitoring System For Urban Street Lamp Based On Zigbee Wireless Communication Technology (pp473-480 )
Yanrong Liu
With the deepening of China's reform and opening up, the number of cities and the size of cities are increasing, and the urban infrastructures are also constantly improved. Among them, one of the most typical infrastructures is urban street lamp. However, the power consumption of traditional street lamps is large, and it is difficult to realize the intelligent adjustment and control with the change of the use demands. The Zigbee wireless communication technology was specifically applied to the urban street lamp monitoring system, so as to effectively reduce the power consumption of street lamps and realize the intelligent control of street lamps. According to the simulation experiment of the system, it can be seen that the system has excellent performance, remarkable energy saving effect and good application value.

Load Balancing Scheduling Strategy For Server Cluster System (pp481-489 )
Yingjun Tan, Bao Zheng
In recent years, with the rapid development of information transfer technology, the load balancing scheduling of server cluster system must be optimized. In order to optimize the load of server, a load balancing scheduling strategy for server cluster system was proposed in this paper. A new scheduling weighted method was proposed, and the optimization of load allocation was realized. In order to verify the feasibility of the scheduling strategy, the results were tested from several aspects. Through a comprehensive test, the research of load balancing scheduling strategy optimization for server cluster system is feasible, which can further improve the server's load capacity.

The Complexes And Indoor And Field Bactericidal Activity Of Synthesis Of 4, 6- Two Methyl -N- Phenyl -2 – Pyrimidinamine Iron (Iii) (pp490-500 )
Huifang Wang, Xianrong Xin, Ying Yao, Man Wang, Jie Li
Pyridine derivatives are a very important kind in many heterocyclic compounds. It has high research value because of bactericidal, anticancer, antiviral, pest, weed and other practical effect, and was concerned in biology, medicine and agriculture sector in the practical application of real life. 4,6- Two methyl -N- phenyl -2- pyrimidinamine iron (III) complexes were selected as the main research object, and the overall structure, and the activity characteristics of pyrimidine derivatives were analyzed and studied and the bactericidal activity was explored with a targeted manner. The synthesis of compounds had structural characteristics and the biological activity of the groups played an important role. Through the study on Synthesis and fungicidal activity of a pyrimidine derivative, this paper tried to provide some reference for the practical application of sterilization, antiviral and pest prevention technology

Analysis Of Vocal Music Teaching Mode In Multimedia Teaching Environment (pp501-509 )
yang wang
Vocal music teaching mode in multimedia teaching environment has an important positive impact on the promotion of students' vocal music teaching level. In order to strengthen the application of this assisted teaching mode in vocal music teaching in colleges and universities of China, questionnaires were conducted to confirm that the multimedia teaching environment is more conducive to the promotion of vocal music students' professional skills than the traditional teaching environment. The factor analysis model considers that the advantages of multimedia teaching environment are mainly manifested in its large data information level. Therefore, this new teaching mode is conducive to the comprehensive promotion of our vocal music teaching level. The purpose of the research is to provide theoretical basis for the development and perfection of vocal music teaching model.

Influence Study Of Health Qigong Baduanjin On Mda Content And Sod Activity In Patients With Phlegm Dampness Type Of Hypertension (pp510-515 )
Yu Zhongshun, Yu Zhida
The study on the intervention effect of Health Qigong BaDuanJin on the patients with phlegm dampness type of hypertension can provide the theoretical basis for the application of Health Qigong BaDuanJin in the field of scientific fitness and health care. In this paper, the patients who were diagnosed with phlegm dampness type of hypertension in a city hospital from June 2011 to September 2011as subjects, and they divided into Qigong group, walking group and control group. The diastolic blood pressure, systolic blood pressure, MDA content and SOD activity were compared before and after the exercise of BaDuanJin, and the data were statistically analyzed. The results showed that serum MDA content and blood pressure were significantly decreased, and SOD activity was significantly increased in both Qigong group and walking group after the experiment. There was a significant difference between the indexes of Qigong group and the walking group. The blood pressure, MDA content and SOD activity in the control group remained unchanged that had no statistical significance. It could be concluded that Health Qigong BaDuanJin could interfere with the phlegm dampness type of hypertension..

Study On Effect Of Health Qigong Baduanjin On Mda Content And Sod Activity In Phlegm And Dampness Type Of Hypertensive Patients (pp516-523 )
Zhida Yu, Zhongshun Yu
With the rapid development of society, people's living standards and lifestyles have been greatly improved, and a variety of diseases are becoming younger and younger. Hypertension is a common chronic disease, and young patients with high blood pressure are mainly with phlegm dampness type of hypertension. Young people are the center of social development, and hypertension is associated with dyslipidemia. As a health campaign combined with modern lifestyle, the health Qigong BaDuanJin can effectively prevent hypertension. In this paper, through the treatment of the patients with hypertension of phlegm dampness type using health Qigong BaDuanJin, the effect of it on the MDA content and the SOD activity in the patients with phlegm dampness syndrome were studied. From the side, the effect of eight stages of Qigong on hypertension was verified.

Remote Intelligent Mobile Payment Information Input Security Based On Pfp (pp524-532 )
Guoming Zhang, Baoli Liu
With the rapid development of e-commerce, the security of remote intelligent mobile payment information input has become a major problem. Therefore, in this paper, the research of remote intelligent mobile payment information input security based on PFP was put forward. The security research of mobile payment was briefly described. After that, the ECC encryption algorithm was adopted, and two kinds of encryption methods for password and non-password remote intelligent mobile payment information input were designed. Then, by comparing experiments, it is proved that the mobile payment information is more complex, and both of these two encryption methods have advantages. And it is also indirectly shows that the two encryption methods can guarantee the remote intelligent mobile payment information input security.

Research On The Application Of The Innovation Education Development Path For Sports Specialized College Students (pp533-539 )
Zhang Lin
With the rapid development of China's economy in recent years, the education has been greatly improved. Especially in recent years, the number of college graduates has increased every year. So there is pressure on the employment difficulties of college students. Therefore, in order to solve the difficult situation of college students, it is urgent to strengthen innovation education. In this paper, through a series of methods such as applied research, a large number of literature books were referred to and analyzed; it can be found that physical education students need to improve the innovative education; therefore, the proposal was put forward in this paper.

Physical Education Yoga Exercise Regimen Based On Data Mining Clustering Technology (pp540-547 )
Chunhui Zeng
The amount of data information is continuously expanded, and the necessity of data mining clustering technology applied in sports field is becoming more and more obvious. In view of this, in this paper, the application of physical education yoga exercise regimen based on data mining clustering technology was studied and analyzed. Firstly, the application status and background of the research on data mining clustering technology were briefly introduced. And then the data mining clustering based on partition and hierarchy was introduced. Finally, K-Means data mining clustering analysis method was used to analyze and evaluate physical education yoga exercise regimen in a university in Shanghai. In the end, it was concluded that the use of data mining clustering technology to analyze teaching data is conducive to promoting excellent physical education yoga exercise regimen.

The Study About The Micro Media Leveraging The Ideological And Political Education Into The Yanzhao Culture In College Students (pp548-556 )
Hailong Chang
Abstract: The ideological and political education into the Yanzhao culture is the target of modern education, and the "micro media" can improve college students' Ideological and cultural qualities. College Ideological and political education of college students in absorb useful ideas, moral consciousness, civilization accomplishment, value standard and Yanzhao culture, which through appropriate means, methods, means and carrier. The fusion is a part of the ideological and political education, which can enhance the basic literacy of college students, help them form can meet the needs of the society values. At present, the ideological and political education of college students and the Yanzhao culture did not realize the effective combination, which is mainly restricted by subjective and objective factors. This paper is in order to understand the current ideological and political education into the Yanzhao culture, which effective way to explore Yanzhao culture into the ideological and political education, the issue of the investigation. Based on a lot of references and books, and the collected information to analyze, can find out the Yanzhao culture ideological and political education in the process of integration into the existing problems, that can0 puts forward some reasonable countermeasures and suggestions.

The Design And Implementation Of Dance Education And Teaching Management System In Universities (pp557-565 )
Le Chen
This paper selects the new dance as the basis for teaching, combining with the present situation of network teaching, research on Teaching in Colleges and universities in the dance department, through the process of management, system analysis of the various roles include dance teachers, students and administrators to dance teaching, according to the different requirements to the design and implementation of the role of the dance school dance teaching management information system. The development of this system on the basis of the school dance and dance teaching in Colleges and universities, with the entire system design process by using.NET platform, and through the process management, modeling and analysis of different user actions, and then provide a different user interface. Using the idea of B/S system, the implementation technology of the three layer system structure (presentation layer, business logic layer and data service layer) of the system is the key to the development information system. The system developed the system login module, teacher module, student operation module and system management module according to the specific needs of teaching dance department of University School, to facilitate different users for different requirements of the system.

