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Vol.19 No.1 - 4 JAN - JUNE 2020 ABSTRACT

Research Articles

ELAS: An Extended Lightweight Authentication Scheme for Secure M2M Communications
B. Satyanarayana Murthy, Dr. L. Sumalatha

Study on the cost allocation method to maximize the benefit of e-commerce enterprises in the cloud computing environment
Jinfang Zhao
The Computer Desktop Image Compression Based on Clustering Algorithm

Dawei Gui
Research on the inheritance and protection of data mining technology in national sports

Dongmei Li, Feng Xiao, Yanjun Zheng,*
Research on Single Chip Microcomputer Teaching Platform Based on Wireless Communication

Guo Liqiang
Research on multi-source mobile commerce service recommendation model of data fusion based on tree network

Wenqiang Zhu
Urban Spatial Location Service Prediction Algorithm Based on FAGA-LSSVM under the Background of Internet of Things

Xiangli Xia, Wei Cheng,* , Liu Yang
A study on the devising and deploying of electro-hydraulic pumping unit for smart manufacturing

Deming Zhu, Yongling Fu*, Mingkang Wang , Xu Han
Evolutionary Game Analysis between Businesses and Consumers under the Background of Internet Rumors Running Head: Evolutionary Game Analysis under the Background of Internet Rumors

Bowen Li, Hua Li, Qiubai Sun, Xuebo Chen
A New Image Encryption Algorithm Based on Optimized Lorenz Chaotic System

TU Li , WANG Yan*, Zhang Chi
Application of KJ / AHP / QFD integrated ankle rehabilitation nursing robot in orthopaedics

Chenyu Zhang, Rodrigues Marlene*†
Machine Learning based Research on the Re-lationship between Exercise Physiological In-dexes and Neural Activity Risk Warning

Caohui Wan*†, Chenwei An
Research on IOT and Human-Computer In-teraction with Mobile Medical Big Data

Bing Li*†
Research on the Application of Cloud Technology and IOT in Brainwave Signals Acquisition and Analysis of Disabled Persons Autonomous Systems

Yong Ding*†
Machine Learning based Health Learning Data Collection with Wearable Devices

Min Lin, Zhaoliang Yang*†
Evaluation Method of Fetus with Abnormal Glucose Metabolism in Late Pregnancy based on Complementary Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition Noise Reduction Algorithm in Ultrasound Imaging

JunfengHuang,CuitingWang, XianxiaLi,YuqinJing*,Dudzik Jonathan,Asami Rei
Application of B-ultrasound Information Image in Renal Puncture Biopsy Treatment and Nursing

Linyan Dong*, Junhong Li, Mixia Zhao, Jing Ren1,Viswanathan Sowmya, Kolinski Michal
Analysis of the Efficacy of Rhodiola Rosea Based on DTI Image Segmentation Algorithm for Patients with Delayed Encephalopathy Caused by CO Poisoning

Yuming Gao, Haitao Cui, Wei Ren, Bing Han*, Chin Michael
Effect of Atorvastatin on Oxidative Stress in Diabetic Nephropathy Patients based on Multi-Phase CT Image Fusion

LeiXu1, QinYang, JiaoXue, XiaoyanZhang*, Filipek Slawomir, Catharino Rodrigo
Application of MRI Image Segmentation Algorithm for the Analysis of Serum IL-17 Expression in Preeclampsia

Zenying Yu, Shengyan Zhou2*, Zhen Tan, Guangmin Lu, Akiyoshi Kazunari
Prenatal diagnosis of fetal cleft lip and palate with three-dimensional ultrasound information technology

XinglongDeng, SuhuiHe, QiumeiWu, ZongjieWeng, MinminYang, MinLiu*, Oldenhof Sander
Application of Quantitative CT Imaging in Rehabilitation Nursing of Cerebral apoplexyPatients

Bing Yan,Huanhuan Zhang, Jie Liu*, Yamamoto Masaya
Value of Spiral CT Multi-parameter Combined Preoperative Evaluation of Microvascular Invasion in Small Liver Cancer

Kun Li, Yongjun Peng, Hongzhe Tian, Hailin He*, Asami Rei
Low Intensity Pulsed Ultrasound Information Technology Intervention in Diagnosis andPrediction of Muscle Atrophy

Zhijun Sun*, Staehlke Susanne
Research on IMRT Images Based on Swarm Intelligence Algorithm in the Treatment of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma and Pain

Xiaoli Fu, Minxiang Li*, Mantian Yin, Qing Li, Ying Chen, Mondal Partha, Tanaka Ryoichi
The Value of Radiography Information Technology in the Treatment of Breast Cancer

Shuang Liu, Feng Wei, Shuqin Ruan, Jiaxi Lu, Min Tang*, Kolinski Michal
Construction and application of color fundus image segmentation algorithm based on multi-scale local combined global enhancement

Yanjie Hao,Hongbo Xie, Rong Qiu*, Watanabe Mika
Exploring the NT-proBNP Expression in Premature Infants with PDA by Echocardiography

Yunlong Shi,Jianwei Ji*,Chunying Wang, Trotier Fabienne, Filipek Slawomir
Diagnosis and analysis of primary central nervous system lymphoma based on MRI segmentation algorithm

Guanping Lu, Ying Li, XinqiangLiang, Zhengjun Zhao*, Samuel Raymond, Shishido Atsumasa
Application of Ultrasound Molecular Imaging Based on Compressed Sensing Reconstruction Algorithm to Phase Change Drug-loaded PLGA Nanoparticles Targeting Breast Cancer MCF-7 Cells

YufengYou1*,WusongCheng, HongboChen, Hyslop Stephen
Study on Active Rehabilitation Method for Patients with Acute Cerebral Infarction Based on MRI Image Analysis Based on Optimized CSMRI Algorithm

Chao Zeng, Jing Chen, Wenbing Liu, Kang Liang, Hui Li, Jing Wang, Jingge Li, Haibo Xu*, Weiger Michael
Application of MRI Images Based on Spatial Fuzzy Clustering Algorithm Guided by Neuroendoscopy in the Treatment of Tumors in the Saddle Region

Peng Zhang, Lingdang Zhang, Rui Zhao*, Lakshm Vinoth
Analysis of Risk Factors of Infection after Interventional Embolization of Liver Cancer by Abdominal CT and Computer Information Health Analysis Based on Iterative Reconstruction Algorithm

Haojie Wang, Yingxing Guo,Zhenwu Lei,Haiming Yang,Cunkai Ma1,Zihao Mo,Yanzhen Li*
Randomized Controlled Study of Non-invasive High-frequency Shock Ventilation Based on Chest X-rayReconstruction Algorithm for Neonatal Respiratory Distress Syndrome

Xu Sang, Zhen Zhang, Yumeng Wu, Wansheng Peng, Xin Chen*
Application of X-ray Image Measurement in the Early Diagnosis of Sports Injury of Ankle Ligament

Shuqiao Meng, Wenxia Tong*, Shanshan Han
Analysis of the Therapeutic Effect of PKP Guided by CT Images Based on SEPB Algorithm in the Treatment of Elderly Osteoporotic Thoracolumbar Vertebral Compression Fractures

Yanming He1,2, Shujun Zhang2, Xueguang Liu2, Dong Mao2, Zhenzhong Sun2*
Three-Dimensional Reconstruction of Cerebrovascular and Algorithm Realization

Linfeng Li, Xiaojing Jia*
High Resolution QSM Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study on Visualization of Subthalamic Nucleus Before DBS

Yuanqin Liu,Qinglu Zhang,Lingchong Liu,Cuiling Li,Rongwei Zhang,Guangcun Liu1*
Application of Multi-Slice Spiral CT Imaging Technology in the Diagnosis of Patients with Chest Sarcoidosis

Hongfei Ma, Liang Chen*
Application of Magnetic Resonance Diffusion Tensor Imaging in Persistent Plant State

Ying Zhao, DongmeiLu , Ling Qi3*
Diagnostic Value of Magnetic Resonance diffusivity kurtosis imaging in Monitoring Renal Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury

Guocan Han,Weifeng Lin, WeiLin
Comparative Analysis of the Role of X-ray and CT Three-dimensional Reconstruction Imaging Technology in Fracture Classification and Stability Evaluation

Panpan Feng,Liang Liang,Jinyan Yao,Peiming Sang, Liping Zhang,Xiaogang Xue1
Human detection and motion recovery based on monocular vision

Dongbo Liu
Application of decision tree model based on C4.5 algorithm in nursing quality management evaluation

Lei Ding, Xia Zeng*
Based on the correlation between pathological reactivity and dynamic enhanced MRI after neoadjuvant chemotherapy in breast cancer

Haiying Li, Ze Chen*, Yizhao Zhang
Cognition based spam mail text analysis using combined approach of deep neural network classifier and random forest

S. Sumathi , Ganesh Kumar Pugalendhi
E Health Care Data Privacy Preserving Efficient File Retrieval from the Cloud Service Provider using Attribute Based File Encryption

N. Deepa , P. Pandiaraja

M. Sivaram1, M. Kaliappan2, S. Jeya Shobana3, M. Viju Prakash3, V. Porkodi4, K. Vijayalakshmi2, S. Vimal5, A. Suresh6
Time Series Real Time Naive Bayes Electrocardiogram Signal Classification for Efficient Disease Prediction Using Fuzzy Rules

S. T. Aarthy & J. L. Mazher Iqbal
Detection of Distributed Denial of Service Using Deep Learning Neural Network

S.Sumathi*, N. Karthikeyan
An Automated Neural Network Based Technique for Identifying Fundus Hemorrhage (NNTFH)

R. Karthiyayini1 , S. Geetha1
Invariant packet feature with network conditions for efficient low rate attack detection in multimedia networks for improved QoS

M. Suchithra , M. Baskar , J. Ramkumar , P. Kalyanasundaram , B. Amutha
Multisensor Data Fusion Technique for Energy Conservation in the Wireless Sensor Network Application “Condition-based Environment Monitoring”

1A. Reyana, 2Dr. P. Vijayalakshmi
Multi-Parameter Optimization for Load Balancing with Effective Task Scheduling and Resource Sharing

N. Malarvizhi, J. Aswini, S. Sasikala, M. Hemanth Chakravarthy, E. A. Neeba
Analyzing Uncertainty in Cardiotocogram Data for the Prediction of Fetal Risks based on Machine Learning Techniques using Rough Set

E. Kannan Professor, S. Ravikumar, A.Anitha, Sathish A.P. Kumar, M. Vijayasarathy
Cloud Based Efficient Authentication for Mobile Payments using key distribution method

A.Saranya1 , R .Naresh2*
Low Rate DDoS Mitigation using Real-time Multi Threshold Traffic Monitoring System

1Dr. M. Baskar, 2*Dr. J. Ramkumar, 3Dr. C. Karthikeyan, 4Dr. V. Anbarasu, 5Dr.Balaji A, 6Dr.Arulananth T S
Fractional-atom search algorithm-based Deep Recurrent Neural Network for cancer classification

1D.Menaga, 2Dr.S. Revathi
An Efficient Partitioning and Placement based Fault TSV detection in 3D-IC Using Deep Learning Approach

Radeep Krishna Radhakrishnan Nair1 , Sivakumar Pothiraj*2, T R Radhakrishnan Nair 3 , Korhan Cengiz4
Deep Learning based Genome analysis and NGS-RNA LL identification with a novel hybrid model

Madhumitha Ramamurthy *1, Ilango Krishnamurthi2, S.Vimal3, Y. Harold Robinson4
Spatio-temporal variation in physio-chemical parameters over a 20-year period, potential future strategies for management: a case study of Dal Lake, NW Himalaya India

Ishtiyaq Ahmad Rather1*, Abdul Qayoom Dar2
Investigation of Maximum Observability of Standard Test Bus Systems with Phasor Measurement Units using Flower Pollination Algorithm

R.Sudha1*, D. Murali2
Retinal Image Analysis for Ocular disease Prediction using Rule mining algorithms

Dr. R. Karthiyayini1 , Dr. N. Shenbagavadivu2
A Novel SOSMC based SVPWM Control of Z-Source Inverter for AC Microgrid Applications

A.Sangaria, R.Umamaheswaria, M.G Umamaheswarib, LekshmiSree Bb
Low-Cost real-time Design and Implementation of Phasor Measurement Unit using Analog Discovery

R.Sudhaa, D.Muralib
Enhancing image processing architecture using deep learning for embedded vision systems

R.Udendhrana , M.Balamuruganb, A.Sureshc, R.Varatharajand
Auto Encoder based Dimensionality reduction and classification using Convolutional Neural Networks for Hyperspectral Images

Madhumitha Ramamurthy *1, Y. Harold Robinson2, S.Vimal3, A.Suresh4

MadhumithaRamamurthy , Ilango Krishnamurthi , Vimal S , Suresh Annamalai

Pradeepa S&Manjula K R

Vol.18 No.1 - 4 JAN - JUNE 2019 ABSTRACT

Research Articles

Efficient Group Key Agreement Scheme For Hierarchical Structure Based Iot Healthcare System (pp 5001 - 5013)
Kavitha.S, P.J.A.Alphonse, Y.Venkatramana Reddy
Four Element Miniaturized Microstrip Antenna Array using Defected Ground Structure for Satellite Applications (pp 5014 - 5019)
D. Nataraj and Dr.G.Karunakar
An Efficient K-mer counting and indexing method using Bloom filter for Biological DNA Sequences (pp 5020- 5038)
S.Jawahar and Dr.P.Sumathi
Discussion On New Mathematical Domination Parameters in Network Graph Theory (pp 5039- 5050)
Dr.S.Velammal,B.K.Keerthiga Priyatharsini
Design of Balanced Antipodal Vivaldi Antenna (BAVA) Tapered Slot with improved Radiation Parameters for Microwave Imaging Applications (pp 5051- 5058)
K.S.Chakradhar,Dr.V.Malleswara Rao
Using Cloud And Iot For Smart Solutions (pp 5059- 5073)
Cosmena Mahapatra,Dr.Ashish Payal,Dr.Meenu Chopra
Novel Optimized and Intellectual Model for Efficient Cost Estimation in Web-Components Designing (pp 5074- 5083)
Praveen Naik,Shantharam Nayak
A Novel Polarization and Frequency Reconfigurable Antenna for Cognitive Radio Applications (pp 5084- 5088)
K.Vijaya Chandra, Moturi. Sathyanarayana, B.T. Krishna
A Method for Obtaining Efficient and Scalable Group key Agreement for Wireless Sensor Networks Deployed for IoT Applications (pp 5089- 5095)
Dr.P J A Alphonse, Seshu Babu Pulagara
Hybrid Distribution Clustering With Support Vector Machine (Dcsvm) For Reverse Path Nearby Cluster (Rpnc) Query In Spatial Networks (pp 5096- 5121)
G.Dona Rashmi, Dr.V.Narayani

