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Vol.17 No.5 May 1, 2018

Research Articles

Discussion On National Costume Design Based On Low Energy Green Concept And Technology (pp001-010 )
Ma Li
Faced with the increasingly serious environmental problems, people began to think positively about how to make full use of the limited resources provided by nature, so that the whole human society can develop healthily and continuously.The ecological design with environmental and environmental resource protection as the core concept came into being, and has become the trend of development.Under the trend of people's call for low-carbon life and green environmental protection, the ecological design concept has been developed rapidly all over the world in the field of design, and has affected the construction of national clothing brand.In view of this, it is of great theoretical and practical significance to study the planning and construction of clothing brand which integrates the ecological design concept.The planning and design of clothing brand based on ecological design concept should be based on the ecological design concept.In the clothing brand planning, emphasize the green environmental characteristics of clothing,green marketing model emphasizing brand publicity,store design emphasizing ecological environment protection,emphasis on waste clothing recycling performance and user-friendly services, conduct overall system planning.

Application Of Prefabricated Construction In Photovoltaic Power Station (pp011-019 )
Hongmei Ni
With the development of new construction technologies and materials, prefabricated construction has been widely used. Modern prefabricated construction products have been highly integrated with the various functions of the building, and the architectural form and components are very delicate. China's construction needs, construction speed, it is necessary to develop prefabricated construction, and the construction industry has begun to attach importance to its application and development, but is still in the technical introduction and learning of the initial stage. This paper summarizes the basic design principles and classification methods of prefabricated buildings with the summary of the prefabricated buildings at home and abroad, and reveals the origin and development of prefabricated buildings. In addition, the four elements of prefabricated building refinement design are put forward: fine design of prefabricated components, flexible design of functional space, fine design of environmental adaptability, and fine installation strategy. This paper mainly refers to the development of prefabricated concrete building at present stage, and puts forward some thoughts on its application in desert photovoltaic power station.

Analysis Of The Evaluation Algorithm Of Sports Goods Consumption Level Of Residents In Anhui Province From The Perspective Of Wechat Marketing (pp020-027 )
Bao Liang
Identifying the characteristics of urban residents with different sports consumption levels has important enlightening significance for the study of statistical rules of urban residents’ consumption on sports goods. In this paper, through the mining of association rules of K-MEANS algorithm, the data of sporting goods consumption of residents in Anhui province produced by WeChat marketing was excavated, and the initial clustering centers of the algorithm were fixed; then the features of each class obtained after clustering were analyzed, and the main characteristics of customer consumption were extracted to facilitate the prediction and analysis of association rules. The rules mined according to the K-MEANS algorithm can serve as a reference for understanding the estimation of consumer behavior levels such as consumption habits, consumption preferences, and consumption patterns of urban residents’ sporting goods consumption.

Analysis Of Facial Expression Of Animation Characters In The Production Of Metro Tv Animation Advertisements (pp028-036 )
Cai You
The development of mobile TV has made the mass communication break through the restriction of time and space. The opening of subway mobile TV has opened up a new territory of advertising market. At present, computer animation has quietly entered people's daily life. In human animation in computer animation, facial expression animation involves the coordinated movement of many organs of the face. The facial modelling requires a high degree of realism and has its own particularity. The development of computer animation brings great convenience and fun for people's communication, culture and entertainment. In this paper, the facial expression changes based on partial differential face curves are studied. The boundary value method of partial differential is used, and the facial expression is affected by different mathematical transformations to get the corresponding facial expressions

The Future Development Practice And Research On Flipped Classroom Model Based On Mooc In Higher Education (pp037-046 )
Jingxin Cao
the flipped classroom is a kind of new teaching way that uses the informatization platform to effectively play students' active learning initiative. Flipped classroom has been promoted in many foreign schools, and has achieved good results. However, in the promotion in China, there are still many problems, for example, the teachers’ classroom teaching tasks are heavy, and students’ autonomic learning is difficult, etc.. Therefore, in this paper, the future development practice and research on the flipped classroom model based on MOOC resources in higher education was put forward. Firstly, the advantages and construction methods of MOOC resources were expounded. Then, in the specific course study in M college, the flipped classroom model based on MOOC was designed. According to carry out the teaching practice verification to the teaching content of the MOOC flipped classroom, it is proved that this teaching mode is successful and has good promotion value.

Mathematical Modeling Analysis Of Moderate Scale Of Urban Floating Population Based On Urban Attractiveness (pp047-055 )
Zhiying Cao
The differences in the economic level, the public service level, the floating population's own regional cognition and the willingness to settle are all important factors affecting the rank size distribution of urban floating population in china. In recent years, the flow of rural population is mainly in some cities with rapid development, which accelerated the modernization of the city, but also brought a lot of adverse effects on China's rural and urban construction. The mathematical model of two simple city labor mobility is established through the investigation and assuming the number of the city, labor structure, employment and wage level. Analysis of the city's economic development, employment, infrastructure, transportation, crime rate, changes and countermeasures of state-owned economy and collective economy industry the number of fields by solving the model. Finally pointed out that several aspects should pay attention to the management of city labor mobility for government departments.

The Application Of Distributed Artificial Intelligence In Network Teaching (pp056-064 )
Guanghui Zeng
With the rapid development of network technology, the application of network in education is becoming more and more extensive. The network is applied in the field of education, so that the way of transmission of the educational information changes. In this paper, the distributed artificial intelligence was applied to network teaching. According to the modern education theory, the existing information technology was used to study the intelligent network teaching system model with personalized teaching and collaborative learning function in the intelligent network environment. The actual research on this model showed that: according to combine with the modern educational philosophy, the intelligent teaching model and collaborative interactive learning environment with personalized teaching and collaborative learning function were designed by using the system construction method combining multiple techniques

Case Study Analysis Of Intellectual Property Protection Law Based On Screening From Large Databases (pp065-073 )
Rongxin Zeng
With the rapid development of network technology, the era of big data has arrived. Data mining algorithms under massive data should not only consider the correctness of the algorithm, but also ensure the feasibility and effectiveness of the calculation. Intellectual property rights are the exclusive rights enjoyed by mankind in the fields of literature, art, science and technology, etc. this right is protected all over the world. In recent years, intellectual property rights protection has received extensive attention in China, but how to effectively protect intellectual property rights is still a difficult problem at the present stage. In this paper, big data screening technology method, analyses the application in the field of intellectual property protection, based on the present China intellectual property research, combined with the application of big data screening technology of successful cases on intellectual property protection, using the basic principle of intellectual property law, put forward the corresponding countermeasures on the establishment of intellectual property rights protection system China from the overall perspective, to provide a basis for the future protection of intellectual property rights.

Discussion On Application Of Mathematical Modelling In Higher Vocational Computer Teaching Based On Big Data (pp074-084 )
Zeng Ting
As the state of higher vocational education and the importance of continuous investment, improve the teaching quality of Education under the background of big data is imperative. The core of mathematical modelling is applied based on a mathematical model, in view of the characteristics of mathematical modelling, the domestic vocational mathematical education gradually put mathematical modelling ideas into subject teaching; improve students' application ability the idea of mathematical modelling. In order to inform the reform explicitly teaching book requires students to combine computer technology, flexible and independent analysis and solve problems by using mathematical thought and method, can not only cultivate student's exploration spirit and innovation consciousness, and cultivate students' unity and cooperation, not afraid of difficulties, rigorous and realistic style of the author's own teaching. Working experience for the teaching reform of higher vocational mathematics modelling idea based on the exploration, the problems in the teaching practice of Analysis and carding, in order to provide new ideas for higher vocational mathematics teaching reform, to promote the improvement of higher vocational computer teaching level and cultivate a good mathematical literacy.

Research On Optimization Model Of Education Management System Based On Wavelet Neural Network (pp085-094 )
Zeng Yu , Zhu Ran
In recent years, the traditional manual education management and simple computer aided office have been unable to meet the needs of education management due to that the scale of students in colleges and universities in China has increased rapidly. Compared with the feed-forward neural network RBF and single hidden layer BP neural network, the wavelet neural network has incomparable advantages in prediction and classification applications. In this paper, three kinds of typical model of the development process of wavelet neural network has been analysis, and makes a comparative of its application in target recognition, and the powerful function of wavelet neural network classification for the analysis of education management system data, comprehensive analysis is completed, more than 200 primary and secondary indicators of statistical data and school classification. The actual operation of the system shows that the algorithm prediction and classification function, and the analysis result is accurate rate as high as 96%, and has very good application value and significance of industrial promotion.

Computer Cellular Model Of Enterprise Innovation Based On Gray-Scale Management (pp095-104 )
Aiwu Chen, Yueru Ma
Based on the idea that innovation is an inexhaustible motive force for development, an enterprise must keep its innovation situation to obtain its core competitiveness. In recent years, our country has invested a great deal in the innovation of enterprises, and enterprises themselves have realized that innovation means survival and development, so they are responsive to the call of the state. In this paper, innovation was taken as the core of exposition, first of all, the significance of the implementation of innovation for enterprise was illustrated; then some feasible suggestions were put forward for the framework of enterprise innovation structure; at the same time, the model was modeled mainly by cellular model, and the gray-scale management was used to study the enterprise innovation after modeling; finally, through the analysis of the results, the path development of enterprise innovation was obtained, and the scientificalness and effectiveness of gray-scale management were shown..

Research On Intelligent Construction Of Building Water Supply And Drainage (pp105-112 )
Jinliang Chen, Yilong Chen
With the rise of intelligent building and the development of "green building evaluation standard" GB / T 50378 a 2006), the green building water supply and drainage design put forward the water-saving and water resources-based requirements, many of which key technologies Measures are rare in general engineering. In this paper, the actual project - a high-rise comprehensive office building as the basis, to China green building two-star standard as the goal, from the water-saving, energy-saving two aspects of the office building to determine the water supply and drainage design, take appropriate technical measures. The key points of the green building water supply and drainage engineering involved in this project include:(1) frequency conversion speed water supply technology;(2) a reasonable choice of water-saving appliances;(3) solar hot water supply technology;(4) vacuum drainage technology;(5) the same layer of drainage technology;(6) rainwater collection and reuse technology and efficient irrigation and so on. For the green building water supply and drainage design provides a viable design parameters and useful design experience, with a more engineering value.

Economics Model Of Energy Production Based On The Background Of The Belt And Road (pp113-123 )
Shuofeng Chen
"Belt and Road Initiative" is Chinese strategic concept proposed by the government, it constructs an open strategy system, realize the integration of the Eurasian Economic, infrastructure construction of the country along the way, the development of Chinese economy, has important strategic meaning and the balance of world politics and economy. This paper focuses on the specific implementation strategy "The Belt and Road" strategy, in order to introduce China to put forward the "The Belt and Road background" strategy, and conducts the research using the SWOT analysis method on the connotation of "The Belt and Road" strategy. This article needs to study the related theory and literature review to sort out the w follow-up study for its comprehensive use and provide a theoretical basis and practical basis for the establishment of interactive economic input-output model.

Application Of Multimedia Digital Teaching In Piano Education In Colleges And Universities In The Informatization Era (pp124-133 )
Chen Xi
As a musical instrument welcomed by the masses, the piano has made a positive contribution to improving the musical quality of the general public. In today's era, more and more attentions have been paid to the study and education of music, so as to promote the healthy development of college students' physical and mental health and improve their personalities. Under the background of the continuous development and popularization of information technology, information technology has provided help for better piano teaching. Therefore, in this paper, the design of multimedia piano teaching tool guided by multi-sensory teaching theory was put forward, so as to provide advanced teaching methods for piano education in colleges and universities. First of all, the overall function, structure and implementation of the digital piano teaching auxiliary system were expounded. Then, how to ensure the realization of multimedia digital teaching by the construction of piano, music and other sub-modules was studied. Through the experiments at M University, it can be said that the application of multimedia digital education is successful.

The Mental Health Assistant Education System Of College Students Based On The Web Technology Framework (pp134-143 )
Xiangzhen Chen
The mental health assistant education system of college students based on the Web technology framework has a positive impact on the development of college students' mental health. In order to promote the development of the education system in our country, the simple system was constructed and applied to the actual research investigation on the basis of summarizing the relevant theories. The results show that the data obtained from the mental health education system of college students under the framework of Web technology is highly reliable, and it’s found that the system has certain realistic value compared with the traditional system. The aim of the study is to provide theoretical basis for the improvement of college students' mental health.

Research On Agricultural Information Science And Technology Innovation Based On Big Data (pp144-152 )
Xueyun Chen, Chang Ming Cheng
With the deepening of agricultural science and technology innovation activities, the storage, mining, analysis and sharing of agricultural scientific research information face great pressure. From the perspective of large data, through the research and analysis of the problems in the process of the sharing and utilization of agricultural research data, from the overall and systematic view of the large data resources of agricultural research in China, combining the practice of the sharing and utilization of agricultural research data resources, this paper probes into the co-construction and sharing mode of agricultural scientific research data resources. According to the relative dispersion characteristics of large data physical distribution in agricultural research, this paper puts forward the organization structure of large data preservation and use, and puts forward relevant suggestions, in order to provide some beneficial references for improving the sharing and utilization level of agricultural research data resources in China. Anhui academy of agricultural sciences has made a positive contribution to the development of modern agriculture and new rural construction in Anhui province, but there are still some problems in the innovation and popularization of agricultural science and technology, and the existing problems are summarized.

Cognition and cultivation of college students' safety consciousness under the background of "we-media" (pp153-162 )
Yuanwen Cheng1,2
In recent years, the security incidents in campus are increasing in our country, which brings great influence to the living environment of college students. However, most colleges and universities in China still do not strengthen their awareness of security of students in this context. Especially in the current situation of rapid development of the media, security education in colleges and universities has not really blended with the media. In this paper, based on the current media environment, a campus APP of safety awareness education was established by aiming at the characteristics of college students. Students can learn all kinds of safety knowledge through this APP independently, which conforms to the students' interest in the We-media platform, effectively improves the safety awareness of college students, and builds a harmonious campus

Analysis On The Evaluation System Of Cruise Tourism Service Quality And The Design Of Mobile App For Tourists' Participation (pp163-171 )
Huiling Cui, Minggang Tan
With the improvement of people's quality of life, the attention to cruise tourism has greatly increased. In order to improve people's participation in cruise tourism, make a feedback on their feelings in real time and help to improve the cruise tourism system, in this paper, comparative analysis and literature analysis were used, and the current evaluation system of cruise service quality was discussed; based on this, some improvements were made for the evaluation system, and the mobile app was set up. The analysis can improve the current evaluation system of cruise service quality, which can also make it easier for tourists to travel, so as to improve the participation of tourist and promote the development of cruise tourism.

Research Progress Of Optimized Operation Technology Of Natural Gas Pipelines (pp172-179 )
In recent years, the large application of natural gas has led to a severe shortage of the operation efficiency of its pipelines, which has been unable to meet the rapid growth demand. Therefore, the study of natural gas pipeline transportation optimization plays a very important role in maintaining the steady economic development of our country. In this paper, through the empirical analysis, the natural gas pipeline optimization operation technology was studied, the existing problems of natural gas pipeline transportation were analyzed first, and the scheme and countermeasure of natural gas pipeline operation optimization design were obtained; then through the experimental analysis, the optimization design scheme of natural gas pipeline was verified. It can be concluded that the scheme can effectively improve the optimal operation level of natural gas pipeline.

The Effectiveness Of Ideological And Political Education Of College Students Based On Internet Era (pp180-188 )
Zhengyu Fan
With the rapid development of the mobile Internet age, the new carrier and platform for the innovation of ideological and political education should be actively established, and new vitality should be injected into the effectiveness of ideological education for college students. Combined with the impact of mobile Internet on the effectiveness of ideological and political education of college students, ideological and political education platform based on mobile Internet was constructed to provide a more targeted application strategy, so as to improve the effectiveness of ideological and political education of college students; then according to the content and characteristics of the ideological and political education of college students, the platform of ideological and political education of mobile Internet with the interaction between teachers and students, psychological counseling and students' self-display was designed, so as to open up a new direction of innovation and development for ideological and political education in colleges and universities.

Construction And Analysis Of Ideological And Political Teaching System For College Students Based On Mobile Intelligent Terminals (pp189-199 )
Feng Ting
Under the time background of mobile Internet +, the traditional ideological and political teaching methods in colleges and universities are single, which can’t meet the demands of contemporary college students and the requirements of individualized learning. Therefore, in this paper, the analysis on the construction of ideological and political teaching system for college students based on mobile intelligent terminals was put forward. On the basis of the existing problems of the traditional ideological and political education, the construction of ideological and political teaching system for college students based on mobile intelligent terminals was carried out through the cloud platform, APP application and other technologies. Through the analysis of teaching experiments, the results show that the system can improve students' enthusiasm and autonomy in learning, strengthen the communication between teachers and students, and combine the knowledge and practice of the ideological and political theory organically.

Prospects Of Distance Education For Students' Psychological Education And Their Mobile Learning System (pp200-208 )
Fu Dan
Mental health education is an important component of ideological and political education in colleges and universities. The popularity of mobile intelligent terminals presents new challenges to mental health education and has developed new avenues. Based on the analysis of the possibility and necessity of carrying out mental health education in mobile learning environment, this paper discusses the premise and the premise of innovation and the basic practice of innovation, and the future development direction. It is one of the important work of college educators to strengthen college students 'mental health education. However, traditional education methods cannot meet the needs of college students' psychological counseling. Mobile learning based on mobile phone text messages has become the psychological health of college students because of their unique learning characteristics the new channel. This paper attempts to construct a model of mental health education for college students based on SMS, and analyzes the specific operation and advantages and disadvantages of the model.

Construction And Analysis Of Large Data Based On Library Collection Of Books (pp209-217 )
Leiming Fu*, Zhaoye Wang, Yifei Chen
This paper analyzes the characteristics and development prospects of big data. Combined with the actual situation of library information service to explore the role of big data for the construction of digital library resources, and then analyzes the way of the construction of digital resources in University Library in the era of big data. Finally put forward the conception of the construction of library information service system under the environment of big data, including to help the library user analysis, establish a new knowledge service engine, building mode and intelligent network information resource combination of big data intelligent analysis and intelligent decision support, establish the risk model of each kind of knowledge services and business building

Measurement Of Educational Return Rate Of Rural Employment Population Under Computer Model In China (pp218-226 )
Fawen Gao1,2
In today's society, education is the most important way to invest in human resources. In order to ensure sustained investment in education, it’s necessary to ensure the realization of existing educational investment resources. In order to study the educational return rate of the rural employment population under the computer model, empirical methods, micro survey data and other research methods were adopted, and the non-agricultural employment behavior was analyzed. Finally, the experiment shows that although the education return rate of rural non-agricultural employment population is increasing in general, it’s still very low, and the low level of education is the main reason for the farmers in China who have difficulty to engage in non-agricultural employment.

Effectiveness Evaluation Of Ideological And Political Education In Colleges Based On Fuzzy Mathematical Model (pp227-235 )
Gao Wei
Ideological and political education is a very important content in colleges and universities, and has an important impact on the healthy growth of college students. In the ideological and political education work, because there are many variables, how to effectively evaluate the effect of ideological and political education, to provide guidance for ideological and political work, is an important topic of the current ideological and political education theory research. The evaluation group is set up to evaluate the grade of each index, and the membership degree of the index is determined. The multi-level fuzzy comprehensive evaluation model of the effectiveness of ideological and political education of college students is established, and the quantitative treatment of qualitative problems is realized. This model can be used for the effectiveness evaluation of ideological and political education of college students. This paper discusses the application of fuzzy comprehensive evaluation model in the evaluation of ideological and political education in colleges and universities, and provides some reference for the evaluation of ideological and political work in colleges and universities.

Application Of Fuzzy Mathematics Theory In Flexible Evaluation Of College Students' Ideological And Political Education (pp236-244 )
Hejiang Geng
In order to realize the ideological and political education flexible, to promote the work of cultivating students, undergraduate students, collecting data through questionnaires, on the basis of relevant studies, the establishment of "education philosophy", "education", "education method" and "education" 4 evaluation indexes, fuzzy comprehensive the evaluation method based on fuzzy mathematics theory, the ideological and political education flexible comprehensive evaluation was conducted. The results show that the flexibility of Ideological and political education in Colleges and universities has great development prospects. Fuzzy mathematics is a mathematical tool to study many ambiguous boundaries in reality, and one of its basic concepts is fuzzy set. The human brain can effectively deal with complex problems with very low accuracy. If the computer uses fuzzy mathematics, it can greatly improve the ability of pattern recognition, and can simulate the activities of the human nervous system. In the field of industrial control, the application of fuzzy mathematics can make the temperature control of air conditioner more reasonable, and the washing machine can save electricity, save water and improve efficiency.

Application Of Probabilistic Mathematical Model In Large Data Classification (pp245-254 )
Hao Jie1,2
A method is proposed to classify large data probability based on mathematical model. The nonlinear differential equations of double construction analysis model of data statistics, data classification of stable convex function is given, and the optimal rational approximation method to construct test statistics, probability density function of the distribution of data classification; and then obtain the data classification by Sigma test and analysis of probability criterion the confidence interval and refuse interval, prove the stability of the mathematical model and the gradual convergence; finally through the simulation experiment, data analysis, data classification results show that the model accuracy rate is high, the average error rate is low, good convergence. The optimal prediction of large database coupling control input sequence and the optimal objective function, using the chaos variables, nonlinear random traversal of Classification center traversal, establish the topological relationship between data points, and improve the classification algorithm. Simulation results show that the proposed algorithm can effectively improve the accuracy of large data classification and reduce the misclassification rate.