Overall Design And Analysis Of Ups Power Supply System Based On Computer Aided Mode (pp566-573 )
Chen Li
UPS power supply has an important role in promoting the development of various industries in today's era, and the application of computer aided mode in UPS power supply system can make the system more reliable and efficient. In order to determine the advantage of computer aided mode in UPS power system, SNMP monitoring model was taken as the research object in this research. The UPS power systems that used this mode and did not use this mode were further analyzed and compared on the basis of understanding the relevant theories. The results show that the parameter performance of the UPS power supply which uses the computer-aided mode is significantly higher than that of the unused model. The research aims to provide some theoretical basis and scientific support for the improvement and development of UPS power supply system.

Concept And Application Of Industrial Heritage Planning Decision In Big Data Era (pp574-583 )
Shufang Chen
With the rapid development of network technology, the relationship between big data and industrial protection regret more closely. The protection and renovation of industrial heritage in Europe and other developed countries is becoming more and more mature, has been carried out in our country. With the industrial society to the post-industrial transformation, protection and renovation of industrial architectural heritage has been imperative. This article will the history and development trends of theories and practice at home and abroad use of industrial heritage renovation in the field of the analysis of clear city industrial heritage value, advantages and conditions of the transformation of the industrial architectural heritage re-use. Through the analysis of transformation of Industrial Heritage Reuse Method and design thought the in-depth study and analysis. Finally, through the simulation design of a factory in Hangzhou, the theory of industrial heritage reform was put into practice, and the theory and practice were completed in a specific area, and new design techniques were proposed.

Localization Algorithm Of Indoor Radio Interference Source (pp584-591 )
Yunfei Chen 1 2, Taihang Du 1, Chundong Jiang 1, Lei Dong 3
At present, the interference signal has become a huge worry, to ensure the smooth flow of radio has been particularly important. In order to study the localization of radio interference sources, a localization algorithm based on azimuth and network topology was proposed, the original azimuth data was eliminated and corrected by introducing the azimuth quality and the expert monitoring experience, the original location points were divided into two types of interference points and boundary points by using the method of probability, in addition, the basic principle of Brown least square triangulation and the network topology were adopted to select the reasonable iterative method to locate the source of interference. The final experimental results show that the localization algorithm based on azimuth and network topology is more accurate in practical applications.

Construction And Application Of Japanese Corpus Based On Computer Cooperative Work Technology (pp592-599 )
Zhen Chen, Fan Wu
Computer cooperative work is a method which combines human with computer network, software and hardware and so on. In order to study the construction based on CSCW technology of the Japanese corpus, the computer cooperative work technology was utilized on the basis of the network structure information, similarity calculation, cross-language information retrieval and Wikipedia link method; through the event extraction technology, and combined with the Japanese-Chinese Dictionary, the named entity dictionary and the Japanese-Chinese cross-references, Japanese corpus was established, and teachers and students were given the same data upload function, at the same time, the teacher was responsible for reviewing and managing the corpus information in the library. The final result proves that this method can overcome the shortcomings of the traditional methods.

The Application Of Computer Network Technology In Japanese Teaching (pp600-607 )
Zhen Chen, Fan Wu
Under the background of the information age, the development of the computer technology and network technology has obtained rapid changes, and the popularity of network technology in modern society has been quite high. Therefore, many fields have been unable to leave the application of network technology, and the educational field has gradually begun to use network technology in recent years. Therefore, in this paper, based on the understanding of computer network technology, a Japanese teaching information model was established, and it was applied to the Japanese practical teaching, so as to achieve the purpose of bringing new vitalities to Japanese teaching. Therefore, it is of great significance to discuss the application of computer network technology in Japanese Teaching from the two aspects of theory and practice.

Research On Rapid Analysis Technology Of Mercury Content In Copper Concentrates-- Direct Determination Method Of Solids By Automatic Injection (pp608-616 )
Zhipeng Chen, Minggui Luo, Yuqun Xie
After conditional test, a method for accurate and rapid determination of mercury in copper concentrates was established. In this paper, the sample size, the decomposition condition, the detection limit, the measurement range and the uniformity of samples were systematically studied, and the consistency of the method was verified. The detection limit of this method is 0.0006μg /g, and the measurement range is 0.01μg /g ~21.0μg /g, so it has lower detection limit than the national standard method. The method and the national standard method were used to determine the actual samples of copper concentrate, and the results show that the two methods are consistent. This method can meet the requirements of accurate, efficient and mass operations in modern testing industry, and it also has the characteristics of low loss, low pollution and environmental protection, so it has great popularization and application value.

The Standard Of Evaluation Of Mathematics Teaching Design Based On Information Technology (pp617-624 )
Haiying Deng, Shengying Xie
As an important science discipline, mathematics plays an important role in student learning. However, the relative theoretical knowledge of mathematics is relatively more difficult to understand, so that the students' mastery of relevant knowledge is relatively weak. And the mathematical model of information technology has brought more opportunities for mathematics teaching. The new mathematics teaching model was taken as the research object, and its application effect was analyzed and discussed in order to provide a certain theoretical basis for the follow-up discipline construction and development

Inquiry-Based Teaching Of Curriculum Based On Artificial Intelligence (pp625-632 )
Songling Dong
With the continuous reform of education, the requirements for the comprehensive quality of students are constantly improving, while the traditional curriculum teaching mode can’t meet the needs of society and students. Therefore, the research of inquiry-based teaching curriculum based on artificial intelligence was put forward, the Agent teaching system was constructed through artificial intelligence technology, and the inquiry based teaching model was used as teaching strategy. Meanwhile, through the teaching experiment analysis, it can be drawn that inquiry-based teaching curriculum based on artificial intelligence can stimulate students' interest in learning and improve their independent learning ability. And teachers mainly play the role of guidance and supervision, emphasizing the student-centered teaching philosophy.

Discussion On The Effectiveness Of Data Mining Technology From The Perspective Of Media (pp633-641 )
Han Gao, Ting Liang, Mingnan Huo, Hong Guo
With the extensive use of data mining technology in the education management of colleges and universities, the data related to the situation of students' ideological and political work are mostly not effectively utilized. In particular, data mining needs to be further developed. Therefore, this paper will explore how to do ideological and political work in colleges and universities through the rational application of data mining technology. In the media environment, the application of new technology and the development of information technology for the smooth development of ideological and political work to provide technical support, in order to make full use of information resources, we must first we-media information to fully understand, in the On this basis to carry out the relevant ideological education work is even more easy. In this paper, we discuss how to carry out the relevant guidance work of ideological and political in the media environment, and it is more important to realize the innovative development in this work, so as to achieve the purpose of cultivating modern high quality talents

The Study About Marx's Aesthetic Thought Applies In Three Dimensional Computer Models (pp642-650 )
Yanlan Gu, Hui Huang
This paper base on the theory of relativity Marx's aesthetics, skull and face, through the computer visualization technology in scientific computing, the 3D geometric characteristics of the skull and, on this basis, with the restriction of geometry deformation and editing of 3D face model. The 3D facial mesh simplification algorithm based on feature points is proposed by using the computer 3D visualization technology to build the 3D surface and weight of the original CT slices in the model structure. The Experiments show that the algorithm is simplified greatly. The important features of craniofacial deformation are that the nose has a good effect, achieve the level of mesh deformation based on B spline, and 3D computing and grid deformation system. Therefore, Marx aesthetics has some practical value in the aspects of 3D computer model reconstruction and simplification, 3D calculation, mesh deformation and editing, and craniofacial morphology research.

Development And Application Of Taekwondo Information Acquisition And Feedback System (pp651-658 )
Yun He
In order to verify the effect of Taekwondo hit information collection and feedback system of Taekwondo professional athletes single beating and success rate, two hit, hit parts accuracy, reaction time and other indicators. By using the method of literature data collection and collation of the paper; through the test first has carried on the striking effect of calibration, and then use the system for a period of 60 days of training and testing data acquisition of Taekwondo athletes; finally through mathematical statistics and analysis of data and analysis of paired t- test in the group, the effect is to verify the relevant indexes of the testing system, and quantitative methods to test the results for athletes coaches, coaches improve the ability to regulate the daily training of athletes.Through the calibration test of the system and the KP&P electronic protective equipment, the beating effect of the system is evaluated by the KP&P electronic protector, and the measurement error is within 5%, which shows that the system has a good effect on the accuracy of the test indicators.

Design Of Electronic Information Publishing Platform Based On Environmental Protection Law Of National Scenic Area (pp659-668 )
Hongxia Huang
At present, with the increasing dynamics of reform and opening up and the frequent cultural exchanges, the tourism industry is developing rapidly. With the call of the country and new policies, the construction of China's national scenic areas has made satisfactory achievements. From the point view of current situation, the environmental protection law of the National Scenic Spot in China has been gradually improved, but there are many problems in the construction of the electronic information publishing platform based on the national environmental protection law of the scenic area. Under this background, according to the relevant laws and regulations of the environmental protection law, design ideas and modules of system component of electronic information publishing platform of environmental protection law of national scenic spots in China were put forward; electronic information publishing platform database and the corresponding application software were used to preliminary design the electronic information publishing platform of the environmental protection law of the National Scenic Spot under the limited condition.