Vol.17 No.6 May - December 2018 ABSTRACT

Research Articles

Human body detection and gait recognition in sports (pp001-007 )
Ligang wang
Interference suppression of dance action based on wearable technology (pp 008-015 )
Chao wang
Effects of ph value of common solvents on physical & chemical properties of 4 kinds of obstetrics and gynecology drugs (pp016-022 )
Na jiang
Electrochemiluminescence Detection Of Local Anesthetic Drugs And Ephedrine (pp023-029 )
Zhongchang Hua
The prediction of basketball match results based on conditional random field (pp030-039 )
Teng teng
Competitive thinking mode of basketball players based on simulation technology (pp040-048 )
Shihui gu
The optimization of sports competitive skills based on cluster analysis (pp049-057 )
Xiaoping ma
Computer artistic design based on artificial intelligence (pp058-065 )
Weidong li
Financial risk prediction technology based on data mining (pp066-073 )
Ying liu
Sports service system for community residents based on network genetic algorithm (pp074-082 )
Zhijun li
Community sports information management system (pp083-091 )
Xiao xiao
Application of data mining technology in badminton on-spot tactical analysis system (pp092-099 )
Xinyan yu
Application of three axis accelerometer in energy consumption monitoring of college students sports (pp100-108 )
Fapeng Li
Research on improvement of remote dynamic request scheduling algorithm for multi- core web server (pp109-115 )
Chuanxu cheng, meirong li
The design and research of entrepreneurial support service platform system (pp116-122 )
Xiaoqing li
Reading teaching system design for teaching chinese as a foreign language (pp123-128 )
Tingting luo
Analysis and design of university library management system (pp129-134 )
Yuan-yuan wang, xiao-guang zhang, yi-jie zhao
Development and realization of virtual landscape architecture design system based on 3d (pp135-141 )
Xia li
Research On The Multi-Feature Extraction Technology Of Color Microimage Under Complex Background (pp142-150 )
Xinyu Hu*, Liangyi Wu, Lei Qian, Daode Zhang
The research of wearable nanosensors in sports (pp151-158 )
Xuefeng yan
Segmentation and processing of athletes' targets based on fuzzy algorithm (pp159-167 )
Zhongwan yang
Graphic design system based on image recognition (pp168-178 )
Peiyao huang
Analysis of the training ability of competitive sports coaches based on image processing technology (pp177-184 )
Lei zhang
Design and application of interactive english language learning system (pp185-193 )
Deyi li, qian yu
Design and implementation of teaching management system in colleges and universities (pp194-202 )
Haiyan zhan*, binbin song, ailian dong, lianming su
Design and implementation of teaching management system based on web (pp203-211 )
Yi zhang
Analysis of pressure source in sports competition based on clustering and recommendation algorithm (pp212-219 )
Rongwei guo
Research on the interactive design technology of 3d landscape based on virtual technology (pp220-228 )
Ying xuan
Research on optimal route planning of tourism based on cloud computing (pp229-236 )
Wei wang
Design And Implementation Of Jumper Simulation System In Basketball Match (pp237-246 )
Yang He, Zhengbing Xia*
Application of feature selection approach in automatic scoring system for english composition (pp247-254 )
Lihua zhao
The english vocabulary intelligentized ubiquitous learning system (pp255-262 )
Rui wang
Research On Data Mining Of Economic Management Supported By Cloud Computing (pp263-270 )
Li Li
Interactive Design And Implementation Of Multimedia English Smart Client (pp271-278 )
Nan Yin
A Grid-Based Information Service Model For Digital Library (pp287-297 )
Wang Hao
Evaluation Model Of Microblog Information Confidence Based On Bp Neural Network (pp298-308 )
Yuguang Ye
Diagnostic Practice And Test System For College English (pp309-316 )
Yali Yang, Zhijuan Li
Performance Improvement Of Pvdf Chemical Sensors In Sports Shoes Design (pp317-323 )
Fang Gao
Research On Electronic Commerce Teaching Experiment Simulation System (pp324-331 )
Zhishang Dong
Application Of Chemical Bio-Sensor Based On Layered Nano-Materials In Monitoring The Oxidative Damage Of Human Body (pp332-337 )
Yajin Chen
Application Of Glucose Chemical Bio-Sensor Based On Nano-Materials In Monitoring Physiological Signals Of Human Movement (pp338-344 )
Juan Qiu
Analysis Of Traditional Chinese Medicine Based On Microemulsion (pp345-351 )
Hao Xu
Application Of Polyvinylidene Fluoride Piezoelectric Thin Film Chemical Bio-Sensor In The Mechanical Measurement Of Athletic Sports Foot Movement (pp352-359 )
Lei Tian, Naxin Wang
Application Of Chemical Bio-Sensor In Athlete's Doping Test (pp360-366 )
Jinhong Ma
Effects Of Aquatic Feed Supplementation On Growth And Immune Function Of Aquatic Animals (pp367-373 )
Haihui Cui
Analysis And Design Of Power Marketing Management Information System (pp374-381 )
Qiang Zhang, Hui Zhang, Luli Qiao
Construction Of English Pronunciation Quality Evaluation System Based On Deep Learning (pp390-397 )
Yang Liu
Application Research On Specific Sports Result Prediction Based On Neural Network Algorithm (pp398-407 )
Li Yan-Xia, Li Lin, Peng Li-Na
Paper-Cut Design Based On Image Boundary Representation (pp408-416 )
Liyong Zhang
Simulation System Of Sports Behavior Based On Correlation Analysis (pp417-424 )
Heng Yin
Ecological Environment Sound Classification Algorithm Based On Support Vector Machines (pp425-435 )
Zechen Xiao
Design And Implementation Of English Classroom Assistant Based On Smart Phone (pp436-443 )
Yuanhang Wang
Design And Implementation Of Quantification System For Sports Action In Competitive Sports (pp444-451 )
Yiqiu Wu
Application Of 3d Reconstruction Technology In Basketball Video Scene (pp452-459 )
Yike Wang
Application Of Neural Network Algorithm In Financial Market Modeling (pp460-467 )
Fei Chen
Application Of Data Mining Technology In English Online Learning Platform (pp468-475 )
Chenhui Wang
Application Of Apriori Association Rule Mining Algorithm In University Management System (pp476-483 )
Liu Yan, Wang Cunrui, Wang Nannan
Design And Implementation Of The Syntax Check In English Writing Assisted Reading And Appraising System (pp484-491 )
Jianwen Zhang
Tourism E-Commerce Website Quality Evaluation Based On Ahp (pp492-502 )
Gong Ping
The Design And Development Of The Painting Color Learning System Based On Android (pp503-508 )
Kong Xiangmei
Research On Art Education System Based On Bs (pp509-516 )
Li Shangke
The Design And Application Of English Online Learning System Based On Bs (pp517-523 )
Ji Yina
Research On Calculus Teaching Based On Matlab (pp524-531 )
Yan Song
The Application Of Computer Modeling In Teaching Test Based On Rasch Model (pp532-538 )
Bai Wenrong
Design And Realization Of Sports State Monitoring System Based On Intelligent Mobile Terminal (pp539-545 )
Cui Shengli, Wang Limiao, Li Junyu
Research On The Application Of Software Auralia And Overture In The Solfeggio Teaching (pp546-553 )
Ouyang Ting
Planning Research Of Tourist Villages With Gis -- Taking Jinqiao Village Of Yuanan County As An Example (pp554-559 )
Xingxing Chen
A Study Of Oral English Teaching Based On Secondlife (pp560-566 )
Liang Ruina
Study On Anti-Oxidative And Anti-Exercise-Fatigue Function Of Extracted Maca (pp567-573 )
Hongwei Zhu
System Design And Implementation Of Online Examination System Based On Intelligent Test Paper Composition (pp574-582 )
Peng Liangqing, Wu Yanpeng
Research On Image Recognition And Matching Based On Ant Colony Algorithm (pp583-588 )
Zhengkai Zhang, Daoyou Huang
Evaluation Of Rural Financial Ecological Environment Based On Ahp-Dea Model (pp589-598 )
Lezhu Zhang, Weiqing Wang
Application Of Dynamic Programming Algorithm In Accounting Management (pp599-606 )
Xiaohua Ma
Design and implementation of accounting computerization system in colleges and universities (pp607-614 )
Xiaofeng Dai 1,2 ,Weidong Zhu 1,2
Early warning of international trade in agricultural products based on cart algorithm (pp615-623 )
Meizhen xiong
The design and simulation of the website dynamic security defense system based on the game theory (pp624-631 )
Yanhong wei
Swimming teaching system based on simulation technology (pp632-639 )
Jun an
Target tracking technology of sports video based on particle filter (pp640-649 )
Kunlun wang
Research and implementation of art animation system based on video streaming (pp650-657 )
Zhen wei
Tactical analysis of sports competition based on data mining tools (pp658-664 )
Wei wang
Dance teaching system based on somatosensory technology (pp665-671 )
Hongzhu li
The game type identification technique for sports video based on finite-state machine (pp672-678 )
Xuefeng fan
Research on virtual interaction design based on augmented reality concept (pp679-685 )
Yan zhao
The mobile teaching system for teacher training based on self-adaption (pp686-693 )
Yanxia wang
Research on ecological environment information system based on component gis (pp694-702 )
Zechen xiao
The application of computer simulation analysis in the study of virtual economy and real economy (pp703-712 )
Changgang xiao
Application of decision tree algorithm in student performance management in colleges and universities (pp713-720 )
Mengnan li
Information Sharing And Application Of 3d Design Software In Interior Design (pp721-728 )
Chengeng Cui
Design And Implementation Of The Auxiliary System Of Syntax Check In English Composition Review (pp729-735 )
Rui Wang
Virtual exhibition platform of landscape (pp736-742 )
Mingxia tang
The decision support system for urban and rural planning supported by cloud computing (pp743-750 )
Yan feng
Research on cloud security technology in mobile internet environment (pp751-758 )
Pengcheng wang
Design and application of mobile platform for power marketing (pp759-769 )
Luli Qiao, Qiang Zhang, Hui Zhang
Design and application of power information acquisition system in power marketing (pp770-777 )
Hui zhang, luli qiao, qiang zhang
Art layout system based on 3d technology (pp778-785 )
Wen zhang
Design of marketing system based on clustering algorithm (pp786-794 )
Wei shang
Quantitative research on sports behavior based on fuzzy relation theory (pp795-801 )
Yalan ding
The logistics management system based on internet of things (pp802-809 )
Yan jia
Tourism Education Platform Based On Virtual Technology (pp810-817 )
Mei Shen
Design Of English Massive Open Online Courses (Moocs) Platform Based On Cloud Computing (pp818-825 )
Xiuchuan Shi
Tourism Management System Based On Intelligent Algorithm (pp826-833 )
Shihe Yang
Feature Extraction And Recognition Algorithm Of Paper-Cut Pattern (pp834-842 )
Lizhi Xing
Research On The Network Security Defense Model Based On Firewall And Ips Portfolio Strategy (pp843-848 )
Ying Li, Xin Cheng
Research On Moving Human Bodydetection And Behavior Analysis Under Complex Background (pp849-857 )
Yuepeng Sun
Research On Oral Japanese Teaching System Based On Speech Recognition (pp858-865 )
Wenting Wu, Tingliang Yan
Research On Decision Algorithm For Audio Segments Average Short-Time Energy Fusion (pp866-873 )
Yuyang Wang, Runhua Wu
English Listening And Speaking Simulation Test System (pp874-880 )
Wei Guan
Experimental Research On Item Parameter In The English Self-Adaptation System (pp881-887 )
Yafeng Luo
Request Scheduling Algorithm For Web Server In Remote Control System (pp888-895 )
Liping Lv
A Parallel Algorithm Based On Cpu / Gpu Dynamic Coordination Control And Scheduling (pp896-902 )
Hanyang Jiang1,2 ,Danhua Wang
Web Image Retrieval Based On Cloud Computing Model (pp903-910 )
Zhifang Zhang
Connection Between Fine Arts Theoretical Basis And Applied Ability In University Based On K-Means Algorithm (pp911-919 )
Ying Cheng, Taojing Li
Students’ Psychological Forecasts Using Bp Algorithms (pp920-926 )
Lan Li
Designs And Application Of College English Listening And Speaking Course Based On Moodle (pp927-933 )
Yanping Pei
Tourism Development Of Minority Counties On Ree Comprehensive Evaluation Model (pp934-941 )
Na Gong
The translation techniques of business english based on spss (pp942-947 )
Huaixiang zheng
Implementation of digital media teaching system on xml (pp948-953 )
Yingli wang
Students’ Psychological Emotion Recognition System On Expression Recognition (pp954-960 )
Yujie Wang
Study on accounting system in light of dynamic programming algorithm (pp961-966 )
Shuo ai
Wireless Networked Sensors In Track And Field Competition Timing System On Dynamic Time Slotted Aloha Algorithm (pp967-972 )
Wei Zeng, Jin Wang*
Research On Sports Behavior Characteristics Based On Motion Recognition Theory (pp973-980 )
Quanyun Liu, Shaohua Yu*
Jewelry Design Based On Simulation Technology (pp981-986 )
Yingli Wang
Research On Basketball Skills And Tactics Teaching Based On Non-Scene Target Characteristics (pp987-992 )
Zhengyong Xu
Music Recommendation Technology Based On Hybrid Algorithm (pp993-999 )
Lin Jiang
Analysis Of Sports Based On Computer Vision (pp1000-1007 )
Yun Liu
Evaluation Of Regional Economic Development Using Clustering Algorithms (pp1008-1015 )
Lina Yuan, Hongying Li*, Dongli Zhang
Digital Archives Management Platform Using Decision Tree-Based Classification Algorithm (pp1016-1022 )
Hong Tan
Appraisal Of Trainees’ Qualities In Taekwondo Teaching Process From The Perspective Of Fuzzy Evaluation (pp1023-1028 )
Li Zhao
Construction And Application Of Accounting Information System Based On Internal Control (pp1029-1035 )
Yueqing Hu
Construction Cost Estimation System Based On Artificial Intelligence (pp1036-1042 )
Li Wei
Optimization Of Self-Study Examination System In Continuing Education Based On Artificial Intelligence (pp1043-1047 )
Ruqing Fan, Hong Su, Shujing Pan
Research On English Expert Teaching System Based On Artificial Intelligence (pp1048-1054 )
Tao Feng
Research On Intelligent Dance Teaching System Based On 3d Motion Analysis (pp1055-1060 )
Haoran Xiong
Engineering Cost Management System On Data Mining (pp1061-1066 )
Guangyuan Li
Management Accounting System Based On Data Mining (pp1067-1073 )
Songzhi Fan
Research On The Administrative System Based On Data Mining (pp1074-1081 )
Qiuwei Tang
Research On Human Body Detection And Gait Recognition Based On Sports (pp1082-1088 )
Fan Yang
A Study Of Landscape Design On Physical Model (pp1089-1095 )
Heng Wang, Yanxia Gu, Shuo Wang
Aerobics Teaching System Based On The Technology Of Virtual Character (pp1096-1102 )
Ning Liu
Research On Multi-Modal English Vocabulary Auxiliary Teaching System In Colleges Based On Mobile Application (pp1103-1108 )
Yue Li
Optimization Of Wireless Sensor Network Based On The Genetic Algorithm (pp1109-1116 )
Chengsong Hu, Lian Xue
Research On Image Optimization Based On Ant Colony Algorithm (pp1117-1127 )
Chunlan Wang
Research On Application Of Financial Data Mining Based On Incremental Clustering Algorithm (pp1128-1133 )
Ming Zhao
A Research On The Design Of Exhibition System Based On Intelligent Technology (pp1134-1140 )
Xiaobo An, Zhaohui Zheng
Hardness Test And Strike Experiment On Ping-Pong Balls (pp1141-1147 )
Yu Zhang, Qun Sun, Fanyou Meng, Huan Meng
Design And Implementation Of Enterprise Financial Management Information System (pp1148-1155 )
Kaifeng Shen
Research On Design Of Sport Detection System And Method Of Fall Predictions (pp1156-1162 )
Chunjuan Zhou
Research On The Core Teaching Content Of Network Database Development Course (pp1163-1169 )
Yufen Feng, Yubin Liu, Peng Zong

Research On Image Quality Evaluation Based On Human Visual System (pp1170-1176)
Hongpeng Yang
Research On Optimization Of Gprs Wireless Data Transmission System (pp1177-1183)
Shengli Yan
Numerical Analysis On The Stope Safety With Effect Of Fluid-solid Coupling In Underground Mining (pp1184-1193)
Shuqi Ma, Shuran Lyu, Wei Liang
Kinematics Analysis On The Walking Posture Of Exoskeleton With Wearable And Power-assisted Lower Extremity (pp1194-1209)
Zheng Yi, Zhong Peisi, Liu Kunhua, Yang Kaige
Analysis Of Lifting Force For The Four-leg Jacket Platform (pp1210-1218)
Xiao Shi, Aixia Cao
Research On The Influence Of Island Mining On Mine Ventilation System (pp1219-1222)
Xiao-ling Liu, Ai-xia Cao, Fu-zhen Qin
Research On Ship Integrated Navigation Technology Based On Ais Data Processing Technology (pp1223-1228)
Fu-zhen Qin, Ai-xia Cao, Xiao-ling Liu
Magneto-mechanical Modeling For Intelligent Boring Bar Driven By Gmm (pp1229-1236)
Changjun Hu
Trusted Data Fusion Algorithm For Internet Of Things Based On Fuzzy Trust (pp1237-1249)
Xiao-qiang Wu, Chun-you Zhang, Li-hua Wang
Wsn Coverage Optimization Based On Artificial Fish Swarm Algorithm (pp1250-1259)
Changlin He, Yufen Li
The Effect Of Yttrium On The Grain Growth Behavior And The Oxidation Resistance Behavior In Fe-cr-al Electrothermal Alloy (pp1260-1269)
Wu Zhaoyu, Xueshan Xiao
Research On The Forecast Of Air Quality In Guangdong Based On Gbrt (pp1270-1277)
Qing Tian, Jun-ling Zhu
A Wheat Bran Group Biomass Detection Method Base On Default Threshold Symlet Wavelet Denoising (pp1278-1291)
Feijiang Huang, Zhengda Li, Zhuxian Zhang, Qingxiao Shan, Junjun Zhang
Research On Text Topic Mining Of Social Media Based On Lda (pp1292-1299)
Qing Tian, Jun-ling Zhu
An Improved Educational Resource Recommendation System Based On Hybrid Algorithm (pp1300-1305)
Wenguang Yuan
Significance Of Decoy Receptor 3 Mrna In Peripheral Blood Of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (pp1306-1311)
Kexin Sun, Chen Zhao, Yiju Hou, Suhong Guo, Zhengyi Li
Prediction Of Wine Alcohol Concentration Based On Sample Selection And Pso-ann (pp1312-1322)
Lingyu Xing, Qiaoyun Wang, Xiangyuyin, Nianzu Zheng
Detection Of Wine Alcohol Concentration Based On Bp Neural Network And Swarm Intelligence Algorithms (pp1323-1335)
Lingyu Xing, Qiaoyun Wang, Xiangyuyin, Nianzu Zheng
Reaction Mechanism And Influence Factors During Preparation Of Ti(c,n) Powders By Carbo-thermal Reduction–nitridation Of Ilmenite (pp1336-1345)
Jun Wang, Yingtao Zhao, Li Cao
Configurational Simulations And Theoretical Analysis Of Molecularly Imprinted Polymers For The Recognition Of 2,4,6-trichlorophenol (pp1346-1356)
Haiyan Wu, Wei Zheng, Jianghong Tang, Suci Meng, Fengxian Qiu
Design And Implementation Of Process Protection Card Based On Usb (pp1357-1367)
Renjie Wu, Xiaoling Guo, Ying Liang, Mengchen Zhang
Speech Recognition Of Minority Language In Low Resource Based On Deep Transfer Learning (pp1368-1374)
Chunyu Wu, Jie Sun
Prediction Of Deep Hole Cutting Shape Based On Support Vector Regression (pp1375-1382)
Yan Li, Xiao-qiang Wu, Chun-you Zhang
Research On The Evaluation Of University Library Service Quality Based On User Perception (pp1383-1393)
Wei Yan, Xiao-qiang Wu, Chun-you Zhang, Hong-na Zhang
Design And Implementation Of Afdx Terminal Protocol Core (pp1394-1407)
Xingcheng Ran, Guangwei Li
On The Problem-solving Activity Model That Facilitates Teachers’ Tpack Construction In Online Research And Studies (pp1408-1414)
Yuefei Gao
Blind Signal Separation Of The Unknown Sources Number Based Under The Constraint Of Space Direction (pp1415-1420)
Jinde Huang, Meimei Huang, Zhiheng Lin
Personalized Cross Language Query Expansion Based On User Interest Model (pp1421-1427)
Huihong Lan, Haiping Huang
Modeling Seasonal Tuberculosis In Guangxi, China (pp1428-1434)
Zhonghua Ling, Xifeng Fan, Lei Zhang
Research On Energy-saving Optimization Of Improved Dv-hop Localization Algorithm In Wireless Sensor Networks (pp1435-1440)
Huijie Qu, Liu Yang, Zhi Zhao
Analysis On Online Education Plate Investment Based On Curve Similarity (pp1441-1446)
Fang Yu, Dong Xie, Li-zhu Zhang, Xiaoming Huang
Map Log Sheet Conflict Evading Algorithm Based On Multi-core Pc (pp1447-1452)
Ting Zhang, Feng Su, Xing Li
Back Propagation Neural Network Rainfall Prediction Model Based On Particle Swarm Optimization (pp1453-1458)
Zhi Zhao, Huan Deng, Jinde Huang
Study On Control Method Of Acceleration Slip Regulation Of Electric Vehicle Based On Fuzzy Logic Control Principle (pp1459-1466)
Lin Zheng, Yuegang Luo, Rubo Zhang, Changjian Feng, Zhanqun Shi
Research On River-ocean combined transportation Handling Process Of Major And Key Equipments (pp1467-1475)
Qing Li, Rui Yang
Analysis Of Approximate Dispensable Set In Fuzzy Soft Set (pp1476-1488)
Zhi Kong, Shicheng Li, Lifu Wang, Lianjie Ma, Fuqiang Lu, Yonghui Han, Liqian Wang
Research On Human Resource Allocation Model In Colleges And Universities Based On Multi Objective Optimization (pp1489-1496)
Jingjing Hu
Optimized Configuration Of Sustainable Supply Chain Model For Cross-border E-commerce Based On Big Data (pp1497-1504)
Jinjin Cai
Evaluation Of Higher Vocational Students' Learning Effect Based On Evaluation Index System Construction And Empirical Analysis (pp1505-1511)
Jing Yu
A Self-learning English Keyword Extraction Algorithm Applied To The Internet (pp1512-1517)
Decheng Wang
Research On Consumer Clustering Based On Cross-border E-commerce And Big Data (pp1518-1524)
Lei Yu
Based On Anp In Flipped Classroom Mode, The Teaching Research Of Music Analysis And Writing Is Realized (pp1525-1531)
Min Liu,dunguang Xu
The Application Of Big Data In Improving College Students' Outdoor Training Methods (pp1532-1538)
Fangkai Ding
Research On Logistics Cost Control Strategy Of Fresh Agricultural Products Based On Supply Chain (pp1539-1546)
Zhenhua Luo
Teaching Reform Design And Improvement Method Of Physical Education Major In University Based On Flipping Classroom (pp1547-1552)
Shun Shan
Research On The Theory Construction And Effect Of Wisdom Preschool Education System Under Background Of Big Data (pp1553-1558)
Na Sun
The Study Of Radiotherapy Image Registration Based On The Principle Of Space Transformation (pp1559-1566)
Zhiyu Ling, Yingyi Xia, Wei Liu
Pattern Recognition Based Image Processing And Its Application In Moving Object Recognition (pp1567-1573)
Xinjun An, Na Su, Changsheng Zhu
Analysis And Risk Management Of Supply Chain Financing Based On Grey Evaluation (pp1574-1580)
Jiafei Geng
Research On The Application Of .net-based Auxiliary System In College Music Teaching (pp1581-1587)
Xiaolin Zhao
Application Of "internet Plus" In Vocal Music Teaching (pp1588-1594)
Bin He
Research On Optimized Application Of Computer Assisted Instruction In Vocal Music Teaching (pp1595-1601)
Xuebiao Gao
An Analysis Of The Development And Aesthetic Value Of Piano Performance Based On Musical Auditory (pp1602-1608)
Yaman Hu
Research On Location Privacy Protection Based On Distributed Gradient Algorithm In Internet Of Things (pp1609-1616)
Xingchao Bian,binli Zhang
An Athlete's Motion Capture And Auxiliary Physical Performance Monitoring System Based On Optical Flow Method (pp1617-1624)
Qiao Liu
Research On Multidimensional Ideological And Political Education Of College Students Based On Network Platform Data Analysis (pp1625-1633)
Lei Li, Guofeng Xu
Data Association Coverage Algorithm Based On Energy Balance And Controlled Parameters In Wireless Sensor Networks (pp1634-1642)
Qing Lv, Yachuan Liu, Hua Zhao
Three-dimensional Digital Image Modeling And Application In Imaging Diagnosis And Interventional Treatment (pp1643-1650)
Bingrong Li, Jianfei Tu, Yangrui Xiao, Jian Lou, Jiansong Ji, Weiwen Liu
Simulation Of Action Amplitude Tracking Method In Sports Based On Multi-dimensional Cobweb Model (pp1651-1657)
Huadi Wang, Xinhao Ji
Analysis Of The Surface Electromyography Characteristics Of Trampoline Athletes At The Stage Of Network Takeoff In Meltingaction Classification Algorithm (pp1658-1667)
Feng Benyu, Xing Kailong, Liu Pan
Research On Enterprise Talent Management And Evaluation Algorithm Based On Deep Convolutional Neural Network (pp1668-1682)
Fang Fang
Research On Hydration Process Of Concrete Based On Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (pp1683-1690)
Jiang Fengjiao, Gong Jinxin, Zhu Jichao
Integrated Optimization Of Port Yard Layout And Scheduling To Reduce Carbon Emissions Based On A Multi-objective Fruit Fly Optimization Algorithm (pp1691-1705)
Rongtao Ding, Wei Ren, Youming Zhu
Research On Smart Grid Fault Location System Based On Intelligent Algorithm (pp1706-1716)
Hongna Li, Hui Zhao1
Simulation And Analysis Of Node Deployment In Wireless Sensor Networks In warehouse Environment Monitoring Systems (pp1717-1727)
Jia Mao1, Ruiping Liu1, Xiuzhi Zhang
The Correlation Empirical Analysis Of Resource Industrial Structure Adjustment And Industrial Engineering Under The Economic Transformation (pp1728-1735)
Chunxiu Long
An Efficient And Highly Secured Key Management Signcryption Scheme For Dynamic Hierarchical Access Control (pp 2990-3018)
A.Sivasundari, Dr. M. Ramakrishnan
A Dynamic And Hybridized Classifier For Prognostic Decision Making In Breast Cancers (pp 3019-3041)
K.Jamberi, Dr.E.Ramaraj
Cluster Based Deep Neural Network (C-DNN) Approach to Detect Heart Disease (pp 3042-3059)
Priyanga , Dr. Naveen N C
Fast Image Segmentation Algorithm And Data Mining Techniques To Predict Lung Tumors From Lung Ct Images (pp 3060-3077)
B.Muthazhagan, Dr.T.Ravi, Dr. Rajinigirinath D
Improving The Security In Web Application Cloud Service Karatsuba Montgomery Multiplier Ecc Algorithm (pp 3078-3094)