Research On The Integration Of Information Technology And Physical Education Teaching In Higher Vocational Colleges (pp255-263 )
Hongbing He
Information technology has been applied in many disciplines in the field of education, while the traditional PE curriculum teaching in higher vocational colleges can’t meet the needs of teaching and students. Therefore, in this paper, the integration of information technology and physical education teaching in higher vocational colleges was proposed, the problems of traditional teaching methods were described. According to the needs of higher vocational colleges, moodle platform was constructed, and information technology and physical education teaching were effectively integrated. Through the analysis of teaching experiments, it is concluded that the integration of information technology and physical education teaching can improve the teaching effect, help students to improve their practical ability, and can effectively supervise and feedback students' learning situation.

This paper briefly introduces the basic principles of lithium iron phosphate battery and valve regulated lead acid battery, analyzes the obvious advantages of the monomer performance of lithium iron phosphate battery, and probes into the research situation and development application of battery management technology. Aiming at the inaccurate estimation of the state of charge of lithium battery, the fractional impedance model is established by using the fractional order modeling idea, and a fractional order Kalman filter is designed. At the same time, the fractional order model is identified, and the estimation of the charge state of lithium battery is realized. The experimental and simulation results show that the fractional impedance model and the fractional Kalman filter can accurately describe the characteristics of the lithium battery, and the accuracy of the state of charge estimation can be improved. Under the urban road cycling condition, the voltage tracking error of lithium battery can be stable within 0.05V, and the estimated error of the charge state of the battery can be stable at 1 % under the condition of unknown initial state of charge.

Curriculum Design Of Higher Education Of Arts And Crafts Specialty Combined With Intelligent Cai (pp274-282 )
Jianbiao Huang
With the development of the times, the disadvantages of traditional art higher education gradually appear, and the different understanding of teachers leads students to encounter many problems in learning. In order to make students get better art education, the modern Internet technology was combined for teaching, the methods of literature analysis and mathematical analysis were used to analyze the methods of modern education, and the curriculum design of art education based on intelligent CAI system was established. Through intelligent CAI, and combined with various aspects of information and education methods, students can better understand existing knowledge and form their own understanding system, so that their interest in learning can be stimulated and better works can be made.

Research On Teaching System Design In Art Teaching Reform Based On Intelligent Classroom System (pp283-290 )
Pengfei Huo
Intelligent classroom is the stage development and transformation of the stage product, it focuses on the intelligence of classroom equipment, reflecting the more convenient and natural human-computer interaction, the design more to reflect the concern of classroom users. The technical foundation of the intelligent classroom includes pervasive computing technology, artificial intelligence technology, electronic interactive whiteboard technology, distributed computing technology and intelligent space technology. At present, typical examples of intelligent classrooms at home and abroad include DELL's intelligent classrooms, excellent intelligent classrooms, intelligent classrooms at the McGill University in Canada and intelligent classrooms in Tsinghua University. The functional models of the future intelligent classrooms include the presence of characters, functional modules and data Service layer, provided to the art of teaching and learners a more personalized service, intelligent learning space and full attention to the classroom subject freedom, the development of a harmonious new classroom.

Research On Relative Database Of Leisure Sports Development In Universities At Home And Abroad (pp291-300 )
Xiaotian Jiang.
Compared with the past, China's colleges and universities have paid more and more attention on the dissemination of leisure sports awareness and training professionals, leading casual fashion and other aspects are must be broad in the future. With the implementation of the National Fitness Program, as well as the development of college physical health curriculum and college sports to enhance the students' physical function to achieve the aims of fitness, health, sports and entertainment, communication, lifelong sports and other diversified development. Leisure sports as an increasingly new concept of sports is popular in people and it is an indispensable activity content in people daily life. Therefore, it is necessary to compare the development of leisure sports at home and abroad to better promote the development of leisure sports in colleges and universities in China.

Research On Security Strategy And Sports Database Construction Based On The Outdoor Mountaineering (pp301-309 )
Xiaotian Jiang
China's modern mountaineering began in 1956, although the start late, but in China's rapid development, mountaineering fitness, entertainment, cultivate the function of more and more people recognized. However, due to the outdoor mountaineering movement in nature, due to climate, geographical environment, traffic and subjective objective factors such as the mountain climbing process there are many uncertainties and risks, it is easy for the participants to bring personal injury. This paper analyzes the current situation of the risk of outdoor sports in China, the risk mechanism of mountain outdoor sports and the construction of risk prevention mechanism and the prevention mechanism. The real-time monitoring system and database of motion data are designed, and the health evaluation model of sports individuals and groups is put forward.

Led Design And Display Scheme Research Based On Environmental Protection Law Of Ecological Reserve (pp310-318 )
Beichen Jiang, ZhangYuan
With the rapid development of urban lighting in China and the rapid advancement of lighting to ecological garden and even ecological protection area, artificial light has brought about the influence of natural light on the natural ecological environment. To build a LED intelligent ecological lighting system, put forward the LED eco-lighting, display and control drive method, the use of photosensitive resistors to the relative brightness of the collection information, according to FXPLC communication protocol, into the PLC storage and display, using ladder Programming, PLC data storage unit data extraction and LED driver, to achieve intelligent control of crop ecological lighting system. The results show that the lighting effect is stable, energy saving more than 50%, the effect is obvious.

Research On The Construction Of Automobile Training System In Higher Vocational Colleges (pp319-326 )
Xinwu Lan
With the reform and development of education, the construction of training system has become more and more important in the cultivation of skilled talents of vocational colleges. In this paper, the actual situation of the construction of the training system of automobile specialty of Chinese vocational colleges is used as the basic, and the construction experience in the same specialty of Peninsula College of United States is used as reference. The training system is discussed from personnel, rules, service function and the construction of network courses of the training room. In addition, the management of the automobile training system is also studied, and the corresponding measures are put forward in this paper. Furthermore, this paper aims to provide a reference for the construction and management of the automobile training system.

Network Teaching Design Of Advanced Mathematics Based On Cloud Computing Technology (pp327-335 )
Aiping Li
Cloud computing support can effectively improve the quality of learning, and provide a broad space for educational information. In this paper, according to the requirements and teaching characteristics of advanced mathematics course teaching, a web-based learning platform system for advanced mathematics was designed and constructed. Based on cloud computing platform and API technology, the cloud computing products such as BaihuiWriter and BihuiShow are nested in the network teaching and learning platform of advanced mathematics, so as to effectively improve the teaching quality of advanced mathematics. And by using API technology, the advanced mathematics teaching platform can call the cloud computing service to reduce the time and energy consumed by the relevant function programming. At the same time, the data is still stored in the local server, which helps to protect the user's information security.

Analysis Of Present Situation And Improvement Measures Of Vocabulary Teaching In Higher Vocational Colleges Under Multimedia Environment (pp336-344 )
Haiying Li
In the multimedia environment, vocabulary teaching in higher vocational colleges has a positive impact on the improvement of students' English proficiency. In order to promote the application of this teaching mode in higher vocational colleges in China, the necessity of the development of this teaching model was confirmed by questionnaire in this paper. The results of comparative analysis show that the vocabulary teaching model in higher vocational colleges can improve students' English learning level better. Finally, the improvement measures of vocabulary teaching in higher vocational colleges were summarized. The purpose of the study is to provide theoretical basis and reference for the promotion of students' English proficiency in higher vocational colleges.

Analysis Of The Educational Model Of Campus Cultural Activities In Colleges And Universities Under Human Centered View (pp345-352 )
Li Huan
In college education, ideological education for students is a very important part, and it is a common way to carry out ideological education through campus cultural activities. In the process of ideological education for students, it must be based on humanistic thought, and it should also carry out the campus culture activities from the perspective of serving people, so that the highest educational effect can be achieved. Therefore, after the study of humanistic thought, the educational model of campus cultural activities in colleges and universities was established; and through the linear regression method, the educational model was tested. It is found that this kind of education model can effectively improve the ideological and moral standards of college students.

Animation Production And Design Based On Metro Television Advertising Led (pp353-361 )
Xiaonan Li
Animation production and design based on metro television advertising LED can provide some media for the promotion of some products and social ideologies in China. In this paper, in order to promote the perfection of the theory and technology of animation production of metro television advertisings in China, the related theories and characteristics of digital special effects were discussed, and then the case analysis was taken. It is believed that animation production of metro television advertisings can attract more resources, and has strong expressive power and potential energy development, which will become the current and future trend. The research aims to provide some data support and reference for the improvement of relevant theories.

Research On Media Marketing Strategy And Practical Approach Of Original Animated Movies In The “Internet+”Era (pp362-370 )
Xiaonan Li
With the coming of the Internet age, the Internet and film industry gradually integrated. It had a tremendous impact on the film industry chain. This paper is based on "Internet +" new context, literature analysis, case analysis and field practical approach, careful analysis of media history. We found many problems on the media marketing of original animated film and we proposed new media marketing strategy and practical approach in order to provide the theoretical basis and practical reference for the development of recommendations made animated film industry. Based on advertising 4C theory, original animated film media marketing strategies are: the value of the development strategy, distribution channel diversification strategy, branding strategy, network ticket price war strategy. After practice in these field, this paper presents specific practical approach includes: animation talent training mechanism to build long-term, building operators animated film copyright system, the establishment of Internet-based distribution system, innovative media marketing and media industry to build the whole chain.

Application And Research Of Product Form Innovation Design Method Based On Function Decomposition And Structure Integration (pp371-380 )
Liang Jun
With the progress of the times, China's manufacturing industry has entered a high-speed development track and the demand for various types of products has increased. As a result, the cycle of product upgrading has become shorter and shorter, and the upgrading speed has been increasing faster and faster. Therefore, research on product form innovation design method based on function decomposition and structure integration was put forward in this paper. Firstly, the model principles of product form innovation design method and the methods of model building were expounded. Then the application flow of product innovation design method based on function decomposition was designed. Through the design experiment of automatic coffee machine and automatic batching machine, it was proved that the application research of this product form innovation design method is successful.

Analysis Of The Design Ideas Of The Road Landscape Scale Based On Virtual Reality Simulation (pp381-388 )
Liao Kun
The design of road landscape scale based on virtual reality simulation is very important for the improvement of road system in our country. In order to better promote the application of this technology in the design of road landscape scale in our country, the relevant theories were understood and different landscape schemes were set up; then, the driving behaviors of drivers under virtual reality simulation test were compared; as a result, a more appropriate design scheme was identified. And through comparative analysis, it is considered that the virtual reality simulation technology is more suitable for the design of the future road landscape scale. And the purpose of this research is to provide theoretical basis for the development of transportation industry in China.

Research On The Evaluation System Of Tourism Weibo Marketing Under The Background Of Big Data (pp389-396 )
Baofeng Lu
With the mature of micro blogging platform and Weibo growing audience, Weibo has become after the SNS websites and blogs and information release and the spread of the main platform. Around the tourism bureau was an "micro blogging marketing hot", have cost a lot of manpower, material and financial resources to develop tourism official micro blogging marketing, but how to measure the effect and value of tourism official micro blogging marketing, has become the focus of society, industry and scholars. This article starts with the "5W mode" mode of transmission mode of Harold Laswell in the United States, analyzes the influencing factors of tourism official micro blogging marketing effectiveness, and puts forward "the micro blogging publisher, the fans, Blog appeal, transmission channels, spread of benefits "five major indicators, and on this basis put forward 18 second-level indicators, thus building a tourism official micro blogging tourism marketing evaluation index system

Sports Analysis Technology Based On Artificial Intelligence (pp397-404 )
Luo Jie
In modern science and technology, motion analysis technology is a very broad field. In the research, it often involves many fields such as artificial intelligence, pattern recognition, computer vision, and so on, so that it is a subject with strong cross discipline. In this paper, the sports analysis technology was analyzed based on artificial intelligence technology; through the research of image preprocessing and moving object detection technology, the target segmentation technology was analyzed and introduced; then a method of human skin color detection based on YCbCr color space was proposed, and the action of athletes was separated from the background, and thus the specific research was carried out. The final experiment proves that the artificial intelligence training system is of great significance to the development of sports, which can improve the technical essentials of athletes, and find the problems and gap.

Research On The Application Of Smart-Phone Assisted Mobile Learning In Higher Vocational English Teaching (pp405-414 )
Xunqian Lv, Xiaoyan Zhang
Most vocational college students' overall English level is weak and they learn without enthusiasm, it is a discussing topic for college English teacher to effectively carry out the English extracurricular activities in higher vocational colleges and make most students participatehis study is based on Informal learning theory, Blended learning theory and cognitive theory. The researcher first pretested the 100 students' overall English proficiency. The results showed that students in two classes had the same English ability. By four-month mobile learning based on smart-phone in English extracurricular activities in experimental class, the author gave a post-test of students' interest and comprehensive ability. It found that students' interest in learning English and English overall level has significantly improved, which confirmed that the mobile learning based on smart phone is a very effective way of extra-curricular learning. The present thesis not only provides an importance of the application of mobile learning based on smart-phone in English extracurricular activities, but also offers an effective teaching method for teachers in vocational College.

Desertification Of Inner Mongolia Region Ecological Migration Low Energy Consumption Of The Green Building Technology Application (pp415-424 )
Ming Ma,Yuhan Lei,Jing Kong,Liping Sun,Mingxuan Ma
The ecosystem of desertification is extremely fragile. In order to promote the economic, social and ecological sustainable development of desertification pastoral area, the government has adopted a number of measures, and ecological migration is one of the important measures. The concept of introducing green building in China's construction industry is still in its primary stage, and in the northwest, the integrated demonstration application of green low-carbon building technology is still a blank. The low-energy construction technology of "open source throttling" is implemented in northwest China, and the building is built into a technology demonstration building with green, energy saving, ecological and low carbon. In this paper, according to the characteristics of low energy consumption of green building techniques, the differences of passive and active buildings technology research, in order to get in the engineering practice proved applicable energy-saving technology innovation. At the same time, the social universal attention of energy saving technology for analysis and evaluation, emphatically discusses the use of green building techniques in different climate area, in order to promote the promotion of ultra-low power green building technology.

Application Of Bim Technology In Dispatching Building Project (pp425-435 )
Haitao Meng*,Hao Shuang
With the continuous development of science and technology, the complexity of construction engineering has been improved continuously, and the traditional construction engineering technology has been unable to meet this requirement both in design and construction. Therefore, in this paper, the application of BIM technology in the dispatching building project was put forward, and the advantages of BIM technology in the dispatching building project were analyzed; then, through the study of the summer meeting of the Stanford University CIFE Center, the application benefit of BIM technology in dispatching building project was evaluated. The results of the evaluation show that the application of BIM technology not only saves the time of engineering design and construction, but also greatly improves the working efficiency, and reduces the construction risk and the proportion of construction change costs.

Development Of Construction Supervision Information System Of Engineering Project (pp436-449 )
Haitao Meng*,Hao Shuang
the quality of the project directly affects the investment, benefit, people's safety and social stability of the project, which is the focus of the success of the project. Therefore, in the process of construction, the construction supervision must be done in place, so that the quality of construction work can be grasped and the basic requirements of owners on the supervision work can be met. In this paper, the engineering supervision system around the world was carded and summarized, and the domestic situation was analyzed; in addition, from the different quality stages of supervision quality, the contents of the supervision work were analyzed, and the data management system was used to complete the purpose of this study through the analysis and comprehensive evaluation of all aspects of demand in the construction process.

Design Of Intelligent Pid Controller Based On Stm32 Single Chip Microcomputer (pp450-458 )
Zhanglong Nie,Du Wei
For the mathematical models of industrial objects is very complex. Non-linear, the controller based on the traditional PID algorithm cannot get satisfied control effect. So based on the traditional PID, the author took the artificial intelligent control theory into it. That has improved the whole effect. Furthermore, the author has designed the PID controller by implementing the PID algorithm into a program running in STM32 single-chip. The experiment proves the advantage of it.

Effective Avoidance Of Fossilization In Interlanguage And The Construction Of Teaching Ability System In English Teacher Classroom Based On Artificial Intelligence (pp459-466 )
Peng Wen
The teaching of Chinese English faces many problems including fossilization of interlanguage. Thus, in this paper, a study on the effective avoidance of fossilization in interlanguage and the construction of teaching ability system in English teacher classroom based on artificial intelligence was proposed. Researches on the combination of artificial intelligence and education were summarized; then, based on the relevant principles and requirement analysis, an intelligent English teacher teaching ability training and evaluation system was designed and implemented; at the same time, the evaluation module of teachers' teaching abilities in the system was explained; finally, with the intelligent analysis as an example, the working principle of the system was explained.

The Teaching Mode Of "Microlecture" In Computer Basic Course In Colleges And Universities (pp467-478 )
Guogang Qi
With the advent of the micro-era, under the background of the rise of microculture, the reform of micro teaching in the field of teaching has been deepening, human beings have gained more and more different micro experiences, and micro teaching has also received great attention from the educational circle. Therefore, the microculture was studied from the aspects of present situation analysis, resource design and application of computer teaching to provide reference for the design, development and application of microculture. There are still some shortcomings in this study, which need further improvement. finally the conclusion was drawn, and the insufficiency and the following research direction were put forward.

Research And Development Of College Basketball Intelligent Teaching System Based On Artificial Intelligence (pp479-488 )
Qiao Jian
The rapid development of computer and network technology has greatly changed the mode of information dissemination, and human society is moving into the information age. In the era of information society, basketball teaching model in our country has not changed much compared with before. In the long run, it will affect the reform and development of Basketball Teaching in our country.In the actual teaching work, many teachers hope to improve the teaching efficiency and effect through the use of modern educational technology. However, due to the lack of systematic theory guidance, they will tend to lose their direction, resulting in little success. Under the background of information age, it is necessary to design the teaching method that adapts to it. This study begins with the introduction of research background, research object and method, and analyzes the current situation and development trend of domestic and foreign research design of the teaching system, teaching development is always accompanied by the use of technology, technology development affects the teaching reform.

Analysis On The Transformation Of "Internet +" Logistics In The New Normal Background (pp489-497 )
Ren Ling
With the continuous development of society, the current logistics industry has become an important industry to promote China's economic growth. Especially in the highly developed Internet, the development of the logistics industry also ushered in new opportunities and challenges. Relatively speaking, logistics in China is a new industry, although in recent years the development of the logistics industry is rapid, compared with developed countries in Europe and America, there is still a great gap in efficiency. In the new normal state, this paper mainly analyzes the actual development situation of China's logistics industry, and puts forward some suggestions on the development and transformation of the logistics industry, which has played a certain guiding role for the development of China's logistics industry. It is pointed out that the logistics industry should actively use the new technologies such as cloud computing, Internet of things and large data, and carry out industrial integration under the guidance of Internet thinking, and takes the active service to carry on the precision marketing, realizes the resource integration transformation, the marketing mode transformation and the customer experience transformation.

Study On The Construction Of English Teachers' Classroom Teaching Ability System Based On Artificial Intelligence (pp498-506 )
Shao Yi
Along with the progress of the integration between information technology and English curriculum, the application of artificial intelligence will bring new opportunities in optimizing the process of English teaching. Meanwhile, it will also provide a new platform for the establishment of English learning environment that is intelligent and personalized. This paper is oriented in the integration of information technology and English curriculum. This study utilized the research methods such as interview method, and analytic method on related theories and literature from the fields like pedagogies and new curriculum theories, to discuss the implantation of the artificial intelligence in English teachers’ classroom teaching ability system, and from the perspective of the students, the author adopted artificial intelligence technologies such as nature language understanding, machine learning and intelligent search, in order to design an artificial intelligence module for English teaching, which explores the implementations. In summary, the implantation of the artificial intelligence, which meets the new criteria in the new curriculum, is in the line with the teaching English.

Construction Of Physical Education Curriculum System Based On Multimodal Information Fusion Theory (pp507-515 )
Hongmei Sun
Physical education occupies an important position in the education system, and good physical education will make it possible for students to develop in an all-round way, the integrated of physical education has a special significance in sports education, therefore, it’s necessary to do well in the integration of physical education teaching to cultivate more talents. The construction of physical education curriculum system based on multimodal information fusion theory was studied in this paper. This system has obvious advantages compared with the traditional sports curriculum system, and through the new sports curriculum system, students' independent thinking ability, creativity, learning ability and unity and cooperation ability can be significantly improved in the process of physical education, so as to effectively improve the efficiency of their learning, and enable them to develop more comprehensively, and play a positive role in improving the physical education reform in school.

Research On The Structure Characteristics Of Cultural Tourism Innovation System Based On Computer Network (pp516-523 )
This thesis tries to combine computer network and cultural tourism innovation system structure characteristic research. By analyzing the limitation of the cultural tourism innovation system based on the textbook, highlighting the important characteristics of the computer network in the cultural tourism innovation, the paper tries to find a way to fuse the computer network and the cultural tourism innovation system structure, in order to improve the effect of the cultural tourism innovation system structure characteristics. Although the research on cultural tourism innovation has made some progress in recent years. However, there are more separate case, but few cultural tourism research results from the industrial perspective, rare research to further study the sustainable development of cultural tourism industry from the point of view of system .Finally found that the network in the cultural tourism innovation system structure has the advantageous superiority and the huge development potential. It will play a more important role as the research method of cultural tourism innovation system structure.

Research On Multimode English And American Literature Teaching Strategies Assisted By Computer Network Technology (pp524-532 )
Cuiyun Tang
The advent of the information age has created much new science and technology, computer network with its fast transmission of information, information accuracy, and information expression is no longer a single can take a variety of ways sought after by the people. In British and American literature teaching, computer network teaching mode can change people only relied on a single text mode but based on the teaching, teaching can make to the multimodal development. Students change the access to knowledge, and from a variety of ways to learn knowledge and accumulate knowledge. This paper focuses on the teaching practice of English and American literature mode based on computer network. Emphasis on classroom teaching in secondary In the picture, network video, screenshots, voice and other resources, to mobilize students' auditory, visual and other sensory coordination operation, to enhance the students of the writer and his impression of original works, strengthen the significance of text mode single digestion brings students dullness and on literature understanding problems, so as to improve the classroom teaching effect.