Exploratory Learning Of English Legacy Problems Based On Data Mining Algorithms (pp669-675 )
Ke Wu
Under the background of big data, the Internet convergence plan is steadily implemented, and the application of Internet technology in the reform of university education model has become an irresistible trend. Therefore, in this paper, based on the data mining algorithm, the exploratory learning of English legacy problems in colleges and universities was carried out. First of all, the importance of the reform of English legacy problem in colleges and universities based on data mining algorithm model was expounded. Then, the model of contemporary university education was analyzed, and data mining algorithm was designed to be applied to the development and research of English legacy problem in colleges and universities. Through the input and use of the data mining algorithm model, and the feedback effect after application, the advantages and feasibility of the model were finally determined.

Sports Analysis Technology Based On Artificial Intelligence (pp676-683 )
Qin Jia
Sports analysis is an important branch of sports development. However, the scientificalness and computing speed of the traditional sports analysis technology have been unable to meet the needs of sports development. Therefore, in this paper, the research of sports analysis technology based on artificial intelligence was proposed, and the image processing and trajectory recognition model was constructed on the basis of artificial intelligence technology. Table tennis was taken as the goal, and image acquisition and trajectory recognition rate were counted and analyzed. It is concluded that the sports analysis technology based on artificial intelligence can obtain a better image, improve the trajectory recognition rate of the image through the K-L transformation, and can enhance the scientific and impartiality of sports analysis.

The Docking Of International And Domestic Trade E-Commerce Information Service Mode Based On Big Data (pp684-690 )
Peipei Jiang
Based on the direction of the development of information services, combined with international and domestic trade e-commerce information service model, in this paper, the knowledge of information economics and information ecology was used, and the internal relations and the evolution mechanism of international and domestic trade participants were analyzed. On the basis of this, an automatic docking model of e-commerce information service platform was put forward. In this model, the number of participants and the number of products were considered. In the case of incomplete information, trade users' preference degree and the extent of concession of trade products were speculated. Through the simulation experiment, the validity of the international and domestic trade e-commerce information service model was verified.

The Construction Of English Interactive Reading Process Model Based On Artificial Intelligence (pp691-698 )
Xinzhuo Jiang, Jiang Liu*
English has become one of the main languages in international communication, and the mode of reading is the most common way to realize communications. For students, the classroom is the main channel for English learning, but "cramming" teaching method in class often fails to achieve satisfactory teaching results. In view of the above problems, a reading model combining the interaction of artificial intelligence was proposed in this paper to help students improve their reading abilities in practice. The method of experimental comparative analysis was used to compare applications of the model constructed, and the scientific validity of the model was verified by the experimental results.

An Empirical Study On The Impact Of Technological Innovation Capability On The Growth Of Small And Medium-Sized Enterprises (pp699-705 )
Yiping Jiang
In recent years, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have become the main forces in the economic and social development of our country. In recent years, most of the patents and technological innovation in our country have been completed by SMEs. So how to promote the growth of SMEs was taken as the main research topic of this paper. In addition, the impact of technological innovation on the improvement of production efficiency and the rise of the status of consumers in China were studied. In this paper, the empirical research methods were used, the reference documents were consulted, and the research subjects were analyzed, finally, the corresponding suggestions were put forward.

Study And Exploration On Genetics Of Diabetic Nephropathy (pp706-713 )
Zhifang Lang, Lantao Liu, Xiaoyi Xu, Hongwei Wang*
At the end of the 20th century, with the deepening of people's understanding of life science, people gradually realized the importance of genetics in medical field. In this paper, the genetics of diabetic nephropathy was studied and analyzed by static geometric analysis of genetic proteins with different sequence lengths in diabetic nephropathy samples, including degree distribution analysis, accumulation degree analysis and shortest path analysis. The results show that there are differences in the distribution of genetic proteins with different sequence lengths. The longer the sequences are, the wider the range is. The complex network constructed by the structural method is more closely related to the genetic analysis of diabetic nephropathy.

Supply Chain Management Model Of Agricultural Products Logistics Based On Information Network (pp714-723 )
Jian Li
The investment of circulation of agricultural products is relatively less due to the impact of "heavy production, light circulation" thought in long term. In the circulation of agricultural products, compared with the developed countries, the consumption of agricultural products is high, the cost is high and the efficiency is low because of the lack of logistics infrastructure and the lack of logistics technology. Therefore, the study of supply chain management model of agricultural products logistics is urgent and necessary in the current rapid development of information networks environment. The whole process of the construction of logistics management information system of agricultural products was described, and its design goal, design of the structure frame and the introduction of the main function modules were included, then the realization process and interface of each function module were expounded

Construction Of English-Chinese Bilingual Context Model Based On Computer Intelligent Cbr (pp724-731 )
Xiaojie Li
It is well known that context is very important for foreign language learning, while the realistic context can't be realized for many people. The construction of English-Chinese bilingual context model based on computer intelligent case-based reasoning has certain practical significance in guiding foreign language learning through artificial intelligence and machine learning methods. Therefore, the application of CBR in the study of English and Chinese bilingual context was analyzed in this paper, and a new method of study was put forward. Through the discussion of model and algorithm, an efficient prototype of feature case was constructed. The results show that the model can improve the efficiency of English-Chinese bilingual learning and reduce the differences of language learning disabilities caused by external factors.

Analysis Of Clustering Algorithm For Data Stream Mining Based On The Particle Swarm Optimization (pp732-739 )
Xiaobo Liang
The data flow in the era of big data is increasing, directly leading to the increased difficulty of the clustering analysis. In view of this, the clustering algorithm of data stream mining based on particle swarm optimization was studied and analyzed in this paper. First of all, with the application of AHP, the clustering process was analyzed and the particle swarm optimization algorithm was introduced; then, the characteristics of the typical clustering algorithms were introduced; finally, the typical clustering algorithm and the clustering algorithm for data stream mining based on the particle swarm optimization were compared and analyzed. The results show that the clustering algorithm based on the particle swarm optimization is helpful to improve the clustering purity.

Study On The Relationship Between The Passenger Flow Characteristics And Service Facilities Of Urban Rail Transit (pp740-747 )
Xiaofang Liang
The development of rail transit line network has brought great social and economic benefits, but it has also brought the problem of high density of passenger flow. In view of this, this paper made an empirical study on the relationship between the passenger flow characteristics and the service facilities of urban rail transit station. Firstly, the model of the relationship between the speed of passenger and the passenger was used to analyze the characteristics of passenger flow in urban rail transit station, then, the traffic station service facilities of urban rail transit station and the passenger line of the security inspection department and the passenger flow capacity were analyzed. The results show that the systematic and standardized service facilities can improve the rate of passenger flow.

Research On Computer Desktop Image Compression Based On Clustering Algorithm (pp748-756 )
Liu Chang, Han Ting,Dong Mo
The continuous maturity and development of computer remote control technology has begun to have a higher demand on the computer desktop image coding technology. In this era background, a variety of computer desktop image coding technologies begin to be born, and they are widely used in different industries and fields. In this paper, in view of the uncoordinated phenomenon of the low efficiency of computer coding technology, the image coding technology based on clustering algorithm was analyzed and researched, and the purpose of this paper was to seek a more efficient and scientific computer desktop image coding technology.

A Study On English Reading Teaching In Colleges And Universities Based On Schema Theory (pp575-763 )
Chao Liu
In order to improve the level of teachers 'reading teaching and students' reading comprehension and comprehensively improve their reading status, the most important thing is to strengthen the quality and quantity of reading. In response to this problem, two groups of freshmen were chosen as the research objects in this study. The results show that the performance of the experimental class is significantly better than the control class. Therefore, the new reading teaching method (schema theory) plays a positive role in students' reading comprehension ability. Through the in-depth investigation of this study and the personal learning experience, some comments were given by the article for the students to read English. This study has a positive effect on college English reading teaching.

Research On The Application Of Swarm Intelligence Optimization Algorithm In Image Processing (pp764-770 )
Yinghao Li, Huajun Wang,Xubiao Wang
The intelligent optimization algorithm is a new algorithm obtained in accordance with the natural biological behavior, human social behavior and natural phenomena. Compared with the traditional optimization algorithm, the global optimal performance of intelligent optimization algorithm is the best, and it has the advantages of simple algorithm and parallel processing. Therefore, it has aroused the widespread concern of many experts at home and abroad. Image segmentation is the key process of image processing image analysis and processing, and its quality will affect the further analysis of posterior image. Therefore, the fast and accurate image segmentation method is the focus of research for a long time. Based on this, in this paper, the application of swarm intelligent optimization algorithm in image processing was studied. Firstly, the swarm intelligent optimization algorithm was introduced briefly. Then, the application of the convolution neural network optimization algorithm in image processing was studied. Next, the image retrieval research based on the deep convolution neural network optimization algorithm and the actual test were carried out. The results show that the image retrieval based on depth convolution neural network is trained by the training of large amount of data, the underlying features are abstracted to higher level features, and the greater the number of training libraries is, the better the network performance is, therefore, it is also suitable for the large image database.