A Novel Regression Neural Network Based Optimized Algorithm for Software Development Cost and Effort Estimation (pp 3095-3125)
Data Deduplication For Disaster Recovery In Private Cloud Storage (pp 3126-3137)
Dr. S. Pavai Madheswari, X.Ignatious Viola
Remote Sensing For Forest Fire Detection Using Landsat Images (pp 3138-3150)
P. Chanthiya, Dr.V.Kalaivani
An Improved Haze Removal Method For The Application Of Geographical Data Analysis (pp 3151-3160)
Anju J Prakash, Dr. A Ferdinand Christopher
Performance Metrics for Classification of Employee Absence at Work Place (pp 3161-3169)
Dr.S.Meenakshi, Dr.V.Venkatachalam
Gradient Boost Machine Learning Tree To Detect And Isolate Intrusions In Mobile Ad Hoc Network (pp 2626-2641)
E.Selvi, M.S. Shashidhara
Requirements Fuzzy Possibilistic C-Means (Rfpcm) -Information Retrieval (Rfpcm-Ir) And Hybrid Test Criteria With Afa (Htcafa) For Regression Testing (Rt) With Traceable Links Analysis (pp 2670-2682)
V. Keerthika, Dr. P.G. Sapna
Natural Language User Query To Sparql Conversion For Web Service Discovery From Ontology Based Web Services Registry (pp 2693-2712)
A.Jebaraj Ratnakumar, K.Venkatachalam, S.Balakrishnan
Adaptive Equalization Method For Dereverberation And Savitzky-Golay Filtering In Speech Signals Over The Web (pp 2713-2724)
Jasmine J.C.Sheeja ,Dr.B.Sankaragomathi
Maintaining Software Requirements Using Frequent Path Mining And Clustering Algorithm For Web Usage Data (pp 2683-2692)
Rajkumar N, Viji C, Duraisamy s
A novel approach to the performability of VANET: VBRCP with UGFT (pp 2642-2669)
Dr.M. Rajeswari , Dr.C.Sivamani, Dr.K.S.Meena
An Web Based Alarm System For The Border Crossing Indian Fishermen (pp 2587-2596)
Dr.V. Kalpana
A Cluster Approach for maximizing packet delivery rate in Wireless sensor Network (pp 3199-3207)
An Intelligent Inter-Vehicle Data Dissemination in Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks for Online Health Care Applications (pp 3385-3406)
P. Nivethitha, Dr. J. Suguna
Generic Hybrid SOA Architecture for Cloud Computing (pp 3348-3358)
Mr. Kumaresan .S, Dr. Sumithra Devi.K.A
Network Failure Detection and Diagnosis by Analyzing Syslog and SNS Data: Applying Big Data Analysis to Network Operations (pp 1735-1802)
M.Susila, Dr. R.Udayakumar
Reconfigurable On-Chip Communication Link for Efficient Communication (pp 1803 - 1810)
S.Beulah Hemalatha, Dr.T.Vigneswaran, M.Jasmin, Dr.M.Sundararajan
D2D Communications in Mobile Networks with High Reliability and Privacy Outage Restrictions using Feedback Scheme (pp 1811 - 1817)
N. Divya Lakshmi, Dr. V. Khanaa, Dr.R.Udayakumar
C.Rukkumani, Dr.Krishna Mohanta.S, Govindaraj.S, Dr.R.Udayakumar
Hybrid rate less codes with compression for overhead reduction and multiple bit error correction scheme for NOC (pp 1834 - 1850)
M.Jasmin , Dr.T.Vigneswaran, S.Beulah Hemalatha , Dr.M.Sundararajan
Modern Metrics (MM): Size Estimation of Modern Software and its Metrics Analysis (pp 1851-1861)
John T Mesia Dhas, Dr. C.R. Bharathi,T.S.Shiny Angel,J. Sheeba
Power and Delay aware Relay Node Selection Algorithm for Cluster based Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks (pp 1862-1874)
G Lakshmi Vara Prasad, Dr. C. Nalini, Dr. R. Udayakumar
Stock Price Prediction Using Web News Based Soft Computing Approach (pp 1875-1884)
N.Srinivasan, C.Lakshmi
A Hybrid Bootstrapping Framework Using QoE and QoS for Effective Web Services Composition and Discovery (pp 1885-1900)
G.Senthil Kumar,Dr.C.Lakshmi
Performance Analysis of Data Manipulators Based on IoT using Neural Networks (pp 2853-2868)
M.Sukanya, S.Ragunathan
Experimental Study Of Single Basin Solar Still With Flat Plate Collector (pp 2776-2791)
J.Prabahar, Dr.T.Balusamy
Optimal Control Techniques For Energy Saving And Cost Saving Of Using Variable Frequency Control Method In Flow Process Station (pp 2792-2805)
P.Anantha Christu Raj, R.Rajeswari
The Impact Of Learning Style To Enrich The Performance Of Learner In E-Learning System (pp 1914-1925)
G.Deena, Dr. K.Raja
Gro And Wego - Algorithmic Approaches To Integrate The Hetrogenous Databases And Enhance The Evaluation Of Ontology Mapping Systems In The Semantic Web (pp 2895-2904)
Dr. V. Rajeswari, Ms. M. Kavitha, Dr.Dharmistan K.Varughese
An Modified IDEA-HMAC Cryptography Based MAODV Routing for MANET through Cluster Based Intrusion Detection System (pp 3513-3529)
Dr.K.Venkatachalapathy, T.Kamaleshwar
Habitual Failure Recovery by Traffic Rerouting with Pre-Configured Backup Paths in OpenFlow based Software Defined Networks (pp 3529-3544)
Senthil Kumaran N, Thangarajan R
A Hybrid Enhanced Fractal Texture Analysis with Layout Descriptor approach for Image Segmentation (pp 3545-3552)
Kandavalli Michael Angelo , S Abraham Lincon
Anomaly based Web Intrusion detection system in Wireless sensor network using Interdependent Security Game Model (pp 3450-3466)
Gethzi Ahila Poornima I, Dr.Paramasivan B
Probabilistic Sparse Fuzzy C Means clustering with Actor Critic Neural Network for intrusion detection (pp 3482-3512)
K.Meena, V.Mala
Ontology-Based Event Detection Framework For Journalist (pp 3583-3598)
Sheba Selvam, Ramadoss Balakrishnan, Balasundaram Sadhu Ramakrishnan
Artificial Intelligence based attack mitigation Using Stochastic Game Theory Modelling with WQLA in Cognitive Radio Networks (pp 3599-3618)
Dr.Nattar kannan, Dr.S.SivaSubramanian, Dr.M.Kaliappan, S.Vimal, Dr.A.Suresh and P.Subbulakshmi
Watchdog- Round Trip Time Method to Detect and Prevent the Wormhole Attack using AODV Routing Protocol(pp 3619-3628)
K. Karthigadevi, S. Balamurali,M.Venkatesulu
Optical Character Recognition of Odia Handwritten Scripts and Numerals: A Survey on Web Based Utility Application (pp 3629-3653)
Abhisek Sethy, Prashanta Kumar Patra
DNA Compression Method Using Auto-Regression and Firefly Algorithm(pp 3654-3661)
Govind Prasad Arya, Dr.R.K.Bharti
Fadasn - Force Attenuation Delay Aware Acoustic Waves Underwater Sensor Network (pp 3260-3267)
J. Premalatha, P. M. Joe Prathap
An Enriched Query Processing Recommendation System for Encrypted Cloud Storage (pp 3268-3278)
K.Parthiban1, Dr.S.Sujatha
Person Re-identification Based on Dimension Reduced Dictionary for Sparse Classifier (pp 3279-3296)
Mrs.M.K.Vidhyalakshmi, Dr.E.Poovammal, Dr.Vidhyacharan Bhaskar
Efficient Packet Transmission In Mobile Jammer Based On Multi-Hop Wireless Network (pp 3297-3316)
R.Uma Mageswari,Dr.S.Baulkani
Realistic Optimal Path Planning Algorithm for Indoor Real-time Mobile Robot Navigation (pp 3662-3688)
Rahul Shivaji Pol,Dr.B.Sheela Rani, Dr.M.Murugan
Real Time Resource Approximation for Improved Content Searching in Mobile Disconnected Networks (pp 3689-3700)
A Credible Way Of Face Recognition And Classification System In Video Scrutiny (pp 3701-3714)
B.Vivekanandam, M.Rajesh Babu
Characterization of Human Behavior state using Machine Learning Approaches for Wireless EEG Monitoring (pp 3715-3735)
Sravanth Kumar Ramakuri , Dr.Mahesh Chandra, Dr.Bharat Gupta3
Analysis On Underwater Image Enhancement Techniques (pp 3736-3742)
Prasath.R, Dr.T.Kumanan
An Effective mechanism to detect and prevent DDoS attacks from unauthorized sources using DDPM (pp 3743-3752)
S.Suresh, Dr.N.Sankar Ram
Hevc Design For Using Hybrid Dtt-Dwt For High Quality Video Monitoring Systems (pp 3753-3763)
Dr.S.Meenakshi sundaram,Dr.R.Saranya,N.Prathap,U.Revathy,
Computation Offloading Service Selection Method for Mobile Devices (pp 3764-3777)
S. Nagasundari, Dr. G. V. Uma
Certain Investigation On Derived Cournot Model For Appraisal Of Web Content Mining In Online Business Success (pp 3788-3806)
P.Damodharan, Dr.C.S.Ravichandran
Reversible BCD Adder Circuit Synthesis by Reducing the Number of Lines (pp 3807-3816)
V. Rajmohan, Shankar N, Gnanasekar A K,Sankar K
Biogeography Based Optimization Of Residential Solid Waste Management Services In Madurai (pp 3817-3838)
UMA Madhan, A.M. Vasumathi
A framework for CardLess ATM Transactions using Biometrics (pp 3839-3857)
Mrs.M.GAYATHRI, Dr.C.MALATHY, Chandra Shekhar, Abhishek
Neural Network Classifier based Blurred and De-Blurred Image Classification for Bio Medical Application (pp 3858-3864)
Dr.P.Vetrivelan, Dr.A.Kandaswamy
Software Based Vehicle Tracking and Real Time Location Testing using Finite Automata (pp 3865-3894)
D.C.Kiruthikka, Dr. C. Kalaiarasan, Dr.M.Rajesh Babu
Real Time Nano Constrained Based Location Selection Approach For Data Transmission Between The Nanomachine In Mobile Ad Hoc Network (pp 2314-2332)
An Efficient Technique To Improve The Reliability And Security Of Relay Networks In Physical Layer (pp 2341-2359)
Subramani Jegadeesan, Swaminathan Sri Shanmugapriya, Maria Azees, Muneeswaran Dhamodaran, G K D Prasanna Venkatesan, Rathinam Praveen Kumar
Mobility Based Improved Call Admission Control Scheme For Mobile Wimax Networks (pp 3281-3300)
An Efficient Localization For Smart Defense Node Connection Based Node Position Tracking And Identification In Wireless Sensor Network (pp 2452-2471)
A.V. Kalpana, Dr. S. Rukmani Devi, N.Indira
Cross-Layer Analysis Of Dmmpp Queuing With Adaptive Modulation And Coding (pp 2394-2413)
A.Manikandan, K.Balasubadra , K.G.Shanthi
Assessment Of Particle Swarm Optimization Based Quasi Z-Source Inverter Fed Induction Motor Drive (pp 2414-2428)
P.Shunmugakani, D.Kirubakaran
Layered Software Architecture for Heterogeneous Distributed Control System Using Hybrid Communication Channel (pp 2429-2453)
Pramod U, Chavan, Ramadevi R, Murugan M, Sheela Rani B
Bandwidth Management For P2P Connections In Distributed Networks Using Machine Learning Algorithms (pp 2454-2463)
S. Govindaraj, Dr.Krishna Mohanta.S,C.Rukkumani
Brain Tumor Detection based on Dual Tree Complex Wavelet Transform and Probabilistic Neural Network (pp 2464-2474)
J.Surendiran, Dr.B.Hari Krishna, K.Nehru
Weather Forecasting by using Improved K-mean Clustering Algorithm (pp 2475-2486)
Ankalu.vuyyuru, Dr.G.Apparao

Vol.17 No.5 May 2018 ABSTRACT

Research Articles

Discussion On National Costume Design Based On Low Energy Green Concept And Technology (pp001-010 )
Ma Li
Application Of Prefabricated Construction In Photovoltaic Power Station (pp011-019 )
Hongmei Ni
Analysis Of The Evaluation Algorithm Of Sports Goods Consumption Level Of Residents In Anhui Province From The Perspective Of Wechat Marketing (pp020-027 )
Bao Liang
Analysis Of Facial Expression Of Animation Characters In The Production Of Metro Tv Animation Advertisements (pp028-036 )
Cai You
The Future Development Practice And Research On Flipped Classroom Model Based On Mooc In Higher Education (pp037-046 )
Jingxin Cao
Mathematical Modeling Analysis Of Moderate Scale Of Urban Floating Population Based On Urban Attractiveness (pp047-055 )
Zhiying Cao
The Application Of Distributed Artificial Intelligence In Network Teaching (pp056-064 )
Guanghui Zeng
Case Study Analysis Of Intellectual Property Protection Law Based On Screening From Large Databases (pp065-073 )
Rongxin Zeng
Discussion On Application Of Mathematical Modelling In Higher Vocational Computer Teaching Based On Big Data (pp074-084 )
Zeng Ting
Research On Optimization Model Of Education Management System Based On Wavelet Neural Network (pp085-094 )
Zeng Yu , Zhu Ran
Computer Cellular Model Of Enterprise Innovation Based On Gray-Scale Management (pp095-104 )
Aiwu Chen, Yueru Ma
Research On Intelligent Construction Of Building Water Supply And Drainage (pp105-112 )
Jinliang Chen, Yilong Chen
Economics Model Of Energy Production Based On The Background Of The Belt And Road (pp113-123 )
Shuofeng Chen
Application Of Multimedia Digital Teaching In Piano Education In Colleges And Universities In The Informatization Era (pp124-133 )
Chen Xi
The Mental Health Assistant Education System Of College Students Based On The Web Technology Framework (pp134-143 )
Xiangzhen Chen
Research On Agricultural Information Science And Technology Innovation Based On Big Data (pp144-152 )
Xueyun Chen, Chang Ming Cheng
Cognition and cultivation of college students' safety consciousness under the background of "we-media" (pp153-162 )
Yuanwen Cheng1,2
Analysis On The Evaluation System Of Cruise Tourism Service Quality And The Design Of Mobile App For Tourists' Participation (pp163-171 )
Huiling Cui, Minggang Tan
Research Progress Of Optimized Operation Technology Of Natural Gas Pipelines (pp172-179 )
The Effectiveness Of Ideological And Political Education Of College Students Based On Internet Era (pp180-188 )
Zhengyu Fan
Construction And Analysis Of Ideological And Political Teaching System For College Students Based On Mobile Intelligent Terminals (pp189-199 )
Feng Ting
Prospects Of Distance Education For Students' Psychological Education And Their Mobile Learning System (pp200-208 )
Fu Dan
Construction And Analysis Of Large Data Based On Library Collection Of Books (pp209-217 )
Leiming Fu*, Zhaoye Wang, Yifei Chen
Measurement Of Educational Return Rate Of Rural Employment Population Under Computer Model In China (pp218-226 )
Fawen Gao1,2
Effectiveness Evaluation Of Ideological And Political Education In Colleges Based On Fuzzy Mathematical Model (pp227-235 )
Gao Wei
Application Of Fuzzy Mathematics Theory In Flexible Evaluation Of College Students' Ideological And Political Education (pp236-244 )
Hejiang Geng
Application Of Probabilistic Mathematical Model In Large Data Classification (pp245-254 )
Hao Jie1,2
Research On The Integration Of Information Technology And Physical Education Teaching In Higher Vocational Colleges (pp255-263 )
Hongbing He
Curriculum Design Of Higher Education Of Arts And Crafts Specialty Combined With Intelligent Cai (pp274-282 )
Jianbiao Huang
Research On Teaching System Design In Art Teaching Reform Based On Intelligent Classroom System (pp283-290 )
Pengfei Huo
Research On Relative Database Of Leisure Sports Development In Universities At Home And Abroad (pp291-300 )
Xiaotian Jiang.
Research On Security Strategy And Sports Database Construction Based On The Outdoor Mountaineering (pp301-309 )
Xiaotian Jiang
Led Design And Display Scheme Research Based On Environmental Protection Law Of Ecological Reserve (pp310-318 )
Beichen Jiang, ZhangYuan
Research On The Construction Of Automobile Training System In Higher Vocational Colleges (pp319-326 )
Xinwu Lan
Network Teaching Design Of Advanced Mathematics Based On Cloud Computing Technology (pp327-335 )
Aiping Li
Analysis Of Present Situation And Improvement Measures Of Vocabulary Teaching In Higher Vocational Colleges Under Multimedia Environment (pp336-344 )
Haiying Li
Analysis Of The Educational Model Of Campus Cultural Activities In Colleges And Universities Under Human Centered View (pp345-352 )
Li Huan
Animation Production And Design Based On Metro Television Advertising Led (pp353-361 )
Xiaonan Li
Research On Media Marketing Strategy And Practical Approach Of Original Animated Movies In The “Internet+”Era (pp362-370 )
Xiaonan Li
Application And Research Of Product Form Innovation Design Method Based On Function Decomposition And Structure Integration (pp371-380 )
Liang Jun
Analysis Of The Design Ideas Of The Road Landscape Scale Based On Virtual Reality Simulation (pp381-388 )
Liao Kun
Research On The Evaluation System Of Tourism Weibo Marketing Under The Background Of Big Data (pp389-396 )
Baofeng Lu
Sports Analysis Technology Based On Artificial Intelligence (pp397-404 )
Luo Jie
Research On The Application Of Smart-Phone Assisted Mobile Learning In Higher Vocational English Teaching (pp405-414 )
Xunqian Lv, Xiaoyan Zhang
Desertification Of Inner Mongolia Region Ecological Migration Low Energy Consumption Of The Green Building Technology Application (pp415-424 )
Ming Ma,Yuhan Lei,Jing Kong,Liping Sun,Mingxuan Ma
Application Of Bim Technology In Dispatching Building Project (pp425-435 )
Haitao Meng*,Hao Shuang
Development Of Construction Supervision Information System Of Engineering Project (pp436-449 )
Haitao Meng*,Hao Shuang
Design Of Intelligent Pid Controller Based On Stm32 Single Chip Microcomputer (pp450-458 )
Zhanglong Nie,Du Wei
Effective Avoidance Of Fossilization In Interlanguage And The Construction Of Teaching Ability System In English Teacher Classroom Based On Artificial Intelligence (pp459-466 )
Peng Wen
The Teaching Mode Of "Microlecture" In Computer Basic Course In Colleges And Universities (pp467-478 )
Guogang Qi
Research And Development Of College Basketball Intelligent Teaching System Based On Artificial Intelligence (pp479-488 )
Qiao Jian
Analysis On The Transformation Of "Internet +" Logistics In The New Normal Background (pp489-497 )
Ren Ling
Study On The Construction Of English Teachers' Classroom Teaching Ability System Based On Artificial Intelligence (pp498-506 )
Shao Yi
Construction Of Physical Education Curriculum System Based On Multimodal Information Fusion Theory (pp507-515 )
Hongmei Sun
Research On The Structure Characteristics Of Cultural Tourism Innovation System Based On Computer Network (pp516-523 )
Research On Multimode English And American Literature Teaching Strategies Assisted By Computer Network Technology (pp524-532 )
Cuiyun Tang
Research On The Relationship Between The New Urbanization And The Quality Of Economic Growth (pp533-541 )
Wang Bo
A Teaching Reform Study On Art Design With J2ee Platform And Folk Craft Elements (pp542-550 )
Wang Feng
"Internet +" Era Of College Students' Mental Health Education Research (pp551-560 )
Wang Jian
Empirical Analysis Of The Relationship Between Higher Education Investment And Economic Growth In Minority Concentrated Region Of Yunnan Based On Var Model (pp561-568 )
Wang Liu
Research On Performance Evaluation Of College Students’ Employment Management Based On Fuzzy Mathematics Model (pp569-577 )
Research On Archives Database Construction Based On Heritage Protection In Ancient Towns Of China (pp578-586 )
Yongzhi Wang1,2
Analysis Of The Influence Mechanism Of Tourism Development On National Traditional Culture Based On The Psr Model (pp587-595 )
Lianyang Wen
Research On The Innovation Of Business Model Of Cultural Tourism In Ethnic Areas Based On Internet (pp596-603 )
Lianyang Wen
Promotion Of The Cultivation Path Of College Students' Innovative And Entrepreneurial Professionalism Under The New Situation (pp604-614 )
Guoqing Wu
Construction Strategy Of Data Service Platform Based On Hyper Fusion (pp615-624 )
Minghu Wu,Zhang Wei
Construction And Visualization Of 3d City Model Based On 3dmax (pp625-636 )
Lesheng Wu
Mechanical Properties Of 7n01 Aluminum Alloy Friction Stir Welded Joint (pp637-646 )
Peng Xiao1,2,Qinglin Pan 1,3,Yunlai Deng1,3*
Discussion On Architectural Design Strategy Based On Fractal Coastline Mathematical Model (pp647-655 )
Surong Xu
Construction Of Multiple English Teaching Model Combined With Cloud Technology (pp656-663 )
Dongyang Xu
Legal Regulation Of Local Debt Based On Network Big Data (pp664-674 )
Xu Jing
Study On Quantitative Method Of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Of Piperazine New Psychoactive Substance (pp675-683 )
Wenqing Xu
Research On The Construction Of Music Appreciation Teaching System In Normal Universities Under B/S Framework (pp684-693 )
Yang Chang
A Study On The Teaching Strategies Of Chinese Text Reversal In Colleges And Universities Based On Micro - Course (pp694-702 )
Liping Yang
Analysis On The Parameterization Intelligent Design Of Costume Pattern Of Miao Nationality (pp703-710 )
Yang Mei
Research On The Innovation Model Of Small And Medium - Sized Enterprises Based On The Reform Of Finance And Tax System (pp711-719 )
Linxiang Yao,Jianyong Ouyang
Blended Teaching Of College English In The Era Of Fragmentation Learning And Integrating Mobile Network Tools Under The Background Of Internet Plus (pp720-727 )
Dongwei Yin
Construction Of Badminton Professional Entrepreneurship Education System Based On Artificial Intelligence (pp728-736 )
Yu Yi
The Application Of Innovative Teaching Reform Under The Background Of Internet Plus (pp737-745 )
Yanxing Yuan
Design And Application Of Russian Teaching System (pp746-756 )
Li Yuan,Yongguang Sun*
Research On The Application Of Data Mining Technology In Physical Training (pp757-765 )
Zhang Lei
Integrated Management Of Construction Project Under The Framework Of Bim Technology (pp766-775 )
Zhang Wei
Research On The Development Model Of Soccer Teaching Idea In Colleges And Universities Based On Socio - Cultural Analysis (pp776-785 )
Zhang Yu
A Study Of Aawp Model English Writing Teaching Based On Micro Mobile Learning (pp786-794 )
Yunxia Zhang
Exploring The Effects Of Fir Litter On Microbial Biomass Carbon Based On Cloud Computing And Large Data (pp795-805 )
Application And Research On “System Structure Optimization” Of Art Core Curriculum In Colleges And Universities (pp806-814 )
Luhui Zhao
Research On Aerobics Teaching Design Based On Intelligent Agent (pp815-823 )
XiaomeiZhao,Linhao Guo,Zhaolei Jia,Yali Liu
Channel Estimation Of Cooperative Communication System Based On Wavelet Transform (pp824-831 )
Haifei Zhou
Research On The Relationship Between Mathematical Model And Management Accounting (pp832-841 )
Haijuan Zhou
The Role Of Translation Law In Computer English Teaching In Undergraduate Colleges (pp842-850 )
Xiaoyang Zhou
Design And Development Of Dynamic Wearable Computer Equipment Platform (pp851-860 )
Zhu Ran,Zeng Yu
Research On 3d Landscape Modeling Of Digital Jiaozuo Based On Auto Cad And 3dmax (pp861-869 )
Guangyu Meng
Analysis Of Mathematical Model For Emission Reduction Effect Of Light Gasoline Vehicle (pp870-878 )
Xianqing Shen
An Analysis About How Much Degree Of Ethical Status Impact On College Students' Psychological Based On Spss Analysis (pp879-889 )
Meisuo Wang
The Mathematical Model Of English Thinking Is Constructed (pp890-898 )
Discussion On Mathematical Model Construction Of Optimization Calculation Method For Large Data Chaos Model (pp899-907 )
Xiaojing Cao
Research On The Theory And Practice Of Garment Pattern Design Based On Fractal Geometry (pp908-916 )
Tianying Li
Related Analysis Of English Reading Corpus Based On Structural Equation Model (pp917-925 )
Liu Chun
Research On Application Of Fuzzy Mathematics In Performance Evaluation Of Human Resource Management (pp926-936 )
Yongan Liu
The Construction Research Of Intelligent Logistics Distribution Mathematical Model Based On Scheduling (pp 937-945 )
Juanjuan Wang
Research On Pattern Design Of Garment Fabric Based On Curve Function (pp946-953 )
Haibo Zhang
Analysis Of The Impact Of Management On The Cost Of Financial Disclosure Based On Mathematical Model (pp954-963 )
Yongan Huang
Study On The Construction Of Mathematical Model Of English Thinking (pp964-972 )
Ziyan Luo
Analysis Of Factors Affecting Nucleation Rate And Construction Of Mathematical Model For 7050 Aluminium Alloy (pp973-982 )
Guangying Sheng
The Research On The Team Performance Influence Of Shared Mental Model In Cuba Basketball Competition (pp983-992 )
Enming Bin
Improvement Of Production Site Management In F Company (pp993-1003 )
Chunru Chen
Key Points Of Application Of Bim Technology In Building Water Supply And Drainage Design (pp1004-1014 )
Jinliang Chen,Yilong Chen
Application Of Computer Assisted Instruction In College Football Elective Course (pp1015-1026 )
Cheng Gong
Research On Computer Assisted College Spoken English Test In Teaching (pp1027-1035 )
Junyuan Cui
A Hybrid Cellular Automaton Method For Self-Optimizing Thermal Design Of Multimode Structures (pp1036-1046 )
Xiaolei Deng,Shengbin Weng,Jianchen Wang,Changxiong Xie*,Huan Lin
Evaluation Of Management Innovation Ability Of Chemical Enterprises Based On Radar Map Analysis (pp1047-1057 )
Yuhong Dong,Xizhong Wang,Yue An
Design And Implementation Of Accounting Module's Main Function In Enterprise Financial Software System (pp1058-1068 )
Xiangjiu Fan
Research On University Accounting Teaching Innovation Based On Big Data (pp1069-1078 )
Yuqi Feng
Using Internet To Making Japanese News Listening Teaching Materials (pp1079-1088 )
Liwei Gao
The Application Of Big Data Background In Network Teaching Platform (pp1089-1099 )
Lijuan Gao
The Influence Of Big Data On Management Of Higher Education And Optimal Management (pp1100-1110 )
Yuechun Gao
Analysis of large data platform based on "new media index" (pp1111-1119 )
Bei Guo
Research On The Development Of China’s National Sports Tourism Based On The Background Of Big Data (pp1120-1128 )
Hanikezi.Hadeer,Sun Jian
The Information System For Ideological And Political Work Of Students Based On "Internet Plus" (pp1129-1139 )
Li He
Emotion And Reason Interactive Mechanism Studies Of Students' Ideological And Political Education Under The Internet Environment (pp1140-1148 )
He Li
Design And Realization Of Plant Resource Information System For Green Building (pp1149-1157 )
Changlin Hu
Study On Investor Sentiment Propagation Based On Finite Element Method (pp1158-1167 )
Yuting Huangfu*, Cheng Liu
Performance Test Of Water Drainage Rubber Asphalt Mixture For The Decomposition Of Automobile Exhaust (pp1168-1176 )
Hua Huang
For Medical Image Processing For Super Resolution Reconstruction Of Mathematical Modelling Analysis (pp1177-1188 )
Liangyong Huang 1,2
The 21st Century Maritime Silk Road In The View Of Big Data The Cultural Influence Of Silk, Porcelain And Tea Is The Centre (pp1189-1198 )
Ai Jian1*, Zhongqi Xin2
Present Situation And Analysis Of Network Resources Construction In University History Teaching (pp1199-1208 )
Yishuang Jiao
The Application Of Learning Analytical Techniques In College Students' Network Thinking Education (pp1209-1218 )
Xiaojing Lan
The Application Advantages Of Bim In Interior Design (pp1219-1227 )
Feiweihua Li
The Impact Of Strategic Fitting On M & A Performance Of Chinese Financial Enterprises: An Empirical Study Based On Business Model Perspective (pp1228-1238 )
Huizhong Li
Analysis Of Consumer Behavior Based On Network Integration Data In The Background Of Big Data (pp1239-1251 )
Liping Li
The Language Features Of Computer English And Their Translation Skills (pp1252-1261 )
li li
New Kinetic Energy, Trend And Path Of Intelligent Logistics Development Under The Background Of "Internet Plus" (pp1262-1272 )
Lianwei Li
A Probe Into The Characteristics Of College Students' Reading In Contemporary Universities (pp1273-1280 )
Qiaoli Li
Exploring The Application Of Computer Technology In Economic Management (pp1281-1290 )
Weiyi Li
Dissection Of Optimum Design And Simulation Of Structure Of Magnetic Flywheel Battery For Microgrid (pp1291-1300 )
Wei Li, Zhenhuan Ye, Weihai Jia
Design And Implementation Of Ground Meteorological Observation Data Quality Control System Based On Association Rules (pp1301-1310 )
Xue Li
The Empirical Analysis Of The Influencing Factors Of College Students' Timing Choice Based On Logit Model (pp1311-1320 )
Chunying Liu
Design Strategy And Management Of Network Course Of Design And Guidance Of Kindergarten Educational Activities (pp1321-1329 )
Haiyan Liu, Yuexia Chen
Study On The Structural Optimization Of Small And Medium-Sized Towns Based On Cluster Economy (pp1330-1339 )
Huanxiang Liu1 2
Research On The Selection And Evaluation Of Family Business Successor In China From The Perspective Of Fuzzy Mathematics (pp1340-1349 )
Hui Liu
Construction Of Economics And Management Laboratory In Colleges And Universities Based On Virtual Technology (pp1350-1360 )
Jiang Liu1, Xiong Wang2, Haiyan Gao1, Ya’ni Xie1
Study On Economic Impact Of Regional Import Trade - Based On Mathematical Model Analysis (pp1361-1371 )
Juan Liu
Research On Energy Substitution Model Based On Centralized New Energy Precise Poverty Alleviation (pp1372-1380 )
Jun Liu
Research On The Communication Function Of Enterprise Culture Based On Network (pp1381-1390 )
Yifei Liu
Research On Collaborative Filtering Recommendation Algorithm Based On Temporal Behavior (pp1391-1400 )
Yuanzhen Liu1, 2,Jianzhao Liu1
The Application Value Of Online Automatic Evaluation System In College English Writing Teaching (pp1401-1412 )
Kaixun Luo
Research On Computer Software Engineering Management And Application (pp1413-1421 )
Zhenyi Luo
An Interactive Image Segmentation Algorithm Based On Artificial Intelligence (pp1422-1430 )
Liao Fan , Linjing Wang
Theory And Experiment Study On Arc Angle Measure Method Of Ship Ribs' Automatic Cold Bending (pp1431-1439 )
Xiangwei Li