Research On The Relationship Between The New Urbanization And The Quality Of Economic Growth (pp533-541 )
Wang Bo
Since the beginning of the 21st century, China's economic development momentum has been rapid, and the living standard of the residents has been generally improved. At the same time, the speed of urbanization has been accelerating. In this paper, from the perspective of econometrics, four representative indicators were selected and studied from the indicators related to the new urbanization and economic development. The empirical research was carried out by means of cointegration analysis, causality test and impulse function of econometrics. The final results show that there is a clear balance between the rate of urbanization and the per capita real GDP, per capita disposable income and per capita consumption expenditure, showing long-term stability in a certain period of time.

A Teaching Reform Study On Art Design With J2ee Platform And Folk Craft Elements (pp542-550 )
Wang Feng
In our country, traditional arts and crafts have a long history of development, and it is of great significance to carry out rational inheritance and innovation of traditional arts and crafts to realize sustainable development of modern design. In order to better meet the demand of folk art elements of art design teaching reform, this paper select J2EE as a development platform, this paper in the full understanding of the curriculum reform, teachers and students, and combine the characteristics of the folk craft, the Android platform, using the present popular J2EE technology architecture, J2EE architecture of the idea of layered design, meet the elements of folk craft art design demand of teaching reform, convenient maintenance, and greatly improve the reusability of platform. After system operation, safe and reliable, good application in art design teaching.

"Internet +" Era Of College Students' Mental Health Education Research (pp551-560 )
Wang Jian
As a new scheme, networking is changing the world with its unique charm. It not only promotes the economic development and social progress, but also changes people's psychology. The rapid development of Internet and the wide application of mobile intelligent devices have greatly enriched the communication and communication methods of college students, and the transmission and dissemination of network information have had a profound impact on the growth of college students, the shaping of ideas and the way of behavior. In the era of "Internet +", colleges and universities should adapt themselves to the changes in their thinking patterns and values, and use more advanced techniques to educate college students about mental health. From the perspective of College Students' psychological health education perspective, firstly analyzes the impact of the Internet on the mental health of college students, and then analyzes the current situation of College Students' psychological health Internet plus "background and existing problems, the use of advanced network technology, the innovation of mental health guidance methods, promote college students mental health.

Empirical Analysis Of The Relationship Between Higher Education Investment And Economic Growth In Minority Concentrated Region Of Yunnan Based On Var Model (pp561-568 )
Wang Liu
After China's economy has entered a new stage of development, China has put forward the development strategy of "reinvigorating China through human resource development" in light of the actual situation. Among them, the development of education is particularly important. To a certain extent, education can change the quality of workers and promote the sustained development of science and technology and the sustained growth of economy. In this paper, the vector autoregressive model (VAR) was used to investigate the relationship between education investment and economic growth in Yunnan Province by means of co-integration test, Grainger causality test and pulse correlation function. The results show that there is a causal, long-term and balanced relationship between education investment and economic growth in Yunnan Province. The contribution range of education investment to economic growth reaches 24.3%.

Research On Performance Evaluation Of College Students’ Employment Management Based On Fuzzy Mathematics Model (pp569-577 )
In the comprehensive evaluation, evaluation objects are often affected by various factors of uncertainty, and become fuzzy. The application of the fuzzy mathematical model makes the objective evaluation results as far as possible, so as to be a better response actual effect. The university employment management performance evaluation is an index which has many meanings. And it attributes a fuzzy evaluation process. In the past the student employment management was evaluated purely by the employment percentage, lacking objectivity. The method of fuzzy comprehensive evaluation is helpful to perfect the performance evaluation of employment management in colleges and universities, and can reflect the actual work of the examination department more objectively and ensure the fairness and fairness of the examination. Using qualitative indicators and quantitative indicators of the combination of ways to make up for the previous assessment only focus on quantitative indicators or qualitative indicators and quantitative indicators of a simple combination of defects. Using the evaluation model which is put forward in this paper to evaluate the university employment management performance could be more objective and scientific to reflect the performance of the employment guidance situation.

Research On Archives Database Construction Based On Heritage Protection In Ancient Towns Of China (pp578-586 )
Yongzhi Wang1,2
Based on defining the concept and connotation of ancient town tourism destination on from the traditional regional geography study, describes the regional characteristics of Jiangsu Province town and its pattern, and stage of development on the change of time and history. Tourism development is the first and best way to protect and utilize ancient town heritage as a starting point. In view of the relative deficiency of the evaluation index system of historic towns (villages) and national scenic tourist towns (villages), a comprehensive evaluation index system of heritage protection and tourism development was constructed. On this basis, we answered a number of ancient towns in Jiangsu province. Which ancient towns are suitable for heritage protection and tourism development?. Combined with the classification and classification evaluation results and the construction of the theoretical model of comprehensive equilibrium analysis, the differential development path choice and the regional tourism pattern reconstruction of Jiangsu ancient town were defined.

Analysis Of The Influence Mechanism Of Tourism Development On National Traditional Culture Based On The Psr Model (pp587-595 )
Lianyang Wen
Using the “cause - effect – response” thinking logic under the framework of the PSR model, this paper discusses the impact of tourism development on national traditional culture, constructs the impact factor system of tourism development on national traditional culture, and puts forward relevant suggestions. The author thinks that the influence of tourism development on national communication is composed of three modules: pressure P module, that is, tourism activity system, whose function is related to the time, flow and flow characteristics of tourism flow generated by tourism activities. The state S module, namely the tourism destination system, is composed of the social cultural environment, tourism development and tourism social and economic environment of the tourist destination; Response R module, that is, the response of various social subjects, including government behavior, tourism enterprise behavior, tour tourists behavior and local residents behavior. The interaction, transformation and connection of the three modules constitute the PSR model of the influence of tourism development on national traditional culture.

Research On The Innovation Of Business Model Of Cultural Tourism In Ethnic Areas Based On Internet (pp596-603 )
Lianyang Wen
Effective business model is an important way to promote the development of cultural industry in ethnic areas. However, the difference of cultural resources between ethnic regions and developed regions makes the commercial mode of the two regional cultural industries follow different paths. With the development of internet information technology, whether the consumption mode of tourism consumers, consumer psychology or the management mode of tourism enterprises have changed, and promote the change of traditional tourism business model. Based on the analysis of the status quo of cultural industry in ethnic areas and the strategic background of " internet plus cultural tourism ", this paper analyzes the mechanism of the innovation of cultural tourism business model guided by the internet from the theoretical point of view, and explores the feasible paths for the innovation of cultural tourism business model based on the internet in ethnic regions. Finally, the paper puts forward the corresponding countermeasures to the problems faced by the innovation and development of “internet plus cultural tourism” industry mode in ethnic areas

Promotion Of The Cultivation Path Of College Students' Innovative And Entrepreneurial Professionalism Under The New Situation (pp604-614 )
Guoqing Wu
With the domestic supply side structural reform and deepening reform of enterprises, all walks of life have more urgent needs for the cultivation of innovative and entrepreneurial professionals. College students, as the backbone of national development and construction, play an irreplaceable role in building a new and modern country. Therefore, in this paper, the cultivation path of college students' innovative and entrepreneurial professionalism was put forward under the new situation. First of all, the importance of cultivating the ability of innovation and entrepreneurship of college students under the new requirements of the current scientific development and knowledge economy was expounded. Then, the basic content of innovation and entrepreneurship education and the theory of competence accomplishment were analyzed. By using analytic hierarchy process, a comprehensive model of cultivating college students' innovative and entrepreneurial professionalism was designed. Through the use experiment in M university, it proves that the design of improving the ability of innovation and entrepreneurship of college students is successful.

Construction Strategy Of Data Service Platform Based On Hyper Fusion (pp615-624 )
Minghu Wu,Zhang Wei
In recent years, China's information technology has developed rapidly, and the data service business system construction has entered a new stage of development, which has provided people with better information services. The architecture of the data service platform is the nerve center of the whole system, and the hyper fusion architecture technology can optimize the structure of the data service center. In this paper, according to take the data fusion technology as the basis, the data service platform was constructed, and the management and business focus foundation were realized on the basis of virtualization; then, the dynamic adjustment and data center resource allocation were carried out for the key application of information data. Compared with the traditional data center architecture, the data service platform based on hyper fusion technology has obvious advantages.

Construction And Visualization Of 3d City Model Based On 3dmax (pp625-636 )
Lesheng Wu
In the current development of network information, the status of the city is becoming more and more important. Using digital three-dimensional scene model to simulate and build the city has become the focus of modern digital city research. In this paper, the advantages of 3D animation software and computer aided design software provided platforms for this purpose, and the secondary developing tool was used to expand the module; then the 3D entity model was imported and reconstructed in detail, so as to reduce the workload and effectively demonstrate its authenticity in real-time; finally, according to the functional requirements of the system, the overall design was carried out on the basis of three-dimensional landscape modeling, and the functions of roaming, measurement, analysis and planning of the digital Jiaozuo system were realized.

Mechanical Properties Of 7n01 Aluminum Alloy Friction Stir Welded Joint (pp637-646 )
Peng Xiao1,2,Qinglin Pan 1,3,Yunlai Deng1,3*
With the development of railway and air transportation, aluminum alloy has entered into people's vision because of its high strength and small density. Therefore, the mechanical properties of friction stir welded joint of 7N01 aluminum alloy were studied in this paper. First of all, the application of domestic 7N01 aluminum alloy friction stir welding and the theory of aluminum alloy friction stir welding were introduced briefly. Then, the crack detection technology, industrial parameters and mechanical properties of 7N01 aluminum alloy friction stir welding were analyzed. Finally, the hardness, the strength, bending properties and impact toughness of 7N01aluminum alloy friction stir welding joint under microstructure were analyzed. Finally, it was concluded that the design of industrial parameters in the process of friction welding has a direct influence on mechanical properties.

Discussion On Architectural Design Strategy Based On Fractal Coastline Mathematical Model (pp647-655 )
Surong Xu
The object of this thesis is the application of fractal coastline model in architectural design.Since the knowledge of fractal geometry, there has been a surge of research in the scientific world, and architecture has a profound dependence on geometry.Soon after its emergence, many architects began to apply fractal geometry to the design research, each of which was effective.In this paper, we choose one of fractal geometry and start with fractal coastline.Through the study of its formation law, summed up some of them can be used in architectural design, and combined with conventional architectural techniques, trying to create a rare space in traditional architectural space.Since the fractal itself is mostly non integer dimension, the building space following the fractal law may also be a non integral dimension space, which will be an innovation in architectural space.The purpose of this paper is to discuss the application of fractal geometry to architectural design, and try to provide new possibilities for architectural design from the point of view of fractal geometry.

Construction Of Multiple English Teaching Model Combined With Cloud Technology (pp656-663 )
Dongyang Xu
The application of cloud technology in foreign language teaching has become a trend, because of its powerful ability to integrate resources, fast computing ability in English listening and speaking training can get very good application. This thesis has designed the analysis topic situation reason analysis to develop measures to effect of "teaching mode. The mode of comprehensive use quality improvement theory, behaviorism teaching theory, constructivism learning theory, humanistic learning theory, teaching theory and collaborative learning theory, the thought is fully integrated into the new teaching mode. Based on cloud technology platform for training of listening and speaking in the classroom teaching, autonomous learning, online interaction, has many advantages listening test and management evaluation, is very conducive to improve students' listening and speaking ability, improve the teaching effect.

Legal Regulation Of Local Debt Based On Network Big Data (pp664-674 )
Xu Jing
In the past 40 years since the reform and development of China, local governments have raised funds by issuing government debt and have made positive contributions to the construction of social infrastructure projects and the common development of urban and rural areas. In the context of the country entering the society ruled by law, how to ensure the safe and reliable use of local debt has become the focus of local government debt management. Therefore, in this paper, the research on the legal regulation of local debt based on network big data was put forward. First of all, the importance of setting up local debt assistance system tools in the current computer Internet era was described. Then, the architecture of local debt system development technology platform was analyzed, and a set of local debt assistant research system tools was designed. After that, experiments were carried out at the M local government. It proves that the design of the auxiliary research system of legal regulation of local debt based on network big data is successful.

Study On Quantitative Method Of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Of Piperazine New Psychoactive Substance (pp675-683 )
Wenqing Xu
In this paper, the new psychoactive substances of piperazine were reviewed in detail, and the typical representative of piperazine, 1 - bianji (abbreviated as BZP), was selected from the aspects of overview, legitimate use, illegal production and use, pharmacology, pharmacodynamics, smoking effect, toxicity, addiction and legal supervision. With the development of medical detection and identification technology, nuclear magnetic resonance technology is widely used in the analysis and identification of drugs. The use of nuclear magnetic resonance for the analysis and identification of drugs has many advantages, such as the detection method and the production of information rich, with flexible quantitative analysis method, and so on, the pharmaceutical ingredients are accurately identified, but also can measure and determine the isomer of the material, besides, it has a higher analysis and identification efficiency. In order to make nuclear magnetic resonance technology better applied in drug analysis and identification, this paper makes a corresponding research on its analysis examples, and discusses the application value of nuclear magnetic resonance.

Research On The Construction Of Music Appreciation Teaching System In Normal Universities Under B/S Framework (pp684-693 )
Yang Chang
Under the framework of B/S design theory teaching system to the field of education technology as the foundation, according to the nature and study of music subject, study on the design theory of music teaching system of teaching characteristics. In the proposed and analysed the necessity and importance of research on the design theory of music teaching system, builds a preliminary design theory the music teaching system. This research framework suitable for the design of music teaching system theoretical framework of basic music education in our country, in the teaching conditions of basic education in our country, in order to feel one experience one differential one by one evaluation of the purpose of music, the music appreciation, music skills, research and integration and knowledge of music and music and other various teaching activities and teaching behaviour, summarized and summed up some corresponding teaching method theory, to a certain extent make up for The deficiency of previous educational technology on music teaching research.

A Study On The Teaching Strategies Of Chinese Text Reversal In Colleges And Universities Based On Micro - Course (pp694-702 )
Liping Yang
The remarkable data features in big data era, such as diversity, high-capacity, flexibility, complexity, have generated tremendous influence on education and teaching. Multimedia teaching is applied to various disciplines making use of network resources. The global prevalence of flip-classroom and the successful practice of khan-academy make a new teaching method-micro-lecture appear. The micro-lecture is a slight, compact and student-centered teaching resource, which is employed in formal and informal teaching and learning. In recent years, as the importance of Chinese discipline rose, teaching researchers and teachers have been engaged in explore teaching we design and develop micro-lecture application in junior Chinese language. We try our best effort to make junior students to learning Chinese language more easily by utilizing micro-lecture and realize that education is student-centered and quality-oriented.

Analysis On The Parameterization Intelligent Design Of Costume Pattern Of Miao Nationality (pp703-710 )
Yang Mei
Miao nationality has its own unique style and culture. Costume of Miao is one of the rich cultural heritages of ethnic minorities, and the beauty of Miao costume concentrated in the pattern. The patterns of Miao costumes are rich and colorful, which contains the historical memory and religious beliefs of the nation. The pick flowers, embroidery, brocade, batik and other clothing of Miao obtained the world praise due to its colorful and beautiful technology. Parametric design is the key to improve the innovation capability of product design. Parameterization model has different representation methods and corresponding solving methods, which can be summarized by the research status of product parametric design by establishing the interactive means of the model. This paper aims to study the pattern generation algorithm. For instance, the recursive algorithm and iterative function system algorithm were used to develop the application of parameterization design of pattern of Miao costume. In addition, this paper extended the design methods of costume pattern.

Research On The Innovation Model Of Small And Medium - Sized Enterprises Based On The Reform Of Finance And Tax System (pp711-719 )
Linxiang Yao,Jianyong Ouyang
Since the twenty-first century, the process of global economic integration has been accelerated, the scientific and technological achievements have been updated frequently, and the role and status of small and medium-sized enterprises have been rising in the process of sustainable economic and social development. The development of small and medium-sized enterprises is related to improving the quality of life of residents and maintaining social harmony and stability. Based on the collaborative innovation model in the comprehensive analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the existing small and medium enterprises, taking into account the party's the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee proposed and better play the role of government will bring about fundamental changes in the institutional environment, improve the construction of collaborative innovation model under the new situation of small and medium-sized enterprises. At the same time the mechanism of the model are also carried out a comprehensive interpretation. The model can support the development of SMEs' collaborative innovation theory and practice in the context of China's comprehensive deepening of reform.

Blended Teaching Of College English In The Era Of Fragmentation Learning And Integrating Mobile Network Tools Under The Background Of Internet Plus (pp720-727 )
Dongwei Yin
"Internet plus" is the further practice of Internet thinking, and it can promote the economy continue to evolve and provide a broad network platform for the reform, innovation and development. In the era of fragmentation learning, the Internet provides a good platform for people who love learning. Among them, applying mobile Internet tools into English learning is the purpose of this study. First of all, advantages of using mobile network tools for college English learning were described; then, under the background of "Internet plus", mobile network tools in the fragmented learning era were applied to the blended teaching of college English; finally, a hybrid teaching research scheme was designed.

Construction Of Badminton Professional Entrepreneurship Education System Based On Artificial Intelligence (pp728-736 )
Yu Yi
This paper introduce the "Xiang" badminton club success, success is mainly reflected in the entrepreneurial ideas and professional standard, the grasp of the market is very accurate, practical and personal investment ideas, to make great efforts, but also the use of a variety of social relations can use. Suggested that college students should be based on the professional standard to entrepreneurship, to integrate theory with practice to study every lessons; suggest that the universities don't just temporary employment training, to long-term theoretical and practical ability of the students together to cultivate students' ability of entrepreneurship and employment,Meantime, Artificial intelligence as the driving force of products have sprung up, in search engines, electricity providers / music recommendation system, online advertising and financial services have good performance.

The Application Of Innovative Teaching Reform Under The Background Of Internet Plus (pp737-745 )
Yanxing Yuan
With the advent of the information age, people's daily life has been gradually changed by the Internet and other information technology. Many countries have begun to use the "Internet plus" mode in various industries, and the reform of the innovative teaching model has become the inevitable direction of the development of the field of education with the introduction of information technology, such as the Internet, into the field of education. Therefore, based on the background of Internet plus, network teaching platform was developed through the Internet technology, and the platform was applied to teaching. Through the application, the network teaching platform developed in this paper can improve the students' achievement and improve the teaching level effectively.

Design And Application Of Russian Teaching System (pp746-756 )
Li Yuan,Yongguang Sun*
In recent years, language teaching researchers at home and abroad have conducted in-depth researches on the improvement of foreign language teaching, and achieved remarkable results. Based on the analysis of the cognitive process of Russian learners and the experience of Russian traditional teaching, a Russian teaching system was designed and developed in this paper to help learners learn Russian. In Russian teaching, this system was preliminarily tested and verified. Teachers can make use of different functional modules and tools in this Russian teaching system to train students for Russian learning, so as to achieve better teaching interaction effects. The development of this Russian teaching system has certain practical significances, and it can promote the construction of Russian learning resources and improve the effect of Russian learning.

Research On The Application Of Data Mining Technology In Physical Training (pp757-765 )
Zhang Lei
With the development of China's competitive sports and the requirements of the Olympic glory, the efficiency of sports training also put forward higher requirements .Data mining is the use of machine learning, statistical learning from the data found in the potential laws of the technology. Aiming at some problems in the current sports training, this paper discusses the application principle of data mining technology in sports training, and uses the key neural network method to predict the performance of athletes. The experimental data show that the use of neural networks to predict the performance of the athletic performance has a good ability to approach, and there is a good promotion, which shows that the use of related data mining technology to guide the scientific training of scientific increase, there will be a wide application space.

Integrated Management Of Construction Project Under The Framework Of Bim Technology (pp766-775 )
Zhang Wei
The integrated management of construction project under the framework of BIM technology is more intuitive and efficient. In order to better promote the application of BIM technology in the integrated management of construction projects in our country, in this study, related theories of BIM technology were summarized, and then the BIM technology was applied to the actual construction engineering. The results show that BIM technology has a certain degree of advantages, and after the analysis of factor analysis model, it is found that the advantage of BIM technology is mainly manifested in its massive data information, which can reduce the cost of the construction process significantly. The research aims to provide theoretical basis and reference for the improvement of related technologies and theories in China's construction industry.

Research On The Development Model Of Soccer Teaching Idea In Colleges And Universities Based On Socio - Cultural Analysis (pp776-785 )
Zhang Yu
In education, educators find the importance of developing students' personality, divergent thinking, publicity of individuality of modern educational thinking gradually by the students like and support, according to the student system problems exposed in recent years, it is imperative to adhere to the concept of "health first".The new curriculum reform wave of advent, in such an environment of college football curriculum reform should also make a change. Modern physical education advocates to help students build awareness of lifelong sports, so that students realize the importance of sports. The educational concept of humanism can play a role in promoting education at the present stage, and only for the reform of curriculum reform in colleges and universities. College physical education is related to all the physical and physical level of college students, in the college football curriculum reform in the introduction of social and cultural ideas for the results of the reform effect is the agent. Advocating based on the concept of social culture, building a new college football curriculum has important practical significance.