Strategic Analysis Of The Application Of Deconstruction In Modern Costume Designing (pp771-778 )
Qishu Luo
Clothing industry is a trend industry. In the background of rapid development, conceptual nouns and practices emerge one after another, for example, deconstruction. At present, deconstruction has become one of the mainstream styles of modern fashion design, and the aesthetic and even philosophy are becoming increasingly prosperous. From the aspects of material, structure, color and accessories, the practical application of deconstruction in the field of fashion design was comprehensively and deeply analyzed in this paper. Starting from the significance and value of traditional aesthetics, the changes in the features of fashion design brought about by deconstruction were analyzed. The ultimate goal is to broaden the thinking and space of clothing design, and to add more cultural connotations and forms of expression for the industry.

Application Of Anomaly Detection Based On R Language In Electronic Transaction Fraud Identification (pp779-785 )
Jianqiang Ma, Ergang Liu
In recent years, more and more financial fraud cases have brought great adverse social impacts, which has aroused widespread concern of the community and seriously affected the stability of society. Therefore, in order to effectively curb the occurrence of this fraud, the research on the application of anomaly detection in electronic transaction fraud identification has become a hot research topic in recent years. In this paper, starting from the direction of statistical theory, R language technology was used to identify the abnormal trading behavior in the data of financial transactions, and an electronic transaction fraud identification system based on R language technology was established. The results show that the technology has a certain effect on the recognition of fraudulent transactions.

Visual Communication Design Of Digital Media In Interactive Mode (pp786-793 )
Songjun Meng
Under the background of information technology, the media has got new development. Users have higher requirements for digital experience, so practitioners need to break through the existing bottleneck and combine the digital technology and interactive technology. In this paper, the key theory of digital media was studied, and the objective and rational analysis of the needs of digital media was obtained; then the development model of digital media which is suitable for the needs of the future society was put forward, so as to give full play to the feasibility and functionality of digital media and carry out the concept of digital technology to the end; finally, the application of network digital in new media system was put forward. Accurate positioning of user needs and market value advantages of digital new media can be played out.

Study On Genetic Relationship And Immune Conservative Therapy Based On Vitiligo (pp794-801 )
Xianghui Meng, Shaodong Liang, Wanli Zhang, Jinyu Chu*
Vitiligo is a skin disease of skin depigmentation, which seriously affects patients with normal social activities and work, it is of great significance to the study of pathology and treatment. In this paper, based on the genetic relationship between vitiligo and immune conservative therapy, vitiligo genetic relationship and immune theory were expounded, and through the establishment of fuzzy comprehensive evaluation model, the data were analyzed and evaluated. Based on the genetic relationship between vitiligo and immune conservative therapy, immunomodulation therapy has a relatively good therapeutic effect, which also requires patients to maintain good physical and mental health, and actively cooperate with the treatment.

Landscape Design System Based On Modern Regional Culture (pp802-811 )
Xiaohui Meng
With the development of globalization, cultures around the world have collided with each other and influenced the development of local culture. The landscape culture and regional culture complement each other. As a widely used tool for landscape design, GIS technology can better carry out landscape design. Based on this, the landscape design and regional culture and other related concepts were briefly introduced, geographic information system was used to analyze the basic data of Fangcheng port from a multi-angle, and the design of landscape architecture based on modern regional culture was studied, finally, the landscape design pattern was analyzed, and the corresponding solutions were obtained.

Design Of Distributed Photovoltaic Power Distribution Monitoring System Based On Internet Of Things (pp811-819 )
Yingkai Miao,Chuanwei Qi
In recent years, the technology of Internet of Things has been used in many economic fields, such as electricity supplier. At this stage, the technology of Internet of Things is introduced into the management of building energy consumption. In view of this, the design of distributed building photovoltaic power distribution monitoring system based on the Internet of things was studied and analyzed, the characteristics of power distribution monitoring system were analyzed, power consumption, such as capacity building photovoltaic distribution group was calculated, things such as sensor networks and Zigbee technology were compared studied, the design of photovoltaic power distribution monitoring system was finally realized. The results show that distributed distribution monitoring system based on internet of things can facilitate the monitoring and management of electricity information.

Research On The Development Of Sports Level Under The New Teaching Mode (pp820-827 )
Wenjun Niu
At present, there are few researches on the sports level of the new teaching mode in our country. So in this paper, the sports and the new mode of teaching theory and their characteristics were discussed; then based on the statistics and data processing on the number of medals in nearly 10 Universiades, then through the horizontal comparison and longitudinal comparison of domestic and international sports power, the conclusion that the new teaching mode can improve the overall level of competitive sports and China's sports level is in the international advanced level was obtained.

Research On The Training Mode Of Applied Innovative Talents In Measurement And Control Technology And Instrument Specialty (pp828-835 )
Yukun Peng
The traditional talents training form of measurement and control technology and instrument specialty is lack of attention to the subject spirit, so that students' knowledge scope is relatively narrow, and the cultural quality is lack of innovative thinking and improvement ability. Therefore, in this paper, the cultivation of elite talents was improved, the curriculum content and curriculum implementation of the measurement and control specialty were improved, and the development and exploration of the students' innovation potential, the establishment of the teaching staff, the development of teaching software and hardware were discussed, so as to cultivate the comprehensive development of students; at the same time, the feasibility compared with other schools was analyzed, it was concluded that the cultivation of practical and innovative talents was helpful to promote students' practical ability and achievement. Aiming at the new demand of measurement and control technology and instrument specialty talents, the corresponding measures were put forward in this paper. The research of this paper can provide a new idea for the applied innovative talents training in measurement and control technology and instrument specialty.

Research On The Application Of Artificial Intelligence Technology In Gis (pp836-843 )
Chunxia Qiu
Artificial intelligence is a comprehensive discipline, which is composed of computer science, information technology, psychology and other multiple disciplines, and it studies and simulates the intelligent behavior of human and explores its laws. When it is combined with GIS technology, it is able to express reasoning on a large number of geographical data, so as to predict the future trend of the data and solve the complicated problems in reality. In this paper, the application of artificial intelligence technology in GIS was studied, and the process of inputting data to outputting data was described by combining examples.

A Study On The Relationship Between The Multiple Intelligence Theory And College Students' English Learning Motivation (pp844-850 )
Ren Li
With the development of information technology and the science and technology, the demand for foreign language talents in economic society is getting higher and higher. This makes the training of high-quality English talents stricter. The theory of multiple intelligences is a new theory of human intelligence structure, which provides a new perspective for the motivation of English learning. How to use the theory of multiple intelligences to improve English learning motivations and English learning achievements has been the focus of researches. Based on this, the relationship between the theory of multiple intelligences and college students' English learning motivation was studied in this paper. On the basis of a brief introduction to the theory of multiple intelligences, the relationship between the theory of multiple intelligences and college students' English learning motivation was explored with the guidance of this theory and the type of English learning motivation. Through the analysis of the relevant data, the influence of multiple intelligence theory on college students' English learning motivation was expounded. The results show that the rational use of multiple intelligence theory can improve college students' English learning motivations and their academic performances. It is expected to provide some theoretical guidance for English teaching researches.

The Study On Strengthening The Protection Of Intangible Cultural Heritage By Using Micro Media Technology (pp851-859 )
Xiaojian Shi
The important role of digital technology in the protection and inheritance of intangible cultural heritage is reflected in four aspects: provide a guarantee that digital acquisition and storage technology to complete the protection of intangible cultural heritage, to provide support for digital restoration and reconstruction technology of Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritance, digital display and communication technology for the intangible culture heritage sharing provides a platform, virtual reality technology provides a space for the development and utilization of intangible cultural heritage. The depth of the development and utilization of proposed digital technology in the protection and inheritance of intangible cultural heritage should be from the establishment of digital classification of intangible cultural heritage resources system, to create a standard of intangible cultural heritage resources data acquisition technology, to investigate the expression of knowledge visualization of intangible cultural heritage, construct the comprehensive use of the intangible cultural heritage of the new technology system, build the intangible cultural heritage of multimedia interactive system platform, construction of national intangible cultural heritage protection and inheritance system. At the same time to deal with the relationship between the following four aspects: digital technology and cultural ecological balance, digital technology and multi disciplines, and compound talents of digital technology, the relationship between digital technology and the development of cultural industry.

The Development Of College Basketball Intelligent Teaching System Based On Artificial Intelligence (pp860-868 )
Song Liang
Artificial intelligence is now widely used in various industries and fields. However, the research and application in the education and teaching is relatively small, especially in the application of physical education, it is very few. In order to better carry out the application and research of college basketball intelligent teaching system, the Agent was added to the B/S structure, and a three-tier structure was formed. Then, in order to realize the intelligence of the system, a personalized learning Agent model was constructed, and furthermore, the work flow of students and teachers was devised in detail. Through the use experiment of the system, it could be seen that various system functions could be used normally, which could be promoted and applied in college basketball teaching.

Physical Education Model Of The Icai In Network Cloud Technology Considering Individual Differences (pp869-878 )
Chuanning Sun
With the development of network science and technology, education mode has been integrated into network technology, especially physical education (PE) The PE model of the ICAI in network cloud technology considering individual differences was researched in this study. The basic concepts and theories were introduced. Then, the PE teaching model considering individual differences was introduced. Furthermore, the ICAI of the network cloud technology was integrated into PE. Finally, the fuzzy neural network was used to carry out the teaching choice for different individuals. This teaching model can effectively provide targeted teaching for PE students.