An Improve Approach Of Environmental Effect On Metal Supply Based On Life Cycle Assessment (pp1440-1448)
Xiaoqian Guo, Jianwu Li, Yawen Han
Epids: Imprecise D-s Inference Models For Detection Of Epistatic Snp-snp Interactions (pp1449-1461)
Yaling Yin, Junying Zhang
Comprehensive Treatment Research On Gushing Water Of Metro Stations In Soft Fluid-plastic Stratum Under The Complex Urban Environment (pp1462-1470)
Hongbo, Wang, Qingsong Zhang, Rentai Liu, Peng Jiang, Yanan Liu, Yankai Liu
Digital Photography: Research Reviewed On Single Image Dehazing Method (pp1471-1481)
Bochen Zhang
A Selection-based Mcl Clustering Algorithm For Motif Discovery (pp1482-1494)
Chunxiao Sun, Zhiyong Zhang, Shide Song, Xiaoli Xie, Shuai Liu
Viroid Diffusing Based Stability Analysis Method For Wireless Networks (pp1495-1506)
Yuqi Yang, Lei Zhu, Junye Meng, Pengli Liu, Qiang Yue, Xiaohui Zhang
Design Method Of Meridional Contours Based On Velocity Distribution Of Multi-stage Composite Impeller (pp1507-1517)
Jiangfeng Fu, Huacong Li, Xianwei Liu, Jiaxing Zhu, Jing Liu
Spatial Moving Average Error Model With A Hierarchical Data Structure: Generalized Method Of Moments Estimation (pp1518-1526)
Qianting Ye, Zhihe Long
Context-aware Cross-layer Routing Algorithm For Hybrid Wireless-optical Broadband Access Network (pp1527-1537)
Weida Zhan, Yijun Wang,ziqiang Hao
Response Surface Methodology As An Approach To Optimize The Preparation Of Maize Straw Panels Applying Soy-based Adhesives (pp1538-1545)
Yong Wang, Wanli Lou, Zhigao Li, Shiqing Chen, Layun Deng, Youhua Fan
Practice Of Power Electronic Hardware Loop Simulation Based On Fpga (pp1546-1553)
Junhong Li
Laboratory Study Of Subgrade Reinforcement By Seepage Drainage Geogrid Under The Effect Of Freeze-thaw Action (pp1554-1567)
Wei Shan, Yuzhuo Wang
Research On Flight Path Planning Of Iot Based Mountain Forest Fire Monitoring Uav (pp1568-1577)
Biqing Li, Miao Tian, Suping Jiang, Yongfa Ling, Shiyong Zheng
Modelling Analysis Of Charging Station Based On Limited Resources (pp1578-1586)
Xingqun Qi, Qi Li Jiaming Liu, Chuang Zhang
Analytical Calculation Of The Tunneling Under Financial Crisis: Ownership Structure, Tunneling Cost And Supervision (pp1587-1593)
Huajie Liang, Renzeng Wang
The Influence Of Technology Diversification On Enterprise Investment Value Based On Negative Binomial Regression Model (pp1594-1604)
Jingye Luy, Ting Wang, Penglin Li
Research On Cloud Security Risk Assessment Method Based On Fuzzy Theory (pp1605-1612)
Qingcong Zhao
On The Innovative Sustainable Development And Construction Of The Community (pp1613-1625)
Shuai Yang, Yao Wu, Wei Wu
Study On Development Strategy Of Sustainable Product Design In Product Service System: Using Asus Technology Products As An Example (pp1626-1637)
Hongyi Chen, Huicun Shen, Kunchieh Wang, Chi-ching Yang
Research On The Compression Property Of Tailings From Its Weight (pp1638-1650)
Jun Wang, Dengpan Qiao, Guangtao Li, Jincheng Xie
Soc Estimation Of Li-ion Batteries Based On Differential Equation Algorithm (pp1651-1660)
Jia Wei
Teaching Reform Of The Computer Engineering Talent’s Innovation Ability Under The Background Of Internet Plus (pp1661-1667)
Hengyao Tang, Qing Zhang, Xiaoyan Zhan, Guosong Jiang
A Stochastic Frontier Analysis Of Management Effectiveness And Firm Performance (pp1668-1676)
Xiaolian Liu, Xiaobing Huang, Yuanqian Ren
Research On Enterprise Customer Relationship Management Based On K-means Algorithm (pp1677-1685)
Yuanqin Ge, Huimin Li
Analysis Of Movie Box Office Based On Big Data Mining Technology (pp1686-1693)
Naiqian Li
Research On The Analysis Model And Practice Of Regional Economic Growth Based On The Framework Of Web Technology (pp1694-1699)
Qi Wang
Research On Enterprise Customer Relationship Management Based On Big Data Mining (pp1700-1709)
Feng Feng, Xingteng Li
A Multilevel Color Image Segmentation Technique Based On An Improved Firefly Algorithm (pp1710-1732)
Hao Peng, Lifang He, Songwei Huang
Actin Cytoskeleton Regulators Required For Cell Migration In Drosophila Ovary (pp1733-1738)
Ping Wan, Sumei Zheng
Research On Integrated-controller-based Rudder Performance Testing System Using Electric Loading System And Improved Generalized Predictive Control (pp1739-1747)
Jianyuan Xu, Xudong Pan, Yuefeng Li, Guanglin Wang
The Lap Considering Facility Disruption Scenarios During The Early Stage Of Post-earthquake Relief (pp1748-1758)
Yufeng Zhou, Na Chen, Zhi Li, Ying Gong
Design Of Real Time Monitoring System For Shipping Logistics Ship Sewage Based On Embedded System And Internet Of Things (pp1759-1767)
Hongzhi Wang, Yang Zhao
Application Of Back Propagation Neural Network In Classification Of Text Web Pages (pp1768-1780)
Ruihui Mu, Xiaoqin Zeng, Lin Xiang, Jianhua Xia
The Lip Considering Facility Disruption During The Later Period Of Post-earthquake Relief (pp1781-1791)
Zhi Li, Na Chen, Yufeng Zhou, Yufeng Li
Potential Absorptive Capacity, Realized Absorptive Capacity And New Product Innovation Performance (pp1792-1801)
Yan Qu
The Optimization Control Of The Hybrid Energy Coordinated Control In Smart Home Energy (pp1802-1812)
Zexin Mu, Jianjun Xu, Hongyu Li, Rutao Su
Research On Thermodynamic Characteristics Of Tube Weld In Hydraulic Cylinder Based On Abaqus (pp1813-1823)
Ji-tao Chen, Hai-yan Song, Ji-xin Liu, Wei-wei Ge
A Compression Algorithm For Backbone Routing Table (pp1824-1834)
Liang Ji-feng
Network Teaching Curriculum Design For Basic Computer Application Based On The Working Process Systematization (pp1835-1845)
Li-jun Mao, Yan Zhang, Ren-dong Li
Research On Software Testing Security (pp1846-1850)
Yan Li
Research On The Software Testing Reliability Model (pp1851-1857)
Rui Qiu, Ji-feng Liang, Hong-ke Xu, Ren-dong Li
A Research On Fitness Service System Based On Cloud Computing Platform (pp1858-1864)
Dong-mei Zhang, Hai-yan Zhao
The Strength Analysis On The Front Suspension System Components Of Suv Vehicle Type Under The Extreme Working Condition (pp1865-1871)
Zhou Jun, Li Qinying
The Regulations, Status And New Technologies Of The Disposal Of Waste Oil-based Drilling Fluids In China (pp1872-1882)
Yuxue Sun, Dianjie Sui, Jingyuan Zhao, Xiuyu Zhu, Jianjun Xu
Application Of Data Mining Technology In Food Products Based On The Import And Export Structure (pp1883-1893)
Yu Zhenlei
Design And Research Of Hydraulic Loading System Based On Amesim (pp1894-1905)
Hai-yan Song, Ji-tao Chen, You-wei Du
Resistance Analysis And Form Optimization Of Wpc Based On Maxsurf (pp1906-1915)
You-wei Du, Biao Li, Hai-yan Song
An Accurate Modelling Method And Bending Stress Analysis For Circular-arc-tooth-trace Gear (pp1916-1931)
Qi Zhang, Rui Tang
The Cutting Force Model Of A Single Tooth For Slicing Tool Of Cycloid Gear Based On Micro-section Edge (pp1932-1943)
Xiao-qiang Wu, Li-hua Wang
Influence Of Crack Arresting Parameters On Fatigue Behavior Of 30crmnsini2a (pp1944-1954)
Hua-yang Zhao, Yu-ming Fu1, Li-juan Zheng1
On Research Of Image Segmentation Algorithm Based On C-v Model (pp1955-1961)
Yang Baohai
Energy-saving Technology For Pumping Units (pp1962-1971)
Chunyou Zhang , Liang Wang
A Solution Scheme Of Intelligent Heating Remote Monitoring Based On Nb-iot (pp1972-1985)
Xiao-ling Guo, Ren-jie Wu, Ling Li
Research On Adaptive Bayesian Wavelet Denoising Algorithm For Ppg Signal (pp1986-1996)
Wei Haicheng, Xiao Mingxia
Research On Analysis Algorithm Based On Hht Pulse Signal (pp1997-2004)
Xiao Mingxia, Wei Haicheng
Analysis Of Basic Frequency Response Of Spar Floating Fan (pp2005-2010)
Aixia Cao, Xinyuan Zhou, Xiao Shi, Wei Sun
Reservoir Forming Conditions And Analogical Evaluation Of Cbm In The Surrounding Coal Basins Of Daqing (pp2011-2021)
Huiting Hu, Liu Wang, Chao Liu, Lei Han, Yingjie Zhao, Jianjun Xu
Multi-agent-based Distributed Text Information Filtering Method (pp2022-2034)
Wuxue Jiang
Characteristics And Geological Implications Of The Poropollen Assemblages In The Basalt-type Iron Ore In Northwest Guizhou, China (pp2035-2044)
Tao Cui, Youping Liu, Chaoyi Bai, Guofan Cheng, Ning Yu
Color Reproduction In High Dynamic Domain Images (pp2045-2051)
Chen Chen
Design And Implementation Of Traceability System For Meat Quality And Safety Information (pp2052-2058)
Shuyan wu, Hui Jiao, Hui wang, Aide Jiang, Shaohua Hu
Design And Research Of Digital Graphic Image Software (pp2059-2064)
Lixia Ma
Design Of Internet Of Things Architecture For Intelligent Transportation System (pp2065-2070)
Wei Zhuo, Xiao-dong Yang
Image Data Processing Of Distributed Parallel Computing Platform Architecture (pp2071-2076)
Shen Wang
Implementation Of Video Production Sharing System Based On File Workflow (pp2077-2083)
Yan Wu
Research On 3d Reconstruction Based On Continuous Panoramic Image (pp2084-2089)
Yue Yu