A Study Of Aawp Model English Writing Teaching Based On Micro Mobile Learning (pp786-794 )
Yunxia Zhang
The research aims to explore a creature English writing course under AAWP model based on micro mobile learning (MML).English writing course is redesigned in the format of MML design and MML source design on the basis of teaching design theory and the features of MML. To ensure the accomplishment of tasks a concise interface, proper learning tasks various evaluations and multi-dimension monitoring systems are suggested in the research. It is proved that the English writing course design based on MML plays an instructive role in all language teaching course reforms as well. The research shows that the MML design is helpful not only to develop the learners’ interests in learning English but also to improve their English writing effectively.

Exploring The Effects Of Fir Litter On Microbial Biomass Carbon Based On Cloud Computing And Large Data (pp795-805 )
Big data, cloud computing, mobile Internet and other emerging industries and new technologies are gradually changing the traditional way of scientific and technological research. It is very important to study the use of big data and cloud computing technology to solve the problem from complex data. It is one of the important ways to study the effect of fir litter on microbial biomass carbon. Stable isotope tracer technique of was used in this paper, the effects of fir litter on soil organic carbon decomposition, microbial biomass carbon and dissolved carbon dynamics in soil layers of Chinese Fir Plantation (0~5cm) and (40~45cm) were studied. The results showed that the decomposition rate of organic carbon in deep layer soil of Chinese fir plantation was lower than that of surface soil, but its priming effect was significantly higher than that of surface soil. The total microbial biomass carbon and total microbial biomass carbon derived from the original soil increased significantly with the addition of fir litter, but had no significant effect on soil soluble carbon. The deep soil was turned to forest soil, may accelerate Chinese fir plantation soil carbon losses.

Application And Research On “System Structure Optimization” Of Art Core Curriculum In Colleges And Universities (pp806-814 )
Luhui Zhao
With the acceleration of the informatization construction process in our country, the application of the optimal design of curriculum structure in colleges and universities has become more and more extensive, and the optimal development direction of the university education system has been further satisfied. Therefore, in this paper, according to design the application research system of "system architecture optimization" of the art core curriculum in colleges and universities, the curriculum structure was further optimized, and the development course of the structural optimization of art class was expounded; then, the curriculum optimization system was designed based on the educational needs, and the components and transmission path of the system were analyzed. According to the comprehensive performance test of each aspect of the system, it is proved that the system has a strong feasibility in the practical application process.

Research On Aerobics Teaching Design Based On Intelligent Agent (pp815-823 )
XiaomeiZhao,Linhao Guo,Zhaolei Jia,Yali Liu
Intelligent agent technology to collect information or the implementation of services during the program, without human intervention, since the 20th century, 90 years since the field of artificial intelligence important research content. Aerobics is a course that has a higher requirement for students' comprehensive intelligence. In this paper, the teaching practice of aerobics is taken as the starting point. According to the characteristics of aerobics teaching and the function of intelligent agent technology, the teaching design of professional aerobics class is put forward, and the application of intelligent agent technology in the aerobics teaching model of the implementation of teaching research to deepen the reform of aerobics in colleges and universities to further improve the quality of aerobics teaching, training the development of the times required for comprehensive talents.

Channel Estimation Of Cooperative Communication System Based On Wavelet Transform (pp824-831 )
Haifei Zhou
cooperative communication technology obtains spatial diversity by constructing a "virtual" multi input and multiple output system. In the cooperative communication system, signal detection, power allocation and relay selection need to obtain the channel state information of each link accurately, therefore the accurate channel estimation is one of the key technologies in cooperative communication system. Wavelet transform is a new analysis method, it inherited and developed the short-time Fu Liye transform the idea of localization, but also overcomes the disadvantages of window size does not change with frequency, can provide a time - frequency with the frequency change of the window, is an ideal tool for time-frequency analysis and processing of signals. Its main feature is that it can fully highlight some aspects of the problem by means of transformation. Channel estimation is the key to gain diversity gain and improve data transmission performance of cooperative communication systems based on wavelet transform.

Research On The Relationship Between Mathematical Model And Management Accounting (pp832-841 )
Haijuan Zhou
To analyse the application of modern mathematical methods of modern management accounting is more and more. More specifically, the application of mathematical methods of modern management accounting is widely used as an important symbol of economic mathematical model. The mathematical model is economic mathematical form (Language blind) reflect the relationship between the number of economic formula or formula, it is a quantitative aspects of objective things in the abstract, it has an important characteristic, is scattered. There are many other factors, so the mathematical conditions although is very strict discipline, only in a certain range the result. We can only study the relationship between the numbers of optimal or under certain conditions the relationship is the objective law of change, because the model itself must be limited. The economic mathematical model used for modern management accounting has many forms; according to the math class in our school opened this classification is basically the basis of other classifications.

The Role Of Translation Law In Computer English Teaching In Undergraduate Colleges (pp842-850 )
Xiaoyang Zhou
he computer English teaching mode of our undergraduate colleges is single. Teachers and students often overlook the translation method, and the course time is very limited. The students' professional English ability is not improved. In consideration of the tendency of ignoring translation method in college English teaching, the paper gives a brief account of the teaching principles, advantages and disadvantages of modern translation method. What’s more, the paper discusses the value of the method and the skills of applying it in English teaching. It is pointed out that as an effective teaching method, translation method can be applied in language teaching to cultivate students' ability of translation. This paper presents a coherent teaching model. Improve the effect of computer English teaching.

Design And Development Of Dynamic Wearable Computer Equipment Platform (pp851-860 )
Zhu Ran,Zeng Yu
With the progress of science and technology, integrated circuit technology has also achieved rapid development, people also have higher and higher requirements to electronic equipment. While ensuring the good performance of electronic equipment, electronic equipment is gradually developing towards miniaturization, so as to meet the needs of people for the performance of electronic equipment. In the past, wearable computers were mainly based on COTS, but this method would waste a certain amount of power, cost and so on. Based on this situation, wearable computer, which is based on dynamic reconfigurable technology, came into being. In this paper, the design and implementation of software platform for dynamic reconfigurable technology are analyzed, the purpose is to improve the adaptability of wearable computer and practical results.

Research On 3d Landscape Modeling Of Digital Jiaozuo Based On Auto Cad And 3dmax (pp861-869 )
Guangyu Meng
Twenty-first Century is an era with information, networking, digitalization and intelligence. The construction of digital city 3D scene model, the 3D City Modeling and simulation visually display, seamless connection and city terrain modeling and simulation as well as attribute and space geometry relation in 3D environment has become the research focus in the field of digital city. In this paper, we can realize the texture mapping rapid construction of 3D solid model with advantages of high precision and high efficiency based on the traditional Auto CAD and 3DMAX software. And provide a reference for the 3D modeling technology. At the same time, the establishment of digital three-dimensional landscape system can provide technical support for the application of 3D digital management platform of all walks of life and provide intuitive information service and improve the level of city information utilization and sharing for city planning, construction and management.

Analysis Of Mathematical Model For Emission Reduction Effect Of Light Gasoline Vehicle (pp870-878 )
Xianqing Shen
As the country has stepped up efforts to control air pollution, the emission control of automobiles has become increasingly urgent. At present, the main driving force of automobile emission reduction comes from new car emission standards upgrading and emission yellow car elimination. In this paper, two factors based on the construction of light-duty gasoline vehicle emission reduction effect model, divided into two parts to calculate five new car sales environment and yellow car environmental benefits, for the next three years of light-duty gasoline vehicle emission reduction effect was predicted. As a special form of seizing crime, speed robbery crime is easy to create personal property damage because of its strong concealment, large random, short committing time and quick escape. Quantitative analysis found by a simple mathematical model of robbery, the police on the petty cash robbery case detection rate of 28.57%, the detection rate of general robbery cases in 23.53%, pedestrian carrying property does not exceed 310, to reduce crime and robbery; robbery cases of bank teller who followed the car, the police should be in the prevention work on.

An Analysis About How Much Degree Of Ethical Status Impact On College Students' Psychological Based On Spss Analysis (pp879-889 )
Meisuo Wang
tatistical analysis software SPSS has many analytical methods, but lacks systematic induction. This paper tries to analyze the analysis method in SPSS and make some tentative exploration of the classification of statistical analysis. At the same time of SPSS statistical analysis method, based on the statistical analysis of the content classification do some tentative conclusion, to facilitate learners' memory and used with the development of the society, college students' mental condition is also becoming more and more complex, because of various reasons lead to the phenomenon of college students' behavior and psychological deviation increase rapidly, has attracted many attentions of the society nowadays. There are many factors that influence the mental health of college students, among which the family factors are the basic and the root causes, which have a profound and lasting effect on mental health. The family factors are defined, the influence of family factors on college students' mental health is discussed, and corresponding countermeasures are put forward.

The Mathematical Model Of English Thinking Is Constructed (pp890-898 )
As a natural language English is the information prototype. The mathematical model of English thinking is an abstract icon. The study and application of English thinking model can bring us back to reality. Learning English requires emotional thinking and rational thinking. This paper constructs the mathematical model of English thinking, and divides the English thinking from the whole to the simple elements. Let's look at simple elements one by one. Then we construct mathematical models or concept maps from the whole, and discover the essence and rules hidden in the whole. We finally revert to a clearer whole, to further master and use English. In Chinese English teaching, each stage of learning is the same rhythm and way, ignoring the existence of "acceleration". Aiming at the problems existing in English classroom teaching, this paper constructs a new English teaching mode. We establish the teaching method of "learning and thinking, thinking and using" to promote the development of students' creative thinking ability.

Discussion On Mathematical Model Construction Of Optimization Calculation Method For Large Data Chaos Model (pp899-907 )
Xiaojing Cao
In view of the large data model chaos optimization calculation process is easy to be in the global scope to be optimal, and has a lot of uncertainty factors, based on improved genetic algorithm is a kind of calculation method of the large data chaos optimization model, the correlation dimension and maximum Lyapunov index and entropy of time series analysis and extraction, according to the obtained results, the real-coded genetic operation on the original parameters, the time integral of absolute value of error performance index as the minimum objective function of parameter choice, the introduction of the square of control input items in the objective function and penalty function, find out the optimal index and the fitness function, through the fitness proportion method and completion of the elitist reserve strategy selection operation, through the selection, crossover and mutation operator to deal with population, produce the next generation of population, until the parameter convergence or meet the requirements. The simulation results show that the proposed method has high optimization ability.

Research On The Theory And Practice Of Garment Pattern Design Based On Fractal Geometry (pp908-916 )
Tianying Li
The pattern is a kind of practical and artistic living with people closely combining form, pattern and dress are inseparable, it to the clothing can play the role of decorative landscaping, the development of science and technology has brought new ideas to our design, the designer can use different from traditional design methods, design and creative some special methods, such as the use of some mathematical curve, the mathematical formula in accordance with certain rules to generate patterns. The generating method of fabric printing pattern based on the fractal theory is discussed, to find a feasible way for garment pattern design. The digital printing technology will be designed and applied to the design of silk pattern design of fabric. Fully embodies the practicality and superiority of fractal theory based on clothing pattern design. Practice shows that the fractal theory based on the design of fabric printing design is feasible; the design of the unusual artistic figure has a very considerable practical value.

Related Analysis Of English Reading Corpus Based On Structural Equation Model (pp917-925 )
Liu Chun
Computer corpus is the product of the contemporary information revolution, establishing a large scale and multi - class resources of English education computer corpus and widely used in English reading teaching. This paper discusses the structural equation model method, and analyzes the influence factors of English reading library by using this method. This paper from the establishment of basic English reading corpus ( ERC ), and then using structural equation modeling ( SEM ) and language statistics method, from the discourse complexity of English reading corpus, the learners individual information acquisition level and affective factors in the three aspects of modeling and related research, on the basis of data statistics and analysis, find the confidence level and fitting mathematical model, with a view to the English reading teaching and learning. Through the comprehensive and accurate statistical analysis of the data after the ERC modeling of SEM, it can provide valuable statistical data and analysis data for improving the quality of English reading teaching.

Research On Application Of Fuzzy Mathematics In Performance Evaluation Of Human Resource Management (pp926-936 )
Yongan Liu
With the acceleration of global economic integration, the competition between enterprises is increasingly reflected in the talent competition. The status of the development and management of human resources in enterprise management is particularly important, so how to guide and actively promote the development and management of human resources work. Performance is one of the most commonly used concepts in management activities; performance evaluation is one of the core functions of human resource management. The performance evaluation of commonly used a variety of methods, but most of them belong to the comparative statistics of simple, cannot meet the requirement of accuracy. Using the method of fuzzy mathematics, comparative evaluation of traditional performance are improves. Based on the method to maintain the original characteristics, the performance evaluation has a high reliability and validity. Research on human resource management evaluation index, to explore the application of fuzzy mathematics in the evaluation of human resource management in the construction of fuzzy comprehensive evaluation model of human resource management, provides the basis for strengthening the company's human resources management.

The Construction Research Of Intelligent Logistics Distribution Mathematical Model Based On Scheduling (pp 937-945 )
Juanjuan Wang
This paper summarizes the specific problems and operational status of the current vehicle logistics according to the full investigation and research on the current situation of vehicle logistics distribution in China. The intelligent model of logistics scheduling based on enterprises is established according to the various problems. This paper makes full use of the idea of mathematical modeling, and the vehicle logistics operation in the process of vehicle loading, goods transport, transport capacity constraints such as the complicated practical problems into mathematical language, build a scientific and reasonable mathematical model, interlocking between each model, every module output data as input data to the next module directly, which increases the operability of the model. In view of the current situation of the enterprise itself, intelligent logistics distribution has been basically achieved.

Research On Pattern Design Of Garment Fabric Based On Curve Function (pp946-953 )
Haibo Zhang
As a kind of practical and decorative artistic form, the case is the crystallization of human wisdom. With the development of information technology, garment pattern design should be innovative, not only to play the role of decoration, but also to meet people's pursuit of personalized, seeking new demand. The rapid development of modern science and technology and computer technology provides new methods and ideas for the innovation of clothing pattern design. To form rich clothing pattern design ideas, expand the traditional pattern, this article from the perspective of mathematical art graphics, combined with the characteristics of traditional pattern, the curve graph of a function applied to fabric pattern design, looking for a cut for the clothing pattern design practical approach. In this paper, the mathematical curve function is studied, and the basic principle of graph generation of curve function is analyzed.

Analysis Of The Impact Of Management On The Cost Of Financial Disclosure Based On Mathematical Model (pp954-963 )
Yongan Huang
For listed companies, their internal capital cost and some non-financial information in the disclosure of the relationship is not only a positive or negative change of this kind of relatively simple relationship. Therefore, in the process of the listed companies in their development, it is necessary to establish the necessary measures to analyze the relationship between the asset cost and non-financial information disclosure, to find a balance between them, so as to encourage the listed companies to have the courage to the non-financial information disclosure, take corresponding social responsibility, and ultimately to ensure the better and faster development of listed companies. Based on this, this paper will focus on the analysis of listing public. Financial information disclosure on the impact of capital costs, in order to provide a reference for future practical work. The comprehensive evaluation and analysis method of fuzzy mathematics is to evaluate the comprehensive financial situation of enterprises, hoping to provide some help for the production and management of enterprises.

Study On The Construction Of Mathematical Model Of English Thinking (pp964-972 )
Ziyan Luo
The process of English language learning needs to experience the leap from emotional thinking to rational thinking. It is necessary to retain the vitality of image thinking and make abstract thinking clear, rigorous and accurate. This paper explores the construction of mathematical models of English thinking. By constructing the mathematical model of English language, the whole English language learning is decomposed into simple elements, which are studied one by one, and then some kind of mathematical model or conceptual schema is abstracted from the whole to conclude the rules and nature hidden in the whole. And the law and the nature access to the various components and elements, and finally reduce to a clearer overall, and further scientifically grasps and applies English language. Based on the deductive thinking of English language and its rap binary opposition, this paper introduces the mathematical modeling idea to construct the most basic model of English expression: the core information ← modified information (A ← B) and the concrete model of English expression: S + V or S + V + 0 ← six contents / seven weapons.

Analysis Of Factors Affecting Nucleation Rate And Construction Of Mathematical Model For 7050 Aluminium Alloy (pp973-982 )
Guangying Sheng
In combination with the ultrasonic casting test and theoretical investigation of large ingot, the nucleation rate of 7050 aluminium alloy induced by ultrasonic at different power was quantitatively analysed from two aspects of crystallization, thermodynamics and kinetics. It is found that the nucleation rate increases significantly with the introduction of ultrasonic external field, and the nucleation rate increases with the increase of ultrasonic power. Compared with common casting, the nucleation rate of ultrasonic casting is increased by 106 to 108 times. The results show that the melt temperature and undercooling are the main variables controlling the nucleation rate, and the mathematical model between nucleation rate and temperature and undercooling in the process of 7050 aluminium alloy casting is deduced. The research work will provide technological basis and theoretical reference for the development and industrial application of ultrasonic external casting technology for aluminium alloy.

The Research On The Team Performance Influence Of Shared Mental Model In Cuba Basketball Competition (pp983-992 )
Enming Bin
the advantage of shared mental model is more obvious In the CUBA basketball team, Team shared mental model is the core of team cohesion, and which is a direct factor related to team performance. This paper take 14 CUBA team as the research object, use the method that questionnaire survey, factor analysis, structural equation, multiple linear regression and correlation analysis, then in-depth analysis the team members, which in order to explore the correlation between shared mental model and the CUBA team. The basketball team is to explore the impact of shared mental model on team performance. We use the relevant literature to verify the reliability of the team shared mental model and team performance scale, and analyzes the influence of relevant data on team performance. The results show that the similarity of team shared mental models has different effects on team performance, and the higher the similarity of shared mental models, the more influence the model has on team performance.

Improvement Of Production Site Management In F Company (pp993-1003 )
Chunru Chen
The level of on-site management determines the profitability of enterprises, and enterprises can’t operate without the production site. Site management is an indispensable part of modern enterprise management, it can be management, ideas or a method of on-site production, more and more successful applications of enterprises prove that on-site management can bring about significant improvement for enterprises. The present situation of F Company’s production site was deeply investigated and analyzed, and the optimization of its production system was studied; then the theoretical overview of management system of on-site production was made, and the status of production management of F Company was analyzed, problems of F Company's on-site production were found; at the same time, the actual application of on-site management in production enterprises was explored, and lots of charts and data were used to demonstrate the effectiveness and long-term benefits brought by the improvements of on-site production management in F Company; finally, a practical implementation of the program about how to apply on-site management theory to achieve the desired goal in management according to the actual situation was summed up for F Company.

Key Points Of Application Of Bim Technology In Building Water Supply And Drainage Design (pp1004-1014 )
Jinliang Chen,Yilong Chen
With the rapid development of computer technology and network technology, the level of information in building water supply design is constantly improving, and the extensive production mode of construction industry is changing a little. BIM technology is one of the important means to realize the building information. BIM technology has been developing for only a few decades. Although it has gained rapid popularity in the global construction industry, it has been adopted by construction professionals still below the expected level. Especially for our country, BIM technology is only in its infancy. Effect of maturity and enterprise risk management and other factors apart from the construction industry extensive mode of production, the technology of BIM, and the construction industry practitioners to adopt BIM technology is also worth attention. This paper attempts to study the adoption of BIM technology from this point of view, and the subjective factors such as the cognitive and attitude of BIM technology for potential users of BIM technology have a very important impact on the adoption of BIM technology.

Application Of Computer Assisted Instruction In College Football Elective Course (pp1015-1026 )
Cheng Gong
With the development of campus football, football teaching has been paid more and more attention. This research is computer assisted instruction mode is applied to the elective course of football teaching in Colleges and universities, change the past, ignores the differences in students' intelligence and non-intelligence factors, respect the characteristics of each student, set up an equal stage for students to show their learning, stimulate students enthusiasm and learning interested students should play a dominant role in the teaching of physical education, cultivate students' sense of ownership, encourage students to fully express themselves, dare not afraid of failure, will fully implement the principle of individualized teaching in the teaching, to make the education equality for each student. This study verified the feasibility of computer assisted instruction in soccer elective courses, and laid a solid foundation for the large-scale application of this technology.

Research On Computer Assisted College Spoken English Test In Teaching (pp1027-1035 )
Junyuan Cui
Computer assisted college spoken English test can provide more information support for oral English teaching in our country. In order to facilitate the application of computer assisted college spoken English test technology in our country, the basic concept of the system construction was summarized, and the relevant indexes of the spoken English test system review process and the traditional manual review were compared. The results show that the computer assisted college spoken English test system has higher efficiency and accuracy of review, and saves the human resources and other costs effectively. The purpose of this study is to provide theoretical basis for the improvement of college spoken English test system in our country.

A Hybrid Cellular Automaton Method For Self-Optimizing Thermal Design Of Multimode Structures (pp1036-1046 )
Xiaolei Deng,Shengbin Weng,Jianchen Wang,Changxiong Xie*,Huan Lin
Compared with cross sectional optimization or parameter optimization, topology optimization is considered as a more difficult and challenging task in the field of structural optimization. Cellular automata, which can describe complex global continuous systems by simple local evolution rules and discrete methods, have become an effective tool for exploring complex systems. The hybrid cellular automata (HCA) algorithm is a method combining the cellular automata principle with the finite element analysis. The cellular automaton is discrete, adaptive, self-evolution characteristics, combined with the finite element analysis method can solve complex mechanical structure optimization in the process of problem analysis, for structural topology optimization design provides a new analysis way and technology. For other more complex application conditions, how to set up local control rules, algorithms and techniques for the problem need to be further studied and developed.

Evaluation Of Management Innovation Ability Of Chemical Enterprises Based On Radar Map Analysis (pp1047-1057 )
Yuhong Dong,Xizhong Wang,Yue An
In this paper, according to the characteristics of chemical enterprises and the research of management innovation ability, a set of evaluation model and evaluation system for management innovation ability of chemical enterprises was designed. And on the basis of effective analysis, a questionnaire survey was carried out. The factor analysis method was used to carry on the practical inquiry to it. Finally, in the further practice, the radar map analysis method was used to realize its visual evaluation. The results show that the established evaluation system can effectively evaluate the management innovation ability of the chemical enterprise. However, the final evaluation results show that the level of chemical management innovation ability is low, and it needs further study.