Basketball Tactics In Colleges And Universities In China Based On Data Mining Clustering Technology (pp879-887 )
Lisong Qin
With the development of social informatization, the use of computers to assist in ball games has become a trend, and colleges and universities have become a more important stage. In this paper, through the use of data mining clustering technology, basketball tactics in colleges and universities in China were studied to assist the basketball game. The existing data mining was simply analyzed, and data mining technology related concepts were explained. Through the use of central idea of data mining clustering technology, basketball tactical system in colleges and universities was established, and the relevant cases were selected for analysis. Data mining and clustering technology obtained can help to analyze and study basketball tactics.

The Design And Implementation Of Interactive Teaching System For College English Grammar Teaching Based On Moodle Platform (pp888-896 )
Liqin tang
This paper studies English grammar courses offered on the Moodle platform. First introduces the characteristics of network teaching and the research at home and abroad, discusses the related theory of English grammar course design of Moodle platform based on the main university, constructivism theory, two language acquisition theories, interaction theory, which provides a theoretical basis for the design of English Grammar Course Design Based on the platform of Moodle University. It points out the importance of College English grammar teaching and points out the importance of teaching English grammar based on the network. And then put forward the application of Moodle learning platform for the feasibility of interaction design, interaction and interaction, learners and learning content to learners and learners from the three aspects of the interaction of learners and teachers, the network interactive mode of English grammar teaching. The interactive teaching system of grammar teaching based on Moodle platform is designed and implemented.

The Application Of Data Mining Clustering Technology In The Actual Combat Of Table Tennis Teaching In Chinese Universities (pp897-903 )
Jia Deng,Dezhong Peng*
In recent years, with the rapid development of sports, such a background of development has also put forward new requirements for the measurement of sports. At present, there are still many deficiencies in digital measurement in sports. The data is too large and too jumbled, so it is not easy to summarize the practical experience from it. Therefore, the application of data mining clustering technology in sports teaching in colleges and universities in China was studied in this paper. With the influence of table tennis as the example, through the summarization and evaluation of the application of data mining clustering technology in table tennis practice, skills in the actual combat were studied, so that students' skills and enthusiasms in sports and students' enjoyment in exercises were improved.

Trajectory Tracking Control Algorithm For Mobile Robot Based On Adaptive Technology (pp904-911 )
Pu Tu,Quanjun Zhao
The data of the external objective factors on the dynamic test of the traditional omni-directional robot was unstable and uncontrollable, coupled with the influence of different external factors in the test, a trajectory tracking control algorithm for mobile robot based on adaptive technology was proposed in order to improve the performance of trajectory tracking control. A series of simulation experiments were decided to carry out by adopting MATLAB to analyze the effectiveness of this kind of mechanism test. Based on this, the results showed that the trajectory tracking control algorithm of mobile robot based on adaptive technology was beneficial to reduce the instability and non-controllability of the test data and reduce the immunity of the external factors, which also enhanced the effectiveness of the implementation of the relevant work of the robot greatly

The Implication Of Local Sports Humanistic Spirit In Physical Education In Colleges And Universities (pp912-920 )
Jian Wang
Sports humanistic education has an irreplaceable significance for the cultivation of college students' humanistic accomplishment and sports skills. The construction of humanistic spirit in colleges and universities is conducive to the comprehensive development of various qualities of college students, and it plays a very important role in improving the sports culture knowledge of college students, constructing the humanistic sports system of college students and establishing the correct life values. In this paper, according to the connotation and characteristics of the sports humanistic spirit, as the inevitable requirement of the development of the times, a series of targeted and systematic studies were carried out to the present situation of physical education and the problems existing in the implementation of sports humanities education in view of the basic characteristics of sports humanistic education in colleges and universities. The results show that after introducing the sports humanistic spirit into college physical education, the results of students' sports training can not only be improved, but also the change of students' thinking attitude will also be affected, so that students can correct their attitude and anneal the fortitude character of endurance, thus becoming the all-round development talents who are adaptive to the social needs.

Design And Application Of English School-Based Curriculum System Based On Moodle (pp921-926 )
Luoru Wang, Shanshan Zhai*
Under the background of the reform of basic education in China, more curriculum fitted with the needs of their own school school-based is becoming the primary and secondary schools teaching needs. Such school-based curriculum can be based on the school's students of different conditions to meet the students' needs of curriculum design, so more and more school parents and students are now accepted and welcome. While English such a need for more interaction between teachers and students and new disciplines, multimedia network tools can provide great help for them. The information environment in the classroom, can add great vitality and fresh elements to students' learning, teaching efficiency and effectiveness will be greatly promoted.Moodle is open source software, good the universality and scalability, its simple interface and a good network environment for primary and secondary school English teachers soon Fast building curriculum management and teaching platform to create a virtual learning environment for teachers and students to exchange and cooperate. The development and implementation of school based English course based on Moodle platform can not only provide school-based discipline, new methods and new ideas of the curriculum design, but also provide a reference for other school subjects of school-based curriculum development and implementation, by Moodle introduction provides an affordable for teachers, open teaching environment, promote the development of school-based curriculum development and school information, but also for the promotion of open source software in the popularization and application of the school campus for a contribution.

The Teaching Mode Of The Massive Open Online Courses (Moocs) Based On Information Technology Assistance In Higher Education (pp927-934 )
Peng Wang
As an important product of modern information technology, the massive open online courses (MOOCs) have been widely used in higher education in China in recent years, and have achieved remarkable results. In order to better analyze the teaching effect of MOOCs, the contrast teaching experiment of MOOCs and flipped classroom and traditional teaching mode was carried out to understand the teaching superiority and the acceptance degree of the students. From the teaching experiment results, MOOCs can significantly improve the student's academic performance. Students can develop good pre-class preview and after-school review habits. Courseware should further promote the application and practice of MOOCs in higher education.

The Related Factors Analysis Of Ideological And Political Effectiveness In Self Media Based On Data Mining (pp935-943 )
Shiheng Wang
The rapid development of mobile Internet technology, networking, and cloud computing and other new wave of technology push micro marketing has entered a new stage of rapid development, especially since the rise of the media, to build a good atmosphere for the development of micro marketing. With the continuous development of network technology, the popularity of smart mobile terminal and a variety of application software (App) innovation, Facebook, Twitter, micro-blog, WeChat, m chat and other emerging from the media and social life of the increasingly close links, the value of marketing tools to highlight, no doubt for the micro enterprise marketing provides technical support and development a good platform. Firstly, through the review of the existing domestic and foreign micro marketing theory research, summarizes the evolution of micro marketing concept, so as to clarify the connotation of marketing and development of micro foundation, combined with the background, to reveal the development trend of micro marketing and discuss the scope of the theory; secondly, described as a new business platform micro marketing concept, since the media form and features, discusses from the media for micro instrumental value marketing development, and since the media platform of enterprise To carry out micro marketing analysis of the status quo, revealed from the media micro enterprise marketing based on the advantages and disadvantages; then, in order to help maintain and optimize the self-media platform micro enterprise marketing advantages and overcome its disadvantages, put forward the strategy of self-media micro enterprise marketing based on the development; finally, combined with the millet mobile phone business case the analysis, based on the practice of micro enterprise marketing theory, also with rationality and effectiveness of the strategy proposed by this study demonstrates the.

The Construction Of The Mechanism Of Promoting The Socialization Of Archives In Colleges And Universities (pp944-951 )
Weihua Wang
With the importance of the society to the culture, the socialization of college archives becomes an inevitable trend. Therefore, the construction of the mechanism of promoting the socialization of archives in colleges and universities was put forward. The concept and existing problems of the socialization of archives in colleges and universities were expounded. The construction of the propulsion mechanism was put forward. At the same time, the technical support for the socialization of college archives was also expounded. The data was analyzed by B/S model. It is concluded that the construction of the mechanism of promoting the socialization of college archives can improve the utilization ratio of university archives, improve the quality of cultural service provided by the university archives, and promote the socialization of college archives.

Study On Hardness Test And Impact Test Of Table Tennis (pp952-959 )
Wei Wang, Shuqing Ma,Jing Wang
Table tennis is China's national tennis and the social demand of table tennis every year is very large. As a product, the table tennis requires a lot of quality inspection before leaving, and hardness testing is one of them. But now the hardness testing method of table tennis is complex and the error is large, time-consuming, which can’t meet the efficiency and demand of modern industry. With the development of modern technology, it provides the scientific and technological conditions to change this situation. Therefore, it is of great practical significance to put forward a new method to detect the hardness and design the equipment which is suitable for the detection of the hardness of table tennis. Therefore, it is very important to analyze the mechanism of table tennis hardness theoretically.

Design And Implementation Of Cloud Database Service Management Based On Multi-Tenancy Technology (pp960-968 )
Xiaoyan Wang
With the development of modern cloud computing technology, the traditional computing model is gradually replaced by cloud computing technology. The use of cloud computing greatly reduces the basic expenditure of the system construction, and at the same time, the utilization of resources has been significantly improved too. In order to realize the customization and sharing of virtual machine instances and mirror files based on cloud computing, a cloud database service management system based on multi-tenancy technology was designed and developed in this paper. The design technique was based on four levels, and the openstack metadata was used to drive and extend metadata. Finally, through the contrast experiment of the system, it shows that the system can improve the efficiency of resource utilization more effectively and realize the personalized customization.