Vol.17 No.4 Apirl 2018 ABSTRACT

Research Articles

The Innovation Model Of Human Resource Management In Chinese Private Enterprises (pp001-007 )
Shufeng Li, Weicai Wang, Shukui Li
The Effect Of Tourism Regional Planning Based On Computer Simulation (pp008-014 )
Xin Lv
Improvement Of Security Performance Of Mysql Database Based On Web Platform (pp014-023 )
Peng Hui
Design And Planning Of Ecological Leisure Farm Based On Vr Technology (pp024-031 )
Keyong Shen, Rongqun Hu
A Study Of Human Motion Tracking Based On Wireless Sensor Network (pp032-038 )
Haitao zhang, lan liu*
Construction Of Information Communication And Feedback System Based On The Network Community (pp039-046 )
Xulun Mao
The Influence Of The Core Culture On The Management Of Students In The College System Management Mode -- The Application Of Chinese Traditional Culture In The Management Of Students (pp047-051 )
He Li
The Evaluation Model And Application Of Brand Competitiveness Of Manufacturing Enterprises (pp052-061 )
Wang Li
The Effectiveness Of Ideological And Political Education Of College Students Based On Internet Era (pp062-069 )
Yingtao Wu
Structural Fire Safety Evacuation Strategy Of Bim (pp070-077 )
Wei Guo
The Clinical Study Of Rehabilitation Exercises Of Ankle Fractures After Operation (pp078-083 )
Haixiao Xu
Study Of The Effect Of Constructing Learning-Centered Organization On The Organization Commitment Of Vocational College Teachers (pp084-09 )
Jing Chen,Xueping Hou,Xuan Liu,Zitong Wei
A Study Of Straw Substrate Bioflocculant’s Making And Its Water Purification Performance (pp093-098 )
Leiming Fu, Tianyu Meng, Tianqi Xiang, Yifei Chen, Chunxia He*
Spatial Econometric Analysis Of Institutional Change And Regional Economic Growth In China (pp099-107 )
Dong Guo, Hong Xia Zhang
Research On Marketing Strategy Of Logistics Enterprises Based On New Media Arketing (pp108-115 )
Junde Han
Massive Open Online Course Teaching System For Remote English Language Culture Based On Computer Network (pp116-123 )
Xiaoge Jia
Analysis Of Financial Decision System In Colleges And Universities Based On Php (pp124-133 )
Research On The Innovation Strategy Of Agricultural Mode In Southern Shaanxi Province Based On The Perspective Of Precise Poverty Alleviation (pp134-141 )
Baoguo Yang
Analysis Of Higher Education Teaching Reform On Modern Educational Technology Environment (pp153-160 )
Qi Zhang
Transformation Of Adult Education In The Context Of Lifelong Education (pp161-167 )
Yumin Diao,Wenjun Ouyang
The Further Promotion Of The Construction Path Of Rural Community In The New Situation (pp168-178 )
Jing Zhang
Training Strategy Of Computing Thinking In Computer Teaching (pp179-186 )
Guofeng Xu
Construction And Analysis Of College Instructor ' Professional Ability Evaluation System (pp187-194 )
Junsheng Xu, Jing Wu, Yanlan Jiang
A Strategy For Jointly Executing Tasks In Mobile Cloud Computing (pp195-202 )
Yaning Yan
The Application Of Computer Network Teaching System In Chinese Teaching (pp203-210 )
Fang Yang
Application Of Bim Technology In Computer Aided Architectural Design (pp211-219 )
Lan Yang
Application Of Internet Technology In Financial Teaching (pp220-227 )
Hui Yao
Research On The Role Of Computer Network Technology In Economic Development (pp228-235 )
Fan Zhang
The Characteristics Of Computer Network Economy And Its Development Exploration (pp236-243 )
Fan Zhang
Research On Application Of Computer Technology In Mechatronics Process (pp244-252 )
Hui Zhang
Application Of Computer Technology In Chinese Teaching In Universities (pp253-261 )
Ning Zhang
A Study On The Effectiveness Of College Students' Mooc Learning Behavior (pp262-270 )
Dandan Zhao
Analysis Of Response Capability Of Power Demand Side Based On Intelligent Technology (pp271-279 )
Qingjiang Zhao
Research On The Value Assessment Of Internet Financial Enterprises Based On Life Cycle (pp280-288 )
Fang Zhou
To Build A Computer Network Platform To Assist College Sports Teaching Model Research (pp289-297 )
Kunrong Zhu,Haixia Cheng
Application Path Of Network Teaching System For College English Based On Moocs (pp298-307 )
Zhenguo Zhu
Screening Of Efficient Degrading Bacteria For Organophosphorus Pesticide Wastewater And Construction Of Flora (pp308-316 )
Tiejun Li, Bangqin Ding, Chunxiao Zhou,Quande Li
Evaluation Model Of Fire Safety Management Efficiency In Universities Based On Dea Theory (pp317-322 )
Shijie Wang, Jiaming Ma
Research On The Application Of Artificial Intelligence In Urban Landscape Design (pp323-331 )
Jingjing Bao, Jianyong Bian
The Design Research On Multimedia Educational Game In College English Teaching (pp332-340 )
Lei Ding
Application Of "Combination Of Teaching And Learning" Model In Receive Technique For Chinese Table Tennis Players (pp341-348 )
Jing Chen
Construction Of English Vocabulary Teaching Model In Agricultural Cross-Border Electricity Supplier Activities Based On Computer Virtual Technology (pp349-356 )
Xibo Liu, Yong Zhao
Competitive Sports Training Model Combined With Computer Multimedia Technology (pp357-363 )
Jun Chen, Hai Huang
Localization Algorithm And Error Analysis Of Indoor Radio Interference Sources (pp364-371 )
Taihang Du1, Chundong Jiang 1 ,Yunfei Chen 1,2,Lei Dong 3
Pre-Competition Psychological Training Of Athletes Combined With Computer Software Technology (pp372-379 )
Hai Huang, Jun Chen
Computer Data Processing Model In Big Data Era (pp380-388 )
Yaolong Kang, Jing’an Zhang
Optimization Model Based On Karst Foundation Treatment (pp389-396 )
Jianhua Li
The Construction Of The English Intelligent Classroom Based On The Artificial Intelligence (pp397-404 )
Yangming Song, Xiaohong Zhang
Application Of Mathematical Optimization Model In Automobile Product Development Test Under Collision Condition (pp405-412 )
Nan Li ,Rongjun Li,Bowen Zhou
Research On The Engineering Quality Management Mechanism Of Civil Engineering Construction Process (pp413-422 )
Yetao Pang, Xiaoman Zheng, Jieke Zheng,Haoyan Wu
Research On Tennis Teaching In Colleges And Universities Based On The Competition Teaching Method (pp423-430 )
Huali zhao
Design And Implementation Of Cloud Platform Based On Openstack (pp431-440 )
Yao chen
The Function Of Computer Music Production Technology In The Development Of Folk Music (pp441-447 )
Jie Shan
Data Mining Algorithm Based On Cloud Computing (pp448-456 )
Junlei Dong, Junping Wang
Study On The Development Of The Hostel Economy And Characteristic Agricultural Resources In Zhejiang Province (pp457-464 )
Feng Jing, Haining Meng, Jianfei Guo
Study On Synthesis And Biological Activity Of Pyridine Derivatives (pp465-472 )
Chunling Li
Energy Saving And Monitoring System For Urban Street Lamp Based On Zigbee Wireless Communication Technology (pp473-480 )
Yanrong Liu
Load Balancing Scheduling Strategy For Server Cluster System (pp481-489 )
Yingjun Tan, Bao Zheng
The Complexes And Indoor And Field Bactericidal Activity Of Synthesis Of 4, 6- Two Methyl -N- Phenyl -2 – Pyrimidinamine Iron (Iii) (pp490-500 )
Huifang Wang, Xianrong Xin, Ying Yao, Man Wang, Jie Li
Analysis Of Vocal Music Teaching Mode In Multimedia Teaching Environment (pp501-509 )
yang wang
Influence Study Of Health Qigong Baduanjin On Mda Content And Sod Activity In Patients With Phlegm Dampness Type Of Hypertension (pp510-515 )
Yu Zhongshun, Yu Zhida
Study On Effect Of Health Qigong Baduanjin On Mda Content And Sod Activity In Phlegm And Dampness Type Of Hypertensive Patients (pp516-523 )
Zhida Yu, Zhongshun Yu
Remote Intelligent Mobile Payment Information Input Security Based On Pfp (pp524-532 )
Guoming Zhang, Baoli Liu
Research On The Application Of The Innovation Education Development Path For Sports Specialized College Students (pp533-539 )
Zhang Lin
Physical Education Yoga Exercise Regimen Based On Data Mining Clustering Technology (pp540-547 )
Chunhui Zeng
The Study About The Micro Media Leveraging The Ideological And Political Education Into The Yanzhao Culture In College Students (pp548-556 )
Hailong Chang
The Design And Implementation Of Dance Education And Teaching Management System In Universities (pp557-565 )
Le Chen
Overall Design And Analysis Of Ups Power Supply System Based On Computer Aided Mode (pp566-573 )
Chen Li
Concept And Application Of Industrial Heritage Planning Decision In Big Data Era (pp574-583 )
Shufang Chen
Localization Algorithm Of Indoor Radio Interference Source (pp584-591 )
Yunfei Chen 1 2, Taihang Du 1, Chundong Jiang 1, Lei Dong 3
Construction And Application Of Japanese Corpus Based On Computer Cooperative Work Technology (pp592-599 )
Zhen Chen, Fan Wu
The Application Of Computer Network Technology In Japanese Teaching (pp600-607 )
Zhen Chen, Fan Wu
Research On Rapid Analysis Technology Of Mercury Content In Copper Concentrates-- Direct Determination Method Of Solids By Automatic Injection (pp608-616 )
Zhipeng Chen, Minggui Luo, Yuqun Xie
The Standard Of Evaluation Of Mathematics Teaching Design Based On Information Technology (pp617-624 )
Haiying Deng, Shengying Xie
Inquiry-Based Teaching Of Curriculum Based On Artificial Intelligence (pp625-632 )
Songling Dong
Discussion On The Effectiveness Of Data Mining Technology From The Perspective Of Media (pp633-641 )
Han Gao, Ting Liang, Mingnan Huo, Hong Guo
The Study About Marx's Aesthetic Thought Applies In Three Dimensional Computer Models (pp642-650 )
Yanlan Gu, Hui Huang
Development And Application Of Taekwondo Information Acquisition And Feedback System (pp651-658 )
Yun He
Design Of Electronic Information Publishing Platform Based On Environmental Protection Law Of National Scenic Area (pp659-668 )
Hongxia Huang
Exploratory Learning Of English Legacy Problems Based On Data Mining Algorithms (pp669-675 )
Ke Wu
Sports Analysis Technology Based On Artificial Intelligence (pp676-683 )
Qin Jia
The Docking Of International And Domestic Trade E-Commerce Information Service Mode Based On Big Data (pp684-690 )
Peipei Jiang
The Construction Of English Interactive Reading Process Model Based On Artificial Intelligence (pp691-698 )
Xinzhuo Jiang, Jiang Liu*
An Empirical Study On The Impact Of Technological Innovation Capability On The Growth Of Small And Medium-Sized Enterprises (pp699-705 )
Yiping Jiang
Study And Exploration On Genetics Of Diabetic Nephropathy (pp706-713 )
Zhifang Lang, Lantao Liu, Xiaoyi Xu, Hongwei Wang*
Supply Chain Management Model Of Agricultural Products Logistics Based On Information Network (pp714-723 )
Jian Li
Construction Of English-Chinese Bilingual Context Model Based On Computer Intelligent Cbr (pp724-731 )
Xiaojie Li
Analysis Of Clustering Algorithm For Data Stream Mining Based On The Particle Swarm Optimization (pp732-739 )
Xiaobo Liang
Study On The Relationship Between The Passenger Flow Characteristics And Service Facilities Of Urban Rail Transit (pp740-747 )
Xiaofang Liang
Research On Computer Desktop Image Compression Based On Clustering Algorithm (pp748-756 )
Liu Chang, Han Ting,Dong Mo
A Study On English Reading Teaching In Colleges And Universities Based On Schema Theory (pp575-763 )
Chao Liu
Research On The Application Of Swarm Intelligence Optimization Algorithm In Image Processing (pp764-770 )
Yinghao Li, Huajun Wang,Xubiao Wang
Strategic Analysis Of The Application Of Deconstruction In Modern Costume Designing (pp771-778 )
Qishu Luo
Application Of Anomaly Detection Based On R Language In Electronic Transaction Fraud Identification (pp779-785 )
Jianqiang Ma, Ergang Liu
Visual Communication Design Of Digital Media In Interactive Mode (pp786-793 )
Songjun Meng
Study On Genetic Relationship And Immune Conservative Therapy Based On Vitiligo (pp794-801 )
Xianghui Meng, Shaodong Liang, Wanli Zhang, Jinyu Chu*
Landscape Design System Based On Modern Regional Culture (pp802-811 )
Xiaohui Meng
Design Of Distributed Photovoltaic Power Distribution Monitoring System Based On Internet Of Things (pp811-819 )
Yingkai Miao,Chuanwei Qi
Research On The Development Of Sports Level Under The New Teaching Mode (pp820-827 )
Wenjun Niu
Research On The Training Mode Of Applied Innovative Talents In Measurement And Control Technology And Instrument Specialty (pp828-835 )
Yukun Peng
Research On The Application Of Artificial Intelligence Technology In Gis (pp836-843 )
Chunxia Qiu
A Study On The Relationship Between The Multiple Intelligence Theory And College Students' English Learning Motivation (pp844-850 )
Ren Li
The Study On Strengthening The Protection Of Intangible Cultural Heritage By Using Micro Media Technology (pp851-859 )
Xiaojian Shi
The Development Of College Basketball Intelligent Teaching System Based On Artificial Intelligence (pp860-868 )
Song Liang
Physical Education Model Of The Icai In Network Cloud Technology Considering Individual Differences (pp869-878 )
Chuanning Sun
Basketball Tactics In Colleges And Universities In China Based On Data Mining Clustering Technology (pp879-887 )
Lisong Qin
The Design And Implementation Of Interactive Teaching System For College English Grammar Teaching Based On Moodle Platform (pp888-896 )
Liqin tang
The Application Of Data Mining Clustering Technology In The Actual Combat Of Table Tennis Teaching In Chinese Universities (pp897-903 )
Jia Deng,Dezhong Peng*
Trajectory Tracking Control Algorithm For Mobile Robot Based On Adaptive Technology (pp904-911 )
Pu Tu,Quanjun Zhao
The Implication Of Local Sports Humanistic Spirit In Physical Education In Colleges And Universities (pp912-920 )
Jian Wang
Design And Application Of English School-Based Curriculum System Based On Moodle (pp921-926 )
Luoru Wang, Shanshan Zhai*
The Teaching Mode Of The Massive Open Online Courses (Moocs) Based On Information Technology Assistance In Higher Education (pp927-934 )
Peng Wang
The Related Factors Analysis Of Ideological And Political Effectiveness In Self Media Based On Data Mining (pp935-943 )
Shiheng Wang
The Construction Of The Mechanism Of Promoting The Socialization Of Archives In Colleges And Universities (pp944-951 )
Weihua Wang
Study On Hardness Test And Impact Test Of Table Tennis (pp952-959 )
Wei Wang, Shuqing Ma,Jing Wang
Design And Implementation Of Cloud Database Service Management Based On Multi-Tenancy Technology (pp960-968 )
Xiaoyan Wang
Research On The Construction Of Intelligence Model For English Classroom Skills Combined With Artificial Intelligence (pp969-977 )
Anping Wu
Computer Model Deduction Based On The Function Mechanism Of Government Micro-Blog's Participation In Public Administration (pp978-984 )
Dechen Wu
Design And Implementation Of Interactive English Grammar Learning System Based On Android Platform (pp 985-993 )
Yong Wu
Discussion On The Relationship Between Doctors And Patients From The Perspective Of Medical Ethics (pp994-1001 )
Hongxiu Xiao,Jiangjun Qin *
Design And Application Of Practical Training Teaching Environment Based On Virtual Reality Fusion (pp1002-1010 )
Jianying Xiao
Development And Application Of Monitoring System For Brake Energy Recovery Storage Device (pp1011-1020 )
Zibin Xu
Intelligent Construction Of English-Chinese Bilingual Context Model Based On Cbr (pp1021-1028 )
Xianhui Yan, Min Li *
Application Of Cmmb Technology And Virtual World Technology In The Development Of Red Cultural Broadcasting Propaganda System (pp1029-1037 )
Lixing Yang, Pingfang Wu
Inheritance And Protection Scheme Of Ancient Books Culture -- Construction Of Large Database (pp1038-1046 )
Linmei Yang
The Computer Model Of Data Statistics Based On The Issues Concerning Agriculture, Rural Areas And Farmers In Central Plains (pp1047-1054 )
Yujing Yang
The Application Of Blended Learning Model In The English Teaching For Non-English Major Students (pp1055-1063 )
Shuangshuang Yu
Computer Health Model Based On The Physical Training For Different Groups Of People (pp1064-1072 )
Guowei Yuan
Key Management Of Trusted Computer Platform (pp1073-1080 )
Yong Yuan
The Design And Implementation Of English Learning Support System Based On Web Technology (pp1081-1089 )
Shanshan Zhai, Luoru Wang*
College English Reading Teaching Based On Schema Theory (pp1090-1097 )
Caiyun Zhang
Research On Music Appreciation Teaching Mode Based On Multimedia In Colleges And Universities (pp1098-1105 )
yan zhang
Construction Of Ideological And Political Assessment System And Its Application (pp1106-1114 )
Zhenrong Zhang
The Research On Futsal Soccer Network Teaching System Based On Al Technology (pp1115-1123 )
Jianguo Zhao
The Application Of Mathematical Model In The Construction Of Characteristic Towns In Hebei From The Perspective Of Cross-Cultural Communication (pp1124-1131 )
Yong Zhao, Xibo Liu
Development And Implementation Of Mental Health Assessment Information Management System For College Students (pp1132-1140 )
Minghui Chong
Capacity Credit Algorithm And Index Of The New Energy Of Wind Energy And Solar Energy Based On Big Data (pp1141-1147 )
Wenguang Zhu, Wei Wang, Hong Cheng, Ning Xiong, Liping Peng
The Learning Algorithms Convergence Analysis For Two Classes Of Neural Networks (pp1148-1156 )
Xiaoguang Zou
The Research On Digital Image Imprinting Technology Based On Artificial Intelligence (pp1157-1165 )
Hongjie Geng
The Research On Campus Cultural Public Opinion Monitoring Platform And Evolution Of Network Community Ethics (pp1166-1174 )
Bin Lei
The Design Research Of Physical Distribution Collaborative Organization Form Based On Artificial Intelligence (pp1175-1183 )
Di Wang,Xingquan Chen *
A Study On The Sharing Model Of Psychological Health Education In Colleges And Universities Under The Internet And New (pp1184-1190 )
Yanchun Gu, Chunshan Zhao *
The Characteristics And Performance Of Artificial Intelligence Computer Aided Instruction System (Icai) For Tennis Training Are Analyzed And Studied (pp1191-1199 )
Dan Wang
The Research On Application Of Bim Technology In Computer Aided Architectural Design (pp1200-1208 )
Hui Zhang, Longzhu Fu
Research On Construction Of University Psychological Health Management System Based On B/S Model (pp1209-1217 )
Chunshan Zhao, Yanchun Gu *
A Study On Design And Application Of Simulation Model Of Computer Network Security Evaluation Based On Neural Network (pp1218-1225 )
Shuang Wang
Research On The Solution Of Electronic Commerce Technology And Its Application Based On Cloud Computing (pp1226-1233 )
Zhimin Zhang
Planning And Design Research Of Urban Cemetery (pp1234-1241 )
Yu Zhao
Research On The Systematic Method Of College Volleyball Training (pp1242-1248 )
Songhua Yang