Design And Implementation Of Accounting Module's Main Function In Enterprise Financial Software System (pp1058-1068 )
Xiangjiu Fan
The development of computer brings the computer development period of enterprise financial application, and enterprise finance is not only a reference tool in enterprise decision-making, but gradually becomes an indispensable link of enterprise management. This system embarks from the basic functional requirements of the financial management of enterprises, the overall structure of the enterprise financial software focuses on the financial management system, the function module using UML module tool, summarized the establishment of financial management system database table. RUP adopts the consent of the people Rational, and the man-machine interaction is good. The independent and interrelated H layer systems support each other, providing front desk interface and back-end database and intermediate services layer. This system has completed the process of financial management, task, and task log entry certificate query, modify the certificate card shoot task, between the subsystems are independent of each other, less data redundancy, running reliability.

Research On University Accounting Teaching Innovation Based On Big Data (pp1069-1078 )
Yuqi Feng
With the arrival of the era of big data, the use of cloud computing technology has the characteristics of large capacity, variety and speed. Big data makes the teaching of financial accounting more convenient and efficient. It is an effective way to realize the goal of modernization of education in China by paying attention to the development and application of the reform of accounting teaching in Universities under the educational technology of big data. This paper from the transformation of the university accounting education concept, in the era of big data under the background of accounting education in Colleges and universities how to give full play to the advantages of cloud computing, cloud platform construction of accounting education, then explore the reform of accounting education mode of. Therefore, this paper from the perspective of big data technology background, starting from the reform of the teaching mode of accounting and accounting industry background, considering the direction from the accounting personnel training, put forward the corresponding countermeasures for accounting teaching methods and teaching contents, promoting college accounting teaching reform.

Using Internet To Making Japanese News Listening Teaching Materials (pp1079-1088 )
Liwei Gao
In the basic Japanese teaching, listening teaching is a very important part, it can be said that "listening" is the earliest stage in the language learning process, but also the most easily overlooked stage,it is necessary to find an effective way to promote Japanese learners to improve their listening level.The use of network teaching to assist language learning especially listening learning,it is a very viable way. This paper analyzes the shortcomings of Japanese listening traditional teaching,and discusses the advantages of the network teaching to assist the Japanese listening teaching, and then use the network teaching to improve the traditional classroom learning activities for the Japanese listening and learning to lay a solid foundation.Through the application of network resources in Japanese teaching, changing the traditional teaching mode, highlighting the student's main body, realizing the change of teaching mode based on knowledge transfer and ability-based training, cultivating students' inquiry ability and learning ability, improving teaching quality and effectiveness.

The Application Of Big Data Background In Network Teaching Platform (pp1089-1099 )
Lijuan Gao
With the development of information technology, computer technology is more and more popular, the development of information technology causes a serious impact on the traditional teaching mode, the traditional teaching mode can’t meet the development and progress of the society, colleges and universities should seize the opportunities and challenges, the establishment of network teaching platform in the context of big data, improve the quality of teaching in colleges and universities. Using big data technology to analyze and re-mine the network learning path of students can greatly improve the construction quality and utilization rate of basic computer net-work teaching resources and optimize the teaching effect of “University Computer Basic” course, at the same time, it can also stimulate students’ enthusiasm for learning by themselves. This paper expounds how to maximize teaching resources’ after big data processing to serve teaching and students, and let network teaching really enter big data age.

The Influence Of Big Data On Management Of Higher Education And Optimal Management (pp1100-1110 )
Yuechun Gao
In today's world, big data is permeating all aspects of human society, and colleges and universities will be the participants and promoters of the big data wave. In this paper, we will make a systematic and in-depth study of large data to achieve scientific understanding as much as possible. Analysis of the data produced by scientific and technological background, economic background and cultural background, especially analyses the relation between the development of big data and the Internet, networking, cloud computing and other information technology and application, to clarify the difference and relation between data, information and intelligence. Starting from the big data of productive forces and production relations reform, political reform, thinking transformation, business transformation, education reform and management reform and other aspects, reveals the great value of big data on human thinking, science and technology, economy, culture, discipline development and social development, at the same time the data of potential security risk, technology risk, thinking the risk and moral risk were clever system.

Analysis of large data platform based on "new media index" (pp1111-1119 )
Bei Guo
In the era of large data, all walks of life to save the data more and more. But the ability to analyse large data can’t meet the growth rate of data, resulting in large amounts of data, but the information hides. The integration and mining of large data is the two major problems facing people today. Traditional data integration methods can’t efficiently handle heterogeneous data. Traditional data mining is affected by the performance of single processing, and the efficiency of processing large data is low. Based on the Hadoop platform, this paper explores the research status and shortcomings of the traditional data integration scheme and data mining algorithm. We design and implement a data segmentation tool to study the heterogeneous data integration and massive data analysis. The scheme of this project can realize heterogeneous data integration and data analysis in large data platform. Using the Map Reduce programming model on the Hadoop platform, the data mining algorithm is distributed and distributed, which greatly improves the efficiency of data mining and processing massive data, and has good practical value.

Research On The Development Of China’s National Sports Tourism Based On The Background Of Big Data (pp1120-1128 )
Hanikezi.Hadeer,Sun Jian
Exploration of big data technology in national sports tourism industry in the application, in order to bring the big data technology in the modernization of national sports tourism value and function, and provide advantageous support and strategic guidance, to provide support for the subsequent development of national sports tourism, for the development of sports tourism industry in China, provide theoretical basis. With the widespread use of big data, the sports industry will face the corresponding binding. Through using the methods of literature, observation, logical analysis and other methods, this article analyzes the effect and influence on the development of national sports tourism of big data. The effect of big data under the industry development in China will be faced with a major change, the sports tourism industry will be subject to the same shock. However, big data is a double -edged sword, there are both advantages and disadvantages, so in the development of the national sports tourism in the future to deal with big data actively apply also to identify.

The Information System For Ideological And Political Work Of Students Based On "Internet Plus" (pp1129-1139 )
Li He
With the rapid development of science, Internet technology has penetrated into all walks of life in China. In order to make students better study and understand the importance of ideological and political education and help students to establish a sound knowledge system, the new teaching methods under the background of “Internet plus” were combined, the method of literature research was used, the teaching situation of ideological and political education was studied, and the ideological and political learning system based on mobile Internet platform was set up. It’s found that the learning system of mobile terminal is more convenient to be used, and the system with strong inveracity is more suitable for students' learning. The political and ideological system under the background of "Internet plus" can help students to promote understanding of the importance of the ideological and political education.

Emotion And Reason Interactive Mechanism Studies Of Students' Ideological And Political Education Under The Internet Environment (pp1140-1148 )
He Li
As a technology and a tool, internet not only has a profound influence, but promotes the comprehensive change of ideas on ideological and political education of college students. In the network environment, the ideological and political education of college students is a new model, idea and trend. But studies the ideological and political education reason interaction mechanism is also the important topic which the new time faces. The research ideological and political education reason interaction mechanism, mainly from ideological and political education reason aspects and so on interaction's structure, process as well as pattern, environment launches, the reason interaction is based on the main body, meaning autonomous, equal in status and under the full democracy condition. The research ideological and political education reason interaction mechanism to establish the pedagogue with pedagogue's in ideological and political education process scientific status, the enhancement ideological and political education pointed, the effectiveness, the artistry and the scientific nature, rich and the perfect ideological and political education process's scientific system has the important meaning.

Design And Realization Of Plant Resource Information System For Green Building (pp1149-1157 )
Changlin Hu
In this paper, the green building plant resource information system is established by computer technology. The system includes four basic databases: basic plant characteristic database, plant ecological function database, plant community database and evaluation system database. The full greening of buildings in the current social environment is one of the most effective and practical ways to solve environmental problems such as environmental crises and energy shortages. A total of 500 kinds of plants and 48 common plant communities in Shanghai were collected. The biological characteristics, ecological habits and ecological function information of the plants were standardized and digitized, which reduced the professional requirements of the selection of suitable plants for green building. Multi-channel search, quick query documents and pictures of the function, both for the existing evaluation of the green system, targeted to improve the views can also be used for building outdoor greening planning and design pre-evaluation for green building green Configuration to provide scientific reference.

Study On Investor Sentiment Propagation Based On Finite Element Method (pp1158-1167 )
Yuting Huangfu*, Cheng Liu
Traditional financial theories, such as the efficient market hypothesis, suggest that investors are completely rational,the investor's objective is to pursue the maximum utility, and can make accurate judgments about the information in the market, but a great deal of facts and research prove,the securities market is not an efficient market, investors are bounded rationality, and the traditional financial theory can not explain the phenomenon of the real stock market.The stock market is a complex system, influenced by many factors, in recent years, for a variety of research of stock market that has a direct impact on important result of investor behavior and corresponding psychology of financial activities.At present, the infection of investor beliefs, the spread of investor sentiment and the evolution of investment thinking system and its impact on the market have become one of the hot issues in the field of financial research.More and more economists and physicists have devoted themselves to the study of investor sentiment, and have built many models with the aid of complexity research tools.In this paper, based on the finite element method which is suitable for complex system and complexity research, the propagation rule of investor sentiment based on finite element method is studied.

Performance Test Of Water Drainage Rubber Asphalt Mixture For The Decomposition Of Automobile Exhaust (pp1168-1176 )
Hua Huang
The paper studies the performance test of water drainage rubber asphalt mixture for the decomposition of automobile exhaust. The results show that with the increase of TiO2 content, the cumulative rate of decomposition, decomposition efficiency and cumulative decomposition rate increased first and then decreased, according to the TiO2 of the car exhaust HC, CO, NO the effective decomposition efficiency and cumulative decomposition rate, the amount of TiO2 is more suitable to select 8%. The effect of adding TiO2 on the water stability of the mixture is very limited increasing the void fraction can enhance the effect of the mixture on the degradation of automobile tail gas. Freeze-thaw splitting strength ratio and the residual stability with Mixture Void increases and decreases, water stability decreased gradually with water stability and degradation of exhaust capacity, PAC-13 void ratio control in 15%~19% is more appropriate. The rubber asphalt mixture surface structure depth and set value with coating quantity increased, which indicates that the road surface coating by reducing the sliding resistance performance of rubber asphalt mixture, low coating amount cannot meet the actual demand.

For Medical Image Processing For Super Resolution Reconstruction Of Mathematical Modelling Analysis (pp1177-1188 )
Liangyong Huang 1,2
The definition of optimization problem of medical image is concerned. Because of medical image in clinic to assist doctors to make accurate judgment to pathology, there are higher requirements on the clarity of the image. The traditional definition of medical image processing algorithms, due to the impact of human tissue is not uniform, there will be a reflection of regional noise, by definition is not high the doctor made an error of judgment, resulting in unnecessary medical accidents. In order to solve the above problems, put forward a medical image processing method of super resolution reconstruction based on the mathematical model, the digital signal processor (DSP) and field programmable gate array (FPGA) implementation of the algorithm, according to the theory of medical image reconstruction, which in strong noise under the interference, to achieve the optimal repair, meets the requirements of real-time high definition of medical images. The experimental results show that with the traditional medical image Methods compared to improve image clarity 18% optimization algorithm is processed, with high cost performance and practical application value.

The 21st Century Maritime Silk Road In The View Of Big Data The Cultural Influence Of Silk, Porcelain And Tea Is The Centre (pp1189-1198 )
Ai Jian1*, Zhongqi Xin2
The construction of the 21st century maritime Silk Road and the development of China's coastal cities and ports reflect the new concept of the Chinese government's opening up to the outside world. Our country exports goods abroad, while studying abroad. Using GOOGLE BOOKS corpus as the data source and using the method of big data analysis, the historical development trend, and evolution process and relationship network of the 21st century "maritime silk road" were investigated. Through data analysis, to describe tea, silk, porcelain, and other products for the influence of western culture, and "maritime silk road" of the 21st century the main trade routes, through the analysis of the network technology, the analysis of "Marine silk road" interactive pattern between relevant countries, cities. In the context of The Times, the paper studies the 21st century "maritime silk road" with the view and method of big data. It is a new attempt and a new exploration.

Present Situation And Analysis Of Network Resources Construction In University History Teaching (pp1199-1208 )
Yishuang Jiao
The traditional teaching of college history relies mainly on textbooks and simple picture assisted instructions with boring contents and the single teaching method, so it is unable to vividly show the historical picture and attract the interest of students. Therefore, in this paper, research on present situation and analysis of network resources construction in university history teaching was put forward; the problems existing in the construction of university history teaching network were expounded; EM algorithm was constructed to analyze the construction of historical network resources. The analysis shows that the construction of network resources can improve the quality of teaching and students' academic achievements and strengthen the communication between teachers and students. However, the corresponding software update of network construction is slow, so it is necessary to strengthen the propaganda.

The Application Of Learning Analytical Techniques In College Students' Network Thinking Education (pp1209-1218 )
Xiaojing Lan
Abstract: with the development of information technology, the study analysis technology to realize the importance of large-scale personalized education is becoming more and more highlights, and gradually the traditional education become the only way for large-scale personalized education. This article through to the individualized education to the mass personalized education development and learn the techniques of analysis of the concept, function model and operation mode of inquiry, induces the study analysis technical support large-scale four main methods of personalized teaching, namely the information in the data mining study; Analyze the relationship between information and infer the influence factors; Taking appropriate interventions; Based on the value-added evaluation of data. This paper describes how to apply learning analysis techniques to college students' network thinking education.

The Application Advantages Of Bim In Interior Design (pp1219-1227 )
Feiweihua Li
The rapid development of modern information technology, not only to a great extent changed people’s way of life and work, but also brought new performance mode and technology for the interior design industry. The architectural information model technology is now running through the entire life cycle from the planning and design of the building to the demolition. The building information model technology (BIM) makes the interior design pay more attention to the details, while improving the design efficiency and the design quality, and create the indoor environment that meets the people's living and spiritual needs. In the interior design, the former computer aided interior design is mainly for the design software such as AutoCAD, but this kind of software can only carry out two-dimensional flat, vertical and profile design. It is difficult to meet the full demand of 3d design. The 3D design software based on BIM technology has solved the problem of two-dimensional interior design in the past. The article will analyze and discuss the application of BIM technology in interior design.

The Impact Of Strategic Fitting On M & A Performance Of Chinese Financial Enterprises: An Empirical Study Based On Business Model Perspective (pp1228-1238 )
Huizhong Li
Enterprise mergers and acquisitions and subsequent integration process as a form of enterprise integration strategy has always been one of the focus of management theory. Since the first listing of listed companies in China since 1993 - the number and amount of M & A activities of listed companies have increased significantly since the event of Bao Yan. 2008 - 2009, despite the impact of overseas financial turmoil, but in the national and government policies and M & A loans to support the 2009 M & A event hit a new high, reaching 5 times in 2005. However, with the increase in mergers and acquisitions and the amount of mergers and acquisitions, the profitability of Chinese enterprises after the merger is far lower than expected. Therefore, in order to promote the core competitiveness of Chinese enterprises and international influence, it is very important to study the internal integration mechanism and influencing factors of M & A

Analysis Of Consumer Behavior Based On Network Integration Data In The Background Of Big Data (pp1239-1251 )
Liping Li
With the development of Internet technology, more and more people choose online shopping. The rapid development of online shopping also faces many challenges, such as privacy issues and data security issues, and the existence of these problems will affect the behavior of consumers. Therefore, the study of consumer behavior in the environment of big data is an urgent need for the development of Internet market in big data age. The era of big data was taken as a social background; then based on the theory of consumer behavior, the concept, characteristics and influence of big data itself were focused on, and the characteristics and development status of online shopping mode were combined; furthermore, the consumer behavior model based on network integration data in big data environment was established, and the theory was verified through empirical analysis.

The Language Features Of Computer English And Their Translation Skills (pp1252-1261 )
li li
English computer science and technology literature of the multitude, types can be divided into: ` technology monographs, textbooks or teaching reference books, Journal of scientific papers, reference manual, computing system manual and operating manual etc.. In different forms of literature, its linguistic features are different. Therefore, to understand the language features of computer science literature, master the word syntax language style and language characteristics, has very important significance for us to read, understand and translate English materials of different types of computer science literature This article from the characteristics of English for science and technology of the two aspects of vocabulary and sentence structure according to the characteristics of computer English literature of science and technology, through scientific analysis, summed up, pointed out the computer English vocabulary and literature characteristics different from other characteristics of the sentence structure of English Literature.

New Kinetic Energy, Trend And Path Of Intelligent Logistics Development Under The Background Of "Internet Plus" (pp1262-1272 )
Lianwei Li
As the "Internet +" combined with logistics continuously, the discussion of wisdom logistics gradually increased. "Internet +" transportation service is dominated by connecting through transport, marked by the wide application of Internet technology, is leading with wisdom transportation, logistics, with the constant innovation of personalized, diversified transportation service mode and timely application for characteristic, disruptive impact on traditional transportation service of new service organization and management system. In this paper, the wisdom logistics to logistics management based on the analysis of logistics and its characteristics, the influence of wisdom logistics management system based on the characteristics and application examples of logistics management in the application prospect of intelligent logistics are analyzed. What’s more, the reference for the enterprise application and development of intelligent logistics is provided. This logistics system can better meet the public's demand for faster, more convenient, more comfortable and lower price for transportation services.

A Probe Into The Characteristics Of College Students' Reading In Contemporary Universities (pp1273-1280 )
Qiaoli Li
Reading, inheriting profound and meaningful human civilization , washing and seeking knowledge of the immortal soul. Reading is an important way for people to learn and acquire knowledge. Through effective reading, readers can get more information in a short period of time to adapt to society. However,With the rapid development of information technology and the cloud era, the arrival of things,Big data are as a new term gradually into people's lives. Big data symbolizes a challenge that has a significant impact on college students 'reading, and new opportunities for college students' reading are accompanied by challenges. The reading of college students should grasp the characteristics of large data accurately, explore the advantages of large data, and actively guide students to establish a correct reading concept, and the big data and college students to read the perfect combination of ideological education to promote the good reading habits of college students to carry out. This paper starts with the reading situation of college students, and makes a new elaboration on the change of reading characteristics under the big data age.

Exploring The Application Of Computer Technology In Economic Management (pp1281-1290 )
Weiyi Li
Science and technology are primary productive forces. With the development of science and technology, computer technology has been widely used in all walks of life, in the enterprise office, advertising design and other fields in the application, greatly enhance the work effectiveness and quality of work. In the enterprise economic management, the computer technology has the important significance and the superiority. In this paper, based on the analysis of the status quo of the economic management of enterprises and the significance and advantages of the application of computer technology in enterprise economic management, this paper studies the problems and present situation of current enterprise economic management, and combines the advantages of computer technology. Enhance the quality of enterprise economic management, and to promote computer technology.

Dissection Of Optimum Design And Simulation Of Structure Of Magnetic Flywheel Battery For Microgrid (pp1291-1300 )
Wei Li, Zhenhuan Ye, Weihai Jia
In the crisis of energy and environment, microgrid can effectively alleviate the great pressure that traditional power industry is facing. However the energy loss which caused because of the time of using of electricity is always different from power generation and the instability of distributed generation can make a huge impact on microgird. So the energy storage device of mierogrid should have large capacity and good speed of charging and discharging because of many advantages of magnetic suspension flywheel battery (MSFB). To achieve this goal,the structure of MSFB is researched and analyzed in this paper. This paper focuses on the study of the structure of the magnetic suspension flywheel battery, and on the basis of the research on the flywheel rotor, magnetic bearing and support structure to optimize the design. The critical speed and related modal of the designed rotor is analyzed by using SAMCEF ROTOR to verify the rationality of the design of the rotors structure and supporting system. It is hoped that by optimizing the design of the flywheel, it will optimize its storage density.

Design And Implementation Of Ground Meteorological Observation Data Quality Control System Based On Association Rules (pp1301-1310 )
Xue Li
With the development of economy and the improvement of people's living standard, weather has more and more influence on society and economy. As the climate continues to deteriorate, frequent climate disasters, weather forecasting and disaster protection to the environment also plays a very important role Under this background, how to make full use of the meteorological data that can be observed at present and mine the useful law is the key point of the research. Improving the accuracy of data, providing effective data support for environmental protection and weather prediction is also an important topic which needs to be studied further. In view of the quality control of meteorological observation data, the traditional quality control method cannot meet the requirements of the existing meteorological data quality control requirements. Association rules and application in the detection of outlier analysis of meteorological observation data in the abnormal combination of a meteorological data quality control algorithm based on association rules mining, and according to the needs of the design and implementation of the ground observation data of the comprehensive quality control system.

The Empirical Analysis Of The Influencing Factors Of College Students' Timing Choice Based On Logit Model (pp1311-1320 )
Chunying Liu
The recognition of the entrepreneurial opportunity and the determination of the timing of entrepreneurship is the decisive factor in the process of entrepreneurship, which influences the success or failure of the entrepreneurial activity." Supporting youth entrepreneurship" is an important way to solve the employment problem of college students. Based on thirty-three universities nationwide college students questionnaire survey data as the foundation, use more orderly classification Logit model, the influence factors of the timing of entrepreneurship has carried on the empirical research, from the perspective of the entrepreneur, we deeply analyzed the choice of entrepreneurial opportunities. Studies show that entrepreneurial capability, entrepreneurial attitude and entrepreneurial experience and entrepreneurial support environmental factors on four aspects, such as the choice of the start-up time has significant effect, economic achievement motivation showed no significant effect. The result is a combination of the opportunity window of the macroeconomic environment and the "opportunity window" of the entrepreneur's own quality, which makes a theoretical explanation and possible path selection.