Research On The Construction Of Intelligence Model For English Classroom Skills Combined With Artificial Intelligence (pp969-977 )
Anping Wu
Cooperative learning in English classroom environment is quite mature from its basic theory, organization, method and strategy, evaluation and process control. The research on collaborative learning in the context of artificial intelligence technology is still in its infancy, and cannot be compared with the study of collaborative learning in English classroom environment. In order to build an intelligent collaborative learning cooperative learning system in the context of artificial intelligence technology, it is very important to understand the factors that influence the process of collaborative learning for improving the effectiveness. The load factor analysis is a collaborative learning English classroom environment greatly subject to consultation and communication between members, team members and dependencies between positive emphasis on learning content selection, which emphasizing the communication among members of collaborative learning skills and related process. Artificial intelligence technology background emphasizes the group learning achievement, collaborative learning duration, which team members play the role of collaborative learning, collaborative learning, place related skills, stimulate students to participate in collaborative learning motivation and enthusiasm, attention to collaborative learning in teaching and training, in the role of. In addition, the English classroom environment is more concerned with the organization of group learning during collaborative learning. more attention has been paid to organizing effective collaborative learning processes while also caring about group learning processes.

Computer Model Deduction Based On The Function Mechanism Of Government Micro-Blog's Participation In Public Administration (pp978-984 )
Dechen Wu
The government micro-blog has been completed quickly from the basic to the mature stage after the development in recent years. In the public administration, government micro-blog plays an increasingly important role, and becomes an important platform for the exchange between the party and people. From the perspective of computer model, the function mechanism of government micro-blog's participation in public management was deduced. First of all, the function mechanism of government micro-blog's participation in public management was expounded; and on the basis of its function mechanism, the relevant computer model was deduced and a whole set of computer models were designed. The model fully reproduces the function mechanism of government micro-blog's participation in public management, and will contribute to the application of micro-blog in public administration.

Design And Implementation Of Interactive English Grammar Learning System Based On Android Platform (pp 985-993 )
Yong Wu
With the development of science and technology and the deepening of the concept of globalization, many fields require mastering English, and mastering English grammar is the key to learn English well. In order to make people with different ages and different levels learn English well, it is necessary to develop an interactive learning platform for English grammar based on Android platform. By means of documentation method, the advantages and disadvantages of the existing English learning platform were summarized and analyzed through the study of this platform, and the interactive learning platform for English grammar based on Android platform was constructed. The construction of platform can help people avoid boring knowledge and make them easier to understand and master English grammar knowledge.

Discussion On The Relationship Between Doctors And Patients From The Perspective Of Medical Ethics (pp994-1001 )
Hongxiu Xiao,Jiangjun Qin *
With the expansion of China's economy, China's medical and health institutions have entered a period of rapid development, at the same time, in order to provide more medical platform for the public, medical disputes have begun to show rising trend. In recent years, there have been medical trouble events, even serious criminal cases. In order to analyze and discuss the reasons for the increasing tension of medical relationship, from the perspective of medical ethics, this paper put forward the analysis of the relationship between hospital and hospital, and looked for the cause of the tension of the doctor-patient relationship. Firstly, in this paper, the basic principles and principles of medical ethics were described in detail, and then the theory of the management of the relationship between doctors and patients was described. Through the statistical analysis of the complaint Hospital of successive years, the method was proposed; statistics in K hospital for three consecutive years of complaints was analyzed by using this method. The results show that in the management of the doctor-patient relationship, the main reason of the tension of the doctor-patient relationship is the lack of centralized infrastructure construction and poor service attitude of medical staff. This provides another way to ease the tension between doctors and patients in our country.

Design And Application Of Practical Training Teaching Environment Based On Virtual Reality Fusion (pp1002-1010 )
Jianying Xiao
With the improvement of the national education level, the education department strongly supports and encourages the application of virtual simulation technology in education. In the past ten years, China's education synchronization has entered the best period of development due to the development of virtual simulation technologies. In order to study the application of virtual reality fusion in practical teaching, the meaning and elements of teaching mode were analyzed and a survey in the experimental school was made, and the existing research results were summarized by the author in this article; then, by using the experimental research method, the original teaching model was modified and perfected. The final experiment shows that virtual reality technology can improve the efficiency of training teaching, stimulate students' learning motivation and provide meaningful reference for the teaching of training courses for teachers and students.

Development And Application Of Monitoring System For Brake Energy Recovery Storage Device (pp1011-1020 )
Zibin Xu
In real life, the car is an indispensable means of transport, but with the increase in car ownership, car shows negative effect has become more and more serious, the car consumes a lot of fuel oil resources, large amounts of waste gas, noise and serious environmental pollution. The negative effects cannot be avoided in the car brought to the world has caused widespread concern in the world. This paper adopts super capacitor as the energy storage device for city rail vehicle braking energy recovery and release, the need for real-time monitoring of super capacitor conditions and environmental parameters. With the method of "modular" will power isolation treatment, super capacitor monitoring system can satisfy the control brake energy recovery device, but also has a strong ability of anti-common mode voltage and electromagnetic compatibility, can be applied to other high capacity, ultra high power step capacitor storage system.

Intelligent Construction Of English-Chinese Bilingual Context Model Based On Cbr (pp1021-1028 )
Xianhui Yan, Min Li *
From the perspective of English and Chinese bilingual context, using case-based reasoning mechanism to construct bilingual learning theory model, and building a bilingual context system through the theory of artificial intelligence have certain research value for the study of language learning. Therefore, the characteristics of English-Chinese bilingual based on case-based reasoning mechanism CBR were analyzed in this paper. An intelligent model of English-Chinese bilingual context based on CBR was constructed. And then through the retrieval and matching of context libraries and the rewriting of contextual knowledge, an English-Chinese bilingual context system based on CBR was designed. Through the theory of machine learning, the bilingual context in English and Chinese was analyzed, and a good context for language learning was provided. The results show that CBR has good practicability.

Application Of Cmmb Technology And Virtual World Technology In The Development Of Red Cultural Broadcasting Propaganda System (pp1029-1037 )
Lixing Yang, Pingfang Wu
With the increasing development of information technology, the combination of multimedia and virtual technology is becoming closer and closer, which has a profound impact on people's work and life, and even plays an important role in people's consciousness field. Based on this, according to combine with the current red cultural patriotism education propaganda of the China Red Culture Foundation, a set of red cultural broadcasting system integrating the high-tech content, fun, portability was devised. Then, the CMMB basic concept, reuse technology, as well as relevant key technologies of the virtual world were studied. And then, the research was carried out by taking Fujian VR red cultural exhibition as an example. In addition, according to give the specific schemes and optimization methods, a rich program source recording system was found, so that the propagation efficiency of the red culture was furthest improved on the basis of reducing the production cost and publicity cost of the red cultural education program.

Inheritance And Protection Scheme Of Ancient Books Culture -- Construction Of Large Database (pp1038-1046 )
Linmei Yang
The digitalization of ancient books can effectively solve the contradiction between the protection and utilization of ancient culture, construct the large database of ancient books, ensure the safety of ancient culture, inherit and carry forward the excellent traditional Chinese culture. Aiming at the inheritance and protection of ancient Chinese culture, and combining with the characteristics of big data, the establishment of ancient Chinese cultural characteristic database was studied, and the construction model, implementation mode and user access mechanism of ancient books culture database system were discussed from the aspects of data tag, sub node construction, virtual large database system and user access mechanism. The "data tag" was used for the virtual connection of property database dispersed in different categories, so that the centralized display, unified retrieval and co-construction and sharing of feature data were realized.

The Computer Model Of Data Statistics Based On The Issues Concerning Agriculture, Rural Areas And Farmers In Central Plains (pp1047-1054 )
Yujing Yang
In recent years, China's investment in agriculture, rural areas and farmers has gradually increased, and it has accelerated the construction of informatization and modernization in China's rural areas. The establishment of a perfect data statistic system and computer model can better integrate all kinds of information about agriculture, rural areas and farmers in the central plains region of China, so as to provide more comprehensive and accurate information services for the broad masses of farmers. Therefore, according to the relevant needs, the system mainly realizes the management of the problems of agriculture, rural areas and farmers, and the design of the service information publishing system in the central plains of China. The three tier architecture, currently the mainstream, is the framework of the system. The three layers are presentation layer, business logic layer and data access layer, which greatly reduce the coupling between layer and layer, improve the flexibility of the whole system, and reduce the cost of system development and maintenance, thus providing a platform for data statistics and information release of the agriculture, rural areas and farmers in the central plains.

The Application Of Blended Learning Model In The English Teaching For Non-English Major Students (pp1055-1063 )
Shuangshuang Yu
Under the background of the continuous development of network information, the blended learning model has replaced traditional English teaching methods ceaselessly, has received the attention of the international educational circles, and also has become a new learning model that meets the needs of the era increasingly. Based on the experimental research, the score changes of non-English major students by using the blended learning model were demonstrated in this paper. The results show that the innovative application of blended learning model not only can improve the scores effectively and promote the efficiency of teaching, but also can improve the previous problem in class and provide a new idea for the innovation of English teaching.