Vol.17 No.3 Apirl 2018 ABSTRACT

Research Articles

A Study on The Innovation of Ideological And Political Education Methods In Colleges And Universities In The Data Age (pp001-009)
Liang Ma
Application Of Artificial Intelligence In Secondary Vocational Mathematics
Lingling Ma
Research Progress Of Modern Psychology Based On Network Big Data
Xueyu Ma, Hengze Zhang, Lingxia Wang
Practical Research On Application Of Interactive Whiteboard Of Promoting Interaction Between Teachers And Students In Classroom
Xianjun Meng
Research On The Modeling And Verification Of Combined Embedded Software Based On Available Automobile Appliances
Yanni Meng
A Probe Into The Spread Of Marxism In The Big Dataances
Mingchao Qi
Analysis Of Network Ideological And Political Education In The Era Of Big Data
Jibing Qian
Research On Computer Security Technology And Protection
Guihua Qiu
Analysis Of Network English Teaching Platform Based On Blended Teaching And B/S Technology Framework
Fang Ren
Research On The Change Of Human Resource Management In The Big Data Age
Li Na Ren
Study On The Mathematics Teaching Mode Based On Computer Network
Yanwei shi*,Chunhui ma,Meijuan zhai
Management Strategies of Tourism Enterprises Under The Background Of "Internet Plus"
Ning Tao
Research On The Construction Of Teaching System For Practice Teaching Of Environmental Art Design Specialty
Qiang Tu
An Analysis Of English-Chinese Translation Based On Schema Theory For Non-Quantitative Numbers
Hongmei Wang
Modelling And Simulation Of University Enterprise Innovation Behaviour Based On Computational Experiment
Dongwu Wang
Analysis of Interaction Between Computer Network And Modern Logistics
Junfeng Wang* ,Yongfu Cui
The Application Of Computer Technology On Art Design Teaching
Linfang wang
Analysis Of The Trend Of Calligraphy In The Internet + Era
Manli Wang
Research On Effective Support Classroom Teaching Of Cloud Service Based On Design
Wang Na
Application Of Computer Technology In Teaching Management In Colleges And Universities
Peixun Wang
Study On The Design Of School-Based Teaching And Research Mode Based On Micro Lecture
Ziping Wang
Research On Music Content Analysis Method Based On Fuzzy Classification
Wu Kun
Design And Implementation Of Digital Music Library
Xinning Wu
Application Of Geometric Feature Analysis In Product Defect Recognition And Mechanical Assembly
Feng Wu, Jie Yao
Research On Digital Synchronization And Digital Communication Technology In Electronic Transformer
Qiangqiang Xiong, Shijiang Kuang, Meilin Zeng, Xiongwei Wu, Yunqiang Wu, Lu Kong
Computer Animation And Acceleration Technology Based On Physical Laws
Bo Zhang
Research On Integrated Management Of Construction Project Based On Cloud Technology And Bim Technology
Huang Shan
Study On The Synthesis And Bactericidal Activity Of Pyrimethanil Iron Complexes
Huifang Wang*, Man Wang, Xianrong Xin, Ning Wang, Jie Li, Lailai Sun, Zhimin Chen
Research On The Multimedia Teaching Of Ideological And Political Course Based On Artificial Intelligence
Xu Mei*
Research And Development Of Building Curtain Wall Structure Based On Computer Aided Engineering Analysis System
Yuanyuan Ji*, Mengtian Qiao
Research On Intrusion Detection System Of Electronic Information Based On Data Mining Technology
Shen lu*
Research On The Application Of The Digital Teaching System Based On The Computer Video Technology In The Teaching Of Aerobics In Colleges And Universities
Yang Renwei*, Gu Xuelan
Design And Research Of Network Electronic Communication Interface Based On Environmental Data Collection Platform
Yang Hongjun*, Wu Chengbin
Research On Computer Aided Architectural Design And Construction Management Based On Bim
Yi Shulin*, Liu Yi
Research And Application Of Demodulation Technology In Capacitance Sensor
Zhang Shuang*
Research And Application Of Engineering Cost Control In Erp System
Zhang Shuai*, Hou Piji
Research On Management Information Model And Management Systems Of Smes
Wang Yan*
Research On Governance Mechanism Of Social Morality In Big Data Era
Zeng Jing, Haiyan Wu*
Analysis Of Massive Data Storage Model Aased On Hadoop
Cao Jianchun*, Zhang Jie
Construction Of University Administrative Management Based On Ahp Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Method
Li Luwei*
Research On Energy Saving Of Agricultural Water Resources Based On Improved Dijkstra Algorithm And Genetic Algorith
Shi Zheng, Chen Xi, Cui Tingru1,2, Tao Peijun*
Research On Intrusion Detection Model Based On Android Platform
Cao Jianchun*, Li Cong
The Analysis Of Computer Network Information Security Depth Protection Model
Jiabin Wang
Optical-Coupling And Transmission Communication Of Blue Light-Emitting Diode With Bent Waveguide Integrated On Micro-Chip
Wei Yuan, Jialei Yuan, Xumin Gao, Yuanhang Li, Guixia Zhu, Yongjin Wang
Based On The Computer Micro Class "Plc Technology" Course Teaching Resource Library Construction Research
Shen Yu *
Research On The Application Of Information Technology In College Students' Education Management
Mengya Wang*
Financial Software Design Of Network Company Based On Modern Information Technology
Wang Hong*
The Influence Of Interfacial Transition Zone Of Mortar With Different Strength On The Performance Of Recycled Aggregate Concrete
Zhao Shuli,,Sun Chao
Research On The Application Of Boxing Movement Based On Motion Capture Data
Huo Pengxiang, Wang Haiming*
The Application Of Multimedia In The Teaching Of Physical Education In Colleges And Universities
Zhu Pan, Guo Ying*
Design Of Automatic Remote Monitoring System Based On Zigbee And Radio Frequency Identification Technology
Zhu Ying*
Research On The Reform Of Open Physical Education Curriculum In Colleges And Universities
Wang Jingfang*, Bi Xianchao
The Application Of Multimedia Technology In College English Teaching Based On Grey Relational Analysis
Zhang Yi*
Key Technologies Of Earthquake Data Collector For Nuclear Power Plant Based On Embedded Software Technologies
Linbin Wu, Jian Yang
Application Of Gps Timing Technique Of Seismic Data Collector In Seismic Monitoring System Of Nuclear Power Plant
Jian Yang, Linbin Wu*
Research On The Framework And Design Of Information Logistics Under The Background Of Electronic Commerce
Tingting Yan*
Photovoltaic Properties Of Donor Materials Based On Solar Cells
Fan Libo*
The Application Of Scaffolding Teaching Model In English Esp Course In Colleges And Universities
Huang Wei*
The Application Of Multimedia Technology In Badminton Teaching In Colleges And Universities Based On Factor Analysis Theory
Wu Qiang*
The Selection Of The Development Of Comparative Education In Regular Institutions Of Higher Learning In The Era Of Big Data
Zhang Ye*
The Application Of Folk Traditional Costume Culture Inheritance Technology In Contemporary Fashion Design Education
Bei Yang*
Design And Construction Of Evaluation System For College Students' Physical Ability In China Based On Neural Network Bp Algorithm
Yuzhi Niu, Zhu Pan*
Research On The Training Of Competitive Sports In Colleges And Universities Based On Computer Aided Teaching Platform
Guo Ying, Yuzhi Niu
Analysis On The Advantages Of Sports Management Model Based On Swot Analysis Technique
Liu Chenling*
Reliability Analysis And Application Of Computer Communication Network Based On Genetic Algorithm
Yang Cheng*
Application Of Gray Theory In Network Information Security Assessment Model
Cao Jiqing*
Research On The Application Of Computer Virtual Technology In Art Design Of Colleges And Universities
Hongji Chen*
Construction Of Hierarchical Network Model And Spreading Activation Model In English Vocabulary Teaching Based On Lexical Network Cognitive Psychology (pp558-565 )
Li Zheng-Ya*
Construction Of China’s Antitrust Mathematical Model Based On Functional Analysis Under Realm Of Intellectual Property Rights Of European Union (pp566-573 )
Chenxi Liu*
Human Resource Management System Innovation Under Cloud Computing Platform Based On The "Internet Plus" Artificial Intelligence (pp574-582 )
Han Jiaonan*
The Construction Of "Industry Chain" Technology Model Of Garment Specialty Based On Market Orientation (pp583-590 )
Lao Yueming*, Chen Lili
Development Of Teaching And Research Robot Manipulator Control System Based On Pcl Technology (pp591-598 )
Qi Liu, Ying Wang*
Study On The Construction Method Of Underpass Building Of Urban Rail Transit Tunnel (pp599-606 )
Zhang Yuxu*
Research on the Three Dimensional Image-Based Multimedia College Football Teaching Platform (pp607-613 )
Li Zhirong*
Experimental Research On 51lpc764 Single Chip Microcomputer Based On Computer Measurement And Control Technology (pp614-622 )
Ying Wang, Qi Liu*
The Application Of 3d Printing Technology In Creative Packaging Design (pp623-630 )
Zhao Juyu*
The Application Of Coreldraw Technology In Product Packaging Design (pp631-638 )
Yang Xuan*
Application Of Educational Software Based On Video Teaching Technology In College English Curriculum Reform (pp639-646 )
Geng Jingru*
Basic Technical Training Of Football Players In Colleges And Universities In China Based On Computer Virtual Reality Technology (pp647-654 )
Zhang Shulin*
Innovative Application Of Computer Music Software In Orchestration Course In Colleges And Universities (pp655-663 )
Di Huang*
Risk Analysis And Response Of Bim In Residential Design And Construction (pp664-670 )
Chunjiang Liu*
Development And Research Of Demand Side Management Technology Based On Power Collection System (pp 671-679 )
Guo Chong, Jian Weiji*, Wang Zheng
Research On Ecological Architecture Design Strategy Based On Traditional Architectural Technology (pp680-686 )
Zhou Jiping*
The Impact Of Low-Carbon Economy On The International Trade Rules Of Developing Countries (pp687-695 )
Xu Lin*
Application and Exploration Of Bim Technology In The Teaching Of Engineering Cost Specialty (pp696-703 )
Shaoxiong Ma, Changning Li, Xinwei Guo, Cunli Chen, Qin Zhao
Research And Implementation Of Mobile Payment System Based On Signature Encryption Algorithm (pp704-711 )
Dingli Gao
Research On The Five-A-Side Football Network Teaching System Based On Ai Technology (pp712-718 )
Chen Wei, Deng Yunbing
Design Of Raw Material Products Based On Green Design Methodology (pp719-726 )
Hou Mingming
Application Of Shanxi Opera Visual Elements In Two-Dimensional Animation Design (pp727-734 )
Liang Lei
Application Of Multiple Intelligence Theory Model Technology In The Reform Of Music General Course In Colleges And Universities (pp735-743 )
Liu Xiaohui
Development Of Intelligent Monitoring System For Sewage Treatment Based On Internet Of Things And Deep Learning (pp744-750 )
Liu Ying
Research On The Decoration Art Of Shopping Mall Based On Artificial Intelligence (pp751-760 )
Yun Zhao
Construction Of College English Autonomous Learning Electronic Platform Based On Network Environment (pp761-767 )
Wanli Zhao
Load Balancing Technology Based On Nginx Server Cluster (pp768-776 )
Deng Bo
A Study On The Decision Making Ability Of Virtual Character Behavior Based On Artificial Intelligence (pp777-784 )
Deng Chenxi
Construction Of Badminton Training Mode Based On Artificial Intelligence Computer Aided Instruction (Icai) Platform (pp785-792 )
Deng Yunbing, Chen Wei
The Key Technologies Of Real Time Monitoring Of Concrete Structure State Based On Radio Frequency-Sensor Network (pp793-800 )
Guo Wentao
Simulation Of The Quantitative Evaluation Method Of Cloud Resources Based On Mapreduce Computing Model (pp801-809 )
Lu Jing
Design And Research Of Knowledge Structure Model Based On Spatial Theory In Icai (pp810-816 )
Lu Jing
The Application Of Fuzzy Mathematics Artificial Intelligence In The Field Of Scientific Research (pp817-824 )
Cui Xiaoke
Application Of Modal Superposition Method In The Study Of Dynamic Characteristics Of Crankshaft (pp825-831 )
Wu Weimin
Application Of Multimedia Technology In Vocal Music Teaching (pp832-839 )
Yang Mingming
Innovation Of Enterprise Quality Management Under The New Technical Economy Condition (pp840-848 )
Wu Hongchun
Vehicle Identification Based On The Sparse Representation Of The Acoustic Sensor Networks In Complex Scenes (pp849-857 )
Zhang Youzheng
Research On The Application Of Pcb Defect Detection System Based On Artificial Intelligence Technology (pp858-865 )
Zhang Yuannong, Zhang Xiaofeng
Analysis Of The Optimization Of Computer Network Ecological Environment For Foreign Language Learners (pp866-873 )
Zhao Zhimin, Ruan Jun
Carbon Information Disclosure Efficiency Model In Carbon Financial Market Based On Corporate Governance (pp874-882 )
Zhang Qing, Xu Dilong
The Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Of The Current Situation Of The Graduate Student Of Physical Training Study (pp883-891 )
Hu Chang-Ling*
The Study Of The Effects Of Scale-Free Network Model For Complex Transit Network Production (pp892-901 )
Yongwu Yu, Yihe Liu*
Research On Ideological And Political Education In The Mass Communication Culture (pp902-909 )
Xu Xiqing*
Research On Facial Feature Localization Technology Based On Pattern Identification (pp910-919 )
Liu Min*
Design And Implementation Of College English Autonomous Learning System Based On Pisa (pp920-926 )
Sheng Pucong*
Evaluation Of Agricultural Environmental Policy In China Based On The Structural Equation Model (pp927-936 )
Yang Du, Hongwei Wang*
Research On “Microteaching” Model Based On Piano Lesson In Colleges And Universities (pp937-944 )
Yuan Yin*
Research And Application Of Modern Electronic Information Technology In Logistics Transportation (pp945-959 )
Yinghua Yu*
Artificial Intelligence Computer Assisted Instruction In Basketball Training (pp960-966 )
Zhao Yijie, Xie Jun*
Video Annotation Technology In Performance Analysis Of Sports Competition (pp967-974 )
Bai Xi*
English Teaching Model In Colleges And Universities Based On Cdio (pp975-982 )
Bi Hongwei *
Research On College Physical Education Curriculum Design And Site Development Based On Orientation Movement (pp983-990 )
Chen Jun*
Ideological And Political Practice Education Of College Students Based On Second Classroom Under The Internet Environment (pp991-998 )
Du Yuyang*
Study On The Effect Of Non-Verbal Behavior Of Music Teachers In College Teaching (pp999-1007 )
Yong Fang*
Research On 3d Printing Technology Of Micro And Complex Component Combined With 3d Cad Technology (pp1008-1016 )
Gan Xinji*
Application Of Big Data In The Optimization Of Ideological And Political Education In Colleges And Universities (pp1017-1024 )
Gao Feng*
Design Of Management System Platform Of Sports Meeting Based On B/S Structure In Colleges And Universities (pp1025-1031 )
Gao Shuyan*
Table Tennis Placement Is Determined Based On Artificial Intelligence (pp1032-1036 )
Hao Yujiao *, Hao Zhe, Yang Haoyu
Table Tennis Technical And Tactical Evaluation Methods Based On Artificial Neural Network (pp1037-1045 )
Hao Zhe*, Cao Chunhai
Comparative Research On Techniques And Tactics Diagnosis Methods Of Table Tennis Match Based On Artificial Intelligence (pp1046-1052 )
Qiu Yuhua*, Zou Shisi
Study On The Design Of Artificial Intelligence-Based Online English Sparring Intelligent System (pp1053-1061 )
Yue Yanfeng, Tang Suning*
Research On The Differences Between Physical Education And Sports Training Based On Fuzzy Evaluation (pp1062-1069 )
Cao Da-Wei, Liu Chao*, Wang Xun-Ling
Application Of Embedded Graphics Processing Design Based On Dsp + Fpga Structure In 3d Gis (pp1070-1081 )
Hu Junsheng*
Research On The Development Of Leisure Sports Industry In Coastal Cities (pp1082-1089 )
Li Mi*
Research On The Training Mode Of Youth Football Based On Saq Training Concept (pp1090-1097 )
Bin Fan*, Fugui Duan
The Application Of Computer-Aided Technology In The Construction Of Curriculum-Oriented And Application-Oriented Undergraduate Thesis Framework (pp1098-1106 )
Li Tian*,Dai Xiaoxia, Wu Yangkai
Study On The Effect Of Endurance Training On Youth Basketball Players (pp1107-1114 )
Li Yingshun*
Construction Of Quality Evaluation System For Urban Community Pension Service Based On Data Mining Technology (pp1115-1123 )
Liu Jihui*, Dong Jinqiu
Research On The Present Situation And Development Countermeasures Of Dragon Boat Movement Based On Swot Analysis (pp1124-1130 )
Xihong Liu*
The Research On Constructing The Database Of Chinese Music Library In Universities And Colleges (pp1131-1137 )
Liu Xiaoxiao*
Analysis On The Simulation Assistive Technology In Volleyball Sports Based On Vr (Virtual Reality) (pp1138-1147 )
Liu Yong*, Zhang Huawei
The Application Of Artificial Neural Network And Neural Computer Technology In Higher Education (pp1148-1154 )
Xuelian Lu*
Research On Quality Evaluation Of Gymnastic Rotation Motion Completion Based On Core Stability Training (pp1155-1163 )
Minghui Luo*
Research On The Optimization Of Tennis Players Training Model Based On Data Mining (pp1164-1171 )
Ma Jian*
Research On Aided Instruction System Design For Music Mooc Teaching (pp1172-1180 )
Mao Yingxin*
Design Of Flipped Classroom Teaching Model Based On Shared Teaching Resource Database -- Taking Business Administration Major As An Example (pp1181-1188 )
Meng Fanrong, Zhang Huizhong
Research On The Modern And Contemporary Dance Choreography With The Integration Of Multiple Sensory Interaction (pp1189-1196 )
Mi Jie, Zhang Pengjun
Research On The Professional Education Mode Of English Applied Science Based On Electronic Corpus (pp1197-1204 )
Lian Xiuping*
Design Of Distance Education System Under The Background Of International Education Of English (pp1205-1213 )
Shi Ziying*
Design Of Supply Chain Management Platform Based On Electronic Business Service (pp1214-1222 )
Shang Qingyun*
Data Acquisition And Processing System Of Soccer Robot (pp1223-1232 )
Wang Wei*, Fan Zhiyong
Research On Intelligent Standardized English Test Systems With Artificial Intelligence (pp1233-1237 )
Wang Hongmei*
Wearable Physical Exercise Monitor Service System Under The Environment Of Internet Plus (pp1238-1245 )
Hao Yujiao*

Vol.17 No.1&2 March 2018 ABSTRACT DOI:

Research Articles

A Framework for Product Description Classification in E-commerce (pp001-027)
Damir Vandic, Flavius Frasincar, and Uzay Kaymak
Text-Mining and Pattern-Matching based Prediction Models for Detecting Vulnerable Files in Web Applications
Mukesh Kumar Gupta, Mahesh Chandra Govil, and Girdhari Singh
A Quantitative Analysis of the Use of Microdata for Semantic Annotations on Educational Resources (pp045-072)
Rosa Del Carmen Mavarrete Rueda and Sergio Lujan
Semantic Emotion-Topic Model Based Social Emotion Mining (pp073-092)
Ruirong Xue, Xiangfeng Luo, Qichen Ma, and Shengwei Gu
Unsupervised Keyword Extraction from Microblog Posts via Hashtags
Lin Li, Jinghang Liu, Yueqing Sun, Guangdong Xu, Jingling Yuan and Luo Zhong
A Graph Based Technique of Process Partitioning
Gang Xue, Jing Liu, Liwen Wu, and Shaowen Yao

Vol.16 No.7&8 Dec 2017 ABSTRACT DOI:

Research Articles

A Taxonomy of Web Effort Predictors (pp541-570)
Ricardo Britto, Muhammad Usman and Emilia Mendes
An SMIL-Timesheets based temporal behavior model for the visual development of Web user interfaces
M. Linaje, J.C. Preciado, and R. Rodriguez-Echeverria
Service Recommendation Based on Separated Time-aware Collaborative Poisson Factorization
Shuhui Chen, Yushun Fan, Wei Tan, Jia Zhang, Bing Bai, and Zhenfeng Gao
A Metric Based Automatic Selection of Ontology Matchers Using Bootstrapped Patterns (pp619-652)
B. Sathiya, Geetha T V, and Vijayan Sugumaran
Discover Semantic Topics in Patents within a Specific Domain
Wen Ma, Xiangfeng Luo, Junyu Xuan, and Ruirong Xue
A Hybrid Approach for Automatic Mashup Tag Recommendation (pp676-692)
Min Shi, Jianxun Liu, and Dong Zhou

Vol.16 No.5&6 Sept 2017 ABSTRACT DOI:

Engineering the Web in the Big Data Era

Editorial (pp361-362)
Philipp Cimiano, Flavius Frasincar, and Daniel Schwabe
Relaxation of Keyword Pattern Graphs on RDF Data
Ananya Dass, Cem Aksoy, Aggeliki Dimitriou, and Dimitri Theodoratos
Getting the Query Right for Crisis Informatics Design Issues for Web-Based Analysis Environments
Mario Barrenechea, Sahar Jambi, Ahmet A. Aydin, Mazin Hakeem,
and Ken M. Anderson
Architecting Liquid Software
Andrea Gallidabino, Cesare Pautasso, Tommi Mikkonen, Kari Systa,
Jari-Pekka Voutilainen, and Antoro Taivalsaari
A Semantic Framework for Sequential Decision Making
Patrick Philipp, Maria Maleshkova, Achim Rettinger, and Darko Katic

Other Research Articles

Identifying the Influential Bloggers: A modular approach based on Sentiment Analysis (pp505-523)
Umar Ishfaq, Hikmat Ullah Khan, and Khalid Iqbal
Web Access Mining through Dynamic Decision Trees with Markovian Features
Arpad Gellert

Vol.16 No.3&4 June 2017 ABSTRACT DOI:

New Advances in Adaptability and Rapid Evolution of Technology in the Development of Web Information Systems

Editorial (pp181-182)
Francisco J. Domínguez-Mayo, Julián A. García-García, and Laura García Borgoñón
Towards Fast Metamodel Evolution in LIQUIDML
Esteban Robles Luna, Gustavo Rossi, José Matías Rivero,

Francisco J. Domínguez-Mayo, Julián A. García-García, and María J. Escalona
Applying a Model-Based Methodology to Develop Web-Based Systems of Systems (pp212-227)
M.A. Barcelona, Laura García Borgoñón, G. López-Nicolás, I. Ramos,

and María J. Escalona
Identifying Functional Requirements Inconsistencies in Multi-Terms Projects Framed into a Model-Based Methodolog
Julián A. García-García, M. Urbieta, María J. Escalona, Gustavo Rossi,

and J.G. Enríquez

Other Research Articles

 An Approach of Web Service Organization Using Bayesian Network Learning (pp252-276)
J.X. Liu and Z.H. Xia

A Complete Privacy Preservation System for Data Mining Using Function Approximation
V. Rajalakshmi, M. Lakshmi, and V. Maria Anu
Prediction of Defect Density for Open Source Software using Repository Metrics
Dinesh Verma and Shishir Kumar
Load-Time Reduction Techniques for Device-Agnostic Web Sites (pp311-346)
Eivind Mjelde and Andreas L. Opdahl

Vol.16 No.1&2 March 2017 ABSTRACT DOI:

Research Articles

A Model-based Approach for Describing Offline Navigation of Web Applications (pp001-038)
Felix Albertos-Marco, Victor M.R. Penichet, Jose Gallud, and Marco Winckler
Association Link Network Based Semantic Coherence Measurement for Short Texts of Web Events
Weidong Liu, Xiangfeng Luo, Junyu Xuan, Dandab Jiang, and Zheng Xu
On the Value of Purpose-Orientation and Focus on Locals in Recommending Leisure Activities
Beathice Valeri, Fabio Casati, and Florian Daniel
An approach for building Mobile Web Applications through Web Augmentation
Gabriela A. Bosetti, Sergio Firmenich, Silvia E. Gordillo and Gustavo Rossi
Constraint-based Context Modeling and Management for Personalized Mobile Systems
Javad Berri
An Automated Web Page Classifier and an Algorithm for the Extraction of Navigational Pattern from the Web Data
Abdul R.W. Sait and T. Meryyappan
Verifying Soundness of Geodata Web Service Composition Based on Petri Nets
N. Xu, S-P Peng, and Z-G Wang
Mixed-Opinion Classification of Web Forum Posts using Lexical and Non-Lexical Features
Hikmat Ullah Khan

Vol.15 No.5&6 Nov 2016 ABSTRACT DOI:

Research Articles

Ontology-Assisted Discovery of Hierarchical Topic Clusters on the Social Web (pp361-396)
Kristian Slabbekoorn, Tomoya Noro, and Takehiro Tokuda
Studying the Performance of QoS Specific Web Service Recommendation System Using Virtural Regions (pp397-411)
Kalpana R, Saruladha K, and Jayabharathy J
Web Application Editor: A User-Experience Design Framework for Knowledge-Intensive Organizations
Roberto Paiano, Adriana Caione, Anna L. Guido, Angelo Martella,
and Andrea Pandurino
Quality Views and Stragegy Patterns for Evaluation and Improving Quality: Usability and User Experience Case
Pablo Becker, Belen Rivera, and Luis Olsina
Total Privacy Preservation and Search Quality Improvement in Personalized Web Search
Leema Mathew, Arun Elias, and Chinnu Ravi
System Modeling and Evaluation on Factors Influencing Power and Performance Management of Cloud Load Balancing Algorithms
S Suresh and S Sakthivel
Exploring Web Services from a Network Perspective Using Multi-Level Views
Mingdong Tang, Fenfang Xie, Buqing Cao, Saixia Lyu, Jianxun Liu
Detecting and Containing Malicious Services in an Intercloud Environment
Lohit Kopoor, Seema Bawa, and Ankur Gupta

Vol.15 No.3&4 July 2016 ABSTRACT DOI:

Research Articles

Enhancing Keyword Suggestion of Web Search by Leveraging Microblog Data (pp181-202)
Lin Li, Lu Qi, Fang Deng, Shengwu Xiong, and Jingling Yuan
Privacy-Preserving Collaborative Web Services QoS Prediction via Yao’s Garbled Circuits and Homomorphic Encryption
Lu Li, An Liu, Qing Li, Liusheng Huang, Wei Yang, and Guanfeng Liu
Outbreak Power Measurement for Evolution Course of Web Events
Xingzhi Wang, Xiangfeng Luo, Hui Zhang, and Huimin Liu
Searching for Relevant Tweets Based on Topic-Related User Activities
Tomoya Noro and Takehiro Tokuda
A Description-Based Hybrid Composition Method of Mashup Applications for Mobile Devices (pp277-309)
Korawit Prutsachainimmit and Takehiro Tokuda
A Semantic Approach for Dynamically Determining Complex Composed Service Behaviour
Carla Vairetti, Rosa Alarcon, and Jesus Bellido
Multimedia Data Retrieving based on SOA Architecture
Sid Ahmed Djallal Midouni, Youssef Amghar & Azeddine Chikh

Vol.15 No.1&2 March 2016 ABSTRACT DOI:

Research Articles

Deriving Fault Trigger Metric for Web based Systems (pp001-028)
Sangeeta Sabharwal, Ritu Sibal, and Chayanika Sharma
(K, P)-Shortest Path Algorithm in the Cloud Maintaining Neighborhood Privacy
Shyue-Liang Wang Jia-Wei Chen I-Hsien Ting, and Tzung-Pei Hong
XANUI: a Textural Platform-Indepedent Model for Rich User Interfaces
Jesus M. Hermida, Santiago Melia, and Antonio Arias
A Lexical Approach for Taxonomy Mapping
Lennart Nederstigt, Damir Vandic, and Flavius Frasincar
Semantic Similarity Based Context-Aware Web Service Discovery Using NLP Techniques (pp110-139)
Sowmya Kamath S and Ananthanarayana V.S.