Design Strategy And Management Of Network Course Of Design And Guidance Of Kindergarten Educational Activities (pp1321-1329 )
Haiyan Liu, Yuexia Chen
Based on the analysis of learner’s ability, this paper constructs the pre-school education curriculum design based on the practical needs and integrates the quality resources of kindergartens in this city. According to the learning characteristics of adult learners, this paper adopts six-week learning mode and selects learning contents. “Kindergarten education activities design and guidance” course relies on Moodle platform to carry out network teaching, the use of vertical and horizontal dimensions of the teaching objectives of three-dimensional design; Learning content selection focuses on practicality and cutting-edge, learning materials presented to meet the different needs of learners; Interesting and generated for the principle of design learning activities; The use of a variety of learning experience teaching strategies; to achieve and understand the concept of assessment for the learners to provide effective learning support and services. The paper analyzes the design strategy of network course and introduces the management of network course in order to make people easily understand and more master the knowledge.

Study On The Structural Optimization Of Small And Medium-Sized Towns Based On Cluster Economy (pp1330-1339 )
Huanxiang Liu1 2
With the rapid development of economy and the acceleration of the world economic integration, the development of urbanization and the development of industrial clusters have become the focus of attention. Research shows that both at home and abroad, the development of urbanization to some extent, promote the development of industrial clusters, improve the competitiveness of industrial clusters and comprehensive strength, at the same time, the development of industrial clusters, in turn, improve the competitiveness of the city. Fully recognize the connotation of the small towns and its law of development is presented in this paper, on the basis of the history of the development of small towns, the present situation, problems and generalizes the practical experience at home and abroad and the related theory and reviewed in this paper, with the concept of industrial concentration, focus on analysis of development of small towns and the relationship between the industrial agglomeration, exploration of Nantong city circle and the interactive development of industrial agglomeration mechanism of small towns.

Research On The Selection And Evaluation Of Family Business Successor In China From The Perspective Of Fuzzy Mathematics (pp1340-1349 )
Hui Liu
Since the reform and opening up for more than thirty years, China's family business has developed rapidly, and has made great achievements. It is estimated that in the next ten to fifteen years, China's family enterprises will face the largest and old handover in history. However, the development process of family enterprises in China is short and the experience is insufficient. Therefore, the inheritance of family enterprises has become a common problem faced by the older family enterprises and social scholars. Based on the analysis of the current situation of family business in China, this paper summarizes the difficulties faced by the family enterprises in China, and discusses the problem and tries to find ways to solve the problem.Finally, the Fuzzy comprehensive evaluation model is established by using the Fuzzy mathematical theory, and the evaluation of the candidate candidates is studied. It is hoped that this study will provide some reference for the choice of successor of family business, which is conducive to the smooth inheritance and healthy and sustainable development of family enterprises in china.

Construction Of Economics And Management Laboratory In Colleges And Universities Based On Virtual Technology (pp1350-1360 )
Jiang Liu1, Xiong Wang2, Haiyan Gao1, Ya’ni Xie1
In recent years, colleges and universities in our country have stepped up the construction of experimental teaching centers, and many schools have set up virtual simulation experimental teaching center, which is taken as a breakthrough in the reform of talent training mode and teaching. In this paper, the aims and tasks of the personnel training of economics and management specialty in colleges and universities were taken as the guide, and the present situation of talent training in economics and management specialty of our country was combined; then the construction of economics and management laboratory in colleges and universities based on virtual technology was analyzed and studied; on the basis of the related theories of virtual laboratory, the characteristics of digitization, virtualization and simulation of the economics and management laboratory were analyzed; based on experimental environment virtualization, experimental resource virtualization, experimental content virtualization, experimental data virtualization, experimental process virtualization and other aspects, the thought, method and means of constructing virtual laboratory were expounded.

Study On Economic Impact Of Regional Import Trade - Based On Mathematical Model Analysis (pp1361-1371 )
Juan Liu
Under the background that economic globalization pushes forward quickly, China's economic and trade have attained sustainable and rapid development over the past 30 years since the reform and opening up. The prominent position of foreign trade in contribution to economic growth has been further strengthened and deepened. Under-estimating or even ignoring the effect of import trade for economic growth is a long-term tendency in policy practices and researches in our country. The problem that China's foreign trade is developing with increasing trade imbalance, frequent trade frictions, low-technology products and small trade interest is becoming more and more serious. The expansion of import is an urgent current need to improve the environment and optimize the trade structure of China's foreign trade. It has both theoretical and realistic significance to study systematically on the effect of import trade on economic growth. This paper studies the effect of import trade on China's economic growth from the perspective of technology pullovers, focusing on analysing regional difference of import pullovers and the main factors that lead to the absorption capacity difference in different places.

Research On Energy Substitution Model Based On Centralized New Energy Precise Poverty Alleviation (pp1372-1380 )
Jun Liu
In the context of precision poverty alleviation and power substitution, in many parts of our country, there is a serious phenomenon of abandoning the wind and abandoning the light. For the construction of new energy poverty alleviation, it is bound to cause more waste of resources.In order to promote new energy consumption, the implementation of an energy replacement strategy based on centralized new energy precision poverty alleviation can not only avoid repeated construction of new energy sources, but also solve the problem of abandoning the wind and abandoning the light. And it can realize the centralized new energy precise poverty alleviation, and promote the development of electric energy replacement. Centralized new energy precision poverty alleviation is mainly applicable to poor areas such as rural areas. At present, the development of rural areas in the country is relatively backward, the use of energy is mainly coal, centralized new energy precision poverty alleviation can make rural electricity instead of coal.

Research On The Communication Function Of Enterprise Culture Based On Network (pp1381-1390 )
Yifei Liu
The spread of enterprise culture based on Internet is a new subject faced by enterprises and academic circles. At present, the scientific understanding of its function is far from being formed.The main purpose of this paper is to systematically analyze and summarize the functional characteristics of the spread of enterprise culture based on network by means of practical investigation and statistical analysis. Combining theory and practical analysis, we can draw the conclusion that the interaction between enterprise culture communication and traditional media communication based on Internet has the function of encouraging, integrating, guiding , promoting effective management, radiation function and shaping function. At the same time, the enterprise culture also has the expansion function through the network dissemination, including internal staff realize their "online home" cohesion function, expanding the scope of communication, and enhance the effectiveness of communication functions, interactive functions. These functions will help to improve the economic and social benefits of enterprises. Finally, two suggestions are put forward for the business circle, that is: (1) Pay attention to the integrity and pertinence of the five elements of enterprise culture communication. (2)Strengthen the interactivity of enterprise culture network communication, and promote network construction.

Research On Collaborative Filtering Recommendation Algorithm Based On Temporal Behavior (pp1391-1400 )
Yuanzhen Liu1, 2,Jianzhao Liu1
Collaborative filtering directly predicts the products that may be liked by the user's behavior records, it is the most successful and widely used method of recommendation. Probabilistic matrix factorization is one of the most important collaborative filtering methods. It is recommended by learning the approximate matrix of low dimension, and can effectively deal with massive data. However, the traditional probabilistic matrix factorization method often ignores the relationship between users and products, and affects the effect of recommendation algorithms. By measuring the relationship between users to find similar neighbor users, we can more accurately identify the user's personal interests, so as to effectively improve the accuracy of collaborative filtering recommendation. To solve this problem, a method for modeling temporal behavior among users is proposed. Based on this method, the neighbor set which has the greatest influence on the current user can be found. Furthermore, the neighbor set is successfully fused into a collaborative filtering recommendation algorithm based on probabilistic matrix decomposition.

The Application Value Of Online Automatic Evaluation System In College English Writing Teaching (pp1401-1412 )
Kaixun Luo
College English writing teaching on-line automatic evaluation system is a network technology used in teaching foreign language writing a typical performance, this paper analyzes the present situation and the causes of college English writing teaching in China. On this basis, an interactive teaching mode of writing automatic evaluation system is put forward and the empirical study is carried out. Using SPSS16.0 to analyze the experimental data, the experimental teaching can help students to develop their writing ability and improve their autonomous learning ability. The focus of writing teaching focuses on the exploration and expression of focusing on language errors and focusing on content, from focusing on the result to focusing on writing teaching process and writing teaching method. In the process, the role of teachers and students changes. Based on this research, this paper constructs a teaching model to integrate the automatic evaluation system into the writing course.

Research On Computer Software Engineering Management And Application (pp1413-1421 )
Zhenyi Luo
In economic construction and social development, computer technology as a comprehensive and systematic technology, professional and computer software engineering development staff are demanding, in order to better ensure the scientific use of computer and software engineering development work smoothly Implementation, must strengthen the effective scientific management. This paper expounds the main management contents of computer software engineering, focuses on the management and application of computer software engineering, analyzes the application of computer software engineering, and puts forward the innovation strategy of computer software engineering management, and puts forward specific measures for the development of computer software engineering at present, especially the strategy of maintaining planning clarity, strengthening risk consciousness and project management cooperation relationship. It aims to improve the management level of computer software engineering, so that computer software engineering can play its role better and provide convenience for people's life. We hope that the content of this paper will be helpful in optimizing the quality of computer software engineering management and improving its application efficiency help.

An Interactive Image Segmentation Algorithm Based On Artificial Intelligence (pp1422-1430 )
Liao Fan , Linjing Wang
Image segmentation is applied to image recognition, image retrieval, image analysis and other artificial intelligence fields. Since natural images contain complex color features and texture features, it is difficult to produce satisfactory results in automatic image segmentation. A fast segmentation algorithm based on graph cuts using combined CS-LBP texture features. Mean Shift algorithm is applied to pre-segment the original image into regions to form superpixels and construct region adjacency graph which reduces the scale of s-t network flow graph effectively and improves the efficiency of the algorithm sufficiently. Then cumulative histogram, simple and effective CS-LBP texture descriptor are used to extract color and texture features from each region. A new term of texture constraint is added to the energy function and local adaptive regularization parameter is used. So the proposed algorithm can get better segmentation results with a significant efficiency improvement.

Theory And Experiment Study On Arc Angle Measure Method Of Ship Ribs' Automatic Cold Bending (pp1431-1439 )
Xiangwei Li
In order to meet the needs of cold forming of small and medium sized shipyards, arc angle measure method which was a non-endpoint measure method based on feed arc length and angle was introduced. This measure method can avoid the large measurement mechanism of the endpoint measurement control method and the string measuring control method, and realize the real-time measurement and adjust the processing parameters according to the feeding error in the production process, and finally realize the high precision, high efficiency and low cost production. The actual marine shape is processed by arc angle measurement and control method based on semi-automatic cold - bending machine. The rationality and practicality of the method were proved by the measurement of the machined workpiece and analyzing the measurement data and the CAD data of the ribs.

An Improve Approach Of Environmental Effect On Metal Supply Based On Life Cycle Assessment (pp1440-1448)
Xiaoqian Guo, Jianwu Li, Yawen Han
Metal supply is very important for economic development and the environmental effect on metal supply has become a serious problem. The main challenge is to decide how to quantify the environmental effect. A series of researches have promoted different methods. This paper promotes an improved approach for assessment of environmental effect on metal supply. LCA method was used and system steps of the mining and processing during LCA method of a specific metal was first identified. The midpoint and endpoint data were derived separately for Al and Cu as case study. Then normalization was applied to the endpoint data and the section with biggest value was considered most serious environmental effect. And the endpoint value for this section is chosen as environmental implication for a specific metal. We hope this approach can be a convenient and practical method for the environmental effect assessment.

Epids: Imprecise D-s Inference Models For Detection Of Epistatic Snp-snp Interactions (pp1449-1461)
Yaling Yin, Junying Zhang
The study of epistatic SNP-SNP interactions is a powerful way for revealing the causes of common complex diseases. However, the testing of a large number of SNP-SNP interactions presents a large statistical and computational burden. Several methods have been developed for analysis of certainty statistical interaction models in case-control studies. As far as uncertainty interaction models, however, few methods currently exist to deal with the immense search space. We have developed a new approach – epistatic difference D-S inference (EpiDS)–that uses inferential models to detect epistasis while handling uncertainty separately. EpiDS combines the D-S evidence of the inference model framework on the basis of random forest filtration. In simulated data sets, epistatic interactions are accurately discovered. In applying a real data set of age-related macular degeneration (AMD), the results show that EpiDS highlights the certainty and decreases the uncertainty of disease models. EpiDS is able to detect SNPs related to AMD, as well as those that suppress the disease, including rs1923438 in the gene PTPRT. These experimental results demonstrate that the proposed identification method for detection of epistasis represents an effective and novel technique for identifying the uncertainty in disease models.

Comprehensive Treatment Research On Gushing Water Of Metro Stations In Soft Fluid-plastic Stratum Under The Complex Urban Environment (pp1462-1470)
Hongbo, Wang, Qingsong Zhang, Rentai Liu, Peng Jiang, Yanan Liu, Yankai Liu
Soft and broken ground is a common geological condition for subway pit water damage. The complex hydrogeological environment is the main cause of frequent disasters. It relied on the inrush water project of the soft fluid-plastic stratum in the pit of the Shang Yuanmen station in Nanjing. And based on the geological data and the actual site of the project, the station was evaluated for hazards and analysis of major and difficult points. Combined with a variety of geophysical exploration methods, obtained the source of water in the foundation pit and the key areas for pulp reinforcement. Based on field tests and indoor tests of grouting reinforcement, the parameters before and after grouting reinforcement were analyzed. The effect of material proportioning and grouting pressure on the parameters of stratum reinforcement was studied. Revealing the material properties and the injection Slurry pressure has different emphasis on different mechanical parameters. Finally, formed complete comprehensive treatment methods for inrush water disasters in soft fluid-plastic stratum under the complex urban strata. Then methods are implemented at the project site. Practice has proved that this method successfully seals the inrush water and reinforces foundation pits while ensuring the safety of foundation pits and surrounding construction pipelines. It is hoped that this method can be used as a reference for similar projects.

Digital Photography: Research Reviewed On Single Image Dehazing Method (pp1471-1481)
Bochen Zhang
This paper gives an overview of the history and recent developments of photogrammetry. Imaging in the atmosphere is often degraded by scattering due to atmospheric particles such as haze, fog, and mist. In this paper, Firstly, the prediction of transmission map is progressively refined by using three scales convolutional neural networks. Secondly, the fog-free image can be recovered by the atmospheric scattering model after transmission map is got. The complexity of the proposed method is only a linear function of the number of input image pixels and this allows a very fast implementation. Results on a variety of outdoor foggy images demonstrate that the proposed method achieves good restoration for contrast and color fidelity, resulting in a great improvement in image visibility.

A Selection-based Mcl Clustering Algorithm For Motif Discovery (pp1482-1494)
Chunxiao Sun, Zhiyong Zhang, Shide Song, Xiaoli Xie, Shuai Liu
As motif discovery plays an important role in the understanding of the relationship of gene regulation, this paper puts forward a selection-based MCL clustering refinement algorithm (SMCLR) aiming at solving the planted (l, d) motif search (PMS) problem. First, we divide the DNA dataset into different subsets through selection of reference sequence, and screen parts of eligible subsets by setting thresholds under selection project. Then the MCL clustering algorithm is used for refinement. The experiment results on simulation data show that SMCLR algorithm has higher prediction accuracy in a reasonable time than these existing motif discovery algorithms like Project,MEME,MCL-WMR and VINE. Moreover, the experiment results on real biological data demonstrate the effectiveness of SMCLR algorithm.

Viroid Diffusing Based Stability Analysis Method For Wireless Networks (pp1495-1506)
Yuqi Yang, Lei Zhu, Junye Meng, Pengli Liu, Qiang Yue, Xiaohui Zhang
The stability of wireless network is an important research content. It is of great significance to study the stability analysis of wireless network in the face of viroid threat. This research studies the method of wireless network stability analysis based on viroid diffusing model. In view of the existing research, the micro and macro network analysis of the relationship between the issue of inaccurate, this article focuses on node discrepancy in the network, wireless network transmission mechanism of the differential model was set up, then analysis from the node point to the stability of the entire network.

Design Method Of Meridional Contours Based On Velocity Distribution Of Multi-stage Composite Impeller (pp1507-1517)
Jiangfeng Fu, Huacong Li, Xianwei Liu, Jiaxing Zhu, Jing Liu
The aim of this paper was to solve the integrated design problem of meridional contours of the multi-stage composite impeller centrifugal pump with special structure. A design method of axial flow channel is proposed based on the rule of axial velocity distribution. The cubic spline curve was used to fit the shroud and hub to get the central axis of the meridional contours. Then the meridional velocity distribution was analysed combined with the result of numerical simulation after obtaining the variation of the cross-flow section area. Finally, adapting the dimensionless method to establish the constraints model that used in the design differential equations according to medial axis theory to draw the appropriate meridional contours. Research results show that the cross-flow section area of this type of impeller is not linear or parabolic distribution which is different from existing theory. Crowding-out effect is the main reason of the error in meridional velocity calculation. The proposed design method is easy to control the shape of the axial flow channel. The variation trend of the flow area and axial surface velocity designed by this method is well fitted with the impeller of the model pump. This method has good engineering practical value in the design of centrifugal pumps.

Spatial Moving Average Error Model With A Hierarchical Data Structure: Generalized Method Of Moments Estimation (pp1518-1526)
Qianting Ye, Zhihe Long
This paper considers a spatial moving average error model with a hierarchical data structure (HSEMA). HSEMA model captures the spatially moving average error correlation, the county-level random effects, and the district-level random effects nested within each county. We propose optimal generalized method of moments (GMM) estimators for the spatial error correlation coefficient and the error components' variances terms, as well as a feasible generalized least squares (FGLS) estimator for the regression parameter vector. Further, we prove consistency of the GMM-FGLS estimator. A finite-scale Monte Carlo simulation is conducted to demonstrate the good finite sample performances of our GMM-FGLS estimators.

Context-aware Cross-layer Routing Algorithm For Hybrid Wireless-optical Broadband Access Network (pp1527-1537)
Weida Zhan, Yijun Wang,ziqiang Hao
Routing algorithms for HWOBAN have such problems as greater time delay, lower delivery ratio and lower throughput than the state of art wireless networks do. Context-Aware Cross-Layer routing algorithm is presented to work out corresponding issues. Firstly, we inserted neighbour ID code into IEEE 802.3 frame that included neighbour ID option and relationship option. Before sending packets, an OLT firstly considered its neighbour OLTs according to link cost, and then selected an appropriate OLT as next-hop node. Secondly, we reallocated wireless routers roles according to their state for packets transmission. After reallocation, the wireless router compared neighbourhood based on context, and then chosen effective neighbour link for information transmission. Simulation experiments show that this algorithm achieves shorter time delay and higher packets delivery ratio. The algorithm also increases network throughput compared with other algorithms.

Response Surface Methodology As An Approach To Optimize The Preparation Of Maize Straw Panels Applying Soy-based Adhesives (pp1538-1545)
Yong Wang, Wanli Lou, Zhigao Li, Shiqing Chen, Layun Deng, Youhua Fan
In this study, maize straw was used to prepare formaldehyde-free panels with soy-based adhesives. Influences of adhesive amount, hot-pressing time, temperature and pressure on the internal bonding strength were optimized by applying response surface methodology (RSM). The results showed that based on experimental mathematical model, the optimum hot-pressing conditions were obtained. Adhesive amount was 14%, hot-pressing pressure was 3.0 MPa, hot-pressing temperature was 126 ℃,hot-pressing time was 28 s/mm. The actual internal bonding strength was 0.52 MPa while the predicted value was 0.51 MPa, indicating that the experimental mathematical model was accurate and reliable.

Practice Of Power Electronic Hardware Loop Simulation Based On Fpga (pp1546-1553)
Junhong Li
To develop and design the power electric hardware, the hardware-in-the-loop simulation system suitable for power electronics is carried out. An architecture of hardware-in-the-loop simulation system in power electronic based on multi field-programmable gate array (FPGA) is presented. The functional modules of the hardware-in-the-loop simulation system are independent, and different functional boards are formed to facilitate the system expansion. The full hardware FPGA architecture is adopted, and multi-chip FPGA is used as the parallel core operation unit. Therefore, the system simulation capacity is effectively increased. At the same time, the simulation step is shortened, and the simulation precision of the system is ensured. In addition, the hardware-in-the-loop simulation platform based on multi FPGA is built. The external controller and the hardware-in-the-loop simulation platform are connected to realize the closed-loop simulation control of the hardware in the 10k V STATCOM. The experimental results show that the system can take a long and stable hardware-in-the-loop simulation for the power electronic devices with ideal condition and non-ideal condition. The controller can be directly applied to the actual platform by the hardware-in-the-loop-simulation.

Laboratory Study Of Subgrade Reinforcement By Seepage Drainage Geogrid Under The Effect Of Freeze-thaw Action (pp1554-1567)
Wei Shan, Yuzhuo Wang
The paper introduced a laboratory study method of subgrade reinforced by drainage and geogrid and carried out the freeze-thaw cycle test for a certain size of soil subgrade model with and without drainage geogrids. The results showed that the soil with drainage geogrid indicates a quick response to the external cooling change and frozen itself as soon as possible with high strength. When thawing, convection microcirculation system formed between drainage geogrid and the outsider can take away part of the soil moisture around the geogrid so as to decrease the rate of soil moisture around geogrid pipeline and block the rising way of capillary water at the same time to ensure the soil stability. In a word, the drainage effect and temperature adjusting function of the drainage geogrid play a vital role in subgrade strength, stability and durability in cold road.