Computer Health Model Based On The Physical Training For Different Groups Of People (pp1064-1072 )
Guowei Yuan
Osteoporosis is a common disease characterized by destruction of bone microstructure, loss of bone mass and increased fragility. The symptoms seriously threaten people of all ages, and affect the quality of their lives. Therefore, it has become an important research area of computer health simulation technology. In this paper, for different age groups, a simulation model was established based on robot kinematics theory; then a mathematical estimation model was established, and the case verification was also carried out. The results show that as the age increases, the mean value of bone mineral density is gradually decreasing. The exercise with moderate intensity and high safety coefficient can effectively increase the average value of bone mineral density without any side effects, which is especially suitable for middle-aged and elderly people.

Key Management Of Trusted Computer Platform (pp1073-1080 )
Yong Yuan
Cryptographic technology is the key mechanism of trusted computing technology, which is the most important core technology of trusted computing system. Key management is one of the basic elements of the cryptosystem. The validity of a key management system in the trusted computing platform is directly related to the security of the whole trusted computing system and plays a decisive role in the whole trusted computing system. In the study, the research situation of the subject was investigated, the related theory and technology were analyzed, the trusted computer platform key management pattern was analyzed and established, experiments were carried out, and the feasibility and advanced management mode were proved.

The Design And Implementation Of English Learning Support System Based On Web Technology (pp1081-1089 )
Shanshan Zhai, Luoru Wang*
The English learning support system is designed as an integrated teaching system under the guidance of the idea of learning based instruction. English learners can provide learning resources and the system provides a number of teachers in the learning tools, learn English easily and conveniently in the extremely rich environment. This system is according to the characteristics of English subject, which to provide a solution to the problem of English teaching framework, English teachers need to understand the technical details, only need to submit relevant materials by simple form, which can realize the course distribution and modification, sharing and reuse more of their achievements. The learning support system consists of five modules is user management, curriculum release and management, learning module, evaluation module and discussion and answer module. The interface design tries to coordinate the relationship between the whole and the part of knowledge, and dynamically displays different knowledge in a unified framework. This paper introduces the general needs, overall framework, development platform and tools, database design, specific implementation of some modules and application cases of this learning support system.

College English Reading Teaching Based On Schema Theory (pp1090-1097 )
Caiyun Zhang
Reading ability is the key task of college English teaching. The cultivation of reading ability can effectively improve the comprehensive utilization of English with the emphasis and deepening reform of CET-4 and CET-6. Therefore, this study focused on the cultivation of English reading ability, with the basic principles of schema theory as the main idea. College English teaching was studied based on schema theory, and the method for improving the teaching mode was put forward. Teaching experiments in colleges and universities were also organized. Experiment results showed that the effects of English reading teaching based on schema theory were better than those of traditional teaching methods were; the former could significantly improve the English reading ability of college students.

Research On Music Appreciation Teaching Mode Based On Multimedia In Colleges And Universities (pp1098-1105 )
yan zhang
Music appreciation is a course with large knowledge capacity and wide coverage, which is a great test of students' abstract thinking ability. However, the intuitive teaching experience brought by multimedia had a good effect on the establishment of music logic. Based on this, multimedia music appreciation teaching method can improve the teaching effectiveness greatly. The combination of equipment teaching mode was particularly important in this multimedia teaching environment. The history of music and music appreciation angle using multimedia to create different atmosphere let students maximize sensory experience combined imagination. In this regard, multimedia music appreciation will be a good development with its unique characteristics in the real teaching environment.

Construction Of Ideological And Political Assessment System And Its Application (pp1106-1114 )
Zhenrong Zhang
Computer technology is widely used in personnel information management, and the development and application of management system are gradually maturing. However, there are still some blanks in the systematic development of abstract assessment of ideological and political in personnel management. Therefore, the construction of ideological and political assessment system and its application analysis were put forward in this paper. The ideological and political assessment system was constructed on the basis of the mixed system structure of C/S and B/S, and the corresponding calculation model was constructed. Through the application of the ideological and political assessment system, test results show that the system can meet the basic needs of personnel ideological and political assessment and improve the efficiency and scientificalness of assessment, and can carry out comprehensive assessment.

The Research On Futsal Soccer Network Teaching System Based On Al Technology (pp1115-1123 )
Jianguo Zhao
Futsal Soccer as a bilateral teaching activity, reflected in the process of the pra ctice is very significant, the teaching process teachers should also carry out explanation and demonstration, through the vivid teaching methods to deepen students' understanding, so that students have a higher and more comprehensive quality, adapt to the future of sports training and teaching, teaching more advanced training and scientific research and content management. The construction of Futsal network teaching system in this paper is based on AL technology, campus network, Internet and other hardware based, and the efficiency of the network to play out, spread and the use of network teaching new teaching mode in the true sense. The main goal of this paper is using the campus network and the Internet and other types of networks, combined with AL technology will Futsal system is set up, and based on this platform, teachers can take the specific activities of five-a-side football announced, at the same time to spread all kinds of sports information, information and news, to carry out interaction with the students on the platform the test, monitoring, and collection and related parameters of the physical fitness of students, enable students to cultivate good health habits.

The Application Of Mathematical Model In The Construction Of Characteristic Towns In Hebei From The Perspective Of Cross-Cultural Communication (pp1124-1131 )
Yong Zhao, Xibo Liu
The mathematical model from the perspective of cross-cultural communication has important practical significance in the construction of poverty-stricken areas in the present era. In order to better promote the construction of our towns, the construction of characteristic towns in Hebei Province was taken as an example in this study, and the cross-cultural communication theory was studied, then its risk factors were further analyzed through the mathematical model. The study finally concluded that the biggest risk factor for the construction of characteristic towns in Hebei lies in the influence of spiritual culture, and only the analysis of it can better promote the comprehensive development of the town. The aim of the study is to provide theoretical basis for subsequent relevant researches..

Development And Implementation Of Mental Health Assessment Information Management System For College Students (pp1132-1140 )
Minghui Chong
China's education begins to change from exam-oriented education to quality education. This change is the basic national policy to improve the masses quality and achieve the rejuvenating the country through science and education. Mental health education is not only an important part of quality education, but also an important link in realizing this important national policy. In this paper, the theoretical knowledge of psychology, the basic knowledge of the psychological characteristics, mental health and psychological evaluation of college students were discussed; then, the significance of the current psychological evaluation of college students was introduced; the JSP programming technology and SQL Server database were adopted; and various methods were fully used to achieve the interface and database knowledge management system, database management, so as to make the mental health education and management more effective and safe.

Capacity Credit Algorithm And Index Of The New Energy Of Wind Energy And Solar Energy Based On Big Data (pp1141-1147 )
Wenguang Zhu, Wei Wang, Hong Cheng, Ning Xiong, Liping Peng
Since twenty-first century, many countries have accelerated their development, and the energy on the earth has been gradually consumed, which not only has caused the lack of energy, but also the environmental pollution. Therefore, people have paid much attention to the related problems. Based on the research of big data theory, the credibility algorithm of new energy was established in this paper. And through the establishment of wind farm power generation model, its reliability and indicators were analyzed. Thus, the feasibility of replacing old energy with new energy sources was explored. And through the analysis of the data, the reliability of wind farms and photovoltaic power plants was evaluated.

The Learning Algorithms Convergence Analysis For Two Classes Of Neural Networks (pp1148-1156 )
Xiaoguang Zou
The asynchronous gradient algorithm of neural network is applied to the training of neural network, the network error function and learning method are analyzed, and the monotonicity theorem of error function in training process is given. On the basis of proving monotonicity, the convergence of the algorithm is further analyzed and proved. Finally, the simulation results verify the correctness of the theoretical analysis. The traditional gradient algorithm has the disadvantage of slow convergence and easy to fall into the local minimum point. Momentum term is one of the effective methods to solve this problem. The momentum term is added to the gradient algorithm, and the improved asynchronous gradient algorithm is used to train the neural network, which can improve the convergence speed of the network effectively. Finally, the monotonicity and convergence of the improved algorithm are analyzed theoretically. Finally, the simulation results show that the asynchronous gradient algorithm is efficient. This paper proposes a Fuzzy Perceptron learning algorithm for training the maximum product type, the necessary and sufficient conditions of training samples can be divided into fuzzy are given and analyzed the finite convergence in training samples can be divided into fuzzy conditions, simulation results can effectively verify the theoretical results.