Survey Article

A Survey of RESTful Transaction Models: One Model Does not Fit All (pp140-169)
Nandana Mihindukulasooriya, Raul Garcia-Castro, Miguel Esteban-Gutierrez, and Asuncion Gomez-Perez

Vol.14 No.5&6 November 1, 2015       ABSTRACT

Engineering the Web for Users, Developers and the Crowd

Editorial (pp361-362)
Sven Casteleyn, Gustavo Rossi, and Marco Winckler
Patterns in Eyetracking Scanpaths and the Affecting Factors
Sukru Eraslan and Yeliz Yesilada
From TMR to Turtle: Predicting Result Relevance from Mouse Cursor Interactions in Web Search
Maximilian Speicher, Sebastian Nuck, Lars Wesemann, Andreas Both, and Martin Gaedke 
Identifying Web Performance Degradations through Synthetic and Real-User Monitoring
Jurgen Cito, Devan Gotowka, Philipp Leitner, Ryan Pelette, Dritan Suljoti,
and Schahram Dustdar
Designing Complex Crowdsourcing Applications Covering Multiple Platforms and Tasks
Alessandro Bozzon, Marco Brambilla, Stefano Ceri, Andrea Mauri,
and Riccardo Volonterio

 Other Research Articles

Web Browsing Automation for Applications Quality Control (pp474-502)
Boni Garcia and Juan Carlos Duenas
Modified PageRank for Concept Based Search
G. Pavai. E. Umamaheswari, and T.V. Geetha 
Bayesian Based Type Discrimination of Web Events
Qichen Ma, Xiangfeng Luo, Junyu Xuan, and Huimin Liu

Vol.14 No.3&4 July 1, 2015       ABSTRACT

Review Article:

Organizing Information in Medical Blogs Using a Hybrid Taxonomy-Folksonomy Approach (pp181-195)
Yamen Batch and Maryati Mohd. Yusof

Research Articles:

Machine Learning in Efficient and Effective Web Service Discovery (pp196-214)
Kailash Chander Bhardwaj and R.K. Sharma
An Online System for Notification of Changes to Blogging Space to Achieve Information Domination
Mehdi Naghavi and Mohsen Sharifi
A Novel Twig-Join Swift Using SST-Based Representation for Efficient Retrieval of Internet XML
Yi-Wei Kung, Hsu-Kuang Chang, and Chung-Nan Lee
Assisting developers to build high-quality code-first Web Service APIs
Juan Manuel Rodriguez, Cristian Mateos, and Alejandro Zunino
Comparison of Hybrid Approaches with Traditional Algorithms for Improving Scaleability
Suriya Sundaramoorthy, S.P. Shantharajah, and Suresh Kannan Sundaramoorthy
A Novel Ontology Evolution Methodology
Ali Rahnama and Ahmad Abdollazadeh Barforoush
Semantic-based Clustering of Web Services
Leonardo de Jesus Silva, Daniela Barreiro Claro, and Denivaldo Lopes
Credential Purpose-based Access Control for Personal Data Protection
Norjihan Abdul Ghani, Harihodin Selamat, and Zailani Mohamed Sidek

Vol.14 No.1&2 March 1, 2015       ABSTRACT

Web Technologies

Editorial (pp001-002)
Angelo Di Iorio, David Rossi, and Stefano Zacchiroli
Surfing the Web Using Browser Interface Facilities: A Performance Evaluation Approach (
Raúl Peña-Ortiz, José Antonio Gil, Julio Sahuquillo, and Ana Pont
Exploiting Emoticons in Polarity Classification of Text
Alexander Hogenboom, Danella Bal, Flavius Frasincar, Malissa Bal, Franciska de Jong,
and Uzay Kaymak
Keyboard Navigation Mechanisms in Widgets: an Investigation on ARIA's Implementations
Willian M. Watanabe, Rafael Jose Geraldo, and Renata Pontin de Mattos Fortes

Other Research Articles

Multilevel Analysis for Agent-Based Service Composition (pp063-079)
Arif Bramantoro, Ahlem B. Hassine, Shigeo Matsubara, and Toru Ishida
Type-Ahead Exploratory Search through Typo and Word Order Tolerant Autocompletion
Pavlos Fafalios and Yannis Tzitzikas
An Interactive Web Based Toolkit For Multi Focus Image Fusion
Veysel Aslantas, Rifat Kurban, Ahmet Nusret Toprak, and Emre Bendes
Prevention of Fault Propagation in Web Service: a Complex Network Approach
Ying Liu, Shu Mao, Mingwei Zhang, Guoqi Liu, Zhiliang Zhu, and Jingde Cheng
Analyzing Topological Characteristics of The Korean Blogosphere
Jiwoon Ha, Duck-Ho Bae, Minsoo Ryu, Sang-Wook Kim, Seok-Chul Baek,
Byeong-Soo Jeong, and Jinsoo Cho

Vol.13 No.5&6 November 1, 2014       ABSTRACT

Research Articles:

Towards Automatic Construction of Skyline Composite Services (pp361-377)
Shiting Wen, Qing Li, Liwen He, An Liu, Jianwen Tao, and Longjin Lv
Gathering Web Pages of Entities with High Precision
Byung-Wo On, Muhammad Omar, Gyu Sang Choi, and Junbeom Kwon
Finding News-Topic Oriented Influential Twitter Users Based on Topic Related Hashtag Community Detection
Feng Xiao, Tomoya Noro, and Takehiro Tokuda
An Optimal Constraint Based Web Service Composition Using Intelligent Backtracking
M. Suresh Kumar and P. Varalakshmi
Learning-Based Web Service Composition in Uncertain Environment
Lei Yu, Zhili Wang, Luo-Ming Meng, Xuesong Qiu, and Jian-Tao Zhou
The Roles of Decision Making and Empowerment in Jordanian Web-Based Development Organisations
Thamer Al-Rousan, Ayad Al-Zobaydi, and Osama Al-Haj Hassan
Web Event State Prediction Model: Combining Prior Knowledge with Real Time Data (pp483-506)
Xiangfeng Luo, Junyu Xuan, and Huimin Liu
Web Page Prediction Enhanced with Confidence Mechanism (pp507-524)
Arpad Gellert and Adrian Florea
The Modified Concept based Focused Crawling using Ontology
S. Thenmalar and T.V. Geetha

Vol.13 No.3&4 July 1, 2014       ABSTRACT

Component-Based, Client-Oriented Web Engineering:
 Issues, Advancements and Opportunities

Editorial (pp181-182)
Florian Daniel, Peter Dolog, and Qing Li
Component-based Web Engineering using Shared Components and Connectors
Stefania Leone, Alexandre de Spindler, Moira C. Norrie, and Dennis McLeod
DireWolf Framework for Widget-based Distributed User Interfaces
Dejan Kovachev, Dominik Renzel, Petru Nicolaescu, Istvan Koren, and Ralf Klamma
Efficient Development of Progressively Enhanced Web Applications by
  Sharing Presentation and Business Logic Between Server and Client (pp223-242)
Markus Ast, Stefan Wild, and Martin Gaedke
Model-Based Rich Internet Applications Crawling: "Menu" and "Probability" Models
Suryakant Choudhary, Emre Dincturk, Seyed Mirtaheri, Ggregor v. Bochmann,
Guy-Vincent Jourdan, and Iosif Viorel Onut

Other Research Articles

An Improved Ant Colony Algorithm for Effective Mining of Frequent Items (pp263-276)
Suriya Sundaramoorthy and S.P. Shantharajah
Improving Search and Exploration in Tag Spaces Using Automated Tag Clustering
Joni Radelaar, Aart-Jan Boor, Damir Vandic, Jan-Willem van Dam, and Flavius Fasincar
A Conceptual Cohesion Metric for Service Oriented Systems
Ali Kazemi, Ali Rostampour, Hassan Haghighi, and Sahel Abbasi
Webpage Clustering – Taking the Zero Step: a Case Study of an Iranian Website
Abbas Keramati and Ruholla Jafari-Marandi

Vol.13 No.1&2 March 1, 2014       ABSTRACT

Research Articles:

Enhanced LBS Discovery in a Decentralized Registry Based Web Services Environment (pp001-023)
        Melwyn D’Souza and V.S. Ananthanarayana
Query Intent Detection Based on Query Log Mining
        Juan Zamora, Marcelo Mendoza, and Hector Allende
Processing Mutliple Requests to Construct Skyline Composite Services
        Shiting Wen, Qing Li, Chaoguang Tang, An Liu, Liusheng Huang, and Yangguang Liu
Web Application for an Adaptive Multi-Agent e-Learning System: a Continuous Improvement of e-Content
        Salah Hammami and Hassan Mathkour
C1: an Automated Online Eduication Management System Based on an Object-Oriented Approach (pp087-096)
S.C. Ng, T.S. Lee, C.K. Wong, and F.Y. Lee
A Fast Approach to Querying Multiple Ontology Versions Based on Concept Lattice
Yaqing Liu, Rong Chen, Yingjie Song, and Wu Deng
Empirical Study of Load Time Factor in Search Engine Ranking
        Jakub Marszałkowski, Jedrzej M. Marszałkowski and Mackej Drozdowski
Towards a Homogeneous Characterization of the Model-Driven Web Development Methodologies
F.J. Domínguez-Mayo, M.J. Escalona, M. Mejías, M. Ross and G. Staples
ACOTA: A Multilingual and Semi-Automatic Collaborative Tagging Web-based Approach
Cesar Luis Alvargonzález, Jose Maria Álvarez Rodríguez, Jose Emilio Labra Gay,
and Patrcia Ordoñez de Pablos

Vol.12 No.5 October 1, 2013       ABSTRACT
Semantic Web and Social Networks for E-learning

Editorial (pp361-362)
Patricia Ordóñez de Pablos and Miltiadis D. Lytras

Research Articles:

A Structural Approach to Extracting Chinese Position Relations from Web Pages (pp363-382)
Peiquan Jin, Jia Yang, Jie Zhao, and Yanhong Liu

Using Hybrid Semantic Information Filtering Approach in CoPEs
Lamia Berkani, Azeddine Chikh, and Omar Nouali
SemGsearch: An Approach to Semantically Retrieve Geospatial Objects from Different Geographic Servers
Julio Vizcarra, Miguel Torres, Rolando Quintero, and Marco Moreno-Ibarra
A Framework for Detecting and Removing Knowledge Overlaps in a Collaborative Environment
Maria Vargas-Vera and Miklos Nagy, and Patricia Ordonez de Pablos
Semantic Web for Supporting Personal Work and Learning Environment Creation
Giuseppina Rita Mangione, Francesco Orciuoli, Pierluigi Ritrovato, and Saverio Salerno

Vol.12 No.3&4 July 1, 2013       ABSTRACT

Research Articles:

Supporting Accessibility in Web Engineering Methods: A Methodological Approach (pp181-202)
Lourdes Moreno, Francisco Valverde, Paloma Martínez and Oscar Pastor

Topical Crawling on the Web through Local Site-Searches
Yaling Liu and Arvin Agah
A Conceptual Graph Based Approach for Mappings among Multiple Fuzzy Ontologies
Lingyu Zhang, Yi Yan, and Z. M. Ma
A Model for Analysing DataPportal Performance: The Biodiversity Case
Pedro L.P. Corrêa, Pablo Salvanha, Antonio M. Saraiva, Paulo Scarpelini Neto, Carlos R. Valêncio and Rogeria C.G. de Souza
A Hybrid Approach Using PSO and K-Means for Semantic Clustering of Web Documents
J. Avanija and K. Ramar
Slash-Based Relevance Propagation Model for Topic Distillation
Mohammad A. Golshani, Ali M. ZarehBidoki, and Vali Derhami
A Secure Proxy-Based Cross-Domain Communication for Web Mashup
Shun-Wen Hsiao, Yeali S. Sun, and Meng Chang Chen
AlexandRIA: A Visual Tool for Generating Multi-device Rich Internet Applications
Luis O. Colombo-Mendoza, Giner Alor-Hernández, Alejandro Rodríguez-González,  and Ricardo Colomo-Palacios

Book Review:

On Harnessing Green IT – Principles and Practices (eds: San Murugesan & G.R. Ganadharan)  (pp360-380)
Bebo White

Vol.12 No.1&2 February 1, 2013       ABSTRACT


A Survey and Analysis of Current CAPTCHA Approaches (pp001-040)
Narges Roshanbin and James Miller
A Survey of Faceted Search
Bifan Wei, Jun Liu, Qinghua Zheng, Wei Zhang, Xiaoyu Fu, and Boqin Fen

Research Articles:

Personalizing Search Using Socially Enhanced Interest Model Built from the Stream of User’s Activity (pp065-092)
Tomas Kramar, Michal Barla, and Maria Bielikova
A Description-Based Composition Method for Mobile and Tethered Mashup Applications
Prach Chaisatien and Takehiro Tokuda
An Approach for Web Service Discoverability Anti-Patterns Detection
Juan Manuel Rodriguez, Marco Crasso, and Alejandro Zunino
Scalable RDF Graph Querying Using Cloud Computing
Ren Li, Dan Yang, Haibo Hu, Juan Xie, and Li Fu

Vol.11 No.4 December 1, 2012       ABSTRACT


Ontology Learning: Revisited (pp0269-289)
Ahmad Abdollahzadeh Barforoush and Ali Rahnama

Research Articles: 

WebFDM: a Situational Method for the Development of Web Applications (pp290-316)
Adelaide Bianchini, Ascander Suarez, and Carlos A. Perez
The Design of E-Speranto – A Computer Language for Recording Multilingual Texts on the Web (pp317-336)
Grega Jakus, Jaka Sodnik, and Saso Tomazic
Reuse of JIT Compiled Code in JavaScript Engine
Sanghoon Jeon and Jaeyoung Choi
Popularity-Based Relevance Propagation
Ehsan Mousakazemi, Mehdi Agha Sarram, and Ali Mohammad Zareh Bidoki

Vol.11 No.3 September 1, 2012       ABSTRACT
Quality in New Generation Web Applications

Editorial (pp179-180)
Silvia Abrahão, Cristina Cachero, Cinzia Cappiello, and Maristella Matera

A Core Quality Model for Web Applications (pp181-208)
Roberto Polillo
Updating Quality Models for Evaluating New Generation Web Applications
Luis Olsina, Philip Lew, Alexander Dieser, and Belen Rivera
Quality-driven Extraction, Fusion and Matchmaking of Semantic Web API Descriptions
Luca Panziera, Marco Comerio, Matteo Palmonari, Flavio De Paoli, and Carlo Batini

Vol.11 No.2 June 1, 2012       ABSTRACT

Research Articles: 

A Non-monotonic Expressiveness Extension on the Semantic Web Rule Language (pp093-118)
Jose M. Alcaraz Calero, Andres Munoz, Gregorio Martinez, Juan A. Botia, and Antonio F. Gomez Skarmeta
A Caching Mechanism for QoS-aware Service Composition
Quanwang Wu, Qingsheng Zhu, and Peng Li
MAXLCA: A New Query Semantic Model for XML Keyword Search
Ning Gao, Zhu-Hong Deng, Jia-Jian Jiang, and Hang Yu
A Novel Approach for Service Performance Analysis and Forecast
Sid Kargupta and Sue Black

Book Review:

On Linked Data – Evolving the Web into a Global Data Space, Authored by Tom Heath and Christian Bizer (pp177-178)
Bebo White

Vol.11 No.1 March 1, 2012       ABSTRACT

Research Articles: 

A Framework for Interactively Helpful Web Forms (pp001-022)
Morten Bohoj, Niels Olof Bouvin, and Henrik Gammelmark
Domain Specific Language for the Generation of Learning Management Systems Modules
Carlos E. Montenegro-Marin, Juan M. Cueva-Lovelle, Oscar Sanjuan-Martinez and
 Vicente García-Diaz
A Feature-Opinion Extraction Approach to Opinion Mining
Bolanle A. Ojokoh and Olumide Kayode
Prediction Algorithms for Prefetching in the Current Web
Josep Domenech, Julio Sahuquillo, Jose A. Gil, and Ana Pont
Predictive Self-Healing of Web Services Using Health Score
Mohsen Sharifi, Somayeh Bakhtiari Ramezani, and Amin Amirlatifi

Vol.10 No.4 December 22, 2011       ABSTRACT

Research Articles: 

A Crowdsourced Approach for Concern-Sensitive Integration of Information across the Web (pp289-315)
Sergio Firmenich, Marco Winckler, Gustavo Rossi, and Silvia Gordillo
Using Web Quality Models and a Strategy for Purpose-Oriented Evaluations
Luis Olsina, Philip Lew, Alexander Dieser, and Belen Rivera
A Finite-State Machine Approach for Modeling and Analyzing RESTful Systems
Ivan Zuzak, Ivan Budiselic, and Goran Delac

Vol.10 No.3 September 15, 2011       ABSTRACT

Research Articles: 

Exception Handling in Pervasive Service Composition Using Normative Agents (pp175-196)
J. Octavio Gutierrez-Garcia and Felix F. Ramos-Corchado

A New End-User Composition Model to Empower Knowledge Workers to Develop Rich Internet Applications (pp197-233)
David Lizcano, Fernando Alonso, Javier Soriano, and Genoveva López

Migration Desktop Applications to the Internet: A Novel Virtualization Paradigm Based on Web Operating Systems (pp234-272)
Fabrizio Lamberti and Andrea Sanna

Vol.10 No.2 June 15, 2011       ABSTRACT

Research Articles: 

Enterprise Frameworks for Data Intensive Web Applications: an End-User Development Model Based Approach (pp087-108)
        Franca Garzotto
Model-Driven Web Development for Multiple Platforms (pp109-152)
        Ali Fatolahi, Stephane S. Some, and Timothy C. Lethbridge
Automatic maintenance of Web directories (pp153-173)
        Carlos Hurtado and Marcelo Mendoza

Book Review: 

On Handbook of Research on Web 2.0, 3.0 and X.0: Technologies, Business, and Soclial Applications, edited by San Murugesan (pp174-174)
        Bebo White

Vol.10 No.1 March 15, 2011       ABSTRACT

Research Articles: 

Using Traceability Links and Higher Order Transformations for Easing Regression Testing of Web Applications (pp001-020)
        Piero Fraternali and Massimo Tisi
Offline Web Browsing for Mobile Devices (pp021-047)
        Yung-Wei Kao, Tung-Heng Chow, and Shyan-Ming Yuan
A Novel Multi-Aspect Consitency Measurement for Ontologies (pp048-069)
        Zhao Lu, Zoltan Miklos, Liang He, Songmei Cai, and Junzhong Gu
State-of-the Art and trends in the Systematic Development of Rich Internet Applications (pp070-086)
        Giovanni Toffetti, Sara Comai, Juan C. Preciado, and Marino Linaje

Vol.9 No.4 December 1, 2010       ABSTRACT

Research Articles: 

Web Site Metadata (pp283-301)
        Erik Wilde and Anuradha Roy
An i*-based Approach for Modeling and Testing Web Requirements (pp302-326)
        Esteban Robles Luna, Irene Garrigos, Jose-Norberto Mazon, Juan Trujillo, and Gustavo Rossi
A QOS Enhanced Framework and Trust Model for Effective Web Services Selection (pp327-346)
Zhedan Pan and Jongmoon Baik
Visual Web Mining for Website Evaluation (pp347-368)
        Victor Pascual-Cid, Ricardo Baeza-Yates, and J. Carlos Dursteler

Vol.9 No.3 September 1, 2010       ABSTRACT
Web Architectures: Innovative Models and Technologies

Editorial (pp205-206)
        Davide Rossi, Fabio Vitali, and Martin Gaedke   

Research Articles: 

Partitioning Web Applications Between the Server and the Client (pp207-226)
        Janne Kuuskeri and Tommi Mikkonen
Server Push for Web Applications via Instant Messaging (pp227-242)
        Mikko Pohja
Toward Semantic Web Services as MVC Applications: from OWL-S via UML (pp243-265)
        Cassio Prazeres, Maria da Graca Pimentel, Ethan Munson, and Cesar Teixeira
A TS-Based 2PC for Web Services Using Rest Architectural Style (pp266-282)
        Luiz A. Hiane S. Maciel and Celso M. Hirata

Vol.9 No.2 June 1, 2010        ABSTRACT   

Research Articles:

Comparison of Common XML-Based Web User Interface Languages (pp095-115)
        Mikko Pohja
Schema-based Cache Validation to Improve Query Performance of Web Services (pp116-131)
        A. Raghunathan and K. Murugesan
Incorporating Usability Requirements In a Test/Model-Driven Web Engineering Approach (pp132-156)
        Esteban Robles Luna, Jose I. Panach, Julián Grigera, Gustavo Rossi, and Oscar Pastor
Engineering Concern-Sensitive Navigation Structures, Concepts, Tools and Examples (pp157-185)
        Sergio Firmenich, Gustavo Rossi, Matias Urbieta, Silvia Gordillo, Cecilia Challiol, Jocelyne Nanard, Marc Nanard, and Joao Araujo

Vol.9 No.1 March 1, 2010        ABSTRACT   

Research Articles:

Practical Elimination of External Interaction Vulnerabilities in Web Applications (pp001-024)
        James Mille and Toan Huynh
Investigating the Distributional Property of the Session Workload (pp025-047)
        James Mille and Toan Huynh
Augmenting a Web-Based Learning Environment through Blending Formative Assessment Services (pp048-065)
        I-Ching Chen, Dong-Her Shih, and Shuen-Cheng Hu
Empirically Assessing the Impact of DI on the Development of Web Service Applications (pp066-094)
        Marco Crasso, Cristian Mateos, Alejandro Zunino, and Marcelo Campo

Vol.8 No.4 December 1, 2009        ABSTRACT  
 Web Application Evolution

Editorial (pp285-286)
        Shihong Huang and Massimiliano Di Penta

Research Articles:
Performance Testing of Data Delivery Techniques for AJAX Applications (pp287-315)
        Engin Bozdag, Ali Mesbah, and Arie van Deursen
An Empirical Validation of a Web Fault Taxonomy and its Usage for Web Testing (pp316-345)
        Alessandro Marchetto, Filippo Ricca, and Paolo Tonella
An Investigation of Clustering Algorithms in the Comprehension of Legacy Web Applications (pp346-370)
        Andrea De Lucia, Michele Risi, Giuseppe Scanniello, and Genoveffa Tortora
Systematic Improvement of Web Applications Design (pp371-404)
        Alejandra Garrido, Gustavo Rossi, and Damiano Distante