Research On Flight Path Planning Of Iot Based Mountain Forest Fire Monitoring Uav (pp1568-1577)
Biqing Li, Miao Tian, Suping Jiang, Yongfa Ling, Shiyong Zheng
UAV has been widely used in the civil field with the popularization of Internet of things technology. Forest fire prevention monitoring is a new field of UAV application, the use of unmanned aerial vehicle to replace traditional manual patrol can improve the inspection precision and reduce the labor cost. However, the mountain forest environment is complex, which poses a great challenge to the UAV flight path planning. In this paper, according to the terrain characteristics of mountain forest, the three-dimensional space model is established, and the ant colony algorithm is used to design the optimal flight path of UAV. The simulation results show that the algorithm proposed in this paper can find the optimal patrol route with the coincidence condition, which provides a basis for the research on the practical application of UAV in forest fire inspection.

Modelling Analysis Of Charging Station Based On Limited Resources (pp1578-1586)
Xingqun Qi, Qi Li Jiaming Liu, Chuang Zhang
With the increase in the number and distribution of electric vehicles, the construction and layout of corresponding charging piles has become an important factor affecting the development of electric vehicles. The current distribution of charging stations was far from sufficient to meet the future development of electric vehicles. For the layout and construction of electric vehicle charging stations, this paper took the Tesla electric vehicle as an example to conduct modeling analysis on the Ireland. From a microscopic point of view, this paper used the maximum coverage model to model the location of the American supercharger station and the destination charge station. From a macro perspective, this paper used the loop model and the cellular model to model the layout of charging stations in Ireland and selected the location of the candidate charging stations. The maximum charging model was then used to select the actual charging position from the candidate charging stations. In addition, this paper also dealt with modeling and analysis of human traffic monitoring and human behavior.

Analytical Calculation Of The Tunneling Under Financial Crisis: Ownership Structure, Tunneling Cost And Supervision (pp1587-1593)
Huajie Liang, Renzeng Wang
This paper presents an improved analytical model to calculate variation response of the tunneling, investigates the impact of ownership structure, tunneling cost and supervision on tunneling, as well as their different influence on tunneling in financial crisis. The results show that the cash flow rights held by controlling shareholders, the cost of tunneling, and the supervision of investors will all have negative effect on the tunneling. Besides, the analytical calculation validates that the entrenchment effect will be moderated in financial crisis, and their restraint on the tunneling will be become stronger.

The Influence Of Technology Diversification On Enterprise Investment Value Based On Negative Binomial Regression Model (pp1594-1604)
Jingye Luy, Ting Wang, Penglin Li
Through the use of the negative binomial regression model, the coal listed companies in 2012-2016, for example, after empirical analysis: the relationship between diversity and innovation performance in technology, diversified technology promoted an increase in the number of patent, but reduces the patent quality; In the relationship between innovation performance and corporate investment value, the number of patents is counter-productive to the stock return, while the patent quality promotes the stock return. Institutional investor shareholding and patent quality as a moderator variable, the product of analysis of pressure sensitive institutional investors and pressure resistance, the increase of institutional investors holding have led to the weakening of investment value of the enterprise of the quality of the patent. At the same time, the paper puts forward relevant policy Suggestions for the research conclusion.

Research On Cloud Security Risk Assessment Method Based On Fuzzy Theory (pp1605-1612)
Qingcong Zhao
This paper proposes a cloud security risk assessment index system through the study of cloud computing structure and services and quantifies the risk through entropy weight and fuzzy theory. This method can determine the value of risk from the three essential attributes of assets, threats, and vulnerability, and it can be applied to the risk assessment of various types of cloud services.

On The Innovative Sustainable Development And Construction Of The Community (pp1613-1625)
Shuai Yang, Yao Wu, Wei Wu
Renewal is the urban planning idea, which aims to create orientation for future development, bring measures and projects together, encourage government support and guide to a distribution of resources, bring goals together and enhance identity. The main purpose of this paper is to develop the renewal design principles and strategies for a sustainable community in China.The selected site for the sustainable renewal strategies is a Hakka Village. The current condition of the village is going to be demolished by the developer for housing projects. Meanwhile, the young people are leaving the villages for better career opportunities. As a conclusion, the findings of this paper come along with a persuasive and decisive preoccupation to preserve the village. The result intends to encourage the implementation of sustainable planning strategies into the procedures of village renewal. The strategies enable the village to be a sustainable community and enhance the younger generation population. It is significant to be a guideline for future villages renewal planning.

Study On Development Strategy Of Sustainable Product Design In Product Service System: Using Asus Technology Products As An Example (pp1626-1637)
Hongyi Chen, Huicun Shen, Kunchieh Wang, Chi-ching Yang
Although technology development allows many material of enjoyment, it exploits natural resources and causes heavy burden on the environment, which may lead to great calamity in the future. Regarding the product development and use, the Environmental Directives of EU suggested “reducing, recycling and reusing” three different resources to enhance the product use and recycling efficiency. The concept of sustainability will be national economic development and national life style in the future. Therefore, Product Service System (PSS) responds to the concept of sustainability which will reduce the carbon emission of enterprises in product development and increase resource use efficiency. There will be a close loop of green life cycle from product development, production and use to waste. This study is design to consider on product service system and sustainable product design development. On the literature review and expert interview, this study applied fuzzy logic in Grounded Theory to propose service and design development strategy of sustainable products. Since in technology development, technology products have become necessities in human beings’ daily lives, this study treated design and development business concept of ASUS technology products as the case to validate the strategic model. In this case, this study argued that besides design, designers should probe into product use and operation, characteristics of materials and the problems encountered in different stages of production to improve defective rate of products in production. In addition, the sustainable product service and design development principles in product service system can be acquired to enhance the effects and the impact on environment in different stages of product life cycle. On the other hands, the system assist and confirm the accomplishment of sustainable product design development.

Research On The Compression Property Of Tailings From Its Weight (pp1638-1650)
Jun Wang, Dengpan Qiao, Guangtao Li, Jincheng Xie
The self-compacting behavior of tailings filling materials with granule mechanical properties leads to the particles rearrangement and the skeleton structure dislocation, tailings’ physical mechanical properties are subject to change with the compaction conditions, which shows non-deterministic mechanical characteristics. Based on the experimental results of compression of tailings, the change law of microstructure of tailings was studied, the self-compacting model of tailings was established by combining the experimental data fitting and the stress balance analysis of microelement body of tailings. Research indicates that the self-compacting behavior law of tailings satisfies characteristics of the power function, density of tailings increases with the overburden pressure (height), the growth rate decreases gradually. The numerical simulation results of tailings self-compacting show that the model established in this paper is consistent with the actual compacting behavior of tailings, it has high theoretical significance and engineering guidance value.

Soc Estimation Of Li-ion Batteries Based On Differential Equation Algorithm (pp1651-1660)
Jia Wei
The traditional Kalman Filter algorithm requires that the system noise is of Gaussian distribution. However, the power battery operation condition is complex and disturbed heavily by the environment, thus generally the requirement cannot be met. In addition, the Particle Filter algorithm can be used to adapt to various forms of the system noise. In terms of the Particle Filter algorithm, at the same time, using Genetic algorithm to resample the particles and combining with the power battery second-order Thevenin model,a differential equation(GPF) algorithm is proposed to estimate the SOC of the power battery. Compared with the Extended Kalman Filter(EKF) algorithm, the differential equation algorithm can reach accuracy 1% toward SOC. The algorithm error is stable and the standard deviation is obviously smaller than that of the Extended Kalman Filter algorithm.

Teaching Reform Of The Computer Engineering Talent’s Innovation Ability Under The Background Of Internet Plus (pp1661-1667)
Hengyao Tang, Qing Zhang, Xiaoyan Zhan, Guosong Jiang
According to problem of lacking innovation ability and weak adaptability proposed by China engineering education quality report, the paper designed teaching model of six learning procedures based on Internet, including learning planning, online self-study, communication of doubtful points, lectures, application practice and competition promotion from the point view of cultivating innovation ability elements, which includes learning ability, observation ability, thinking ability, practical ability, expression ability and cooperation ability to make full use of the advantages of the Internet and the value of education resources and to achieve improvement of the comprehensive ability and stimulate students' innovation potential.

A Stochastic Frontier Analysis Of Management Effectiveness And Firm Performance (pp1668-1676)
Xiaolian Liu, Xiaobing Huang, Yuanqian Ren
The paper analyses the features and impacting factors of firm management effectiveness and the relationship between firm management effectiveness and firm performance, adopting survey data of Chinese manufacturing firms, it measures management effectiveness with SFA and firm performance with ROA and TFP. The empirical result indicates that Firm management efficiency could promote firm performance tremendously whatever measured by TFP or ROA, however, Firm management efficiency is far more important for TFP, which indicates that firms should better performance through the improvement of management.

Research On Enterprise Customer Relationship Management Based On K-means Algorithm (pp1677-1685)
Yuanqin Ge, Huimin Li
With the application of the “customer-centered” distribution model, companies are paying more and more attention to building customer relationships. The company has accumulated a large amount of customer data and established a customer relationship management system. Customer relationship management is an advanced management method. Customer segmentation is an important part of customer relationship management. Enterprises can establish indicators to subdivide customers from different perspectives. Traditional customer segmentation is generally performed by selecting certain features of the customer as subdivision indicators. This subdivision method can distinguish customers' consumption levels and spending power to a certain extent, but it is relatively elementary and not accurate. The customer segmentation based on cluster analysis can further discover the unknown and hidden useful information hidden behind the customer data. This paper mainly uses the K-means clustering algorithm in cluster analysis to analyze the customer's value, which classify customers by analyzing their existing value and potential value to achieve differentiation. Enterprises can then use their own actual situation to identify the customers that can bring high profits to them, so as to study practical marketing plans and provide managers with useful information, guide enterprises to better carry out targeted low-cost services, and improve the company's market competitiveness and customer satisfaction.

Analysis Of Movie Box Office Based On Big Data Mining Technology (pp1686-1693)
Naiqian Li
With the development of Internet big data, the traditional film and television industry has also been greatly affected, and the production and dissemination of film and television dramas have gradually shifted towards the audience-oriented and personalized customization model. The consumption data accumulated by the online ticketing market can, to a certain extent, reflect the reasons behind this dramatic change and the future development trend. This article takes the box office and ratings of the movie as the entry point, analyzes the application of big data in the film and television industry in recent years, lists the advantages and disadvantages of big data in specific applications, and confirms the analysis of examples.

Research On The Analysis Model And Practice Of Regional Economic Growth Based On The Framework Of Web Technology (pp1694-1699)
Qi Wang
This paper analyzes the model and practice of regional economic growth based on the framework of Web technology through Solow model and Storm model. The results show that the block diagram of regional economic growth analysis based on the framework of Web technology is applicable to regional economic development data with extensive data sources and different databases. By using the Web technology framework, people can analyze changes in regional capital, labor, technology, etc., and analyze the laws of economic development, which can offer people a better experience in use.

Research On Enterprise Customer Relationship Management Based On Big Data Mining (pp1700-1709)
Feng Feng, Xingteng Li
Based on the customer relationship management in the context of big data, focusing on B2C e-commerce companies, this paper constructs a customer classification index system, uses factor analysis and Bagging model to study the sales data of an e-commerce business, and demonstrates the specific operation of customer relationship management under the background of big data. This paper finds that through the classification of past consumer behavior data, managers can distinguish between potential, core, and lost customers. The Bagging model can predict the type of customer and guide the administrator to perform differentiated customer relationship management.

A Multilevel Color Image Segmentation Technique Based On An Improved Firefly Algorithm (pp1710-1732)
Hao Peng, Lifang He, Songwei Huang
Multilevel thresholding for color image segmentation play a very important role in various applications. Traditional multilevel thresholding methods for image segmentation are computationally expensive. To overcome the problem, this paper proposes an improved firefly algorithm (IFA) for multilevel color image thresholding segmentation. Otsu’s method and Tsallis entropy are employed as objective functions. The performance of the presented IFA algorithm is tested on a variety of color images at different levels and compared with the modified firefly algorithm (MFA). The experimental results are analyzed based on the optimal threshold values, optimal objective function values, PSNR, SSIM and FSIM values. According to statistical analysis, the proposed IFA technique can search the optimal threshold more accurately than the MFA algorithm for multilevel color image segmentation. On the other hand, the proposed IFA algorithm-based Otsu’s method has better performance than Tsallis entropy criterion.

Actin Cytoskeleton Regulators Required For Cell Migration In Drosophila Ovary (pp1733-1738)
Ping Wan, Sumei Zheng
Cell migration is prevalent in many physiological and pathological processes. Some cells migrate as single cell, but many cell types migrate collectively in loosely or closely associated cell groups. Molecular mechanisms of single cell migration have been well studied, however study of the mechanisms of collective cell migration is limited. Border cell migration in Drosophila ovary has shown be a good in vivo model to study collective cell migration and identify genes involved in regulating this process. Actin cytoskeleton is an essential modulator of cell motility and is precisely controlled during the migration process. In this study, we focus on regulators of actin cytoskeleton. By driving expression of 23 RNAi lines specifically in border cells, we knocked down 12 genes encoding actin binding proteins to identify whether they are essential for border cell migration. Expressions of most RNAi lines in border cells cause migration defects. Knocking down 4 of the 12 genes causes more severe migration defects compared with other genes and the control. Our data suggest that these 4 genes are important for border cell migration.

Research On Integrated-controller-based Rudder Performance Testing System Using Electric Loading System And Improved Generalized Predictive Control (pp1739-1747)
Jianyuan Xu, Xudong Pan, Yuefeng Li, Guanglin Wang
This paper investigates load control accuracy problem of electric loading system (ELS) in rudder performance testing system. An integrated control system is designed to combine the rudder system and ELS. Based on the integrated control system an improved generalized predictive control (IGPC) is developed. The IGPC treats the rudder performance testing system as a single input single output (SISO) with a predictable strong interference and then effectively utilizes the known position instructions of the rudder and the current state of the system to predict the interference. A new parameter called phase coefficient is added to inhibit the control lag. Simulations are performed to make the comparison among the traditional GPC, PID control, velocity synchronization control (VSC), fuzzy adaptive PID control (FAPID), model based robust PID control (BPID) and the IGPC. Results show that IGPC has the best performance than the others. Finally, experiments are developed which proved that the IGPC has a higher accuracy in torque control in rudder performance testing system than that of velocity synchronization control.

The Lap Considering Facility Disruption Scenarios During The Early Stage Of Post-earthquake Relief (pp1748-1758)
Yufeng Zhou, Na Chen, Zhi Li, Ying Gong
Building a reasonable emergency logistics network at the early stage of post-earthquake relief is significant to effectively provide emergency supplies and relieve disaster. Firstly, an emergency facility location-allocation model (LAP) for post-earthquake early stage rescue is proposed based on traditional reliable facility location problem (RFLP) model and emergency facility location problem (FLP) model. The stage characteristics, facility disruption scenarios, fuzzy requirements, facility capacity constraints and other factors are considered into the LAP model simultaneously. The expected value formula of triangular fuzzy numbers is applied to remove fuzziness. Secondly, a genetic algorithm (GA) is designed to solve the model according to the characteristics of the model. Finally, an example is given to validate the effectiveness of the model and algorithm with the background of “5.12 WenChuan Earthquake”.

Design Of Real Time Monitoring System For Shipping Logistics Ship Sewage Based On Embedded System And Internet Of Things (pp1759-1767)
Hongzhi Wang, Yang Zhao
At present, marine shipping plays an important role in the global economy, and the number and tonnage of ships are increasing year by year. More and more ships not only lead to the growth of the global economy and the exchange of regions, but also bring about environmental pollution. The emission of oily sewage from ships is becoming more and more important to the marine environment. The real-time dynamic monitoring of marine sewage can effectively reduce the discharge of oily sewage. In this paper, a real-time monitoring system for marine sewage based on embedded system and Internet of things is designed. CPU uses W78E516 microcontroller, the operation system uses μC/OS-Ⅱ, and uses oil concentration meter, flow sensor and RFID to monitor the components of ship sewage and sends the collected data to the monitoring center through the network. The system can realize remote and real-time monitoring of multiple ships. The system has good stability and real-time performance, so as to provide new ideas for controlling the discharge of marine sewage.

Application Of Back Propagation Neural Network In Classification Of Text Web Pages (pp1768-1780)
Ruihui Mu, Xiaoqin Zeng, Lin Xiang, Jianhua Xia
With the development of the Internet, the number of text pages is increasing, and the problem of automatic classification of text pages becomes more and more urgent. This paper proposes the application of feedback back-propagation neural network to the classification of text web pages to achieve automatic classification and efficient classification of web pages. Use a series of functions to represent the document. The method proposed in this paper to apply feedback backpropagation neural network to text webpage classification is based on the improved weighting scheme of backpropagation neural network. It has obvious advantages in feature selection and feature extraction. Improve the efficiency of text page classification. The feedback backpropagation neural network proposed in this paper is run and tested on a set of benchmark data. The test results show that this technology is more accurate and better than the traditional text web page classification technology.

The Lip Considering Facility Disruption During The Later Period Of Post-earthquake Relief (pp1781-1791)
Zhi Li, Na Chen, Yufeng Zhou, Yufeng Li
Rapid and effective distribution of emergency supplies is helpful to reduce the loss of life and property after massive earthquakes. Compared with the first week after the earthquake, the emergency relief and material allocation in the second week have some new characteristics. Defining the second week after the earthquake as the later period of emergency relief, a bi-objective location-inventory problem (LIP) model during this period with facility disruption scenario, multi-species uncertain material demand, and limited facility capacity is proposed in this paper. The goals are to maximize the degree of disaster relief satisfaction and to minimize the system cost. A Non-dominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm-II (NSGAII) is given to solve the model. A series of Pareto solutions can be obtained by NSGAII. The desired decision scheme according to actual needs can be selected by decision makers.

Potential Absorptive Capacity, Realized Absorptive Capacity And New Product Innovation Performance (pp1792-1801)
Yan Qu
The cultivation of innovative capability is a fundamental means for the development of firms, industries and even the country. Based on knowledge-based theory, this paper puts forward the comprehensive framework of potential absorptive capacity and realized absorptive capacity impact on new product innovation performance, and taking 120 high-tech and e-commerce firms in Shandong Province as the object of investigation. The results show that the realized absorptive capacity has part mediating effect between the potential absorptive capacity and the new product innovation performance. Market orientation plays a positive role in the relationship between potential absorptive capacity and realized absorptive capacity. It is of practical significance for firms to make good use of market knowledge, cultivate the ability of organizations to acquire, absorb and transform knowledge, that is absorptive capacity, and thus promote firm innovation performance.

The Optimization Control Of The Hybrid Energy Coordinated Control In Smart Home Energy (pp1802-1812)
Zexin Mu, Jianjun Xu, Hongyu Li, Rutao Su
The HVAC system, energy storage system, distributed power supply and so on are added on the scheduling algorithm which is based on the minimization of household electric energy expenditure. And assume that the users can sell electricity to the grid according to their own conditions. With electricity cost and comfort level as the optimization indexes, established home energy optimization control model of the coordinated control of the hybrid energy, and put forward a intelligent solving method based on improved fast particle swarm optimization (APSO), work out the optimal time of electric appliance, the required power of each time in room temperature control system and the charge and discharge power of each period of the storage battery. The simulation results have shown that, in the case of considering the grid, distributed photovoltaic power generation, battery powered supply electricity collaborative, home energy optimization control strategy can satisfy the user comfort and minimize the power consumption, which has provided strong technical support to the popularity of home energy management system. According to the time-of-use power price of purchase and sale, the objective of optimization control is to minimize the power consumption and the cost of comfort, established home energy optimization control model of the coordinated control of the hybrid energy, and put forward a intelligent solving method based on improved fast particle swarm optimization (APSO), work out the optimal time of electric appliance, the required power of each time in room temperature control system and the charge and discharge power of each period of the storage battery.

Research On Thermodynamic Characteristics Of Tube Weld In Hydraulic Cylinder Based On Abaqus (pp1813-1823)
Ji-tao Chen, Hai-yan Song, Ji-xin Liu, Wei-wei Ge
Welding is one of the most important processes for processing and repairing of hydraulic cylinders. The thermodynamic properties of welded joints have important influence on cylinder dimension stability, residual stress and strength. The thermodynamic characteristics of the weld are studied by means of theoretical analysis, finite element numerical simulation and metallographic analysis. According to the theory of welding thermodynamics, the heat conduction equation of one dimension and multidimensional is analyzed, the boundary condition is established, and the heat transfer equation to be solved is expressed. Based on the analysis of the temperature field under the instantaneous fixed heat source, the method of solving the differential equation of heat conduction is obtained. According to the different effects of the welding heat source, the welding thermal cycling phenomenon at different positions of the weld is analyzed. Based on PRO/E, a cylinder connection assembly drawing is established. The coupled model of temperature and displacement is established by ABAQUS. The transient field variable characteristics and output characteristics of the welded joint of cylinder are obtained. In order to obtain the thermal effect of the weld, the metallographic structure and metallographic analysis and research of weld area are also carried out. It shows that the mechanical property that inferred by metallographic analysis is in accordance with simulation research.

A Compression Algorithm For Backbone Routing Table (pp1824-1834)
Liang Ji-feng
With regard to the routing table storage problem, this article drew lessons from American electoral methods, applied sociological ideas to the routing table compression algorithm, and used Election and Representative methods to generate the optimal routing table which preserve the structure information attached in a single compressed tree to reduce the need for secondary storage, achieving long recompression interval while approaching the optimal compression ratio. The critical technique of routers is of great importance to the design of high performance routers and the future Internet.