The Research On Digital Image Imprinting Technology Based On Artificial Intelligence (pp1157-1165 )
Hongjie Geng
Image restoration techniques for image damaged or missing parts, using as a reference image was not damaged, according to certain rules to fill the damaged area, the restored image is close to or to not damage before the visual effect. With the popularization of digital media technology, digital image imprinting technology has been more and more widely used, not only being used to repair the damaged image, is also used for image compression, object removal, error concealment for super resolution image analysis and video. However, image imprinting is an ill posed problem because there is not enough information to ensure the correctness of the results. Judging the quality of the restoration depends on people's subjective visual perception. Therefore, the idea of the algorithm is used to restore the image so as to satisfy people's visual perception. It is a cognitive process of continuous learning, understanding and reproduction. In many image restoration methods, sample patch synthesis image restoration method because of its good repairing effect on structure based on image, and thus has been widely concerned, and the block matching algorithm is the algorithm based on this method. This paper take two improved methods are used to design and implement interactive image intelligent filling applications. From the point of view of visual psychology, the application partitions the imprinting image according to the visual focus. Visual focus and non-focus areas were treated with fine repair and rapid repair methods respectively. It can improve the speed of repair and reduce the cost while satisfying people's visual perception, so it has a good application prospect.

The Research On Campus Cultural Public Opinion Monitoring Platform And Evolution Of Network Community Ethics (pp1166-1174 )
Bin Lei
The establishment of the campus network provides a new material and technological environment for the campus culture, the network has become an important carrier of the construction is an important part of campus culture. Teachers and students express their views and opinions in the campus network, express their attitudes and opinions, and form a network of public opinion on campus, which has a certain impact on the school's culture, construction and development. Therefore, the monitoring and scientific management of campus network public opinion is of great significance. This paper is based on the campus network, focusing on the forum and has the comment function of news websites, the key technology of web crawler, web preprocessing, automatic classification, design of the campus network public opinion monitoring platform. The platform includes crawler, preprocessing module, segmentation module, sensitive topic module, hot topic analysis and detection module, intelligent prediction module and other main functions. Influence of user groups in the Internet evolution factors is also analyzed in this paper, and the evolution of the network, using complex network knowledge, combined with the calculation process of derivation user personal influence factors, improve the evolution of the traditional model, this paper proposed a evolution model of user influence factor groups based on network. The model considering the influence of the node itself on the new users, joined the influence factors of user influence on new users, than the model is more suitable for the students in the network virtual community group, has certain practical significance.

The Design Research Of Physical Distribution Collaborative Organization Form Based On Artificial Intelligence (pp1175-1183 )
Di Wang,Xingquan Chen *
The application of artificial intelligence in sports can be called an information revolution in the field of sports, and is an important symbol of the modernization of sports technology. In the sports theory and teaching environment to support the modernization, with the rapid development of multimedia and network technology, artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence support collaborative learning has become a new way of study, and is remote from the sports field gradually penetrate into the enterprise training. How to improve the traditional enterprise training mode, in which the integration of modern sports teaching technology and means to improve the performance of enterprise training, training talents to adapt to the fierce competition in the market demand, has become an important subject in current enterprises, is also the modern sports development to research content. This article is from the use of modern information technology and physical education teaching theory, research on the transformation of the traditional mode of thinking in enterprise training, to explore the development of enterprise training in the new model, in order to better promote the training, improve training efficiency and quality of the. This paper starts from the theoretical analysis, combined with the specific project of the current implementation, put forward a set of meet the enterprise production and management needs of the training scheme, and applied in practice, and finally through the comprehensive analysis of the application effect, fully affirmed the positive role model

A Study On The Sharing Model Of Psychological Health Education In Colleges And Universities Under The Internet And New (pp1184-1190 )
Yanchun Gu, Chunshan Zhao *
The Internet is a development strategy under the background of the rapid development of science and technology in China, which indicates that the development of China's Internet has entered a new stage. Internet and college mental health education is to use the Internet platform, so that the traditional mental health education and information technology in depth integration, to help colleges and universities mental health education, to create a new way of mental health education, new ways to innovate college mental health education to change the mental health Education of the logic of education, so that student-oriented, update the mode of mental health education in colleges and universities, become passive to the initiative, the traditional mental health education network extension into the field of Internet technology innovation, the depth of integration in the daily education, the formation of Shared mental health education model.

The Characteristics And Performance Of Artificial Intelligence Computer Aided Instruction System (Icai) For Tennis Training Are Analyzed And Studied (pp1191-1199 )
Dan Wang
This paper first introduces the current situation and development trend of tennis training system, key technologies and methods related to the training results of evaluation system research and implementation, in the overall design part discusses the system design and realization method of the training result evaluation system function module. The system includes five modules: tennis training management module, training content generation module, test module, evaluation analysis module, and performance management module. In this paper, mainly to explore the statistical model checking item difficulty index tennis training system, calculation difficulty distribution model of random selection, test for model, and on the part of algorithm for implementation; three generating method of training results during the evaluation process, in order to; whether the evaluation of network training to achieve the teaching goal, teaching evaluation put forward the signal-to-noise ratio based on the model and application of the preliminary exploration of the mathematics. The system was developed on Windows2000 Server platform, the use of PowerBuilder7.0 visual development environment, introducing the object oriented programming method, the background using SQL Server7.0 database on the training result evaluation system in detail design and implementation, in the process of system implementation, the algorithm realization with the C++ language. Through the interface with PowerBuilder7.0 application, so as to realize the three layers software structure scheme.

The Research On Application Of Bim Technology In Computer Aided Architectural Design (pp1200-1208 )
Hui Zhang, Longzhu Fu
The application system based on building information model technology can create a virtual architectural model containing a large amount of real architectural information In architectural design. The model contains a lot of information about building materials and building structures, processes, and all the components needed to build a building. It is a contains all of the building information database, the database can be used not only in architectural design, but also can be used for structural design, equipment management, engineering quantity statistics, cost calculation, property management, can play a role in the construction industry, built all of the information life cycle. as the study direction, from the point of architectural technology Based on the application of BIM technology in computer aided architectural design y, through theoretical study and practical exploration of the BIM technology in the current application CAD. At the same time, this paper focuses on the computer aided design of energy-saving building for example, provide the theory, process, method and effective technical means for the specific application of BIM technology in the construction of energy-efficient design, provide a reference for practical application.

Research On Construction Of University Psychological Health Management System Based On B/S Model (pp1209-1217 )
Chunshan Zhao, Yanchun Gu *
The mental health management system of college students is becoming more and more important. The design and implementation of the mental health management system based on B/S mode is a very important research direction, and the mental health management system of college students is becoming more and more important, and has practical value. The management system is to build a virtual space through the network interactive platform for psychological counseling, make full use of the advantages of the network, the psychological status of students and psychological behavior, questionnaire and return information through the network to facilitate the rapid management, to conduct Student psychological testing, psychological counseling and mental health education and other mental health management activities better.

A Study On Design And Application Of Simulation Model Of Computer Network Security Evaluation Based On Neural Network (pp1218-1225 )
Shuang Wang
At present, we are in the evolving information society. With the development of computer simulation, the simulation technology has become a tool to study various systems. In recent years, neural network is a technology and an important subject in the field of computer science, and it has been widely used in the simulation model of computer network security evaluation, so it has the application value of positive safety assessment and high theoretical significance. In this paper, the application of neural network algorithm in computer network security evaluation was introduced; its importance and the design of system model were put forward; safety evaluation accuracy and practicability were improved; based on neural network, the evaluation of computer network security was improved and studied to promote the healthy development of China's computer network security.

Research On The Solution Of Electronic Commerce Technology And Its Application Based On Cloud Computing (pp1226-1233 )
Zhimin Zhang
In recent years, Internet and electronic commerce technology has become a new technology for enterprises to seek low consumption and high development. Therefore, how to solve the problems of the application of electronic commerce technology in the enterprise has been a hot research topic in domestic and foreign countries. Based on this, the solution of electronic commerce technology and its application based on cloud computing was researched in this paper. Firstly, the related theories of computing and electronic commerce technology were introduced. Then the impact of e-commerce technology on enterprises was analyzed. In order to make the electronic commerce technology better applied to the enterprise, the application scheme of electronic commerce technology based on cloud computing was discussed and a set of solutions were summed up. Finally, the steady-state availability of the proposed scheme was evaluated using a probabilistic model in mathematics. The results showed that the electronic commerce technology based on cloud computing has high stability, reliability and insurance. It can not only increase the profits of enterprises, but also effectively promotes the development of enterprises.

Planning And Design Research Of Urban Cemetery (pp1234-1241 )
Yu Zhao
The research on planning and design of urban cemetery is of great significance. The planning and design of urban cemetery was analyzed in this paper, and the theory of landscape planning and ecological design was mainly introduced. At the same time, the main content and research methods of urban cemetery planning and design were described. Finally, the research results were analyzed and discussed. The results show that the planning and design of urban cemetery should give full consideration to the rationality of the space layout design, which provides a favorable research direction for the planning and design of urban cemetery in China in the future.

Research On The Systematic Method Of College Volleyball Training (pp1242-1248 )
Songhua Yang
With the popularization and development of volleyball in university, we are constantly practicing and exploring a way of sustainable development. Universities should make full use of all kinds of resources to solve a series of problems and difficulties in volleyball training based on long-term accumulation of experience. In the primary stage, college volleyball training is facing s macro, micro, internal and external challenges, such as poor overall level, the lack of teaching resources, unimproved training methods, and lack of supervision for the volleyball trainers and athletes training. It is necessary to further improve and perfect the systematic method of college volleyball training, which can help to train a group of high-quality, high level college volleyball talents, and improve the level of college volleyball.

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