Vol.8 No.3 September 1, 2009        ABSTRACT  

Research Articles:
A Survey of Cookie Technology Adoption Amongst Nations (pp211-244)
        Andrew F. Tappenden and James Miller
Ontology-Based Search for eGovernment Services Using Citizen Profile Information (pp245-267)
        Vassilios Peristeras, Sotirios K. Goudos, Nikolaos Loutas, and Konstantinos Tarabanis
An Automatic Web News Article Contents Extraction System Based on RSS Feeds (pp268-284)
        Hao Han, Tomoya Noro, and Takehiro Tokuda

Vol.8 No.2 June 1, 2009        ABSTRACT  

Research Articles:
WUM Approach to Detect Student's Collaborative Skills (pp093-112)
        Elena B. Duran and Analia Amandi
Ontology-Driven Personalized Query Refinement (pp113-153)
        Sofia Stamou, Lefteris Kozanidis, Paraskevi Tzekou, and Nikos Zotos
Measures and Techniques for Effort Estimation of Web Applications: an Empirical Study Based on a Single-Company Dataset (pp154-181)
        Sergio Di Martino, Filomena Ferrucci, Carmine Gravino, and Emilia Mendes
A Semantic Web Services-based Infrastructure for Ubiquitous Service Systems (pp182-210)
        Youngguk Ha, Cheonshu Park and Sangseung Kang

Vol.8 No.1 March 1, 2009        ABSTRACT  
 Design of Sophisticated Web-based Systems

Editorial (pp001-002)
        Luciano Baresi, Piero Fraternali, and Geert-Jan Houben

Research Articles:
Enriching Information Retrieval Results with Web Accessibility Measurement (pp003-024)
        Markel Vigo, Myriam Arrue, and Julio Abascal
Oblivious Integration of Volatile Functionality in Web Application Interfaces (pp025-047)
        Jeronimo Ginzburg, Daniano Distante, Gustavo Rossi, and Matias Urbieta
Fine-Grained Specification and Control of Data Flow in Web-Based User Interfaces (pp048-070)
        Matthias Book and Volker Gruhn
Finding Unexpected Navigation Behaviour in Clickstream Data for Website Design Improvement (pp071-092)
        I-Hsien Ting, Chris Kimble, and Daniel Kudenko

Vol.7 No.4 December 1, 2008        ABSTRACT
Web Usability and Accessibility

Editorial (pp257-257)
        Silvia Abrahao, Cristina Cachero, and Martistella Matera

Research Articles:
Web Application Evaluation and Refactoring: A Quality-Oriented Improvement Approach (pp258-280)
        Luis Olsina, Alejanra Garrido, Gustavo Rossi, Damiano Distante, and Gerado Canfora
An investigation of tool support for accessibility assessment throughout the development process of Web sites (pp281-298)
        Joseph Xiong and Marco Winckler
Quality and Potential for Adoption of Usability Evaluation Methods (pp299-317)
        Davide Bolchini and Franca Garzotto
An Intelligent Visual Dictionary for Italian Sign Language (pp318-338)
        Tania Di Mascio and Rosella Gennari

Vol.7 No.3 September 1, 2008        ABSTRACT
 Adaptation and Evolution in Web Systems Engineering

Editorial (pp177-178)
        Sven Casteleyn, Florian Daniel, and Peter Dolog

Research Articles:
Managing Runtime Adaptivity through Active Rules: the Bellerofonte Framework (pp179-199)
        Florian Daniel, Maristella Matera, and Giuseppe Pozzi
Supporting Different Patterns of Interaction through Context-Aware Data Management (pp200-219)
        Michael. Grossniklaus and Moira C. Norrie
A Migration Platform Based On Web Services For Migratory Web Applications (pp220-238)
        Fabio Paterno, Carmen Santoro, and Antonio Scorcia
Enriching model-based Web applications presentation (pp239-256)
        Juan C. Preciado, Marina Linaje, and Fernando Sanchez-Figueroa

Vol.7 No.2 June 1, 2008        ABSTRACT

Research Articles:
Reactivity-based Approaches To Improve Web System's QoS (pp093-132)
        Adriano C.M. Pereira, Leonardo A. Silva, Wagner Meira Jr., and Walter D.S. Filho
Obstacles Reveal the Needs of Mobile Internet Services (pp133-157)
        Munehiko Sasajima, Yoshinobu Kitamura, Takefumi Naganuma, Kunihiro Fujii, Shoji Kurakake, and Riichiro Mizoguchi
Semantic spam filtering from personalized ontologies (pp158-176)
        Victoria Eyharabide and Analia Amandi

Vol.7 No.1 March 1, 2008        ABSTRACT

Research Articles:
Ontology and Database Mapping: A Survey of Current Implementations  and Future Directions (pp001-024)
        Nikolaos Konstantinou, Dimitrios-Emmanuel Spanos, and Nikolas. Mitrou
Reasoning on the Semantic Web for Adaptive Hypermedia (pp025-041)
        Lydia Silva-Munoz, Karina Medina, Marcos Marsicano, Mario Bonjour, and Jose Palazzo
Boosting Computer Managed Instruction Functionalities Adoption in e-Learning Systems (pp042-069)
        Gennaro Costagliola, Filomena Ferrucci, and Vittorio Fuccella
A Situational Methodology for Addressing the Pragmatic Quality of Web Applications by Integration of Patterns (pp070-092)
        Pankaj Kamthan

Vol.6 No.4 December 15, 2007        ABSTRACT
Engineering the Semantic Web

Editorial (pp281-282)
        F. Frasincar and P. Thiran

Research Articles:
An Infrastructure for Semantic Web Portals (pp283-308)
        Y.-G. Lei, V. Lopze, E. Motta, and V. Uren
A Model-Driven Approach of Ontological Components for On-line Semantic Web Information Retrieval (pp309-336)
        H. Baazaoui Zghal, M. A. Aufaure and N. Ben Mustapha
VQL - the Query Language for Semantically Information Retrieval in the SemanticLIFE Digital Memory Framework (pp337-359)
        H.H. Hoang and A M. Tjoa
A Cluster-Based Approach to Web Adaptation in Context-Aware Applications (pp360-388)
        R. De Virgilio, R. Torlone, D. Valeriano, and D. Di Federico

Vol.6 No.3 September 1, 2007        ABSTRACT
Logging Traces of Web Activity

Editorial (pp193-195)
        A. Edmonds, K. Hawkey, B.J. Jansen, M. Kellar, and D. Turnbull

Research Articles:
Integrating Interaction Design and Log an Analysis: Bridging the Gap with UML, XML, and XMI (pp196-221)
        G. Muresan
Behavior-Based Web Page Evaluation (pp222-243)
        G. Velayathan and S.Yamada
Instrumenting the Dynamic Web (pp244-260)
        A. Edmonds, R.W. White, D. Morris, and S. M. Drucker
An Integrated Technique for Web Site Usage Semantic Analysis: the Organ System  (pp261-280)
        J. Garofalakis, T. Giannakoudi, and E. Sakkopoulos                      

Vol.6 No.2 June 1, 2007        ABSTRACT

Editorial (pp097-098)
        M. Gaedke     

Research Articles:
Towards a Systematic Approach for the Credibility of Human-Centric Web Applications (pp099-120)
        P. Kamthan  
Alternative Path Selection in Resilient Web Infrastructure Using Performances Dependencies (pp121-130)
        V. Zadorozhny and L. Raschid
A Web Services Based Architecture for Supporting Mobile Users in Large Enterprises (pp131-142)
        A. Coronato and G. de Pietro
Ontology Development for the Semantic Web: an HTML Form-Based Reverse Engineering Approach (pp143-164)
        S.M. Benslimane, D. Benslimane, M. Malki, Z. Maamar, P. Thiran, Y. Amghar,
        and N. Hacid 
Rapid Development of Knowledge-Based Conversational Recommender Applications with Advisor Suite (pp165-192)
        D. Jannach and G. Kreutler

Vol.6 No.1 March 1, 2007        ABSTRACT

Editorial (pp001-001)
        B. White   

Research Articles: 
Selecting Services for Web Applications: the Open Hypermedia Case (pp002-018)
        N. Karousos, M. Tzagarakis, and A. Tsakalidis
Engineering Web Applications Using Roles (pp019-048)
        G. Rossi, J. Nanard, M. Nanard, and N. Koch

Crawling the Infinite Web (pp049-072)
R. Baeza-Yates and C. Castillo
Industrial Acceptability of Web Design Methods: an Empirical Study (pp073-096)
        F. Garzotto and V. Perrone

Vol.5 No.4 December 1, 2006       ABSTRACT
Web Accessibility

Editorial (pp291-291)
        S. Harper, Y. Yesilada, and C. Goble   

Research Articles: 
Effectiveness, Productivity and Satisfaction of Persons with Sight and Motor Disabilities when Using Dynamic Text--Only Pages (pp292-312)
        G. Brajnik and D. Cancila
Web Composition with Accessibility in Mind (pp313-331)
        V.L. Centeno, C.D. Kloos, M. Gaedke, and M. Nussbaumer
Adaptation of Multimedia Resources Supported by Metadata (pp332-347)
        M. Libsie and H. Kosch
Accessibility Summarization & Simplification in a Template-based WEB Transcoder (pp348-366)
        B. Parmanto, A. Saptono, R. Ferrydiansyah, L.-J. Song, I.W. Sugiantara, and  S. Hackett
Using Context to Support Effective Use of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (pp367-386)
         D. Sloan, B. Kelly, H. Petrie, F. Hamilton, and L. Phipps  

Vol.5 No.3 September 1, 2006       ABSTRACT
Web Development Aspects

Editorial (pp201-202)
        S. Christodoulou   

Research Articles: 
A Discussion of the Role of User Trails in Web Applications (pp203-215)
        E. Gams and S. Reich  
An Engineering Perspective on Structural Computing: Developing Structure Services for the Web (pp216-245)
        M. Vaitis, M. Tzagarakis, and G. Gkotsis   
On Cultural Differences in Local Web Interfaces (pp246-264)
        O. De Troyer, A. Mushtaha, H. Stengers, M. Baetens, F. Boers, S. Casteleyn, and P. Plessers
Contemporary Web Service Discovery Mechanisms (pp265-290)
        J. Garofalakis, Y. Panagis, E. Sakkopoulos, and A. Tsakalidis

Vol.5 No.2 June 1, 2006       ABSTRACT

Editorial (pp091-092)
        D. Lowe   

Research Articles: 
A COSMIC-FFP Approach to Predict Web Application Development Effort (pp093-120)
        G. Costagliola, S. Di Martino, F. Ferrucci, C. Gravino, G. Tortora, and G. Vitiello
The WebSA Approach: Applying Model Driven Engineering to Web Applications (pp121-149)
        S. Meliá and J. Gómez
Identifying Cloned Navigational Patterns in Web Applications (pp150-174)
        A. De Lucia, R. Francese, G. Scanniello, and G. Tortora
HPG: the Hera Presentation Generator (pp175-200)
        F. Frasincar, G.J. Houben, and P. Barna

Vol.5 No.1 March 1, 2006       ABSTRACT
Web Technologies and Applications

Editorial (pp001-002)
        S. Comai, M. Matera and C. Cachero   

Research Articles: 
Reactivity on the Web: Paradigms and Applications of the Language XChange (pp003-024)
        F. Bry, M. Eckert, and P.-L. Patranjan
Supporting Web Applications development with a PLA (pp025-042)
        L. Balzerani, G. De Angelis, D. Di Ruscio, and A. Pierantonio 
Extending Web Engineering Models and Tools for Automatic Usability Validation (pp043-064)
        R. Atterer, A. Schmidt, and H. Hußmann  
Contracts for Cooperation between Web Service Programmers and HTML Designers (pp065-090)
        H. Bottger, A. Møller, and M. Schwartzbach

Vol.4 No.4 December 1, 2005       ABSTRACT

Editorial (pp281-282)
        G-J Houben   

Research Articles: 
Agile Web Engineering (AWE) Process: Perceptions within a Fortune 500 Financial Services Company (pp283-312)
        A. McDonald and R. Welland  
Impacts of Web Systems on their Domain (pp313-338)
        N. Yusop, D. Lowe, and D. Zowghi  
Server Enforced Program Safety for Web Applications (pp339-371)
        H. Detmold, K. Falkner, D.S. Munro, T. Olds, R. Morrison, and S. Norcross

Vol.4 No.3 September 1, 2005       ABSTRACT
Web Data Integration and Presentation

Editorial (pp187-188)
        F. Frasincar, M. Gaedke, and G-J Houben

Research Articles:
Heterogeneous Data Translation through XML Conversion (pp189-204)
        P. Papotti and R. Torlone
A Generic Framework for Extracting XML Data from Legacy Databases (pp205-223)
        Ph. Thiran, F. Estiévenart, J-L. Hainaut, and G-J. Houben
An Agent-oriented Approach to the Integration of Information Sources (pp224-243)
        M. Christoffel, G. Wojke, S. Werner, R. Rezek, and S. Xu
OntoWeaver: an Ontology-based Approach to the Design of Data-intensive Web Sites (pp244-262)
        Y.-G. Lei, E. Motta,  and J. Domingue
Sharing Learner Information through a Web Services-based Learning Architecture (pp263-278)
        D. Musa  and J. Palazzo  
Book Reviews:
On Web Engineering: Principles and Techniques? ed. by Woojong Suh (pp279-280)
      B. White

Vol.4 No.2 June 3, 2005       ABSTRACT

Editorial (pp101-101)
        D Schwabe       

Research Articles:
Automated Web Evaluation by Guideline Review (pp102-117)
        J.  Vanderdonckt and A. Beirekdar
Bridging MDA and OWL Ontologies (pp118-143)
        D. Gašević, D. Djurić, and V. Devedžić
Towards assuring quality attributes of client dynamic Web applications: Identifying and addressing the challenges (pp144-164)
        M. Sh. Aun, S. Yuen, and K. Agusa
The Static Absorbing Model for the Web (pp165-186)
        V. Plachouras, I. Ounis, and G. Amati

Vol.4 No.1 March 3, 2005       ABSTRACT
Web Applications

Editorial (pp001-002)
        N. Koch, P. Fraternali and M. Wirsing       

Research Articles:
A Comparison of Two Approaches for Automatic Construction of Web Applications (pp003-020)
        M. Taguchi, K. Jamroendararasame, K. Asami and T. Tokuda
Adding Client-Side Adaptation to the Conceptual Design of e-Learning Web Applications (pp021-037)
        S. Ceri, P. Dolog, M. Matera and W. Nejdl
Fundamentals of Exception Handling within Workflow-Based Web Applications (pp038-056)
        M. Brambilla and C. Tziviskou
Interplay of Content and Context (pp057-078)
        R. Belotti, C. Decurtins, M. Grossniklaus, M.C. Norrie and A. Palinginis
Accelerating Dynamic Web Content Delivery Using Keyword-based Fragment Detection (pp079-100)
        D. Brodie, A. Gupta and W-S Shi

Vol.3 No.3&4 December, 2004       ABSTRACT
Measuring Effectiveness of Web Searching

Introduction (pp169-170)
        A. Spink and C. Watters

I.  Web Search
Why Is Web Search So Hard... to Evaluate? (pp171-181)
        D.E. Rose
The Effect of Specialized Multimedia Collections on Web Searching (pp182-199)
        B.J. Jansen, A. Spink and J. Pedersen

II.  Measuring Effectiveness
Measuring the Identification Capability of Acronyms on the World Wide Web: a Comparative Study (pp200-215)
        A. Skrop and S. Dominich
Ranking Search Results by Web Quality Dimensions (pp216-235)
        J.C.C. Pun and F.H. Lochovsky
Cybergenre: Automatic Identification of Home Pages on the Web (pp236-251)
        M. Shepherd, C. Watters and A. Kennedy
Three Pillars for Congenial Web Searching – Continuous Evaluation for enhancing Web Search Effectiveness (pp252-280)
        M.Gnasa, M. Won and A.B. Cremers

III.  Visualization
Web-based Visualization Interface Testing: Similarity Judgments (pp281-296)
        S. Koshman
Toward Enabling Users to Visually Evaluate the Effectiveness of Different Search Methods (pp297-313)
        A. Spoerri

Vol.3 No.2 October, 2004       ABSTRACT

Editorial & In This Issue (pp075-076)
        M. Gaedke       

Research Articles:
e-Prototyping: Iterative Analysis of Web User Requirements (pp077-094)
        W-G Bleek, M. Jeenicke and R. Klischewski
Quantification of Authentication Mechanisms: a Usability Perspective (pp095-123)
        K. Renaud
Model-Driven Web Usage Analysis for the Evaluation of Web Application Quality (pp124-152)
        P. Fraternali, P.L. Lanzi, M. Matera and A. Maurino
On the Image Content of a Web Segment: Chile as a Case Study (pp153-168)
        A. Jaimes  J. Ruiz-del-Solar, R. Verschae, R. Baeza-Yates, C. Castillo, D. Yaksic, and E. Davis    

Vol.3 No.1 May, 2004       ABSTRACT

Editorial & In This Issue (pp001-002)
        Y. Deshpande       

Research Articles:
Function Clone Detection in Web Applications: A Semiautomated Approach (pp003-021)
        F. Calefato, F. Lanubile and T. Mallardo
Integration of Business Processes in Web Application Models (pp022-049)
        N. Koch, A. Kraus, C. Cachero and S. Meli?/span>
A Genre Perspective on OnlineNewspaper FrontPage Design (pp050-074)
        C. Ihlström and J. Lundberg

 Vol.2 No.4 October, 2004       ABSTRACT

Editorial (pp213-214)
        R Baeza-Yates      

Research Articles:
Discovering Search Engine Related Queries Using Association Rules (pp215-227)
        B.M. Fonseca, P.B. Golgher, E.S. de Moura, B. Possas and N. Ziviani
On The Evolution of Clusters of Near-Duplicate Web Pages (pp228-246)
        D. Fetterly, M. Manasse and M. Najork
Retrieving Similar Documents from the Web (pp247-261)
         A.R. Pereira Jr and N. Ziviani 
Ontology for Software Metrics and Indicators (pp262-281)
         L. Olsina and M. Martin
Designing Virtual Environments to Support Collaborative Work in Real Spaces  (pp282-294)
         L. Guerrero, C. Collazos, J. Pino, S. Ochoa and F. Aguilera 
Structuring Information on the Web from Below: The case of Educational Organizations in Chile (pp295-303)
         E. Krsulovic-Morales and C. Gutierrez

 Vol.2 No.3 February, 2004       ABSTRACT

In This Issue (pp129-130)
        B  White      

Research Articles:
Dynamic Service Matchmaking in Intelligent Web (pp131-147)
        Y-C Jiang, Z-Z Shi, H-J Zhang and M-K Dong
A Web Services Based Architecture for Digital Time Stamping (pp148-175)
         A. Cilardo, A. Mazzeo, L. Romano, G.P. Saggese and G. Cattaneo
A Preprocessing Framework and Approach for Web Applications (pp176-192)
         Z-G Zhang, J. Chen, and X-M Li 
Requirements Engineering for Web Applications -- A Comparative Study (pp193-212)
         M.J. Escalona and N. Koch

 Vol.2 No.1&2 September, 2003       ABSTRACT

In This Issue (pp001-002)
        D Schwabe      

Research Articles:
Engineering Semantic Web Information Systems in Hera (pp003-026)
        R. Vdovjak, F. Frasincar, G.J. Houben and P. Barna
A Progressive Access Approach for Web-based Information Systems (pp027-057)
        M. Villanova-Oliver, J. Gensel and H. Martin
A Component-based Approach for Adaptive, Dynamic Web Documents (pp058-073)
        Z. Fiala, M. Hinz, K. Meissner and F. Wehner
Link-Independent Navigation Support in Web-Based Adaptive Hypermedia (pp074-089)
        P. De Bra
Techniques and Metrics For Improving Website Structure (pp090-104)
        E. Christopoulou, J. Garofalakis, C. Makris, Y. Panagis,
        A. Psaras-Chatzigeorgiou, E. Sakkopoulos and A. Tsakalidis

The 2QCV3Q Quality Model for the Analysiy of Web site Requirements (pp105-127)
        L. Mich, M. Franch, and G. Cilione

 Vol.1 No.2 April, 2003      ABSTRACT

In This Issue (pp91-92)
      M. Gaedke

Research Articles:
Enhancing Hyperlink Structure for Improving Web Performance (pp093-127)
      J. Czyzowicz, E. Kranakis, D. Krizanc, A. Pelc, and M.V. Martin
An Enhanced Service Oriented Architecture for Developing Web-based Applications (pp128-146)
      D. Cotroneo, C. di FLora and S. Russo
An XML-Based Platform for E-Government Services Deployment (pp147-162)
      A. Ioannidis, M. Spanoudakis, G. Priggouris, S. Hadjiefthymiades, and L. Merakos
Specification and Design of Workflow-Driven Hypertexts (pp163-182)
      M. Brambilla, S. Ceri, S. Comai, P. Fraternali and I. Manolescu
Book Reviews:
On "Web Engineering: Managing Diversity nd Complexity of Web Application Development" ed by S. Murugesan and Y. Deshpande (pp183-184)
      B. White
Forthcoming Conferences on Web Engineering (pp185-186)

 Vol.1 No.1 October, 2002      ABSTRACT

Editorial (ppi-ii)
          Managing Editors

In This Issue (pp001-002)
          Y. Deshpande

Research Articles:
Web Engineering (pp003-017)
      Y. Deshpande, S. Murugesan, A. Ginige, S. Hansen, D. Schwabe, M. Gaedke, and B. White
A Proposed Curriculum for a Masters in Web Engineering (pp018-022)
      E. J. Whitehead
Client Needs and the Design Process in Web Projects (pp023-036)
      D. Lowe and J. Eklund
A Software Architecture for Structuring Complex Web Applications (pp037-060)
      M. D. Jacyntho, D. Schwabe, and G. Rossi
Towards a Reusable Repository for Web Metrics (pp061-073)
      L. Olsina, G. Lafuente, and O. Pastor
Characterizing E-business Workloads Using Fractal Methods (pp074-090)
          D. Menasc?/span>, B. Abrahão, D Barbar? V. Almeida, and F. Ribeiro