Network Teaching Curriculum Design For Basic Computer Application Based On The Working Process Systematization (pp1835-1845)
Li-jun Mao, Yan Zhang, Ren-dong Li
Through the study and research of online courses, combining the course with characteristics of basic computer application, the paper proposes a network teaching mode curriculum reform program of computer application in higher vocational colleges based on theoretical analysis, investigation and study, comparative analysis and other methods. Simultaneously, this paper aims to activate classroom teaching both inside and outside the classroom, cultivate students' interest in learning and improve the ability of computer practice.

Research On Software Testing Security (pp1846-1850)
Yan Li
The leakage of software information, related documentation and other important software information that occurs in the process of software testing presents a threat to software security. The analysis of the security threats that may exist in the testing process and information security protection method for guaranteeing software testing security are presented in this article.

Research On The Software Testing Reliability Model (pp1851-1857)
Rui Qiu, Ji-feng Liang, Hong-ke Xu, Ren-dong Li
The software reliability model is not only the basis and guarantee of software reliability, but also the core and key of software reliability prediction. It plays a very important role in ensuring the quality of software. A Method for repairing inherent defects of seeding model is proposed through analyzing the commonly used model and reliability model of software testing in this paper

A Research On Fitness Service System Based On Cloud Computing Platform (pp1858-1864)
Dong-mei Zhang, Hai-yan Zhao
This research is aimed at building a real time fitness service system, with massive data storage and processing ability, to meet the fitness service demand. First to analyses the network introduced in the fitness advantages of cloud computing technology based on the construction of the current status of network resources, services, fitness and mechanism. Then focus on the system positioning, cloud delegation model, service model, service content and operation mechanism of the fitness service system. The system can offer common service platform combined resource with space for the public. It not only to the popularization of computer assisted fitness, improve the effect of fitness plays an important role, and can obviously improve the different regional sports resources is not balanced, the unequal status information.

The Strength Analysis On The Front Suspension System Components Of Suv Vehicle Type Under The Extreme Working Condition (pp1865-1871)
Zhou Jun, Li Qinying
Aimed at the special usage condition of SUV vehicle type, the strength analysis on the corresponding extreme working condition of chassis system should be done to meet the requirement of strength and safety. The paper, taking the front suspension system of SUV vehicle type for example, analyzes its unique working condition under the extreme condition, optimizes and rearranges the special failure priority sequence of components in the chassis system and does the optimal design to the steering knuckle. Besides, the tests and market verification are done to confirm the necessity and accuracy of the strength analysis on the components of front suspension system under the extreme condition.

The Regulations, Status And New Technologies Of The Disposal Of Waste Oil-based Drilling Fluids In China (pp1872-1882)
Yuxue Sun, Dianjie Sui, Jingyuan Zhao, Xiuyu Zhu, Jianjun Xu
As the main contaminants in the exploitation of an oilfield, the composition of waste oil-based drilling fluid is very complex, including many kinds of toxic and detrimental substances. The harmless treatment of these fluids is urgent and meaningful to our ecological environments. According to current application situation of treatment methods for waste oil-based drilling fluids in China, and combined with the analysis of the composition of waste oil-based drilling fluids and the harm to the environment, this paper firstly summarizes the relevant laws and regulations about the disposing of waste oil-based drilling fluids in China. Then conclude the treatment methods and application situations of waste oil-based drilling fluids in China. At last, this paper introduces a new technology to dispose the waste oil-based drilling fluids. It can be operated at normal temperature and pressure and do not destroy the properties of the oil-based drilling fluid. It has a potential application foreground since the recovery rate of the oil-based drilling fluid can reach to 99.7% after treated, and the oil content of soil can be less than 0.3%.

Application Of Data Mining Technology In Food Products Based On The Import And Export Structure (pp1883-1893)
Yu Zhenlei
As a basic industry to safeguard people’s livelihood, food industry in china makes great contributions to achieve a trade surplus, increase exports and expand employment, etc. No doubt, China is a huge country whose food industry has a long history, but there is a quite long way for china to be a power in this field. What’s worse, the export competitiveness of china’s food industry becomes less competitive in the international market. Thus to develop china’s food industry and maintain its competitiveness, great importance should be attached to the changes of the international competitiveness of china’s food industry. For this purpose, this article tries to focus on the analysis of export commodity structure of china’s food industry with the application of Revealed Comparative Advantage Index (RCA) and Trade Competitive Index (TC), and proves the fact that the international competitiveness of china’s food industry is weakening, and even some sub-industries have lost their competitive advantages. Therefore, at the end of the article some effective measures have been put forward according to problems in the export of china’s food industry.

Design And Research Of Hydraulic Loading System Based On Amesim (pp1894-1905)
Hai-yan Song, Ji-tao Chen, You-wei Du
The precise loading control of the hydraulic support has a key impact on the safety of production. According to the hydraulic loading process, the whole integrated loading system is designed, including the overall design, the design of the hydraulic system and the design of the electrical control system. In order to verify the rationality of the system design, based on the AMESim software, the simulation analysis of the pressurized cylinder, safety valve, electromagnetic pilot valve and reversing valve is carried out. The results show that the hydraulic system of the loading test bench can meet the relevant standards, and the hydraulic testing principle is feasible. The construction of the test bed was completed. The hydraulic support valve was tested by a single test and a comprehensive loading test. Statistical analysis of the test results shows that each hydraulic valve is precise and stable for pressure control, and has good economic and social benefits.

Resistance Analysis And Form Optimization Of Wpc Based On Maxsurf (pp1906-1915)
You-wei Du, Biao Li, Hai-yan Song
Resistance interference generated between two sheets of catamaran, which will seriously affect its sailing performance and increase energy consumption. Taking the ship "Fly Eagle Lake" as a reference ship, the ship hull model was established by using Maxsurf, analyzing the resistance under different k/b and L/b, then resistance and variation regularity of interference factor is obtained. Finally, ship optimization is done by selecting the most appropriate k/b and L/b, and the suitable speed range of the ship is given.

An Accurate Modelling Method And Bending Stress Analysis For Circular-arc-tooth-trace Gear (pp1916-1931)
Qi Zhang, Rui Tang
This paper investigates the mathematical modelling, bending stress characteristics and forming principles for cylindrical gears with Circular-Arc-Tooth-Trace (CATT). The tooth surface equations and meshing line equations of the gears and racks are established based on meshing theory. In order to study the influence of the bending stress by cutter radius, an accurate modelling method is proposed using Matlab and UG, A 3D model is established and bending stress is calculated by Finite Elements method, FEM.The results reveal that the tooth root bending stress decreases firstly, then increases and gradually close to spur gear tooth root bending stress with gradual increase of the tooth trace radius.

The Cutting Force Model Of A Single Tooth For Slicing Tool Of Cycloid Gear Based On Micro-section Edge (pp1932-1943)
Xiao-qiang Wu, Li-hua Wang
Abstract: The calculation method of cutting force of a single tooth for slicing tool of cycloid gear based on micro-section edge was proposed. Machining the tooth flank directly from blank by continuous indexing, gear slicing can dramatically improve the efficiency. We set up the model based on the characteristics that relevant parameters with cutting are time-varying during the cutting process such as the edges involved cutting, the cutting speeds of arbitrary points on cutting edges and the thickness of cutting layer etc. The cutting edge is divided into three sections: cut-in edge, top edge and cut-out edge, and then the cutting force for each of them can be calculated. When analyzing the cutting force, we proposed the concept of micro-section edge, where the three component forces on x, y and z directions are calculated by the calculation method of bevel cutting force. First calculating cutting force generated by each of the three sections and then the resultant formed by three component forces, which is the cutting force of a single tooth. The theory meets the urgent demand of calculation method for cutting force of slicing cutter, promotes the designing process for tool and machine of gear slicing and lays the foundation to develop more accurate calculation method for cutting force of gear slicing.

Influence Of Crack Arresting Parameters On Fatigue Behavior Of 30crmnsini2a (pp1944-1954)
Hua-yang Zhao, Yu-ming Fu1, Li-juan Zheng1
Abstract: Electromagnetic heating crack arrest experiments were carried out on high-strength steel 30CrMnSiNi2A with a single-edge crack by using a self-made equipment of ZL−2 super pulse current generation. Fatigue behavior of specimens before and after discharging was studied by employing three-point bending fatigue tests. Results show that the average fatigue life is increased for specimens prepared by electromagnetic heating crack arrest treatment at an appropriate voltage; and the fatigue life is up to the maximum of 15.35% when the voltage is 5.5kV. The analysis of microstructure comparison indicates that the crack tip of specimen treated by crack arresting at the appropriate voltage is blunt and grains are significantly refined, which is beneficial for strengthening toughness, decreasing crack growth rate, extending the fatigue life, and achieving the purpose of the crack arresting.

On Research Of Image Segmentation Algorithm Based On C-v Model (pp1955-1961)
Yang Baohai
To solve the problem of uneven gray level segmentation and poor image effect of the traditional C-V model, an image segmentation algorithm based on the improved C-V model is proposed. The method is a modification and optimization of the traditional C-V model which mainly integrates the neighborhood average, local dispersion, and penalty term. In this way, not only the reinitialization in the evolution process can be avoided, the segmentation efficiency can be greatly improved, but also the segmentation accuracy can be improved greatly. Experimental results have proved the feasibility and effectiveness of the method used in this paper.

Energy-saving Technology For Pumping Units (pp1962-1971)
Chunyou Zhang , Liang Wang
The energy consumption of oil fields is serious, especially oil production equipment. Today, energy saving is of great significance in the world. The present situation of energy saving technology of pumping unit is analyzed in this paper. This paper mainly focuses on the improvement of pumping unit structure, energy-saving motor and advanced control technology. Based on the analysis of various pumping equipments commonly used in the world, a new method of energy saving in oil fields by using wind energy is put forward, which contributes to the energy-saving technology of oil fields.

A Solution Scheme Of Intelligent Heating Remote Monitoring Based On Nb-iot (pp1972-1985)
Xiao-ling Guo, Ren-jie Wu, Ling Li
In the north of China, central heating is adopted in winter. The heating companys can only wait for the residents' reflection or the staff's visit whether the indoor temperature of the residents is up to the temperature regulations by the government. This way of working is not only inefficient, but also the feedback of information is lagging.In this paper,a solution scheme of intelligent heating remote monitoring based on NB-IoT is put forward.The BC95 module, the STM32 micro controller and the DS18B20 temperature sensor are used to form the terminal nodes together for intelligent heating remote monitoring. In the solution scheme,NB-IoT network is used to realize remote transmission and a mobile application is used to display and statistics monitored temperature data on the application server.It is convenient for individual users, heating companies and government managers to view indoor temperature in real time and and make decisions.

Research On Adaptive Bayesian Wavelet Denoising Algorithm For Ppg Signal (pp1986-1996)
Wei Haicheng, Xiao Mingxia
Abstract-- Human pulse signal is an important biological electrical signal, which is widely used in mobile health monitoring products. The acquisition of pulse signal is mainly obtained by the weak signal amplification. In this process, the noise of the circuit coupling will seriously affect the characteristic analysis of the signal. Focus on noise interference in the process of PPG signal acquisition a denoising algorithm based on Bayesian wavelet analysis is proposed. On the basis of wavelet analysis of PPG signal, the optimal wavelet coefficient threshold and weighting factor are calculated through Bayesian algorithm, and finally realized the denoising and reconstruction of PPG signal. The experimental results show that the proposed algorithm can eliminate the noise of PPG signal and reduce the distortion of the signal. Compared with wavelet soft threshold and hard threshold algorithms, the calculation shows that the MSE of the algorithm is 0.0067 and PSNR is 69.8991, which is superior to the two algorithms, and has high use value.

Research On Analysis Algorithm Based On Hht Pulse Signal (pp1997-2004)
Xiao Mingxia, Wei Haicheng
To analyze the pulse signal of human body by adopting HHT algorithm. Method: Taking pulse signal (PPG) as a nonlinear and unsteady one-dimensional composite signal, by using the empirical mode decomposition (EMD) algorithm converts the signal into the fixed mode function (IMF), transforming IMF to HT and forming the fixed modal sequences, making research on the sequence, so as to define the meaning of physiological signal of each IMF. Result: Comparing Fourier transform with the result, HHT algorithm can adapt itself and decompose the PPG signal accurately. The obtained fixed modal sequence has more explicit meaning and more accurate physiological information.

Analysis Of Basic Frequency Response Of Spar Floating Fan (pp2005-2010)
Aixia Cao, Xinyuan Zhou, Xiao Shi, Wei Sun
Abstract: offshore wind power, as a new and effective form of new energy development, has gradually become a research hotspot in various countries. This paper work at a depth of 150 m, the top is equipped with a 3.6 MW wind turbines Spar type floating fan base as the research object, using the ANSYS finite element software and AQWA hydrodynamic analysis software to establish finite element model of infrastructure and hydrodynamic model, and calculate the hydrodynamic characteristics of structure in frequency domain and sports performance, the structure of motion response amplitude operator RAO, additional radiation damping coefficient, coefficient of added mass and the first-order wave exciting force calculation results, the frequency domain response of the Spar type floating fan base, sports for fan platform in the next stage in the time domain response calculation provide data reference

Reservoir Forming Conditions And Analogical Evaluation Of Cbm In The Surrounding Coal Basins Of Daqing (pp2011-2021)
Huiting Hu, Liu Wang, Chao Liu, Lei Han, Yingjie Zhao, Jianjun Xu
Contrary to the problems of the low degree of CBM exploration and the unclear understanding of reservoir forming conditions, the study ofreservoir forming conditions and analogical evaluation of CBM is carried out. On the base of the successful research and analogy on the geological conditions of coalbed gas basins at home and abroad, we analysised the enrichment conditions of coalbed gas in the surrounding typical basin of Daqing systematicly. The study shows that, the reservoir conditions of CBM and the generational conditions of secondary biogenic gas of the basins are well, but the preservation conditions are poor. At the same time, we synthetically marked the potential of coal-bed methane resources abundance contrary to the coalbed thickness, generational conditions, reservoir conditions and preservation conditions with the multilevel fuzzy comprehensive assessment method, we also analogiesed and forecasted the amount of resources in Fuxin and Blackwarrior basins, whose geological conditions are similar to the basins we researched. The result shows that, the total CBM resource in Jixi basin is the highest, which is 1672.07×108m3; the score of the coalbed gas resources potential in Hegang basin is the highest, which is 57.12.This basin will be the most potential areas of exploration of coalbed methane in Daqing surrounding basins.

Multi-agent-based Distributed Text Information Filtering Method (pp2022-2034)
Wuxue Jiang
In order to improve the filtration efficiency and precision, and reduce the occupation of network resources in distributed text information filtering system, a kind of Multi-Agent-based text filtering method was designed. Directed by multi-Agent theory and technology, the system structure and working mechanism of distributed text information filtering are presented, which makes detailed design for scheduling responding agent and learning agent. The load balance was implemented by dynamic range adaptive load migration (DRALM). The experiment shows that this filtering method, boasting higher filtering performance, not only has higher filter precision, but processes tasks in many machines effectively balancing computing load.

Characteristics And Geological Implications Of The Poropollen Assemblages In The Basalt-type Iron Ore In Northwest Guizhou, China (pp2035-2044)
Tao Cui, Youping Liu, Chaoyi Bai, Guofan Cheng, Ning Yu
The characteristics of sporopollen assemblages were analyzed based on the typical section of basalt-type iron ore selected from Northwestern Guizhou. The research shows that the sporopollens in the basalt-type iron ore-bearing rock formation consist mostly of pteridophyte spores and gymnospermae pollens. The number of gymnospermae pollens is larger than that of pteridophyte spores, the oldest fossil in the sporopollens is Lueckisporites virkkiae, an index fossil formed in the late Permian, and the iron ore-bearing rock formation was mainly formed in the late Permian.

Color Reproduction In High Dynamic Domain Images (pp2045-2051)
Chen Chen
The field of high dynamic range images, the dynamic range of the scene light is far more than the range of silver halide materials can also copy, so often lost light overexposed or underexposed details, which happened by loss of shadow detail. Although the digital camera, the dynamic sensing range of its electronic photosensitive component is less than the dynamic range of common scene light, but through the digital processing method, a few different exposure levels with digital image processing, high dynamic scene image can be copied into the domain, closer to the human perception of the visual effect of the scene system. The research and application of human vision in different background light intensity, because of characteristics should be adjusted and developed a nonlinear visual adjustment function, the base for the math, and the high dynamic range image processing into the human visual system in the image scene perception experience, finally can complete the high dynamic image color reproduction.

Design And Implementation Of Traceability System For Meat Quality And Safety Information (pp2052-2058)
Shuyan wu, Hui Jiao, Hui wang, Aide Jiang, Shaohua Hu
at present, the series of problems in meat production, circulation process, traceability is troublesome, and even some cannot recall, and establish traceability system for meat products of consumer safety, protect people's consumer safety has become an important consideration livelihood engineering industry management level, in view of the current form of the understanding, in pig breeding, slaughtering and circulation aspects of the relevant circumstances, draw lessons from domestic and international related research, design and implementation of a set of meat quality and safety traceability information system. Using information technology to solve the complexity of meat traceability chain, implementation for meat traceability and tracking supervision system, strictly adhere to the source control production, processing, wholesale, to control the quality control 0 of the overall idea of access control in retail, building a reliable information, operation efficiency, accountability, simple operation, information sharing information platform with the public. This paper surveys the situation of information management of meat industry, meat supervision business needs to do the analysis, put forward the construction of the system objectives and requirements, based on data platform system as the center, the seven system integrates software technology, communication technology, handheld terminal technology, data encryption technology etc. through business, data acquisition of pig slaughtering, wholesale, retail, consumer links, integration, processing and storage in the data center, to form a complete traceability chain.

Design And Research Of Digital Graphic Image Software (pp2059-2064)
Lixia Ma
With the rapid development of computer technology, this technology has a wide range of applications in various fields, image processing software is also multifarious. This paper first introduces the history and current situation of image processing software development, and analyzes and compares several popular image processing software. According to the current image processing software for the professional field of image processing, the design and development of a new type of image processing software platform, to optimize the color image processing etc. in the software platform. In addition, the platform can add some plug-in to realize some professional image processing.

Design Of Internet Of Things Architecture For Intelligent Transportation System (pp2065-2070)
Wei Zhuo, Xiao-dong Yang
To establish an efficient framework for the IOT, expand the scope of information acquisition of intelligent transportation system, enhance the information perception ability of sensor nodes, the road information comprehensive perception of traffic node, will further networking applications in the intelligent transportation, promote intelligent to extend to the physical world. In view of the rapid development of the transportation industry, accelerate the intelligent transportation, improve transportation transportation efficiency and to improve the current traffic conditions and transport to solve the bottleneck of economic development, has extensive and profound significance. In this paper, the Internet of things in the application of Intelligent Transportation Research and design. Architecture and custom protocol based on existing stable technology, through the integration and coordination of heterogeneous systems, designed for intelligent transportation of things middleware, realized in the node of sensor feedback information processing and data fusion. In the Internet, the nodes of the Internet of things can be applied to the intelligent transportation nodes by sharing the information of nodes. Finally, on the basis of perception nodes, the comprehensive application of intelligent transportation Internet of things in economic and social development is studied.

Image Data Processing Of Distributed Parallel Computing Platform Architecture (pp2071-2076)
Shen Wang
The digital image with its convenient storage and easy to preserve for a long time, network transmission and information contains a huge number of features in scientific research, engineering application and modern life occupies an important position at the same time, with the rapid increase of the progress of digital image acquisition technology and image applications, put forward new and higher requirements the digital image processing technology. At present, the single centralized image processing has been unable to meet the needs of the development of image processing; secondly from the distribution of the image data and the algorithm itself, the complexity of the image processing algorithm and processing technology, are in urgent need of a distributed processing system, therefore, distributed image processing technology used in distributed computing and network technology is the key to solve the problem. This paper mainly studies the image processing technology based on distributed computing model in detail related to distributed image processing includes the distributed computing theory, computing technology, advanced image processing technology in computing application framework, combining the characteristics of image processing, put forward the. image processing system structure according to the actual research work. based on the realization of a distributed image processing system of medium model using advanced image processing technology.

Implementation Of Video Production Sharing System Based On File Workflow (pp2077-2083)
Yan Wu
Digital cinema and HD post production are an extremely complex process. As early as ten years ago, digital intermediate films were introduced into the film making industry, and now it has become a more mature process. At present, the typical digital intermediate post services including 2K, HD and SD color, non-line series, online offline non-line series, set of simple, visual effects, format conversion, transcoding, subtitles, credits, digital projection package (digital copy), scanning and recording film. Recently, file based workflow has gradually become the standard and trend of media production, processing and distribution. Although the document workflow includes many aspects based on digital intermediate is the most complex in the whole process, the core link of the highest performance requirements. In a nonlinear (or non-sequential) process environment, process and application of various different if you can share content and data central storage, apparently can significantly improve the production efficiency and yield. But in the implementation of the central storage system can be shared, will encounter a lot of very difficult problems, one of which is very important, especially for film production is of vital importance to performance. This paper will make a systematic and quantitative analysis of this problem, so as to lay a good foundation for the design and implementation of the ultimate goal.

Research On 3d Reconstruction Based On Continuous Panoramic Image (pp2084-2089)
Yue Yu
With the development of multimedia and virtual reality, 3D model is widely used in object recognition、 Industrial design、 animation video game、 Digitalization of historical relics、 Original buildings and other aspects of recovery, efficient real-time 3D model reconstruction method has become an important topic in various fields are analyzed in this paper from a variety of common methods of image sequence reconstruction the shape of body, put forward a single fixed camera and turntable combining acquisition of multi angle of the object contour, the approximate 3D model for objects with the method of visual cone intersection.

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